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The summer of 2010-09

The summer of 2010 part 09/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


“Karen.” Tessa’s voice is cold as ice. “What are you doing here?”
“I came here to see my husband. Sorry if that interferes with your plans for fucking him.”
“Oh, we never make plans for that, it comes naturally. And, unlike when he’s having sex with you, he doesn’t have to get drunk first.” Tessa replies with a sweet smile.

“…. And the tone is set…” Chad whispers.
“I cannot understand how you are capable to look at yourself in a mirror. Stealing someone else’s husband and flaunting it and being so smug about it.”
“I have no problems with that, sweetie. I look just fine.”

“Do you have any idea how much I hate you?”
“Oh, I have a pretty good idea. Having me arrested on the allegation of sexually abusing my then 13-year old son was a dead giveaway.” Tessa’s voice is less controlled then usual and Karen laughs.

“It was my pleasure.” She replies. Kevin shakes his head. Scotty can see how James clenches his fist. “You got what you deserved for taking away the child that was supposed to be ours.”

“James and mine. You robbed us of our child!”
“I fucking gave birth to that boy! He is my son!”
“He’s James’ child and therefore he’s also mine.”
“You’re sick. So sick!”

“You created such a mess in our lives, you ruined my marriage.”
“Oh, yes, and I did it all by myself, with no help from frigid little you and without your husband, who, by the way, forgot to inform me that he was married, when we fucked the first time, because he’d rather not be reminded of the biggest mistake he ever made!”

“Don’t play this game with me. I could have forgiven you for not knowing, but even after you found out, your continued your affair with him. That makes you guilty like hell!”
“Tess….” James whispers imploringly and Tessa clearly swallows away the answer that was on her lips.

“Well, maybe if you had been a better wife… Somewhat hotter between the sheets…” Tessa's voice is irritatingly sweet. 
“That’s easy for you to say. All you have to do is just spread your legs… You don’t have to love him, like I do. In fact, I don’t believe for a single second that you even know what love is. You’ve never loved anyone in your life!”

Something changes in Tessa and the slapping sound, when Tessa’s hand hits Karen’s cheek is so loud, that it resounds through the reception area.
“I’m going to kill you.” Tessa screams, but before she can reach the shocked Karen, Kevin’s arms are around her waist, pulling her back.

James and Kai place themselves between Karen and Tessa, but their focus is on Tessa.
“No, Tess, don’t. Please, she’s not worth the hassle.” James begs, holding Tessa at arms length and as far away from Karen as he can. However, Tessa is strong and determined to strangle Karen.

At that moment Chad steps in, grabbing Tessa’s face and forcing to look at him. His voice is low and calm.
“Stop it! Stop making a spectacle of yourself. James is right. It’s not worth it. Come on. I’ll take you out of here.” He sees Tessa take a deep breath to argue with him.

“Your son will be here soon. Is that what you want him to find when he gets here? His mother arrested for killing someone? You’re in no mood to think clearly, so you need to leave now, while you still can and before you’ve done something stupid. Something that will seriously impact your son’s life.”

He can feel her nod that his words came through.
“You’re coming with me, we’re going to the garden, where you can take a deep breath and calm down.” He gives Kevin a little nod and Kevin lets go of Tessa, upon which Chad takes her wrist and takes her with him.

Kevin’s eyes search for Scotty and he can see how shocked Scotty is. Jason and Jordan just stand there completely numb and Kevin can imagine how awful they feel, having been witness to Karen’s outbursts before. But now that Tessa is gone, they can all breathe more freely because the worst has taken place. And then Karen raises her head.

“I’m going to sue her for everything she has.” She says with a trembling voice. “You’re all witnesses to the scene she made.” Her words make Jordan’s jaw drop and a smile of disbelief come to Scotty’s face.
“I didn’t see a single thing.” Kai is very calm.

“Why? Did something happen?” James now asks.
“I don’t know. Did it?” Kevin immediately wonders as well. Anger flares up in Karen and she looks at the other three men, but Scotty has had it wit her.
“I was looking the other way.” He says, suddenly feeling very supportive of Tessa.

“I was looking at whatever he was looking at.” Jordan points at Scotty.
“Sorry, my mind was somewhere else. Did I miss something?” Jason asks innocently and Kevin can hardly disguise his proud smile. Karen catches it however.
“How can you all be so awful to me?” She cries.

“What?!” And this time it’s James who raises his voice somewhat. “Actually, being awful to you is the easy part. And you make it so easy, because I hate you. I hate you with everything I have.”
She poisons your mind.”

You poison my life. You’re like a slow-working venom, that kills me a little bit further every day. I’m miserable every day that I have to spend with you. I dream of that day that you die! And I’ll finally be freed of you.”
“No! That’s not true. We got married….”

“.. because my parents wanted me to. Don’t you understand? You were supposed to be the good breeding-stock that would give my parents the heirs to their name and fortune, but you failed at that!”
“No…” There are tears on her face and she shakes her head.

“The truth is hard to accept, girl, but face it! To our parents, yours and mine, we were nothing but a way to prolong that oh-so-important family name. And that’s it. I never loved you and you never loved me. You’re just holding on to some insane fairytale that you spun in your head.

You’ve been preying on Tessa’s son from the day you found out, that you were incapable to get pregnant. Why don’t you leave her alone and let her live her life in peace? Because you’re sick! You’re obsessed with the idea that the child is mine and that somehow our family ‘owns’ him.”

“And you should have taken him. She’s a bad mother, just sleeping around with everybody.”
That is none of our business. Her son turned out just fine, with no help from your shenanigans. The only bad mother in here, would be you, because you’re incapable of loving somebody. The only person you love is yourself.”

“That is not true! I love you!”
“You don’t love me, you want to own me.”

“Then why did you never leave me, if you don't love me?”
“Because our families would rather see me dead, than divorced. My father would everything to bankrupt me and make my life a living hell. But, I no longer have to worry about that.

Thanks to my uncle I can finally divorce you. Get away from your hysteria and from the death-grip you and my family have had on me. I’m never going back to England and I’m never going back to you. We’re getting divorced.”
“No! I can’t live without you… I’ll kill myself…” She cries.

“Please, do! Do you see that cliff over there? Jump off it! And make a good splash of it. Just get the hell out of my life! And stay out of it!” James turns around, pushes his way through the crowd of people, that have gathered, and storms out.

For a moment everyone remains frozen to the ground, then Kai turns to Kevin.
“I … I think I better go after him…” He says.
“Yes, that would be a good idea. Talk to him.” Kevin replies. Kai walks into the direction that James took, but then stops.

“Karen, you’d better get out of here. If I ever catch near any of us again, I’ll kill you.” He warns her, before following James’ path. Kevin takes a deep breath.
“In a little time you’ve managed to upset me, by using my husband, then Tessa, then James and now Kai.

I think that fills you’re score-card for today. You’ve served your purpose in life for another day. But I seriously suggest you get the hell out of here. You’ve overstepped all boundaries several times, but I’m drawing the line here. I will contact the police and see what I can do about a restraining order. James will divorce you. You’re not welcome here.”

“You can’t do that.”
“Watch me.” Kevin’s voice is threatening and she backs off.
“You can’t stop me from loving him.”
“You don’t love him. You never did. You’re obsessed. That has nothing to do with love.”

Karen backs away and, after one last furious look at Kevin, Scotty, Jordan and Jason, she turns around and leaves. Just at that moment Chad joins them again.
“Where’s Tess?” Scotty asks.
“Her son called. She immediately calmed down.”

“Thanks for stepping up like that.” Kevin says.
“You’re welcome. I’ve dealt with some hysterical actresses before…. Though this was something different. Did this Karen really do that to Tessa? The accusation of abuse?”

“Yes. Worst period in Tessa’s life. She was innocent. She would never hurt her son.” Kevin defends her. Chad raises his hands.
“I didn’t think she would.” He replies calmly. Kevin rubs his face, but he’s clearly still upset.

“Can we please get out of here. I.. uh… I got the key to a secluded part of the beach that belongs to James only. I had.. planned.. to…” Kevin’s voice trembles with the emotions of the fight. “…. Surprise you guys with a picnic there… Sunbathing… games on the beach…. Swimming… Just relax a bit..”

Jason looks at Chad and Jordan first, but then he answers with hesitation.
“Maybe you should just go alone. With Scotty, that is. Just the two of you… You’ve hardly had any time to be together… We’ll go with you another day…”
“I agree.” Jordan says. “Another day?”

“I’m sure, I can think of ways to keep myself busy.” Chad replies. “Just go with Scotty.”
“Well, sounds like it’s just going to be you and me.” Kevin is almost apologetic when he turns to Scotty.
“That is just fine with me.” Scotty smiles, quickly caressing Kevin’s face.

Jordan, Jason and Chad watch them leave.
“So, what will we do in the meantime?” Chad asks.
“I don’t know about you guys, but scenes like the one we just witnessed, always give me a headache. I’m just going to lie down a bit… You two are on your own this afternoon.” Jordan replies.

He puts action to his words by leaving Chad and Jason alone.
“Well, that was subtle.” Jason grins.
“Why don’t we go find a nice little place of our own to relax?” Chad suggests.
“That, sir, is a terrific idea!”


On the top of the cliff is a person. A person who overlooks the blue ocean, without seeing it. A person who’s too filled with all sorts of emotions to think straight. Karen angrily brushes away her tears. It had all backfired. She had expected Scotty to create a bigger fuss, but he hadn’t.

It is of course all Tessa’s fault. She’s pure evil, capable to somehow control every man’s mind. And now she also controls James… James. How could he be so cruel to her? Oh, they had had their fights in the past, but never like this… She had never before seen his hatred as well as she had seen it today.

She sobs one more time and this time she uses her crumpled up handkerchief to take away her tears. She hopes that her mascara isn't running. Though probably it is.

She hears footsteps approaching and turns around to see who it is.
“What are you doing here? Who send you? Why don’t you get lost?!” She barks unkindly.

She turns back to watch the ocean and then she feels a terrible pain in her back as the knife penetrates between her ribs. Surprised she holds her breath. Her body shocks, as the murderer pushes her forward to pull back the knife. There’s another stab and she feels that she's being pushed even further against the low fence.

She can no longer control her balance and topples forward. She tries to get a grip on the fence, now that she understands what the plan is, but it’s too late. Her legs are pulled from underneath her and with a little extra push, she goes over the fence and falls to her death on the rocks underneath.

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