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2.16 ms 00006: brothers...

2.16’s missing scenes: Cut 00006

We missed a lot scenes that should have been somewhere in one of the episodes.... but in 2.16 so many pieces were missing that I decided to write them after all.

Here's the sixth:
By Marea67
About: Scotty, Kevin, Justin, Tommy
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Justin and Tommy do their mafia-act. 
Just a quick knock and Tommy and Justin nearly tumble into the room where Scotty is getting dressed for his wedding.
“Hey.” Says Tommy.
“Hi.” Is all that comes from Justin. Scotty watches the two men with a certain degree of curiosity.
“Gentlemen.” He acknowledges with a small nod.
“You know, usually it is Kevin’s work to do this…..” starts Tommy. “…. Considering he’s the family lawyer and such... but … as you may know we are sort of… protective of our sisters…..And, well, we weren’t exactly sure … but we made it very clear to the new husbands in this family, Joe and Robert, when they married Sarah and Kitty of what would happen to them, if they ever hurt our sisters… and now we sort of felt it our moral obligation to do same to you… as you will be a husband too.. although to our… brother.” Scotty, trying hard to hide his grin, looks at Tommy.
“As Tommy said, usually this is Kevin’s job to do. I just want you know that there is entire list of unpleasant things we will put you through if you ever hurt Kevin….”
“…. Listed alphabetically….” Tommy has to add.
“….naturally, from ‘ asphyxiation’ to something with a ‘W’,  Kevin made it up... and because Kevin made it up… and you know how thorough he is…  it also includes the paragraphs of the law that will help us escape punishment, but still would see you terribly hurt….Kevin keeps that list up-to-date. On a monthly….?” Justin asks Tommy”…basis?”
“Monthly.” Tommy agrees…. “And you know how organized he can be about in these things….”
Scotty tries to keep a straight face as he replies:
“Yes. I know, and I think I get the message. I will ask Kevin for a copy of that list and add it to our papers…. To make sure I won’t forget…”
“Good, we just felt we had to let you know….” States Tommy.
“I consider myself warned.” Scotty smiles…
“We will leave you to get ready, then..” and Scotty nods. Tommy and Justin are about to leave as Justin turns to Scotty…
“Don’t hurt him. He can be a dork sometimes… but he’s still my brother.” He says in all seriousness. “I don’t mind the clowning around a bit, but…. don’t hurt him.”
“That is kind of our prerogative. One we don’t share easily.” Tommy adds.
“I’ll try not to hurt Kevin.” Scotty promises..
“We did scare you well enough, didn’t we?” Tommy then says, with a barely covered grin. Scotty nods with conviction.
“Terrified… I was simply terrified.” He replies with a grin.
As they leave Scotty to let him get dressed, Scotty can hear Tommy say to Justin:
“See, just because Kevin is a lawyer he can make it more formal, but we can make it scary…..” Scotty shakes his head and he finally he starts to laugh. And he realizes that at the same time it makes him sad.
“… and who will ‘protect’ me from getting hurt by Kevin?” he wonders.
“Alright, consider it done.” Is the only thing Tommy says, as Justin and he barge into Kevin’s room.
“What is done?” Kevin asks, nervously playing with his cufflinks.
“We scared the hell out to Scotty, doing our best mafia-trick…. You should have printed a copy of the list for us…you know.” Replies Justin.
“The list?” Kevin looks at them as if they suddenly decided to speak to him in another language, like Welsh or something like that.
“Yeah, the list we also gave Joe and Robert, remember?” Tommy reminds him.
“Oh! That one!” Kevin starts to laugh, “That was very mean of your guys. Scaring poor Scotty like that.”
“Yes, well, Tommy and I were just discussing that aspect after we left Scotty, but uh… considering that Scotty is alone, whereas Robert and Joe had family and friends for support, we felt that we had to warn you that the same rules apply to you. If you ever hurt Scotty, you will be in big troubles, bro.”
“Really?” Kevin asks.
“Yes.” Replies Tommy. “It takes a lot of courage to marry you and I wish him luck.”
“He’s a nice dude.” Which is probably the biggest compliment Justin will ever give Scotty and Kevin is happy to see the man he loves accepted by his brothers. He grins from ear to ear.
“How do I look?”
“Ready for death row.” Tommy laughs.
“Bro, you are about to take your last steps of freedom and then your life … is over…” Justin declares with tragedy on his voice. But Kevin is not impressed.
“Great!!! Let’s get it over with then. I want to get committed….. in this relationship!” he adds with a grin.
“Alright, Justin, stop dialing on your phone.”
“Too late, Tommy, those guys with white straitjackets are already on their way.”
“They still don’t have them in pink?” Kevin jokes.
“No, ordered them in purple with yellow dots though.” Came Justin immediate reply.
“Pink with…?. Whatever you’re smoking either stop using it or give me some too.” Tommy laughs.
“Come on you guys.” Kevin laughs, opening the door. “It’s almost eight.”
“You really want to do this, huh?”
“Yes, Tommy, with all my heart.”
Tommy grabs his brother’ shoulder and squeezes it a bit, Justin does the same. Kevin smiles at both of them and straightens his jacket.
Tags: character - justin, character - kevin, character - scotty, character - tommy, series - missing scenes 2.16

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