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The summer of 2010-08

The summer of 2010 part 08/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


Chad and Jason are in the middle of their kiss, letting their hands caress familiar territory.
“I can never get enough of this.” Jason says, out of breath. Chad smiles and leans in for another kiss, when they hear Scotty’s agitated voice outside the room.

“Kevin! Kevin, where are you?!” Chad lets go of Jason. For a moment they are undecided and then both move to open the door.
“Scotty? Is something the matter?” Chad asks.
“I… ahm… had a little problem with Kevin and he ran off and…”  Scotty looks around wondering where Kevin went to.

“Do you think he went looking for someone?”
“Tessa and the others, I figure.” Scotty answers Jason’s question.

Scotty tells them in a few short sentences what happened, astounding both Chad and Jason. Halfway the stairs they run into Jordan and again Scotty has to tell what happened.

“I saw Kevin leave for the garden. I believe that’s where Tessa is, with Kai.” Jordan can tell them, but at the door to the garden they cannot see a sign of either Kevin or the others.

“I think we should split up…” Chad suggests.
“Yes. Jordan and I will go left…. You and Jason search right?”
“If we find him we’ll drag him over to you.” Jason promises.
“Well, you have my permission to unleash your inner cave-man.” Scotty laughs shortly.

He and Jordan follow the path and suddenly hear the voice of Kevin. Scotty motions Jordan to stop and be quiet.
“… And she got to Scotty, upsetting him by telling him that your child is also mine.” Through the leaves Scotty can see Kevin talk to Tessa. Kai and James are there as well.

“Karen is here?” James repeats, his voice as filled with horror as Kevin’s had been. “What on earth do I have to do to get rid of that bitch?”
“We’ll think of something.” Tessa replies.
“We’ll have to find her.” Kai thinks out loud.

“True, but something tells me that she won’t go far, not as long as she can create trouble.” James points out. Kai and Tessa nod in agreement. Tessa notices the concerned look on Kevin’s face.
“Are you alright, babe?” She asks.

“No. I left Scotty standing there in our room, without a decent answer…. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d be packing his suitcase by now.” Scotty can hear the fear in Kevin’s voice and he can’t help but smile a bit. It's so Kevin, to act on impulse and think about the consequences later.

“What am I supposed to say to him?” Kevin wonders. “He’ll want an answer and to be perfectly honest, I don’t want to lie to him. I love him. I’ve worked very hard for this relationship. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I don’t want to play with my marriage.” The love in Kevin’s voice nearly breaks Scotty’s heart.

“Then don’t. Tell him the truth. Don’t lie to him.” Tessa answers.
“No, no ‘but’, your husband deserves the truth. Karen is terrible person and I’d rather bite my tongue, than talk to her. Ever.

But Scotty is a completely different matter. I like him. I trust him and I love you, Kev, I will not allow you to put, what you have with Scotty, at risk. In fact, we’ll all go with you and tell him the truth. We’re in this together, remember?”
“Thanks.” Kevin sighs with relief, grateful he won’t have to face Scotty’s anger alone.

“We can all continue to stand here and worry or we can do something.” Tessa concludes.
“Right! Let’s get out priorities straight. The first thing will be….” James starts.
“I know, finding Karen.” Kevin replies despondent.
“No, idiot. Finding Scotty.” Kai frowns. “The longer he has to wait, the angrier he’ll get.”

“I know. I just assumed…..”
“Kev. Your successful marriage to your wonderful, gentle, charming man by far outweighs my marriage with that hysterical bitch of a wife, who I want to see buried six feet under the ground, after I put a stake through her heart.” James jokes.

“Provided you can find her heart.” Tessa points out.
“I don’t mind stabbing a few times, just to get it right.” James reminds her and they all laugh nervously. Scotty can see, when he pushes aside one of the branches, how James wraps his arms around Kevin’s neck and gives him a tiny kiss on his nose.

“Never worry, babe. First Scotty, then, if we have really no better excuse to waste our time, we’ll deal with Karen.” James says with a grin.
“Thanks.” Is all Kevin can say in return and then Scotty can see them walk towards the hotel.

“Well, that was interesting.” Jordan mumbles. “Forgive me for stating the obvious, but none of them seemed keen on ‘wrecking your marriage’ to Kevin, in fact, quite the opposite, they place finding you above finding this Karen.”
“I know…” Scotty replies, unhappy about the fact that he second-guessed Tessa, Kai and James.

“I know it’s none on my business….”
“That has never stopped you before…”
“It is obvious they all hate this Karen and I do mean with a vengeance. Maybe you should have faith in their opinion.

Kevin can be very quick to judge, but he’s also a good judge of character. He forgave his brother, learned to get along with Robert McCallister, manages to have good relationships with his exes, he never showed any sign of carrying a grudge against us, although we were so unkind to him prior to that night at that karaoke-bar….

If Kevin can put all that behind him, but somehow still dislike this Karen, maybe he does so with good reason and you should listen to him and not to her.” Jordan says.
“I think I just came to the same conclusion…. You know what? It’s none of my business. It happened so long ago. Does it really matter? It never affected us before….”

“Jordan! Scotty! Did you find Kevin?” Chad asks as Jason and he catch up with Scotty and Jordan.
“Yes, we ‘accidentally’ listened in on a conversation….” Jordan replies, quickly giving a recap of what happened.

“Wow! This is more intriguing than “Tempest Bay”.” Chad replies and Scotty laughs, while they enter the reception-area of the hotel and are suddenly face to face with Kevin, Kai, Tessa and James.

“Scotty….” Kevin immediately starts, ready to apologize, ask for forgiveness, beg for another chance, but Scotty hushes him by putting a finger on Kevin’s lips.
“No. Not another word. If there’s something I need to know, I trust that you will tell me. When you are ready. I love you. And… I have faith in you.” Scotty says tenderly.

“You do?!?!” It’s painful for Scotty to watch the astonishment and disbelief fight like that on Kevin’s face.
“I do.” Scotty answers, sealing his words with a warm, long, very intimate kiss, that leaves Kevin breathless.

The six others stand around them. Jordan looks at his feet. The ‘wow’ on Chad’s lips is only seen by Jason. James and Kai share a glance filled with regret as Tessa’s eyes fill with tears.
“I need a hanky.” She then says dryly.

“You can use mine after I’m done with it.” James replies.
“Thanks, but no thanks.” Tessa sighs. “This is all cute and lovely, but it won’t do. I’m sorry Scotty, but as much as I appreciate the love and trust you show Kevin, I think it’s best if we sit down and have a long talk with you.

Maybe it would even be smart to include Chad, Jason and Jordan, considering how close they are to both of you and how much they’ve already been involved in all this.”
“I agree. Good plan.” Kai says.

“Listen, Tessa, whatever happened 20 years ago, it happened then and maybe it’s just none on our business.”
“Well, it isn’t any of your business, but that won’t stop me from telling the truth.”

“And which of the eleven thousand different variations of the ‘truth’ will that be, you little whore?” Karen’s voice is more hysterical now, than it was, when she spoke to Scotty. Scotty can feel, by Kevin’s muscles, that Kevin is bracing himself, when he turns around and places himself between Scotty and Karen.

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