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The summer of 2010-07

The summer of 2010 part 7/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


Scotty sits down on the bed in their room, still feeling shaky from everything that Karen had told him. Is that it? That thing that Kevin does not want to talk about? He has another child? And, if so, why had he not said anything when they found about Elizabeth? Scotty rubs his face, his breathing is shallow because he doesn’t know what to do or say?

Is Tessa indeed the ‘bad person’ in all this? She does seem to have a certain hold over Kevin, but would it really be enough to break up their marriage? No, too ridiculous for words. Kevin is love with him, Scotty is sure of that, the thought that he would, after all they went through, be unfaithful with a woman, is just outrageous.

But Scotty can see how Tessa may have ‘stolen’ James from Karen. Though, if Scotty is honest, he cannot see them as ‘in love’ with each other. Personally, he feels it’s more a feeling of warm, caring friendship and not so much of lust. He presses his hand to his stomach, suddenly feeling a bit sick.

Should he confront Kevin with what Karen said? Or should he just ignore it? Karen does seem to be very bitter, and, yet, she’s the first one to acknowledge that. To her, she has good reason to be so, and how would he feel, if Kevin cheated on him, with another man, right under his nose? Wouldn’t he be bitter too?

How can he find out the truth about something that happened 20 years ago, in another country, in another part of the world? And then he sees his phone and he knows, there is one oracle he should try first. He scrolls down the names in his address-book, until he gets to “Nora” and then presses the call-button.


“Chad, wait!...” Jason grabs Chad’s arm. “What is wrong with you? Last night you were practically having sex on our table with some women and now you’re acting like I am the one, who was doing it with her, instead of you.”
“It’s none of my business, but I saw Jordan come out of your room last night....”

“It’s obvious what he was doing there. With you. And I know, we’re not lovers anymore, so I have nothing to say in this, but after all the times you lectured me about getting a ‘steady’ relationship, you’re having sex with Jordan, in less than two days?”

“What? I was drunk, but not that drunk. He helped me to my room, because I was feeling sick and then he stayed with me until I was asleep. I may have been in bed, but I was there alone, while he sat on a chair! Far away from me. He was a perfect gentleman.”

Chad is quiet for a moment, watching an angry Jason.
“I’m sorry. I had no right to jump to conclusions like this.” He then says. 
“No.” Jason acknowledges, his face becomes a bit softer.
“It’s just that…” Chad starts, but then he changes his mind. “Oh, never mind.” He turns away.

Jason stops him and, a second later, Chad is in Jason’s arms. Jason’s lips are on his and Chad moans softly, because it all feels so good.
“You drive me crazy.” Jason says softly. “I can’t help it. I want you.”
“Your room or mine?” Chad sighs. They both search for their key-cards and Chad is the first to find his.


“Oh, sweetie, that was a long time ago.” Nora says, surprised by Scotty’s question.
“I know. Around twenty years.” Scotty answers dryly.
“Wait, let’s see if I can refresh my memory.” She takes a photo-album of the shelve and browses through it.

Were her kids really ever so young? Ah, yes, Kevin dropped out and left for Europe to ‘find himself’. William had said that he would be back in one week, but he came back only four months later… She stares at the pictures. How come she hadn’t seen the changes in him?

“Yes. I remember. He was very unhappy. He hated everything and everyone around him and then he decided to go to Europe. Just like that. Well, not just like that, he had heard that a friend of his, Danny McCullough, would go to London and then he wanted to go to, but Danny cancelled and Kevin went alone.

He spent some time in London….. Ah, here, a post-card… ‘mom, going to Amsterdam tomorrow…’ Yes, he was in London for about a week-and-a-half, then he went to Amsterdam and then…. We didn’t hear much from him after that. An occasional call, that he was alright and alive and that’s it.”

“So, you don’t remember anything particular about what happened then?” Scotty insists and Nora frowns. She looks at the pictures of Kevin before the holiday and afterwards…
“Well….” She replies hesitantly. “Don’t know for sure, but it seemed, when he came back home, that he had grown up considerably, but I’m not sure if it happened there or …. ”

“What do you mean?”
“Kevin was still struggling with his sexual orientation before he left. Not so much on the question if he was or wasn’t gay, but more about… how to behave, what to do… How to get a boyfriend.

He wondered if he should more open about it or sort of ‘linger in the closet’ and not let anyone know. He was very shy and being overweight from his high-school days didn’t help, neither did the silence between William and him. Kevin was moody and in general, just not feeling comfortable in his own skin. When he came back, he was different.”

“He laughed more, he had lost weight, oozed self-confidence when he was sure that he was right. He picked up his school again and studied like crazy to makeup for lost time. It was like he had a firm grip on his life again.”

“Did he ever give an explanation?”
“No. Kevin never talked about his trip to Europe. He only said that London and Amsterdam were great places to be, mumbled something about having made some friends, but other than that… He kept it all to himself.

I don’t know why, but I always thought, that it was too painful for him to talk about it, because he had fallen in love with someone and somehow it hadn’t worked out.” Nora’s words make sense. Had Kevin fallen in love with Tessa or, perhaps more realistically, with Kai or James?


“There you are… I was wondering where you had disappeared to…” Kevin smiles and quickly kisses Scotty. “I thought it might be nice to go to the swimming-pool and have a bit of time to relax there.”
“Where are the others?”

“Oh, Tessa got a call from her son. Then James was called away, because apparently one of his employees has gone missing. A young woman, who didn’t come home last night. Chad said something about a head ache and Jason went after him… And I went looking for you.”

He starts to change clothes to go swimming and Scotty’s eyes follow every movement Kevin makes.
“Isn’t Kai just a great story-teller? I couldn’t even remember all the details of what happened then….  Then of course, Kai, James and Tessa see each other more frequently than I do…

I hardly ever get the chance to talk to them. I mean, not like this, where we’re all gathered together and you can talk and laugh and reminisce about what happened way back then. This is so much fun.”

Kevin turns around with a smile on his face and only now notices that Scotty seems distant and quiet.
“Is everything alright, honey? You look a little pale. Still under the influence of the hang-over?”

Scotty looks up at Kevin. He shakes his head.
“I just talked to your mother.” He says. Immediately Kevin grabs his phone to check if he missed a call or a message.
“Is everything okay? Why would she call you?”

“She didn’t. I called her to ask her what she remembered about your trip to Amsterdam.”
“Why?... If you want to know something, why don’t you ask me?”
“Because I’m not sure… that you’ll give me an honest answer.” Scotty replies.

“What?! Why would I lie to you about anything?”
“I just ran into Karen, James’s wife, and….
“She’s here?” Kevin asks, his entire attitude suddenly changing.

“Yes, and she told me a few things, and I know you all hate her, and I want to have faith in you, but now I need to know…. Are you the father of Tessa’s child?” Scotty blurts out the question, immediately regretting asking it. Kevin doesn’t answer at first and then only repeats:

“She’s here? Karen is here?” Scotty nods, hoping that Kevin will reply to his question, but instead Kevin only says: “I got to warn the others, before someone gets killed.” And he storms out the door. For a second Scotty is too surprised, but then he follows Kevin out the door. He wants an answer.

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