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The summer of 2010-05

The summer of 2010 part 5/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


The door is not even properly locked or Kevin can feel Scotty’s hands all over him. He replies frantically to Scotty’s kisses, while quickly undressing him. He’s only half-naked and already Scotty pushes him to the bed and Kevin lets him push him. As he falls down, he takes Scotty with him and he feels through the remaining layers, how aroused Scotty is.

It takes a little more struggling, because neither of them wants to let go of the other, but eventually Scotty sighs satisfied when he feels Kevin’s cock against his own.
“We should dance more often.” Kevin moans, responding to Scotty’s fingertips on his skin.

“I’m not sure it was the dancing, I think that Tessa already warmed you up very well.” Scotty can’t help but remember. It takes a couple of seconds before the words hit home with Kevin, because, frankly, his mind preoccupied with where Scotty’s hands move down to.

“Wait! What?” He asks, sitting up and moving away from Scotty a bit. “What are you accusing me of?”
“Nothing. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said something. Come here.” Scotty begs.
“No…. I was just dancing with her.”

“I know. I said I was sorry, I got a little jealous when I saw you two together…”
“She and I are dancing and that makes you think I want to shag her?”
“I didn’t say that.”
“It’s what you implied.”

Kevin gets out of bed and leaves for the bathroom, where he splashes some cold water on his face. He quickly fills up a glass of water and drinks it. He can’t believe what he just heard, but he also knows he needs to clear his head and not say something foolish.
“Kev,.. I’m sorry.” Scotty says again, even more quiet than before. He looks rather small in that big bed. 

Kevin walks up to him, grabs him behind his head and forces Scotty to look at him.
“Scotty, baby, I didn’t propose to you, to then actually marry you, go through the entire struggle of having a child with you, so we can have a family, because I’m secretly in love with a woman who lives halfway around the world.

I did all that, because I love you, only you, and no one else. Why do you always assume the worst about me?”
“I don’t know. I saw you two dancing and you always say that you hate to dance and, yet, with her,… It’s like you’re another man.”

“Of course I am. I was a different man when I got to know her. I met her in a time when you were only ten-eleven years old and probably not even fully aware, that you were gay, and when I was still struggling with the my own sexual orientation. Yet, she accepted me without hesitation.

She took me out to the all the right  places and I found myself introduced to a completely different world. She never tried to ‘change my mind’, but just accepted me as a gay man. Period. It was so liberating and her attitude and that of James and Kai, gave me the courage to discover more about myself and to be bolder towards other men and to actually go for what I wanted...”

“Again, I’m sorry. I don’t want to think negative about you. I love you, but it felt so strange to see you so close to her. You look so comfortable with her … and her body.” Scotty adds.
Kevin looks at Scotty and for a moment it seems that he wants to say something, but then he changes his mind and replies:

“She is comfortable with herself and that is what is you saw.” Scotty can feel that Kevin isn’t lying, but not exactly telling the truth either, but he’s in no mood to fight.
“Well, I’ve apologized, … can we now, please, pick up where we left off? I want you.” He begs instead. “I want you so badly.”

Kevin smiles, happy that Scotty doesn’t press the issue.
“Of course…. I think, we were about here….” And he falls back on the bed. “And your hand was about here…”
“… No, it wasn’t. I hadn’t gotten down there yet.”

“Mr Wandell, you have a terrible memory.” Kevin says with a grin.
“True,…. So if you think my hand had landed there, then there it shall do its work.” Scotty replies, laughing softly when Kevin moans at the first caress and squeeze.
“That’s it. Don’t stop.” Kevin begs.

Scotty doesn’t plan to stop until he reclaims his husband and he lets his body cover Kevin’s. He kisses Kevin’s throat and shoulders, while continuing to arouse Kevin even further. Kevin lets his hand run through Scotty’s hair, but as much as he loves this, he can’t avoid the worried look that temporarily comes on his face.


Jason wakes up to the first light of day. He had forgotten to close the curtains last night, so his room is bathing in sunlight and at first he tries to ignore it by turning away, but it doesn’t help. There’s nothing else to do, but get out of bed and close the curtains, though of course now he will not be able to sleep again.

He falls back on the pillow, closes his eyes and enjoys the fact that it’s much darker now in the room. He thinks about what Jordan said last night and he knows, he doesn’t want to leave. He plans to make this a wonderful holiday, with or, and this is more likely, without Chad and with that decision made, he drifts off to sleep.

He fell asleep at around four-thirty and now, at seven, he gets awoken by his alarm. He should get out of bed and go the gym, but Chad just switches off the alarm and turns over. The other side of the bed is cool and it only serves to remind Chad that Jason isn’t in his bed… He sighs and pushes away the covers. Gym it is.


Kevin turns over and nestles closer to Scotty, inadvertently waking him up. Scotty opens his eyes and regrets it straightaway. It’s been a long time since he had a hangover this bad.
“Wow!” he whispers, slowly snaking from under Kevin’s arm, so he can go the bathroom. He washes his face as careful as possible, because every movement hurts his head.

There’s a loud, thundering knock on the door, waking up Kevin with a shock, and then Scotty can hear Tessa’s voice yelling:
“Come on, you lazy dogs! Rise and shine!!!!” The only reply is a loud moan from Kevin as he falls back on the bed.

“How come she’s so cheerful?” Scotty asks, slightly annoyed.
“Now I remember what I hated about her. She lives by the rule: “Wanna be a sex-goddess on the dance-floor? Then also be a sex-goddess in the morning.” Or something like that.”

Scotty chuckles as he sits down next to Kevin.
“I should so get in touch with my inner sex-goddess, but I fear she’s out of order.” He then says and Kevin starts to laugh, for about two seconds, then he winces at the pain in his head.

“I hate this.” He moans. “I need someone to hold me.” He then pouts and Scotty can’t help but smile.
“Come on. Let’s go downstairs and I’ll see if I can whip up that old grandma-Wandell brew for a hangover.”

“Can’t I just roll over and play dead? I’m very good at that and it’s safer for my health than your grandma’s brew.” Kevin begs.
“I know.” Scotty admits. “but, no, it would be a waste of our day..... And don’t diss my grandma’s recipe!”


“Who knew that taking over a resort would involve this much paper-work?” James moans. “And this much head-ache.”
“I think that the headache comes from the booze, not the resort.” Kevin points out.
“But I wouldn’t have been drinking, if I hadn’t been celebrating getting this hotel.”

“True.” Kevin concedes. Scotty’s brew has taken away the worst effects of the hangover, but he’s still not feeling like his usual self.
“So, how did Scotty like his first day here?”
“Oh, good… sort of.”

“Sort of?”
“Yes. He had some issues with the way that I was dancing with Tessa, felt I was too comfortable with her.”
“Tsss,... have you told him….?”

“No. No! I don’t want him to know. I think I’ve smoothed things over and let’s leave it at that.”
“What happened in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam?”
Exactly. I think that should go for all of us.”

“It’s hard to leave the past behind, if those were the happiest days of your life.” James sighs.
“You are aware that you’ll finally be able to break away from your family, England and your marriage?”

“I know…. I haven’t dared to dream about it yet, but ….” James starts. Kevin nods and watches how slowly a smile comes to James’ face. “I finally have a bargaining-tool. Karen wants what we have in England. Title, house, money. I want what I have here. My freedom. There has to be a way to convince her to grant me a divorce and to let us divide what we have.”

James’s hope is almost painful to watch and Kevin hates to throw ice-water on the idea, but…
“She could still fight you.”

“I don’t see why. This place is not good enough for that little snob, but I love it. She can have her have stuck-up English country-life, with all that comes with it, including the hunting-parties and my mother, if she just lets me go and let me live here. We’ll never have to see each other again. Ever.”

“I sincerely wish that your dream will come true, love, but … Karen hates you, she’ll do everything to fight you, just for the sake of fighting you and making you miserable.” Kevin warns and James opens his mouth to argue, but then closes it again.
“You’re right.” He sighs. “But I’m not going to let her win. Not now.”

“I’m happy for you. I sure hope, it will bring you what you want. There’s nothing I want more than to see you two happy.”
“Thanks. I’m just sorry it had to be at the expense of my uncle. I wrote him just before he died, hoping that he would help me, but this is not how I wanted it.”

“So, how did your uncle die?”
“He drowned two weeks ago. Apparently, he feel in the water and his pants got caught in an old nail and he couldn’t get back up to the surface and he drowned… It took them a few days to find the will, read it and find me, but here I am, and I’m not leaving again.” James says with renewed fighting-spirit.


Karen Griffiths enters the lobby and looks around with a look of complete disgust on her face. She’s just about to walk up to the reception, when her eyes catch a blond woman, who crosses the lobby. She curses quietly. She knew it. She had known from the moment, she heard that James had inherited this resort.

The first thing he would do was get the ‘Bats’ together. She nearly chokes on the hatred she feels rise up. Well, if James really believes that he can this easily get back with his tramp and her other boyfriends, he’s in for a nasty surprise. Karen will destroy Tessa and all those she loves.

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