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The summer of 2010-04

The summer of 2010 part 04/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


The music is so loud that it’s impossible to talk to each other. Not that it really matters because most people are on the dance-floor anyway. With a sour look on his face, Scotty watches the crowd, and more in particular, he watches Kevin. On the dance-floor. Dancing. With Tessa. And he’s jealous.

Jordan places a drink before Scotty and yells in his ear:
“You and Jason should start ‘The sour grapes’-club.” And he points at Jason with his thumb. Jason doesn’t look too happy either and Scotty follows what Jason is watching. Chad. Off course. Dancing with some beautiful woman.

Scotty sighs. Seems that Jason and he are destined to watch the men they love being more interested in someone else.
“Go to Kevin and dance with him!” Jordan advices. Yes, he could do that. “Don’t make a scene. Just get on the dance-floor and cut in!” It would sure beat standing here, feeling as miserable as Jason looks.

It’s too ridiculous for words, but he feels excluded. And yet, both Kevin and Tessa had asked him to dance, but he had turned both ot them down, so he only has himself to blame. What is it about them that makes him so irritated? He feels Jordan give him a push in the back and Scotty stumbles onto the dance-floor.

The music is exhilarating, the beat is loud and Scotty can feel the vibrations in his stomach. Tessa and Kevin dance very close to each other. It’s no longer a dance, it seems more like they are simulating having sex and, annoyed, Scotty tries to get closer to Kevin.

At that moment, James joins the dance. Scotty watches how James gets closer to Tessa and Kevin, but it becomes unclear if he’s dancing alone, with Tessa or … with Kevin? Scotty stops in the middle of the dance-floor, feeling strangely angry over the way Tessa and James just simply claim Kevin.

He feels a hand on his back and expects it to be Jordan or maybe someone else wanting to dance, but when he looks over his shoulder he sees it’s Kai.
“Come on, love.” Kai takes Scotty’s hand, guides Scotty through the wall of people dancing, jumping and moving, until they reach Kevin and Tessa.

Tessa smiles cheerful when she's sees Scotty, immediately steps away to let Scotty take her place and a few seconds later a soft push from Kai nearly flings Scotty in Kevin’s arms. When Scotty looks at Kai, he sees the friendly smiles on the faces of Tessa, James and Kai, encouraging him to dance with Kevin and again he feels the need to reprimand himself for being so childish.

Kevin, in the meantime, has forgotten all about Tessa and focuses his attention on Scotty.
“Glad you wanted to dance!” He yells at Scotty and Scotty nods. Over Kevin’s shoulder he sees Tessa’s fingers run through her long, blonde hair as she’s completely in a trance from the music. She’s now dancing with James. 

Scotty feels foolish for having been so jealous. Jordan was right. He should have just gone on the dance-floor to dance with Kevin, instead of acting like an immature teenager. Kevin wraps his arms around him to pull him closer and Scotty closes his eyes. He’s allowing himself to relax and let the beat of the music control his body.

He can’t remember the last time they danced like this, but it reminds him of the 18 year old boy he used to be and he feels great. His body moves closer to Kevin’s and he can see the excited smile on Kevin’s face. He gives Kevin a quick kiss, Kevin claims another one and Scotty forgets all about Tessa, James and Kai.


Jason, on the other hand, feels awful. It’s his 5th drink and the alcohol isn’t doing him any favors. It should dull the pain he feels, but all it does is make him feel more miserable. It’s really not Chad’s fault. Hadn’t Jason himself told him this afternoon that he was no longer interested?

So what if Chad is dancing with this beautiful, young, … available… woman? Why should he care? He doesn’t have any right to ask Chad to stop this... and yet, it hurts… like hell.
“Stop doing this to yourself, Jason.” He hears Jordan say. “Why don’t you go to bed and sleep the alcohol out of your system?”

Yes, that was a good idea. He lets go of the table and he would have nearly immediately fallen to the ground, if Jordan hadn’t caught him just in time.
“Whoa! I think you had just a little too much to drink, sugar.” Jordan guesses and Jason can only nod, that he agrees with the diagnosis.

“I… don’t feel so good.” He says weakly.
“Yeah, I thought as much.” Jordan grins. “Come on, I’ll bring you to your room.” Grateful, Jason leans on Jordan for support and soon enough Jordan asks him his key-card, so he can help Jason enter the room.

“I feel sick.” Jason moans and without a second thought Jordan pushes Jason into the bathroom and he closes the door behind Jason. Soon enough, he hears the telltale sounds of someone not able to hold his liquor. He controls his own urge to get sick and waits patiently, until he sees Jason almost crawl out of the bathroom.

“You’re still here.” Jason notices surprised.
“I thought you might need me.” Jordan smiles and he helps Jason to the bed. Jason sits down and starts to undress and Jordan steps away far enough not to get involved. though he sure wouldn't mind giving Jason a helping hand.

“I usually don’t get this sick from alcohol.” Jason says apologetic.
“I think it’s everything. Tension, excitement, mixed feelings, the heat.”
“Probably… I shouldn’t be this mad. I sent Chad away. Several times… I have no right to be jealous, but…”

“… it still hurts to see him with someone else?” Jordan finishes the sentence. Jason nods, looking miserable.
“I still love him, it’s just…. We have such different personalities, careers, opinions, religions… I know it won’t work, but I keep being drawn to him like a moth to a flame. And then I know I’ll get burned….”

Jordan feels his previous feelings of intimidation go away as his more caring side takes over. He sits down next to Jason.
“I’m not that good at these sort of things, but it seems to me that you’ll have to make up your mind to either stay and deal with seeing Chad with someone else, or leave and get away from him, … or stay and be miserable, but that would be unfair to Kevin, Scotty and all the others.”
Jason lies down under the blanket, feeling his stomach protest and his muscles ache.
“For now, is it alright if I just curl up and die?” he asks, not able to think anymore.
“Sure. I’ll wake you up in the morning.” Jordan replies and they both start to laugh because it sounds so silly.

“Jordan? Thanks for your kindness… Can you stay a little longer? Just until I’m asleep. I’m not sure…” Jason asks weakly, still feeling sick. Jordan nods. Jason closes his eyes and almost immediately falls asleep and Jordan watches him. Now that Jason’s face relaxes he suddenly seems so young and vulnerable.


Lorena leaves the kitchen for just a quick smoke. She straightens her back and shivers from the difference in temperature from the cold night air and the hot kitchen. Nearly one in the morning. Kitchen is closed, everything is cleaned up, just one more look around to see if she hasn’t forgotten anything and then she can go home.

There’s a noise behind her and she turns to see who it is.
“Oh, hi, what are you doing here?” She asks with a smile, but it fades as the light falls on a large blade. A knife! She shakes her head, unable to comprehend what she sees and then it’s too late.

She’s most surprised by how easy the knife stabs into her, it is so sharp. She had somehow expected it to be harder to break the skin, to go through the flesh… Weird. Another stab. She’s dying. She knows it. Weird. Her body shakes at the third stab. She’s caught between the door and the knife. There’s nowhere to go, nowhere to run.

She sinks down, feeling life slip out of her body. The last stab is the final one. Her lifeless body gets dragged to the bushes behind the kitchen and then she’s out of sight. The murderer walks away and the night takes over again. Inside no one wonders why Lorena isn’t back yet, believing she simply left early, like she’s done so many times before.


Chad looks at his watch. Nearly two in the morning and he goes back to his room alone. Oh, he could have easily taken Sandra with him, but he didn’t want her to stay the night. He feels guilty. He had seen the hurt look on Jason’s face and, for a moment, it had felt good, but now it no longer does.

He knows that there’s huge gap between them, but he loves Jason and wishes that Jason would also make an effort to bridge that gap. Chad plays with his key and turns around with the plan to knock on Jason’s door and apologize, when Jason’s door opens and he sees Jordan exit the room.

An uneasy feeling of déjà-vu creeps up on him as he remembers that Valentine’s night, when Kevin suddenly disappeared and ended up sleeping with Scotty, the man he’s now married to… And now Jason left with Jordan. Did he did sleep with him? 

That has to be it. because why else would Jordan come out of Jason's room, hours after leaving the dance-floor? Jealousy, disbelief and confusion take over in Chad and he quickly enters his room, glad Jordan hasn’t seen him.

Meanwhile Jordan rubs his neck, feeling stiff because he had fallen asleep, sitting next to Jason in that uncomfortable chair. He quickly undresses and goes to bed. The moment his head hits the pillow, he’s asleep, unaware that a few rooms further, Chad stares at the ceiling unable to find his own piece of mind.

Tags: character - chad, character - jason, character - jordan, character - kevin, character - scotty, series - summer of 2010

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