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The summer of 2010-03

The summer of 2010 part 3/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, and others
Rate: NC-17-ish
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring.


It takes one stop-over, but then the small plane lands on the tropical island and not long after that Kevin, Scotty, Jordan, Jason and Chad have their luggage, so they can move to the exit, like all the other tourists. Kevin looks around, worried that he might miss a sign or a person until a loud yell draws his attention.

“Jamie!!!” The two men hug and greet each other with so much intensity, that Scotty raises an eyebrow as he feels a little jealousy pop up. Kevin introduces James to the others, giving Scotty a moment to have a good look at him.

James is just as tall as Kevin is and, surprisingly, with his dark hair and blue eyes, he looks at lot like Kevin. With a twisted sense of humor, Scotty wonders if William ever ‘knew’ someone in England, as the closeness between James and Kevin reminds him of the closeness between Justin and Kevin.

“I’m so happy to finally meet you, Scotty. Kevin told us so much about you. Well, he told Tessa and Tessa told Kai and me… But never mind, that. I can see that Kevin still has his excellent taste in men…” James hums appreciatively, making Scotty blush at the unexpected compliment.

“We could go to the bus, yes, our resort has his own bus, can you imagine? But I’d rather wait just a little bit. The other flight just landed as well.” James speaks excitedly and constantly, mostly to Kevin, but he tries to include Jason, Jordan, Chad and Scotty into his attention as well.

He’s like a happy puppy-dog barking around Kevin to get his attention and Kevin merely laughs and lets him talk, while the other four men are trying to adjust to the waterfall of sentences, meanwhile being caught between feeling amused and confused.

“Jamie!!! Kevster!!!” A loud shriek makes them turn around to watch the newcomers.
“Tessa!!!” Both James and Kevin practically throw themselves on a tall blond woman, whose loud yell had caught their attention. Then James and Kevin turn their attention to Kai.

Kai is very tall too, much taller than Kevin and again Scotty notices the similarities between the men. Another man with dark hair and blue eyes… This Tessa seems to collect them.

Chad, Jason, Jordan and Scotty stare at the group. Whatever they had expected Kevin’s friends to look like, or behave like, this wasn’t it. The four talk nearly simultaneously, as hugs and kisses are being exchanged and, in all, they make such a noise that people passing by, throw them angry glances.

“Quiet, everyone,…” Kevin says loudly and instantly there’s silence. “I’d like you guys to meet my husband Scotty Wandell... and the other three men are friends of ours,… This is Jason,… Chad… Jordan…” Kevin makes the round of introductions and they all greet each other with laughter and friendly words until Tessa turns to Kevin.

“You know, Walker. You’re weird. I cannot think of any other man who would invite his two exes to the same place, as where he plans to spend his holidays with his husband.” She shakes her head.
“Chad and Jason are even each other’s exes by now, to complicate matters…” Kevin grins.

“Jeez, Tess, we need to make a schedule, to keep up with who’s doing what with who and why.” Kai replies and Tessa agrees with the idea.
“So, Tess, is your son still coming next week?” Kevin asks.
“Maybe even in two or three days. All depending on how quickly he can finish the project he’s working on.” Tessa smiles.

“And you wife….?” Kevin now asks James and James shakes his head.
“No, you know her, not her scene…. Not posh enough, not elitist enough, not enough people drinking champagne and eating caviar… I’m sorry, but we have beach-boys and flip-flops… Common people… The snob does not associate herself with people like that….” James rolls his eyes.

“Forgive me, but I won’t be missing the Wicked Witch of Universe.” Tessa replies uncharitably and her remark prompts a round of cheers and chuckles. Scotty gives Kevin a questioning look and Kevin explains:
“We don’t like Karen.”

“And we’re unanimous.” James says.
“She’s your wife.” Scotty replies without thinking twice.
“Doesn’t mean I have to like her. I married her because mama insisted on it and I was a 18-year idiot, who foolishly believed that my family was looking out for my best interest.

But instead it was all about how Karen was the ‘good wife’-material and let’s not forget the ever-pleasant ‘our families have known each other for many generations’-litany that I still have to listen to on a weekly basis. She had the right upbringing and a lot of money…. But aside from that, she’s about as much fun as sitting with your arse on a hot stove.”

“Don’t forget, that she’s as warm and caring at artic night.” Tessa reminds them.
“… and as charming as a viper-pit.” Kai adds with his sweet and gentle voice.
“.... besides, she hates us.” Kevin explains.
“And that feeling seems to be mutual.” Chad points out.

Scotty gives everyone an uncertain smile, suddenly not so sure, that he’ll still like this holiday. He looks at Jason, who shrugs. Jordan avoids looking at Scotty to not have to express his opinion and Chad just smiles and whispers:
“It will be alright…. First meetings are always awkward…” And Scotty hopes he’s right.


Jordan opens the door of the balcony and breathes in the fresh air. The room is amazing. Just warm and comfortable and big… He takes his suitcase off the bed and lies down on the soft mattress. He feels as if he’s floating on air. He might never want to leave this place again.

Kevin and Scotty have the room next door and on the other side of his room is Jason’s room. Now that the silence comes and that he has time to process the events of the day, he has to admit that he likes both Jason and Chad. He had expected to be too impressed to even dare to speak to Chad, but Chad had quickly taken that feeling away.

In fact, he feels more intimidated by Jason, who had been nothing but very polite and kind to him, but Jordan just doesn’t feel comfortable around him. He stretches out even further, like a lazy cat, and then turns over to stare out the window and dream of some summer-romance with a hot guy.


There’s a soft knock on Jason’s door and somehow Jason isn’t surprised that it turns out to be Chad.
“Hey, how’s your room? …. Just as pretty as mine, I see.”
“Why? Had you expected special preferences?” Jason asks. Chad shakes his head.

“No, I was just looking for an excuse to knock on your door.” His eyes betray how much he wants Jason and at first Jason doesn’t respond, but when Chad takes a step in his direction and puts his hands on Jason’s hips, Jason backs away and pushes Chad’s hands off his body.

“I’m sorry, Chad.”
“But last week….”
“Last week was a mistake. We aren’t material for a steady relationship. I shouldn’t have slept with you...”

“But you did sleep with me. You said you wanted to be with me.”
“I was lonely and I felt miserable… I should not have done it. I’m sorry.” Jason repeats and Chad turns away and walks over the door.
“I wish you would have told me this before. I only came here to be with you.” He says bitterly and leaves the room.


Kevin watches Scotty unpack and make the hotel-room his own. Their clothes go on the shelve, nicely folded. Their toothbrushes are side-by-side in the bathroom. The lube in the drawer, the condoms next to it, because the hotel-personel will probably be very upset with a stain or two on the sheets. Kevin chuckles, feeling hopeful when Scotty finally turns to him.

“What are you smiling about?” Scotty asks, lying down next to Kevin. Kevin turns to him and guides Scotty’s mouth to his own.
“I’m just waiting for you to be ready and kiss me.” He answers between two kisses. Scotty now smiles as well.

“We have to be downstairs soon, to have lunch with the others…” he reminds Kevin.
“They can wait, can’t they?” Kevin whispers and Scotty’s only answer is a moan when their kiss deepens.
“But I’m … hungry…” Scotty then points out, letting his fingers slide along Kevin’s cock.

He can hear Kevin hold his breath with a little hissing sound, before breathing out with a soft ‘ah’.
“I-ah, I think that I have what it takes, right here.” Kevin then says and Scotty chuckles as he feels Kevin move his body up against his hand.

Scotty kisses Kevin deeply, arousing him even further by letting his hand slip underneath the elastic band of Kevin’s shorts. Kevin’s reply is immediate and hungry, as he pushes his hips up, allowing Scotty to pull down his clothes, giving Scotty a good view of his body, now naked from the waist down.

“Oh, God.” Scotty moans and his kisses quickly move from Kevin’s lips to his belly and then further down. Kevin’s fingers grab Scotty’s hair as he pushes Scotty’s head down until he feels that warm mouth on his cock. He closes his eyes, enjoying the sensation, softly begging Scotty not to stop. Ever…. Then there’s a loud knock on the door.

“If you invited Sarah as well, I’m going to kill you.” Scotty warns, but Kevin onlu moans annoyed upon losing Scotty’s warm mouth.
“Kev?! It’s me, Tess.” A voice at the other side of the door yells. “Just want to remind Scotty and you that lunch is in 15 minutes. If the two of you are having sex, better hurry up a bit!”

They hear her laughter move away and Scotty gives Kevin a look of disbelief.
“She knows me so well?” Kevin offers apologetic. “Please, finish what you started, please….” He begs, softly pushing Scotty’s head back down. “Please,…”
“You heard what Tess said, we don’t have much time,… this means…” Scotty reaches out for the lube. “.. no more foreplay, because I plan to have some fun of my own…”

He watches how an excited smile comes to Kevin’s face and then how Kevin closes his eyes at the first touch of being prepared. He loves how expressive Kevin’s face is. It had taken a long time for Kevin to let down his guard so much, but now he knows, that he’s completely free to express himself around Scotty.

Scotty rolls down the condom and watches Kevin with a grin.
“So little time, better hurry it up… It would not very gentlemen-like to keep a lady waiting…” Kevin is too preoccupied with the feeling of Scotty entering him to immediately reply, but then, once he has adjusted himself to the invasion, he can finally find the words.

“Maybe this is not the time to say this… but she’s not a ‘lady’….”
“Oh, so we can keep her waiting then?” Scotty immediately understands.
“Yeah….” Kevin moans, pushing himself closer to Scotty, indicating he’s ready.
“Well, I guess this means we’ll be late for lunch then…” Scotty whispers.


They aren’t that much later than the others, but late enough to have to suffer through some serious teasing and joking, which Kevin and Scotty can easily counter with remarks of their own. With the first meeting out of the way, this time the conversations are more coordinated and Scotty takes his time to really try to get know the others better.

The heart of the group is indeed Tessa. It’s easy to be drawn in by her and also by James. They are free-spirited, have a broad knowledge and seem to live very much in the here and now and they do not appear to be too bothered by the past or the future.

With the experienced eye of someone who has watched customers in bars and restaurants for a long time, looking for the more subtle signs of trouble, Scotty notices that Kevin and James are more ‘physical’ with each other that Scotty is used to see from his husband or would expect from someone so thoroughly British as James.

Also amazing, is the complete lack of anything physical between James and Kai, almost as if they both go out of their way to not touch each other at all and yet, their eye-contact is warm and gentle and betrays that they do like each other more than they physically let on.

It’s only when he looks at Tessa, that he sees that her eyes are fixed on him as well. Scotty looks away for a second, aware that it’s impolite to stare, but when he looks at her again, he sees her smile at him and she nods almost invisibly, as if to give to her approval to his curiosity.
Scotty would have to admit that he’s fascinated by her, especially because Kevin seems to be so at ease with her. He watches Kevin, Jamie, Tessa and Kai and he starts to feel uncomfortable. There’s something wrong with the picture before him, Scotty is sure of that. There’s some underlying emotion he cannot put his finger on. Not yet anyway.

“Hey, Scotty! Are you alright? You seem miles away with your thoughts?” Chad suddenly asks.
“Sorry, it must be the traveling and the change in climate.” Scotty laughs.
“Sure. You dreamy stares have nothing to do, of course, with sex before lunch.” Tessa winks.

Everybody starts to laugh, even Scotty himself. If he feels at all annoyed by her remark, he doesn’t show it, but he only replies with a mysterious smile at her. It’s only when the attention shifts to someone else, that he takes a deep breath and tells himself to relax. Maybe he’s just imagining things and maybe he should just relax.

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