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Same old routine

Same old routine

By Marea 67

About: Kevin and Scotty
Rate: PG-13 at most
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters. Written with love, not for money
Summary: One night at the Playa the la Paz-hotel. Though based on 3.11 “A father dreams”, I’m not sure it takes place around the same time. 


It is always the same old routine, Kevin thinks as he watches Scotty relax. It starts when they enter the hotel-room. After the usual walk around to look at the room, Scotty unpacks and makes the place his own. Their clothes on the shelve (nicely folded). Their toothbrushes nice and clear in the bathroom.

The lube in the drawer, the condoms next to it. (Ooh, heaven forbid, they make stains on the sheets, Kevin chuckles). Kevin always checks the menu, while Scotty unpacks, but they always choose the lobster, for old time’s sake (sweet smile at each other), their dinner will be in their room, by candle-light and with a good wine.

After that, they take their time in the bathroom with the large Jacuzzi. They always have that little moment between them, when they just sit back and relax and quietly enjoy each other’s company, satisfied with the knowledge, that there’s just the two of them and that they are happy with each other.

In the past Kevin would have considered this to be boring. Nowadays Kevin can appreciate these moments. No secrets lurking around, no reveals to crush them, no deaths to burden their lives or other drama to be had. There’s just Scotty and daily, routine-like movements. Calm. Predictable.

Then Scotty turns to him and asks if Kevin ordered the food and Kevin shakes his head.
“Not yet... Are you sure you don’t wish to try something else for a change? I don’t want these moments between us to become boring.” Kevin asks, made insecure by his own thoughts.

“They are never boring, love. All those little things are just the start for me, part of the foreplay, so to say. Just putting those clothes on the shelves reminds me of that day, that I unpacked my bags for the last time, at your place and that you finally gave me my own place in your house and in your heart.”

Scotty caresses Kevin’s cheek and continues:
“It felt so strange when I finally realized that my tooth-brush would be next to yours from then on. It had become so normal to carry it around in my bag. I was always ready to leave, no longer feeling welcome enough to stay for a longer period of time.

I’ve been everywhere but ‘home’, until you gave me one and, now, wherever I go, I want that feeling of ‘home’ with me. And ‘home’ to me means you, and your things next to mine and that feeling of ‘us’. How could that ever be boring? I still enjoy every moment I get to spend with you.”

Scotty smiles as he watches the embarrassed smile on Kevin’s face and Scotty realizes that Kevin is still not used to being loved and appreciated as much as he should be. He lets his fingers caress Kevin’s lips and promises:
“I’ll never take this for granted.” And he seals his promise with a kiss.

Kevin lets the kiss happen, until he notices that he gets too aroused.
“Are you sure we shouldn’t have dinner first?” He asks.
“Okay. Jacuzzi after that? And then hot sex?”

“Don’t we always have hot sex?” Kevin asks innocently and they both laugh.
"Yes. And that's never boring either, now is it? " Scotty winks and Kevin shakes his head with a knowing smile and he turns over to get the menu-card to order room-service.




Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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