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The summer of 2010-01

The summer of 2010  

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason, Jordan
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: Summer-holidays are coming and the boys don’t know what to do with themselves.
Extra: It takes place after season 4 finale, but I’ve lost the time-line of the episodes and I will pretend that the events of the finale happened in the spring. Plus references to previous fanfic written by me... ("Last Christmas" for instance)

This story  may be a part one of something.


“I’m sorry that Scotty couldn’t join us.” Chad says, picking up his fork.
“Well, it’s better for his health. Last time, you were undressing him with your eyes. In the middle of the winter! He nearly caught pneumonia.” Kevin replies dryly.
“It was very worth it from my point of view…” Chad grins even wider.

“Yeah, undressing Scotty, for real or otherwise, is always fun, but to be honest I’m rather possessive, I don’t like sharing him…”
“Too bad, we could have …”
“Don’t go there.” Kevin warns, but with a smile.

“Did he really have to work?”
“Yes, with the summer-holidays coming up, the restaurant doesn’t close, so he’s taking up a lot of the work… One more week though and then Scotty and I will have three wonderful weeks to ourselves…”

“Made any plans?”
“None…” Kevin sighs. “With Robert’s death, the aftermath of the accident and all the rollercoaster-ride with what happened to Kitty, the press and all, we both feel like we’ve seen enough excitement for a little while…

I don’t know. I would like to go away for a few weeks. Just get some rest. Just a couple of days with no drama would be great…. What about you?”
“I was supposed to star in an adventure-movie.”
“What happened?”

“Not sure. Everything has been put on hold. There’s a rumor, that someone ran off with a substantial amount of money.”
“Serious rumor, yes. I still haven’t seen it confirmed though. My agent is trying to find out….”

“So, you’ll have a summer-break of your own then?” Kevin laughs.
“It’s weird, you know, I’ve been working since God knows when. I cannot remember the last time I took a few weeks off to have a holiday.”
“Basically, you can afford to go wherever you wish to go.” Kevin can’t help, but sound a bit envious.

“True, but what’s the fun in being alone?” Chad shrugs.
“I still don’t understand why you and Jason broke up. After all that business with Alex, I thought you two would be together for life…”
“Yes, well, he has his religion and I have mine.” Chad replies, not sure if he’s in the mood to discuss Jason.

“My sympathies. I know what that feels like.”
“I mean, Jason is great guy. Nice, kind, smart, handsome, … good between the sheets, always a 'plus' in my book… but …. I’m not religious and I started to feel more and more like I didn’t fit in his world.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. With all that’s been going on, Jason could have used a friend.”
“Oh, I went over to see him, after I heard about Robert’s death. We talked a lot. We’ve called each other a few times, but it didn’t spark anything romantic. It wouldn’t have been the right moment anyway, not with him so hurt over losing his brother.”

“I agree, you might get involved again for all the wrong reasons.” Kevin nods.
“Now, all I have to do is figure out what to do with my sudden time off.”
“I’m sure you’ll find something naughty to do and that I will read about it in the tabloids soon enough….” Kevin laughs.


Scotty hasn’t even unpacked all the food he brought with him from the restaurant, when he hears the knock on the door. He frowns irritated. He’s hungry and not in the mood for one of Mrs Pritchard’s long talks, so he softly walks up to the door to see if it is her in front of it, but the peek results into Scotty opening up the door very quickly.

“Hi, Scotty, is Kevin in? And can I borrow him for half an hour?”
“Depends on what you plan to do with him?” Scotty immediately replies and Jason smiles.

“I need his help with some legal documents I got regarding my parents’ possessions and a few other things that Robert took care of, without further discussing it with me…”
“Oh… Kevin isn’t in. He’s having dinner with a friend, but I just talked to him and he was on his way back home. Should be here soon. If you want to wait?”

“Yes, please.” Scotty lets Jason in.
“If you don’t mind… I haven’t eaten yet and I’m hungry.” He points at the food on the table… “Have you had dinner?” Scotty asks, hoping that he doesn’t have to share his meal with Jason, and, fortunately for him, Jason says that he already ate.

“.. but don’t let me stop you. You must have made a long day.”
“Yes, with all the holidays… We’re lucky that Nora was willing to help us hire an extra person for the restaurant… It’s all so exciting, but energy-draining. So, how are you?”
“As well as is possible under the circumstances, I guess.”

“A lot of work?”
“It’s not so much my congregation, it’s dealing with Robert’s death, the paperwork, Jack, Sophie, other family, legal stuff… Kitty tries to be supportive, but I feel that she’s still grieving as well. I don’t want to burden her any further… I wish I could clear my mind, you know, just go away for a few weeks and leave everything behind me.”

“Kevin and I have three weeks off, but I have no idea what we will do. We just don’t seem to be able to make some plans or come to a decision. We don’t really want to travel, but we don’t want to stay here. A part of us wants to be far enough away so that the Walker-clan can’t call us back over every little thing, but at the same time we want to be here for Kitty and anyone else who may need us….” Scotty sums up. “So, we have enough to argue over, but we’re too tired to argue.”

“Well, I bought a lottery-ticket this afternoon, I figured with all the drama lately, I might actually have some luck at winning… I promise, if I win the lottery I will take you and Kevin and we’ll go to some remote island somewhere in the middle of nowhere.” Jason grins.

“Sounds good.” Kevin says, as he enters and catches Jason’s last words. “Can Chad come as well? The poor, poor man just saw his summer plans cancelled…”
“That poor, poor man can afford to take all of us away from here… Didn’t he have a movie to make?” Jason grumbles.

“Yes, unfortunately the promised money for the movie did the amazing vanishing act…”
“Seriously?” Scotty asks. Kevin nods.
“They trying to find out what happened, but for the time being Chad is without a job.” Kevin explains, glad that for once he has the scoop.

“That’s bad…. Maybe I will call him later on… But first, can you please help me, Kevin, with these papers? I spoke to our lawyer this afternoon and he started to talk and it all became a huge mountain of words for me. I’m lost and I have no idea what I’m supposed to sign and what I’m signing for….”

“Yes, of course. Let’s have a look.” Kevin sits down on the couch and Jason on one of the chairs and Scotty can’t help but feel relieved. He trusts Kevin completely, but he prefers to not see Jason and Kevin too close to each other either. He shakes his head to get rid of this quietly lingering jealousy and clears the table….


“I’m so terribly, terribly sorry.” Scotty says, pushing the coffee towards Jordan.
“Fired…. I got fired… I can’t get over it. Scotty, what am I going to do? I’ve worked there for so long…”
“You’ll find something else.” Scotty immediately replies.

“In this economy?”
“Don’t worry. We’ll think of something. I could perhaps even find a job for you at the restaurant, if necessary.”
“Thank you, sweetie, but I’m not going to depend on you…. I’m glad you offered me a shoulder to cry on.”

“I wish I could do more.”
“What really bugs me, is that I saved some money to go on a holiday and now… I think I better not spend it, but instead use it to pay my bills.” Jordan moans sadly.
“Yes, that does suck…” Scotty admits.


“Well, it’s official, it’s impossible for us, or our friends, or our families, to just be happy.” Kevin takes off his pants.
“Mhmm,…” Scotty starts, slightly distracted by the sight of Kevin’s strong legs. “What do you mean?”

“We’ve been looking forward to our three weeks off for several weeks now, and it’s becoming less and less interesting. I don’t want to spend our time together running after mom, Kitty, Jason, Jordan or…. Chad, for all I care. I just want to spend some time with you, just snuggle up to you and not leave your arms again…” Kevin sighs.

“Then we’ll leave.”
“But they’ll need us.”
“Then we’ll stay.”
“I don’t want to stay.” Kevin whines softly.

“Then we’ll leave. Whatever you want. It’s your family.”
“I hate you.” Kevin replies, hating that he’s the one, who has to make decision, but Scotty is right. The biggest problem is Kevin’s family, not Scotty’s.
“I love you too.” Scotty replies and without another word he kisses Kevin’s curls.

Kevin turns so that he’s face to face with Scotty and that he can kiss Scotty’s lips. Scotty closes his eyes for a few seconds, but then stops Kevin.
“I’m sorry. I’m tired. I … just want to be with you and cuddle a bit… I’m not in the mood for sex.” He says softly.

Kevin gives him an understanding glance and Scotty’s smiles, pulling straight one of Kevin’s curls, only to see it curl back up once he lets go of the strand of hair. Kevin just showered and smells of fresh fruit and Scotty knows he does that on purpose, because Scotty loves the smell of food.

Scotty closes his eyes, his lips are on Kevin’s before he can stop it. The kiss intensifies, but Kevin remains relaxed, aware that Scotty will most likely stop at any second and say he’s not willing to go further than this. But somewhere during those kisses, Scotty had a change of heart and he pushes Kevin on his back to claim his husband’s body.

When he lifts his head, he sees the surprise on Kevin’s face and the expectation is in his eyes. Kevin bites his lip, obviously wondering if he should ask for something.. then deciding he should ask.
“Please, don’t turn me on, just to drop me again. If you don’t want to make love with me, stop now. Or go on now and finish it….” He orders. Scotty’s smile is teasing.

“I won’t stop. I’m going to make you beg and scream.”
“Oh, God.” Kevin whispers, instantly getting even harder under Scotty’s touch. Scotty laughs, he loves it when Kevin reacts this strongly to him. Scotty is tired, but seeing Kevin get this aroused, just makes his own blood flood strongly… in one direction.


Ultimately he had ended up not making Kevin beg or scream, because Scotty had no longer been able to control himself once he was inside Kevin, but it didn’t matter. Kevin had quietly encouraged him and Scotty had surrendered to his feelings, satisfying himself, without considering Kevin, but he had known also that Kevin would probably not mind, for once.

And indeed, Kevin has a smile on his face, while sleeping in Scotty’s arms. It’s just to best little place to be, as far as Kevin is concerned and he’s not very happy when his phone starts to ring annoyingly loud in the silence of the night. He reaches out for his phone, but it takes a few rings before he finds it.

He opens one eye and checks the display, praying it’s not Nora with another disaster striking the family, but instead the display says ‘xx-bat no. 2 – UK – J.” And Kevin cannot believe that descriptions really flickers before him.
“James?” he asks and then he hears a voice he hasn’t heard in too many years.


Alright, I am aware that I’m leaving you with a little cliff-hanger here. I’m going away on a holiday in approx.7-8  hours. On Friday, 30th to be exact, but no worries, I’ll be gone for only a week, driving back on Thursday 5th, and hopefully I’ll be back on the internet on Friday, 6h Aug and then perhaps most likely bring you some more of this story, that is still forming itself.

Hope to see all of you next week. Have fun!


Sylviane (Marea67)

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