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By Marea67
mainly Kevin, but some others show up as well
Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Seriously, the boys aren't mine, but ABC's and B&S's
Summary: .... and now for something completely ridiculous....

I apologize: I've had my hubby's niece staying over for a few days and I"ve seen more films than I care to discuss.... :) I am seriously clowning around with this story. (Though maybe it woulnd't be bad if we had fairytales like this.)


A story…. If you can call it a story….”

….. There was once, in a land far, far away a king called William. He and his wife, Nora, had five children and they all lived happily in their huge castle called Ojai. It was a peaceful place, with lots of pretty orchards and fresh vegetables and many years passed without a bad word said.

But then came the time that the children reached the age to start their own lives. Princess Sarah was the first to spread her wings and she married prince Joe from the nearby country FortyOneGuitars. The marriage lasted 10 years, but then Princess Sarah had had enough of Prince Joe and his infernal humming of soap-ads-songs.

She tried a few other princes, but eventually fell in endless, everlasting love with the man of her dreams, Prince Luc, from the country SeeThePigsFlyHigh. Their love seemed doomed at first when evil witch ImmigrationService put a curse on him by making sure that the borders between their countries could never be crossed.

Luckily, Prince Luc won the ‘Grant one wish per Millennium’ tombola and the United Sorcerers lifted the curse, making it possible for the two starry-eyed lovers to finally be together and make love under the moon and stars, … and on the table, over the chair, in bed, in the kitchen, under the shower…. And they did! ....Many times!

Her younger sister was equally fortunate. She married King Robert of Republicana and together they ruled the country with a strong hand. Their marriage was not blessed with children of their own, but they adopted a beautiful boy and lived happily in their castle called “The white house”.

Unfortunately, their younger brothers were not so happy. Tommy, Kevin and Justin just could not find their women. Many princesses were summoned and appeared before them, yet, none of them seemed to capture the hearts of the three princes. Eventually King William knew it could no longer be avoided: The princes had to go on a dangerous quest.

In the pale morning light, when the fog had not even lifted, the three princes rode off on their horses as their mother waved them goodbye with tears in her eyes and though she was worried about many things, there was one thing she would not have to fear for. The boys would not go hungry with the many sandwiches she had stuck in their bags.

After a journey of three months the princes arrived in a land called Hollywood. The people that lived there looked very unhappy. All suntanned and botoxed and never satisfied with their weights, bodies and boobs. The three brothers watched all the sadness with horror and shock. Such obvious misery!

“Please, we are strangers to this land, why is everyone moaning so much about their looks?” Prince Justin inquired. The man looked up from his mirror.
“Our Queen Holly was such a vain person, that she got cursed with eternal life. Oh, moan and cry.

Everyday her mirror confirms that she is the fairest in the land and that there’s no one with more beauty than her, but… the mirror lies through its teeth! Princess Rebecca is more beautiful, but everybody who comes near them, immediately falls for Queen Holly and never Princess Rebecca. No prince has been able to withstand the fatal charms of our queen.”

“Fear no more. I will rescue the princess.” Prince Tommy decided and, followed by his brothers, he went to castle “ItWasNotAWillButALandsaleThatMadeMeRich”. They introduced themselves and explained they wish to meet the princess. Sure enough Queen Holly was more than eager to meet the princes.

Queen Holly showed herself in all her beauty and all those who her served her, stared at her with complete adoration, drooling from the corners of their mouths, unable to take their eyes off her. Prince Tommy however remained unfazed by her beauty. The door opened again and this time, the shy Rebecca entered the room, hopeful that this time her prince had come.

Tommy looked at Kevin, concern in his eyes.
“They both leave me cold.” He whispered.
“I’m not impressed either.” Kevin replied, but at that same moment they hear a soft gasp behind them. It was Justin.

“She’s beautiful.” He sighed.
“Holly?” Tommy asked stunned.
“No!... Rebecca!” Justin replied out loud and on Rebecca’s face appeared a pretty little smile.
“NO!!!!” Holly screamed, realizing that the curse would be broken.

They all watch in horror as Holly shriveled up until all that remained of her was the ash on the floor.
“No! Mother! I didn’t want you to die!” Rebecca cried, instantly weeping many, many, many tears… But when the tears fell on the ashes, something amazing happened. The windows opened and the room filled with smoke. There, on a dark cloud, was the witch, who cursed Queen Holly in the first place.

“One noble hearted prince has broken the spell. The curse has been lifted.” She announced… The ash started to twirl and take form. It was Queen Holly, but this time no longer cursed.

“Now, I can grow old and fat and ugly… Oh! Life is so pretty.” She almost sang and she thanked Justin once again and Princess Rebecca cried even more tears, but this time of gratitude. “Prince Justin, how can I repay you for your bravery?”

“I wish to marry princess Rebecca and make her…” Well, Justin meant to say ‘happy’, but yet again princess Rebecca began to weep. They were tears of happiness this time, however. “Then so be it. We will return to my father’s kingdom and get married there. A year from today.” Justin decided, giving his brothers some time to find brides of their own.

And the  two princes, Tommy and Kevin, continued their quest. They stopped in a small town called “Mexico” and as they were drinking their beer and eating a taco, they saw a group of children march by, escorted by young woman, that made Tommy drop his sandwich.

“Bartender! Please, tell me quick. Who is that beautiful lady there, with those children?”
“She’s our local teacher… The children love her.”
“She will be my bride.” Tommy decided, but the bartender shook his head.
“She’s the daughter of our King. She’s a princess.”

“Ah, don’t worry. I’m a prince.” Tommy waved the comment away.
“No, sir, you do not understand. She’s only allowed to marry the man who will beat her father at the tournament.”
“I master the sword. I can handle a tournament.” Tommy replied with confidence.

“It’s a golf-tournament, sir.” The bartender explained and Tommy exchanged a worried glance with his brother…
“If that is what it will take, than that is what I will do.” He yells, empowered with love for the beautiful lady.
“Kevin bring me my golf-clubs.” Tommy ordered and careful, as if it were a priceless sword, Kevin handed Tommy the right club.

Let me spare you details of what followed, because the details are too gruesome, the imagery to violent and the words inadequate. Suffice to say that at the end of the game, only one man still managed to stand straight and, naturally, Julia was in awe, as she saw her father admit defeat.

“Prince Tommy, you have proven yourself a worthy adversary. I will allow you to marry my daughter…” Julia’s father nodded and happily Tommy took his Julia in his arms.

“Alas, my dear brother, you must continue this quest by yourself. I no longer need to search, for I’ve found the woman I love. We, too, will be married next year…. I hope this will give you time to find a love of your own.” They shared a hug, a sad goodbye and then Kevin continued on his way…

He traveled in high and low places, saw many women, but not one of them made his heart beat faster. None of them seemed to spark a fire in him and he began to dread the coming time. His brothers would soon be married, but he still had not found someone to bring home and introduce to his father and sometimes he wondered whether he ever would find someone.

Tired and very far away from home, Prince Kevin travelled through a forest that seemed to go on forever. His food-supply was thinning, his water nearly gone and he was strongly considering returning to his father’s castle empty-handed and just as he was about to give up, he heard a song, sang in a beautiful warm voice.

So appealing was the sound of it, that he carefully came closer to it. The trees seemed to part and reveal a small stream, which hopefully could provide some fresh water and upon coming even closer Kevin noticed where the sound came from. In the water was a young man, washing himself.

Kevin watched in awe, but the spell was broken when his horse neighed, startling the man in the water to turn around. Kevin tied his horse to the tree and approached on foot.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you..” He said apologetic. “I only heard you singing and wondered who had such a beautiful voice.”

“I’m not afraid.” The young man said with a soft laughter. “Surprised maybe, but not afraid…. You seem hungry and thirsty…. I brought a basket with food and wine to enjoy a pick-nick here, near the water. I will gladly share with you.”
“I hardly dare to inconvenience you.” Kevin replied politely, though his stomach growled in protest.

The man merely smiled and slowly came out of the water, calmly displaying more and more of his beautiful body. Prince Kevin’s heart started to beat faster and he felt hot and cold at the same time, suddenly he was almost shy to look at the young man who dressed himself and then introduced himself as Scotty.

Scotty didn’t really have to press the matter, another request with the confirmation, that it would not be an inconvenience, made Kevin sit down next to him. Scotty smiled at him as he offered the sandwich, Kevin smiled in return over the glass of wine. They got closer to each other as they shared the cheese.

Scotty made Kevin taste the perfect strawberry-jam by dipping his finger in it and letting Kevin lick it off his fingers, something Kevin seemed to enjoy doing. By the time they came to the grapes, their lips found each other in their first kiss, that made both of them long for more.

Their kisses became more intimate, their hands caressed warm skin, there came a growing need for more closeness to each other. Kevin rolled on his back and Scotty pinned Kevin underneath him, using his full weight to keep Kevin in place, though Kevin was not really trying to get away.

“I will never let you go, not now that I found you.” Scotty could only sigh, while touching Kevin’s face with trembling fingers.
“I never want to leave you.” Kevin replied, still completely in awe by the strength of his own feelings of love for this beautiful stranger.

“My father owned this land. He was the King of this country, until he died recently. I am the new king and I was looking for a new Queen and now… I found you.”
“Scotty, I am not sure I wish to be the ‘Queen’, no matter how much I love drama.” Kevin replied dryly, making Scotty laugh.

“I’m sure we can find a solution to this problem… Why don’t you let me take you to my home?” Scotty suggested and not much later they arrived at the beautiful castle ‘San Estephe’. Scotty ordered a warm bath, cool drinks and the best food for themselves and eventually Kevin stood before Scotty in Scotty’s bedroom.

Scotty reached out to Kevin and then Kevin joined Scotty on the large bed. Never before had Kevin experienced such tenderness. Scotty’s lips, his fingers, his body, they all brought Kevin such ecstasy and they made him beg for more. He surrendered himself willingly and without hesitation.

And when Scotty finally claimed him, Kevin gasped in amazement at the tidal wave that Scotty so easily unleashed in him. Satisfied, Kevin let his head rest against Scotty’s shoulder and felt safe and loved for the first time in his life and he knew that he never wanted to leave Scotty’s side again.

Though their situation was unusual, no one wanted their king to be unhappy and so Kevin and Scotty were married, with Kevin’s family present, and it goes without saying that this couple lived happily ever after…..



He sits up with a gasp! A hand caresses his back.
“’s Everything alright?” A voice asks from underneath the sheets.
“Yeah, I’m fine… Just a weird dream…. I’ll get something to drink.” He says, going into the bathroom to get a glass of water.

He splashes his face with cold water and then dries up his cooling skin. Lowering the towel, he has a long look at himself in the mirror and Robert McCallister vows that this is the last time that he will discuss same-sex marriage with Jason, while watching a fairy-tale-movie with Jack and Sophia.


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  • Fanfic: A guest for Christmas 09/14

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