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In the mood

In the mood

By Marea67
Rate:  Sorry, but it's an NC-17, I know how much you guys hate this, but suffer through it, alright?
Disclaimer: Seriously, do you really believe that if they were mine, I'd let them out of the bedroom? They belong to ABC, who unfortunately doesn't love them as much I do.
Summary: An NC-17 story with the title "In the mood", whaddyathink?


“I’m sorry, Kev, I’m just not in the mood.” Scotty replies, pushing away Kevin’s hands, which are resting on his hips. He can see the disappointment, when the mirror betrays Kevin’s face behind him.
“It’s okay.” Kevin says and he returns to the bedroom, making Scotty feel even worse.

It’s been so busy these last few weeks and he’s just so incredibly tired. He sees his face in the mirror and remembers the many times that he had stood here, brushing his teeth, like he‘s doing now, annoyed that Kevin wasn’t interested in a little love-making, because Kevin was too tired from his work.

He looks over his shoulder and watches as Kevin undresses himself. Scotty can’t help but enjoy the view. Kevin is so good looking. He knows every inch of his husband’s body, but he can’t get enough of watching him. Is it really possible to be married for nearly two years and still be so in love with your partner?

Not just ‘in love’, but still get that fluttering feeling in your stomach when you watch him, as if every little piece of skin, that he shows, is a wonderful gift. Scotty puts away his toothbrush and sighs. It’s not like he doesn’t want to be with Kevin. He would like nothing more than to make love with Kevin. He’s just too tired.

He steps into the bedroom and sits down on the bed and caresses Kevin’s leg, which is only covered by a thin sheet, because the nights are warm this summer.
“I’m sorry.”
“For what?”

“That I turned you down. It’s just…”
“I know. You’re tired. I remember what it felt like to be so tired, that making love to the man I love, was not something I was interested in. I’m not angry. I miss you, but I’m not angry.”

“And now you make me feel guilty.” Scotty pouts.
“I’m good at that, aren’t I?” Kevin grins.
“Yes, you are.” Scotty agrees, giving Kevin just a little kiss. The smile fades from Kevin’s face, as he gently pushes Scotty away.

“You’d better get some sleep.” Kevin says, regret seeping through his words, before he turns off his light. Scotty undresses as well, but, watching his husband’s form under the sheets, something doesn’t sit well with him.
“What’s wrong?”

“What is wrong? You seem so sad.”
“It’s nothing.”
“So it is something… Talk to me, please.” Scotty begs softly.

For a moment it seems that Kevin will just refuse to answer, but then he turns to his side to look at Scotty.
“It's nothing. It is just me…. Okay. Last night, when I came home, you were asleep and I … I kissed you. I just wanted you near me, but …. You turned your back on me…

And before you say anything. I know, you were asleep and I know, it’s not your fault and I know that you still love me…. At least, I hope you do?” Kevin suddenly hesitates, but Scotty’s lips merely form the words ‘Of course’, so Kevin goes on: “It doesn’t stop me from feeling endlessly rejected…”

“Kev….” Scotty’s voice is soft and soothing and he reaches out to Kevin.
“I know, I’m being ridiculous…” Kevin says equally quiet.
“You’re not. You have every right to feel rejected… If I had been awake, I probably would have wanted you in my arms… I’m sorry, that I turned my back on you.”

“You were asleep. It’s not your ‘fault’. I shouldn’t be so overly sensitive to this.” Kevin shrugs. He honestly doesn’t want to make a fuss about it. Scotty, however, lies down next to his husband. In the half-dark room, Kevin cannot see the frown on Scotty’s face. Surely it hasn’t been that long?

The last time they made love was…. Two week ago? Yes, maybe that was a bit too long. Even when Kevin still worked for Robert, with his impossible working-hours, they had never been without making love for that long. Feeling even more guilty, Scotty turns to Kevin and he carefully takes Kevin’s chin in his hand and he places a kiss on Kevin’s lips.

For a moment, Kevin goes along with the kiss, enjoying the sensation of intimacy, when he feels Scotty’s tongue in his mouth, but then he pushes Scotty away and he rubs his lips as if to wipe away Scotty’s kiss.
“You don’t have to. Just get some sleep.”

Kevin tries to be practical, but there’s a quiet little moan in his words. He wants Scotty so badly, but not enough to get turned on, only to be let down again.
“I think I’d sleep much better, knowing we’re both satisfied…” Scotty replies, trying to be seductive, but unable to fool Kevin.
"Don't bother. If you're too tired, than don't make all this fuss over it. I said it was okay with me. If you're ready to have hot, passionate sex, we'll have it. If you're not, then... I will still love you." Kevin smiles and now Scotty really feels bad. 

So, instead of backing away, he leans in for another kiss, holding Kevin’s head in a firm grip, so that Kevin can’t move away from him. The kiss is long and intense and by the time that Scotty’s lips leave Kevin’s, Kevin is out of breath and unable to resist the kisses that Scotty places on his throat.

His fingers hungrily run through Scotty’s hair, pushing Scotty to press his lips even more to his skin.
“Scotty, please, stop!” He nearly cries, because he doesn’t want to Scotty to stop. “I’m getting too aroused, I can’t….” he moan.

Scotty disentangles himself from Kevin’s arms and sits up, eagerly pulling down Kevin’s shorts and involuntarily holding his breath when he sees that Kevin isn’t lying. He’s hard, so hard, and Scotty cannot take his eyes off that swollen cock. He reaches out and almost reverently lets his fingers slide over it.

“Oh!” Kevin gasps and Scotty can see the effects of his touch ripple through Kevin’s body and suddenly he wants to taste Kevin. Kevin shakes his head, when he sees Scotty’s lips part. He can’t take this. This would be too much! Then his fingers curl around the sheets underneath him as he moves his body closer to Scotty’s mouth.

“Scotty!” is all he can say as he lets go off the sheets to push Scotty’s head down, nearly chocking Scotty, because he pushes himself deep into Scotty’s mouth. Scotty reclaims control, by pressing Kevin’s hips down and setting the rhythm himself. He can feel Kevin fight the pressure of his hands.

“Scotty, please! Please, I can’t… I need….” Kevin frantically stammers, trying to shove himself up and break through Scotty’s hold on him. At first Scotty ignores him, until he starts to hear the moans that tell him, that Kevin is nearing his peak. He lets go of Kevin and moves away a bit, making Kevin nearly cry out with disappointment.

He reclaims Kevin’s mouth and, at the same time, his hand grabs Kevin’s and places it on his throbbing cock. Kevin doesn’t hesitate and Scotty’s has to break the kiss for a second to gasp over the wonderful sensations. He knows he should pull back, because he wants Kevin to come first, but it’s too late.

Kevin takes a firm hold of him and doesn’t let go of Scotty anymore. This time it’s Scotty’s turn to beg and moan and, faster than he anticipated, he comes all over Kevin’s hand. Still gasping over the strength of the orgasm, he looks down in an attempt to now satisfy Kevin, but it’s not really necessary.

He can see the concentrated delight on Kevin’s face as he takes care of himself, while Scotty looks on. They both fall back on the bed, completely spent. For a while all they hear is their heavy breathing as they both try to control themselves again.
“Oh, wow, we should do this more often.” Scotty eventually says.

“I agree. We should.” Kevin nods, turning towards Scotty. Scotty makes a content little noise and smiles as he caresses Kevin’s face.
“Don’t ever doubt my love or my desire for you again, please?” he then asks.
“I won’t.” Kevin promises, before he closes his eyes.

He feels Scotty’s strong arms wrapped around him and he feels completely satisfied.
“We’ll be all sticky in the morning.” He whispers.
“I don’t care… We’ll shower.” Scotty replies, equally sleepy.
“Good idea.”

“Don’t let me neglect you like this again. It just feels so good to have sex with you. I should do it more often.”

“Don’t worry… Next time, I’ll tie you the bed and have my way with you….” Kevin warns.
“Promises, promises…” Scotty grins, nearly asleep. “.. love you.” That is the last thing Scotty says, before sleep claims him, so that he’s never hears the whispered ‘I love you too’, coming from Kevin.

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