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A fine romance... 11/11

A fine romance... 11/11

By Marea67

About: Kevin/Scotty and a few others
Rate: This part: an itsybitsyteenieweenie NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own Brothers & Sisters, they belong to ABC. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: In the wake of Kevin's operation, Kevin doesn't only have strange dreams of Elizabeth, but also one of Scotty..... (semi-AU?) 
Extra Note: And okay, just to prove that the writers of B&S aren't the only ones who can write incredibly unrealistic romantical nonsense with a 100% predictability-rate.



“Does it always rain like that in San Francisco?” William asks, watching the flood of rain coming from the sky. They are in front of the building where Kevin lives.
“Rain?” Kevin asks. “This? Pffft, just a drizzle, wait until you actually see raindrops.”
“I do see raindrops, they smash into a million bits against my window.”

They both smile and then Kevin turns to his father.
“Thank you for everything you’ve done tonight. It must not have been easy.”
“After you left I realized that it had gone on for far too long and way too deep. It had to be done…. You'd better get inside, so I can go to my hotel and call Robert.”

“You could stay in the guest-room.” Kevin offers.
“No, thank you. I paid for the room… I was convinced you’d slam the door in my face and refuse to see me…” William confesses and Kevin smiles, surprised that his father had feared their conversation as much as he had.

Kevin gets out of the car, but just when he wants to close the door, he changes his mind and dives back into the car to give his father one last hug.
“Drive safely.” Kevin yells, when William drives away and he smiles as the car turns around the corner.

He shivers from the cold water-drops that enter his coat in his neck and he just about turns around to get into the building when he sees a shape across the street. The person who had stood there, had turned around and started to move in the opposite direction. It had only been a shape, a quick blink that Kevin had seen of him and yet… he’s sure…


Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Scotty curses at himself for having been so stupid. He could have been on the flight to Phoenix, back to his parents, but, no, he had to change his mind and he had to talk to Kevin in person before leaving. How could he have been so stupid? He had clearly seen that there was another man in the car…

Of course, Kevin would have found someone else by now. What had happened between them had been too unreal for both of them. He’s happy that it rains, at least no one will his tears and he won’t look like a fool. He walks away. He needs to get away. The rain seems to pour down even harder and his clothes are soaked by now.

“Scotty!!! Scotty, wait!!!!” For a second he believes he’s hearing things, but then he stops and turns around. He sees Kevin run up to him, but two paces away from him, Kevin suddenly stops. They stare at each other.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t get your messages until tonight… Long story.”

Kevin is out of breath, but there’s an expectation in his eyes, that he shouldn’t have for Scotty, if he’s dating someone else. Scotty finds himself between hope and despair, not sure if he dares to ask the inevitable question, convinced he cannot handle an answer that involves Kevin loving someone else.

“There was another man…? In the car?”
“My dad. Drove me to the airport. I didn’t want you to go away, but the plane for Phoenix already left. I thought I had lost you.” Kevin cries out of breath.
“I couldn’t. I looked at all those departure times and I couldn’t leave. I had to see you.”

“There were no cancellations.”
“I called and they said the plane was half empty, due to the bad weather. I could get easily get a last minute ticket. I never ordered.” Scotty explains. Again there’s a silence between them, as the rain continues to find its way through the layers of clothes, but neither of the men notices.

“You warned me not to, but I fell in love with you.” Kevin confesses and Scotty cannot hear or see anything else than those blue eyes that convey just how deeply he fell in love with Scotty.
“I swore I would never fall for a customer, but I was lost right after your first smile.”

Scotty’s words put a smile on Kevin’s face, a smile of someone who cannot believe his own luck. Scotty takes Kevin’s face between his hands and Kevin wraps his arms around Scotty’s waist and their lips meet in a passionate kiss as Kevin pushes his body eagerly against Scotty, seeking his love.

“Don’t leave me.” His lips whisper against Scotty’s.
“Will you have me? With my past? I wasn’t sure I’d be good enough for you. It could backfire on your career.” Scotty moans, hungrily kissing Kevin again.

“Screw my career. It’s worthless without you.” Kevin replies, unable to let go of Scotty.
“These last weeks were so awful. I missed you so much.” Scotty assures Kevin, his lips close to Kevin’s ear.

Kevin only smiles and claims Scotty’s lips again, until he breaks the kiss to point out the obvious.
“We need to get inside… And out of the rain.”


“Explain to me why this is better?” Scotty asks.
“We were both freezing cold and this water is hot, hot, hot. As hot as you are.” Kevin replies, letting his soaped up hands slide over Scotty’s back. “Plus we can be naked, without offending anyone. Imagine what would happen if we got naked in the middle of the street.”

“I see your point.” Scotty concedes, softly moaning when Kevin caresses his shoulders. He turns in Kevin’s arms, holding his breath for a second when his hard cock comes into touch with Kevin’s. Under his fingers he can feel the same shiver run through Kevin.
“Shall we get out of the shower?” Scotty suggests.

“And what will we do then?” Kevin asks innocently, as if he doesn’t have a clear idea of what comes next.
“See if we can do it as well in a bed as we did it in a hay-loft?” Scotty suggests, before pressing his lips to Kevin’s.

“…inside me?” Kevin asks so quietly that Scotty misses half the sentence.
“Oh, God, yes.” Scotty sighs. Kevin blindly reaches for the towels, unable to take his eyes of Scotty’s body, when Scotty turns around to turn off the shower.

They hardly take the trouble to dry off, instead they nearly immediately end up in bed. The sheets are clinging to their naked bodies as they re-discover each other after nearly four weeks. There is kissing, the soft sucking on skin, fingertips caressing and hands exploring. Scotty prepares Kevin until Kevin begs Scotty to stop and take it a step further.

They both know they cannot control their desire much longer. Scotty can feel Kevin take him in and it nearly drives Scotty to a climax, but he manages to control himself. He tries to move slowly, he wants to wait for Kevin, but the pressure that Kevin’s body puts on his is too just much.

He moans Kevin’s name and Kevin clings to him, begging him not to stop, to never ever stop, but it’s a pointless request, because Scotty loses all control. A few more strong thrusts and Scotty comes, biting Kevin’s shoulder to not scream it out, but Kevin hardly notices it because Scotty’s final thrusts trigger his own orgasm.



Oh, shoot!!!! I forgot the sunset-thingy and wedding-dress with lace-blahblah and the everlasting happiness fairytale. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!

Hang on! Hang on! I can fix this…




“I could have kissed that doctor.” Kevin moans, feeling Scotty’s mouth on his shoulder.
“Would you mind not discussing kissing your doctor, while I’m trying to turn you on here.”
“Trying? Hon, I’ve been on fire since the good man said, that all restrictions were lifted.”

“Yeah, I noticed, you practically jumped me in the waiting-room.” Scotty remembers, kissing the back of Kevin’s neck.
“And it was a good thing that you saw that security camera in the men’s room.”
“The way you nearly pushed me in there! You Neanderthal!”

“And you enjoyed every moment of it, Mr Wandell, don’t you dare pretend you didn’t.”
“True, I like it when you are that horny, but not with a security-camera on me.”
“Yeah, that camera was just there for the wash-tables, they don’t fallow you into the cubicle, you know, but one camera and you run out of there screaming like a girl.”

“I did not.... I pointed out the camera.”
“You squealed!”
“Did not… Now, do you want to go on arguing or do you want to have sex?”
“And then you call me uptight.” Kevin mumbles.

“Ah! Can I settle for just ‘tight’, right now?” Scotty wonders out loud and if he had expected a coherent answer from his husband, he perhaps should not have let his words be followed by the first thrust, because all that Kevin can do is gasp and moan, now that he’s finally allowed to have sex with his husband again and that his husband is not wasting time claiming him.

“This is so good… Sooo gooood..” He can hear Scotty whisper. His own replied ‘yes’ is so strangled that it’s hardly recognizable as a word. He knows that Scotty is close when he gasps Kevin’s name.
“No! No! Not yet, please, not yet….” Kevin begs, wanting it to go on a little longer.

But Scotty had to wait a long time and cannot control himself anymore and what follows is more a wrestling-match than a romantic moment, because both men are determined to take as much out of their love-making as they possibly can, until they, out of breath, but completely satisfied, break away from each other.

“I needed that.” Scotty mumbles, rearranging the sheets.
“Me too.” Kevin’s voice is tired and sleepy, when Scotty spoons up against him. For a few seconds he contemplates that this must be the best place to be in the whole world, in Scotty’s arms. Then he falls asleep.



“I don’t think they could have picked a better day.” Nora smiles and even William has to admit to that, though his focus is more on the two men who just walk up to the church. Both look great in their tuxedos. The love they feel for each other is undeniably on their faces and William takes a deep breath.

It is still not easy. The relationship between Kevin and his siblings is still mostly frozen, but the shock of Kevin’s anger after their last family get-together had resonated through the entire family. They had all tried to approach Kevin first, but Kevin had been very careful and not so accessible anymore, but everyone is hopeful that this day will bring the big change.

“Nervous?” Scotty asks, adjusting Kevin’s tie a bit.
“Yeah. Are you sure you want to do this?”
“We’ve come so far. We’re ready. Everyone is here. Let’s do this.” Scotty watches Kevin nervously wring his hands. “I love you. And I know that you love me. Nothing else matters.”

Knowing that Scotty is right, Kevin agrees and they walk up to the other guests.
“Kevin. Scotty.” Tommy nods at them and Julia hugs them both and they politely discuss the traffic and the weather, until Kitty joins them and asks about Scotty’s study, while Robert pulls Kevin back, a few steps away from the others.

“I have to give you Jason’s regards. I spoke to him last night.”
“He called you.”
“Yes, a few weeks ago. He told me that you had talked him into getting in touch with his family again…”

“When I thought I had lost Scotty altogether, dad said that he would ask you to help and I offered talking to Jason as some form of leverage to persuade you, but when I called my father the next day, he told me that you had immediately offered to help without Jason being discussed…. That is what I told Jason too… The rest was his decision.” Kevin shrugs.

“Anyway, I’m grateful.” Robert says and the men join the rest of the family again, their conversations quickly thawing the cold relationships of the last months and Nora is almost sorry to have to break it up, but she claps her hands anyway…
“We’re ready to start…” She announces and quickly everyone rushes inside.

The first sound of the music starts and everybody gets up to watch the bride enter. Rebecca walks down the aisle with calm steps as if she plans to enjoy every single step, but in fact Rebecca doesn’t see anything else than the man in front of the altar, Justin Walker.

Kevin and Scotty watch the ceremony with a distant feeling. Neither of them is very religious and they are both are aware that, for the time being, they cannot see their love honored in the same way as Justin and Rebecca, but both of them are sure however that what they feel is equally profound and honest.

Kevin’s fingers quietly play with Scotty’s ring. The one he put there last month, not caring that it happened without too much attention being given to it by his family. But here, in this place that condemns for what they are, the need to touch the ring seems to become a strong one.

Both of them give a sigh of relief when they finally can breathe fresh air again after the ceremony. People leave for their cars so they can join the party given elsewhere and Kevin watches with a mischievous smile how Scotty gets into the car.
“Are you really looking forward to the party?” He asks.

“Why?” Scotty asks in return, very well aware that their hotel is near the place where the party will be held. Kevin holds up the key-card, showing once again that his thoughts are in sinc with Scotty’s. Scotty nods with a smile, as he leans back in the car-chair and their car drives off into the sunset.


In his sleep, Kevin makes a little wanting noise and turns over, snuggling up close to his husband again. Scotty’s body responds with a little annoyance over the shift of warmth, but not for long. Knowing that Kevin is close is more than enough and, in his sleep, Scotty wraps his arms tightly around Kevin and with a content noise he continues his dreams.


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