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A fine romance... 8/definately 11

A fine romance... 8/definately 11

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and a few others
Rate: This part:  G (Sorry!)
Disclaimer: I don't own Brothers & Sisters, they belong to ABC. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: In the wake of Kevin's operation, Kevin doesn't only have strange dreams of Elizabeth, but also one of Scotty..... (semi-AU?) 
Extra Note: And okay, just to prove that the writers of B&S aren't the only ones who can write incredibly unrealistic romantical nonsense with a 100% predictability-rate.



Kevin shakes his head.
“He’s wrong… Scotty is my boy-friend, my lover.” Kevin replies, but the skeptical looks on the faces of his family-members make him look away. Seeing Kevin’s reaction, Scotty’s stands up.

“No. Robert is right.” He says. “I’m so sorry, Kevin. I should have told you the truth long ago, but I love you so much and I wanted you to believe in me. I told you that I had enough income to be an apprentice, but … I didn’t and then this friend of mine suggested this work and … I took it.”

Kevin gives him a confused look.
“Why you didn’t you tell me?”
“You always treated me like my life wasn’t a complete train-wreck. I needed the faith you had in me.”

“But… you lied to me…”
“I’m sorry…. I’m so sorry….” They can hear the sob in Scotty’s voice, just before he leaves the room in tears. Kevin then slowly gets up as well and, deliberately calm, puts his napkin on the table.

“Well, Robert, I hope you feel victorious after what you just did? When you, five years ago, successfully ruined my relationship with Jason, I could at least understand why. He was your younger brother and there was simply no man in this universe who was ever going to be good enough for him, as far as you’re concerned.

But Scotty? Why? What’s in it for you? Scotty hardly talked to you, he was no threat to anybody in your family. Do you really hate me that much for what I had with Jason, years ago, that you want to destroy the relationship I have now?”
“N-no, this isn’t about Jason, I really thought….” Robert stammers, obviously surprised.

“No, you didn’t think, you couldn’t wait to humiliate me in front of everybody. Well, you’ve succeeded. I hope you enjoy your moment in spotlight, Robert, because you sure as hell not getting another one through me. I’m completely done with all of you and I’m leaving…”

“Kevin, no!” Nora’s voice is so filled with pain that Kevin flinches.
“I have to.” And he looks at the faces of those at the table. “I sincerely had hoped that the 5 years that I lived in San Francisco would have made a difference, that you would look at me differently, see me as a human being.

I know that my being gay is just a source of ridicule to you all and that my relationships are completely irrelevant because they aren’t the standard straight romances, but … I’m in love with Scotty… Every day that we’ve been together he made me feel loved, cherished, like I mattered. I felt loved and protected. 

I'm hardly two days here and you guys manage to make me feel completely worthless. But I’ve had it. I brought him here, because I wanted to show off, yes. I wanted to show how I happy was with this beautiful man by my side, but you even had to ruin that. I was a fool to think that something had changed, but I’ll never be a fool again.

I will pack my bags and return to San Francisco and you’ll never see me again and I don’t need to see any of you again. I never really existed to you anyway, my feelings never mattered, my career was never as good as yours, my lovers never accepted… Well good. I won’t bother any of you ever again.”

“Kevin, you can’t do this!” Sarah replies shocked.
“Watch me, sis, you going to have to search for another idiot to make fun of, because I’m going home... Your pancakes are burning, mom.” He points out and when Nora looks away, Kevin escapes from the kitchen.


“We don’t have to leave, you know.” Scotty says, packing his belongings. “You could forgive me and we could stay….”
“No.” Kevin shakes his head. “Ultimately, this week, or rather weekend was an eye-opener. I finally see that this family is not good for my health.”

“Kevin, what Robert did was awful, but we were prepared. We both knew that it could happen and we both played our part. I would be the unfaithful boyfriend, cry a bit and leave the room. By making you the victim of adultery we could hide the real reason why you hired me. I don't want you to make rash decision based on what is said about me. This is your family.”

“Yes, and your scenario would have worked, if hadn’t been Robert… I had a relationship with Robert’s younger brother, Jason, a few years ago. Needless to say that the McCallisters weren’t happy. They maintain that Jason is not gay, but 'confused', and that I’m the source of the confusion… I’m the one who used him, according to them.

Jason and I were destined to fail from the start. We both desperately tried to escape the hold our families had over us, but they kept poisoning his mind, by making me appear to be a cheater and a liar and … eventually they succeeded, when I made the mistake of going on a date with an ex, when Jason couldn’t come to our date.

Nothing happened between my ex and me, but I couldn’t convince Jason of that and Robert only fed Jason’s insecurities. We broke up and then Jason found out, through other sources, that I hadn’t cheated, that I had been faithful. He did ask me back, but the damage was done. I didn’t want that stress anymore…”

“I’m sorry.” Scotty replies. “Are you still in touch with him?” he asks softly, feeling a pang of jealousy.
“Occasionally a text, an email, a phone-call on my birthday, if he doesn’t forget. But, in a way, that’s alright.

You see, Jason was a minister and had his congregation downtown LA. However, when he finally saw how he had been manipulated, he decided to go to Africa to start preaching there…. So eventually Robert McCallister lost too. He lost more than me, because Jason doesn’t talk to him anymore, but he still talks to me, even if just sporadically.

I, on the other hand, moved to San Francisco. I no longer wanted to stay in LA and be so close to my family. I was sick of the pushing and pulling. I was tired of fighting for a every little morsel of attention and I could no longer see the purpose of trying to get respect from my family. I saw their faces when Robert told them about you. None of them questioned him. They all expected be me to be the loser. I can't win this fight.”

“It is of course your decision, but… I really enjoyed my time with you and…”
“Don’t worry. What happened wasn’t your fault and I will of course pay you for the entire week.”
“Don’t be silly. We’ll be back tomorrow-afternoon. Just Friday to Monday will suffice.”

“No. You took this job, because I was willing to pay a high price and you needed that money to get out of this job and fulfill your dream. You’ve given me a couple of beautiful days and I haven’t felt this alive in years. And I have to admit, you’re a very good actor.”

“Yes, when you said that you loved me, I almost believed that you were telling the truth. I can see why so many customers fall in love with you. I have to keep reminding myself that our relationship is strictly professional and that it’s not real, but it’s so easy to lose that focus when I’m with you. You are amazing.”

“Thank you.” Scotty replies, not sure if he’s really grateful for Kevin’s words. “Kevin!” he calls Kevin back, who was about to disappear under the bed, to see if anything fell underneath it. “You’re not falling in love with me, are you?” he asks and, for a second, Kevin looks up, only to dive under the bed.

“No, of course not…. You told me not to. You made it clear that it was just make-belief and that you weren’t really in love with me, …” His head reappears. “… You didn’t make it easy for me though…” Kevin gets up and brushes off his clothes. “But I kept focused on trying to see through the fantasy. So don’t worry.”

Kevin gives Scotty a little smile and disappears towards the bathroom.
“I wasn’t ‘worried’, I was ‘hopeful’.” Scotty says quietly to himself, unaware that, in the bathroom, Kevin swallows away his disappointment. He knows that, although Scotty warned him not to do it, he has fallen in love with Scotty.


When Kevin and Scotty go down the stairs, packed with everything they brought, the family shows up from all sides and from all the different rooms.
“Kevin! Scotty! Please, don’t go.” Nora begs, taking Kevin’s arm, but he brushes her away.
“Sorry, mom, here’s your birthday-gift.” He hands her a red box with lots of ribbons.

“You can’t leave like this. Please, don’t leave this angry.” Tommy tries to persuade.
“I have to. It’s gone too far. There’s too much damage this time.”
“I love you.” Nora cries and if anything could have changed Kevin’s mind, Nora came close, but Kevin knows that if he doesn’t make a stand now, he never will.

“I know, mom, but it’s over. I will change my personal phone-number. I never wish to speak to any of you again. If you urgently need to reach me, you can call me at my office. Though, I'm not holding my breath.”
“Kevin, I didn’t want this to happen. I’m sorry. ” Robert now says, but Kevin is not impressed.

“Don’t worry, I won’t mention this to Jason.”
“You spoke with Jason?” Robert asks, shocked that there’s still some connection between his brother and Kevin.
“Yeah, briefly, and the other day we got completely cut off.”

“The other day? I haven’t spoken to him in years and you talked to him? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I’m telling you now, aren’t I?”
“Where is he? How is he?” Robert asks concerned.

“Yeah, like I’m really going to tell you …. Still feel this is a good day, Robert?” Kevin can see that his sucking voice irritates Robert, but he doesn’t care. “Come, Scotty, we’re leaving.” Kevin says and Scotty follows him to his car and then Kevin drives away, leaving his family behind.


The journey back to LA was quiet and both Kevin and Scotty were lost in their own thoughts. Kevin brings back the rented car and together with Scotty, he wants to book his flight back home, but there’s only flight left and only one seat available.
“Book it for Mr Wandell.” Kevin decides.

“No, Kevin, we can always take a hotel. Spend some more time together. We can travel together tomorrow.” Scotty suggests, wanting to be close to Kevin just a little longer, but Kevin shakes his head.
“Please, take that flight. I want this to be done with.”

Kevin feels that he cannot continue to pretend that he’s not in love with Scotty, but Scotty understands it as Kevin having had enough of him. He sighs.
“I’ll take it.” Scotty says, holding back his pain.
“Fine.” Kevin replies, disappointed that it seems so easy for Scotty.

“Your flight leaves in half an hour. You need to check in.” Kevin notes.
“I know… Kevin, thank you for a couple of wonderful days. I’ve enjoyed every second that I spent with you.”
“I wouldn’t trade a single second.”

No one would ever know who took the first step, but suddenly they are in each other’s arms, their kiss is wild and passionate and when they break away from each other, they both seem surprised by their passion.
“Kevin….” Scotty starts.

“Scotty….” Kevin simultaneously says and they both laugh nervously, but they never finish their sentences. The last boarding-call for Scotty’s flight is announced and without another word Scotty walks away from Kevin. He doesn’t look back, afraid that Kevin will see his tears and therefore, he doesn’t see Kevin leaving quickly in an attempt to hide his own...


“Kevin! Kevin!... You should seriously consider Justin suggestion to ask for a different medication.”
“Sorry, mom.” Kevin makes a little smacking sound. “I’m thirsty.”
“Here, your glass of water.”

“Where’s Scotty?”
“Downstairs with Justin. We were talking and I just came up here to get a photo-album and then I heard you cry in your sleep?”
“Bad dream.” Kevin says.

“Oh, sorry. Scotty hoped, from the smile on your face, that you were dreaming about your gigolo again.” She grins.
“Oh, no…” Kevin moans. “He told you.”
“Yes, it was entertaining.” Nora smiles and Kevin nods, not entirely agreeing with her.

“I dreamt about him again… The Kevin and Scotty in my dream didn’t make it. They were in love with each other, but each let the other one walk away, because they couldn’t tell how much they wanted to be with the other one.”
“That’s so sad.”

“I know. I enjoyed the dream, it was like watching a movie. Scotty fought with dad. Robert betrayed me. Justin was a real jerk! But the dream-Kevin and Scotty were so sweet to each other. I was so invested in them. I wanted a happy ending for them.” Kevin pouts and he feels a bit sad for the couple in his dream.

“I’m sorry. Just hold on to the thought that in real life you have this wonderful man by your side, no matter what.” Nora encouragingly says.
“I know…. Do you think that wonderful man will want to make me a sandwich? I’m hungry.”
“I’m sure he will and if he doesn’t, then I’ll make you one.” Nora laughs.


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