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A fine romance... 7/probably 10 could be 11

A fine romance... 7/probably 10 could be 11

By Marea67

About: Kevin/Scotty and a few others
Rate: This part:  G (Sorry!)
Disclaimer: I don't own Brothers & Sisters, they belong to ABC. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: In the wake of Kevin's operation, Kevin doesn't only have strange dreams of Elizabeth, but also one of Scotty..... (semi-AU?) 
Extra Note: And okay, just to prove that the writers of B&S aren't the only ones who can write incredibly unrealistic romantical nonsense with a 100% predictability-rate.

Remember, kids, it's only a dream.


Still asleep, Kevin turns on his back, an annoyed frown on his face. This is not what he wants to dream about. He doesn’t want to see Scotty get hurt by his dad. He dreads what is to come and, at the same time, he doesn’t want to wake up either.



“Mister Walker.” Scotty acknowledges. He manages to call everyone by their first name by now, even Nora, but William has created such a distance between them, that it seems nearly impossible to get ‘close’ to him. “Are those the soup-cups Nora was talking about? I’ll rinse them quickly, before I go upstairs.”

He wants to take them over from William, but William places them on the table.
“You don’t fit in with this family.” He says, his voice a near growl. Scotty freezes. So, that was going to be the tone of the conversation then. Fine. Any which way William likes it. Scotty takes a deep breath and puts his brightest smile on.

“Oh, as long as Kevin fits me…. And he does! … I don’t really plan to try out any of the others, so, don’t worry… You’re safe.” Scotty tries to be sarcastic, but it seems to escape William. He can hear William take a deep breath.
“What I meant was…” William starts, acting as if Scotty is an idiot.

“I know what you meant…” Scotty suddenly says, this time more aggressive, making William take a step back. “So what? I don’t fit in. Does it matter?”
“….” William opens his mouth to reply, but Scotty cuts him off again.

“I seriously don’t care whether I fit in or not. Usually you only have a family-weekend and now, because of Nora’s birthday, you turned it into a week. Do you honestly believe that either Kevin or me is going to dump the other one, because we don’t fit in with a family that we would see only two days a year, if we would bother to attend the weekend?

Do you think I care that I don’t fit in with your family? Kevin came here for Nora. And that’s all. This is just a few days of gritting my teeth, smiling like a fool and then we can back to San Francisco and be just the two of us again for another 5 years!”
“I don't see what you could possible add to Kevin's life. Don’t you even care about the effect that you will have on Kevin’s career?”
“His career?! .. I hate that word. It’s like a modern day religion. What about his life?”

“His life?”
“Yes, his life! You hate him so much, because he’s gay, that you’d rather see him come home to an empty house, a cold bed and be alone all the time, rather than having to deal with the fact that he has a man, and not a woman, by his side who loves him.”

“You hate him. And that is too bad, because you’re missing out on the opportunity to get to know a man who’s a top-lawyer, tougher than nails and a real shark when he has to be, but who is also kind, tender, loyal and brutally honest.

I’m sorry that you can’t stand me, because I’m gay, but that is your loss as well. You don’t know me and I don’t feel you’re in a position to judge me and I’m sure as hell not going to apologize for who and what I am either. I can see by the look on your face that you don’t like what I say.

And I know, somewhere I should make an effort to suck up to you and try to get on your good side and prove that I’m worthy of your son, but to be honest, that would be a complete waste of my time, for I could be everything that would make any straight man the perfect match, yet, I would never be good enough, because I’m gay.

Well, tough. Deal with it. It is your problem and not mine. Kevin loves me, whether you like it or not and I…” Scotty looks William straight in the eyes and continues. “… I'm in love him.” It sounds strange to say the words out loud, but Scotty has never been more sure about anything than he is now.

“I don’t wish to fight with you, Mr Walker. I want this week to go smoothly for Kevin, and also for Nora, but if you insist on picking a fight with me, then I’ll raise you a war that you will regret. I’m not afraid of you.” Scotty makes sure not to lose William out of his sight. “For Kevin’s sake, I suggest that we pretend that this conversation never happened.

He loves Nora and wishes to be with his family. I respect that. I’m sorry, that you don’t like it, but unless you want to ruin this week for your wife, I suggest you do the same Kevin and I do. Grit your teeth, smile like a fool and act as if everything is just ‘peachy’. Now, have a good night.”

And on those words, Scotty calmly leaves the kitchen, but when the door closes behind him, he races up the stairs and flees into the bathroom. What has he done? What possessed him to talk like that to William Walker? Kevin will kill him! Holding on tightly to the border of the bath-tub, he tries to calm down.


Kevin turns on his side, a knowing smile on his face.


Scotty enters the bedroom and sees that Kevin is still awake.
“Interesting book?” Scotty asks.
“Nah, not really, but I wasn’t really reading anyway. I’m sorry that I left you alone with them. That was very selfish.”

“It’s alright. It had to be done, I guess. It was good…. Most of it was, anyway…”
“What do you mean? Did anyone say anything bad to you?”
“Your father told me, that I don’t fit in with this family.”
“So? Of course we don’t fit in. We’re the gay guys in their perfect hetero world.”

Kevin shrugs and Scotty plays with his fingers, not sure how to move on.
“I think I may have been a bit rude to your father…”
“Really? ... Cool. Wish I would have seen it.” Kevin chuckles.
“You’re not mad at me?”

“No. Why should I be? I know how awful my dad can be. I can’t see a reason why you should have to accept that.” Kevin’s reaction surprises Scotty a bit.
“Wow, you are a great boyfriend.” He lies down next to Kevin, who turns off the lights and moves a bit closer to Scotty.

Outside the rain still pours down on the house and it’s a chilly evening and usually Kevin would hate these nights, alone in his bed, which would seem even colder than usual during those nights. Not tonight. Tonight he has a warm body to snuggle up to and Scotty's presence even makes the rain sound romantic.

“I had a great time today. Thank you.”
“I’m sorry your dad ruined your good feelings.”
“I’ll get over it. I usually do. His hate may bother me for a few hours, but that memory of what we did this afternoon, is one I will keep with me forever.”

Scotty wraps an arm around Kevin and Kevin sighs with satisfaction. He likes being in Scotty’s arms like this. He feels comfortable and loved. He’s so happy that he didn’t change his mind and that he let Scotty talk him into hiring him.
“Don’t worry about anything. Tomorrow everything will be fine again. It's always like that with my family .” Kevin promises.


And indeed, the next morning, the sun shines, the birds chirp, the bees buzz and life seems perfect again. When Kevin and Scotty enter the kitchen, most of the members of the Walker-clan are at the table. Justin is friendlier to Scotty and even Sarah makes an effort to be kind by telling them that Joe took the kids fishing.

Kitty is thrilled the weather has turned again and she’s talking about the trip that she and Robert have planned, while Julia and Rebecca tease Tommy, who’s not quite awake yet. All this happens under the approving eyes of William, who sits at the head of the table, smiling like only a patriarch overlooking his big family can.

Nora makes pancakes and waffles, the entire table seems overtaken with jam, honey, eggs, bread, fruit, milk, orange juice, coffee, tea. Scotty loves this part. He never had much of a family-life and this picture looks almost perfect.
“What do you kids want to have?” Nora asks.

“I’ll just have a sandwich, I’m not that hungry. Scotty wants to taste your pan-cakes however.” Kevin teases Scotty with a grin.
“They do smell heavenly, but if it’s too much trouble….”
“No. No trouble at all.” Nora grins, there’s nothing she likes better than someone enjoying her work.

At that moment the door flings open and Robert enters with a huge grin on his face.
“Oh, darling, what was so important to Travis, that it couldn’t wait a few days.”
“He had some very entertaining news.” Robert answers Kitty’s question.
“Entertaining?” Kitty asks, somehow unable to make a link between Travis and ‘entertaining’.

Robert sees everyone’s eyes on him and starts to explain.
“Travis is someone on my team, who investigates people I deal with… So, I asked him to do a quick back-ground check on Scotty Wandell here….” Now, everyone’s eyes are on Scotty, who freezes on his chair.

“… And Travis had quite some funny news. Scotty here is not Kevin’s boyfriend. Scotty is someone, who gets paid handsomely for pretending to be anything that his client, in this case Kevin, wants him to be…. Including sexual fantasies.” Robert wears a huge grin, when he sees the shocked look on Kevin’s face and the worried frown on Scotty’s.

Silence falls around the table. Nora shakes her head and William looks intensely at Kevin and Scotty. The surprise is on everyone’s faces, but it’s Justin who is the first to react.
“Are you telling me that Kevin hired a male hooker to pose as his boyfriend, just so that he would seem to be in such a successful relationship..? What a loser.” And he starts to laugh

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