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A fine romance... 5/probably 8

A fine romance... 5/probably 8

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: This part:  Eeeeeeeeeee NC-17!!!!!
Disclaimer: I don't own Brothers & Sisters, they belong to ABC. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: In the wake of Kevin's operation, Kevin doesn't only have strange dreams of Elizabeth, but also one of Scotty..... (semi-AU?) 
Extra Note: And okay, just to prove that the writers of B&S aren't the only ones who can write incredibly unrealistic romantical nonsense with a 100% predictability-rate.


Scotty enters the bedroom, looking a bit guilty.
“I’m sorry about how it all went this morning.” Scotty apologizes to Kevin.
“No. Don’t be silly. You were right. Justin was out of line…”

“I want you to let me make it up to you….” He sits down on the bed, next to Kevin, and lowers the magazine that Kevin Is reading. Kevin smiles.
“I never thought I’d say this, but I’m not in the mood to have sex.”
“Who said anything about sex?” Scotty asks innocently.

“What were you referring to then?”
“Your father has meetings this afternoon. Your sisters and sisters-in-law are in town, the boys are …. Doing something incredibly butch, no doubt… I was wondering: Your mother told me that all this land belongs to your family,... maybe we could go for a walk and have a pick-nick somewhere….

It would beat sitting here, waiting for your family to come back?... I saw strawberries and cherries, cheese, sandwiches, I could whip up a nice little meal for later this afternoon?” Scotty teases and Kevin smiles.
“Sounds like a plan to me…”


Kevin is quite surprised by his own enthusiasm as he shows Scotty the orchards. He had always felt that it was more Tommy and Sarah’s department then his own. His father had always given more attention to them, but while showing Scotty around, he, for the first time, notices his own pride in Ojai and in what his family owns.

They talk, laugh and walk and Scotty asks a lot of questions, which Kevin replies with more knowledge than he thought he had, until, tired of the hot, warm sun, Kevin directs Scotty to a barn to get out of the heat and to have a nice, comfortable place to have their pick-nick.

The opposite open doors create a good draft, and makes the place not too warm to have a nice meal, that indeed seems to consist of sandwiches that Scotty had quickly, but deliciously made. The plastic cups of outstanding red wine only add to the special feel of the moment.

Kevin stretches down in the hay, rubbing his belly gently.
“Wow, that was a good meal. You create magic.” Scotty smiles at those words, because Kevin does remind him a bit of a satisfied, purring cat, lazing in the sun.
“We aim to please.” He replies, following Kevin’s example as he lies down next to Kevin.

“So far, this week isn’t turning out to be so bad.” Kevin says. “And it’s all thanks to you.”
“Thank you, but I have to give credit where it’s due. You inspire me.” Scotty laughs, turning on his side to watch Kevin. At first, Kevin doesn’t respond, but then:
“Really?” Kevin asks, not laughing like Scotty had hoped. “That would be a first.”

Scotty is about to answer, when he sees a little drop leave the corner of Kevin’s eye. Because Kevin is on his back, looking at the ceiling above him, the drop has but a short path before it disappears into Kevin’s curls. Confused and fascinated at the same time, it takes Scotty a few seconds to realize that it was an actual tear.

He watches, wondering if there will be another, but nothing else happens. He reaches out and gently tugs the curl where the tear disappeared in to.
“Yes, really.” he replies. He takes Kevin’s hand into his own, making him turn to his side to watch Scotty, as Scotty brings the hand to his lips and gently kisses Kevin’s fingertips.

Kevin is just quiet and seems to wince, as if the sweetness of the kisses hurt him.
“You’re making it hard to remember, that you’re just selling a fantasy.” He sighs, wanting to pull back his hand, but Scotty holds it only tighter and continues to kiss Kevin’s hand, until he reaches the inside of Kevin’s wrist.

Kevin’s fingers come in touch with Scotty’s cheek and Scotty’s fingers cover Kevin’s, guiding Kevin’s hand over his face to caress him, almost as he’s begging for some tenderness from Kevin’s side. Kevin can’t take his eyes away from Scotty face, watching how Scotty seems to enjoy Kevin’s soft and hesitant touch.

When their eyes meet, there’s a slow, warm smile between them and then Kevin moves closer with his head and Scotty closes his eyes and parts his lips, feeling Kevin cupping his face, to gently kiss Scotty’s lips. Their kiss intensifies for a few seconds, but then they both relax back into a calm, slower kiss.

Kevin’s moves away from kissing Scotty’s lips to concentrates on his eyes, his cheeks, his chin, making Scotty giggle a bit, and by the time Scotty opens his eyes again to look at Kevin, Kevin seems to have become more playful again.
“I like kissing you.” Kevin confesses.

“I like being kissed by you… You’re so good at it.” Scotty sighs with a satisfied look on his face. He isn’t lying. He loves kissing Kevin, it just feels so good every time they do it. However, Kevin disentangles himself from their embrace and sits up to clean up the remains of their little pick-nick.

“What’s wrong?” Scotty asks, seeing something in Kevin’s face.
“Nothing…” Kevin denies. “Everything.” He then adds.
“That narrows it down.” Scotty replies curtly.
“It’s just me.”

“Or was it something I did? Or didn’t do?” Scotty now asks.
“No. It’s only me.” Kevin places everything in the paper-bag they brought with them. “I took you here, because there’s a huge hay-loft up there and I know that this place is where the others go to if they want some 'privacy’, but now that I’m here…”

Scotty can see what Kevin doesn’t want to ask of him. He shakes his head with a smile. A hay-loft? Oh, why not. Kevin hadn’t really asked for anything so far. Scotty had mostly volunteered.
“Is that the way up?” He asks pointing a small wooden stair. Kevin nods shyly. “Well, come on then.”

He takes his rucksack off the floor and motions Kevin to follow him. Scotty is glad to discover the loft is high enough for him to stand up straight. He hates places where he has to crawl. He takes Kevin’s hand to give him support when Kevin nearly loses his balance at the top of the small wooden stair.

Which is convenient, because Kevin nearly falls straight into Scotty’s arms, who immediately uses the moment to kiss Kevin as passionately as he can. At first, Kevin replies to the kisses of the taller man with equal passion, but then he slowly pushes Scotty to leave his mouth and go to his throat.

Kevin’s hands impatiently pull up Scotty’s t-shirt, wanting to touch the warm skin underneath. Scotty momentarily breaks his kissing to take off the shirt that annoys Kevin, but returns to kissing the side Kevin’s neck before the shirt hits the floor. Kevin’s hands are soft and gentle as they find their way over Scotty’s back and chest.

Scotty breaks the kiss again, this time to get rid of Kevin’s shirt and Kevin crosses his arms in front of his chest, placing his hands on his shoulders. A sign of insecurity, when he once again becomes aware of how sun-tanned Scotty is, and how pale he is in comparison.

Scotty kneels down and then carefully, in an attempt to avoid some of the harder strands of hay, he lies down, before reaching out to Kevin. Kevin kneels down beside him.
“Maybe…” he starts hesitantly, but Scotty will not let him finish his sentence or express his doubt. He pulls Kevin on top of him and starts to kiss him again.

He can feel the hair of Kevin’s chest tickle against his skin, as Kevin moves between his legs, applying pressure in all the right places. It’s only Scotty’s soft moans and the way he pushes Kevin to move on, that makes Kevin lift his head to give Scotty a loving smile, before he leaves Scotty’s lips. He wants to undress Scotty even further.

Scotty sits up and helps Kevin where he can, loving the fact that Kevin wants this so much, but then Kevin hesitates and, amused, Scotty realizes that Kevin may have eagerly peeled away the last of Scotty’s clothes, but when it comes to his own clothes, he’s suddenly very self-conscious.

“Oh, come on. Me naked. You naked.” Scotty teases, daring Kevin to go for it and though it unnerves him a bit, Kevin eventually throws the last of pieces on the pile with the other clothes. “You’re beautiful.” Scotty says, feeling that Kevin needs to hear that he’s good enough for Scotty and Kevin smiles nervously, not used to hearing those words being spoken to him.

“C’me here.” Scotty whispers, inviting Kevin back in his arms. They meet in a kiss and Scotty wants this kiss to last forever. Just to feel Kevin’s hard cock against his own is amazingly arousing to him and he feels rather disappointed when Kevin breaks the kiss and moves away from his lips again.

Kevin chuckles at Scotty’s annoyed moan and turns the tables on Scotty. For these last two days Scotty had been the one to take the action, this time it’s Kevin who kisses Scotty all over, who lets his tongue play with Scotty’s nipples, while his fingers gently caress that hard cock, until Scotty nearly cries for wanting satisfaction.

Scotty has had men satisfying him before, it’s nothing new, but there’s something in the way that Kevin does it, that makes Scotty react to every incentive. Whether it’s a kiss, a touch, a caress or that warm breath on his skin, Scotty can feel it in his entire body.

He breathes heavily, nearly begging Kevin to stop everything else and let that warm mouth focus its attention on his erection, but then Kevin comes back up and whispers something in Scotty’s ear.
“What?!” Scotty asks, shocked and surprised by Kevin’s question. Kevin backs away.

“Is that not allowed?” He asks in return, almost mortified that he had even dared to ask it of Scotty. Seeing Kevin’s face Scotty quickly regroups himself.
“Yes! Yes, it’s allowed, it’s just … I can’t remember the last time that … I mean,… I’m used to being the one being taken, … not the other way around…”

“Hey, if you don’t want this…” Kevin raises his hands to show that it’s okay with him and looks so absolutely adorable, that this time it’s Scotty who starts to laugh shyly.
“Oh, I want…..” he the replies, completely surprised by his own desire. “I want!” He nearly laughs and cries at the same time.

Reaching for the rucksack, that he took up with him, Scotty takes a moment to consider how much it bugs him that, he hadn’t considered to take Kevin’s words yesterday-night seriously. The way Kevin had moved against him .... He should have known, what Kevin wanted, but instead he had offered himself and Kevin hadn’t said no….

In all, he’s surprised by how ‘unprofessional’ he’s reacting to Kevin. From the corner of his eyes he watches how Kevin lies down on his back and tries to find a comfortable position and a warm feeling of … love… engulfs him. He’s stunned by his own feelings. He’s falling in love with a client! How ridiculous! And yet, it happens. Just like that.

“Scotty?” He hears Kevin asks behind him… “You’re not having second thoughts, have you? I mean, you don’t have to…. I know it’s your job, but…” It nearly breaks Scotty’s heart to hear Kevin’s vulnerability. This guys deserves someone so much better than some gigolo-dreaming-to-become-a-chef-cook. Yet, that is all Kevin has right now…

So, Scotty puts on a smile and turns back to Kevin, holding up a bag that he kept separate.
“I never go anywhere unprepared.” He winks.
“I didn’t think you would.” Kevin grins.
“And you’re absolutely sure about this?” Scotty asks once again.

“I am.” Kevin replies with confidence and Scotty cannot believe how sensational it feels. It’s as if he’s 16 again and trying to impress his first boy-friend.... except now he knows how to do it. He kisses Kevin and continues to do so, as he feels Kevin tense up at the first touch.

He carefully prepares Kevin, until Kevin pushes up against his hand, quietly begging for something else.
“Patience, my dear.” Scotty whispers, giving Kevin’s body more time to adjust to his fingers, until Kevin can’t take it anymore.

“Please, Scotty, don’t wait anymore. I’m ready, just do it. Just do it, please.” There’s a tired whisper that sounds like ‘I want you.’, but Scotty isn’t sure and he doesn’t plan to discuss it. Kevin’s orders are pretty clear to him. He reaches out for the condoms and takes one.

Kevin watches between his eye-lashes how Scotty unrolls it and he closes his eyes. He controls his breathing and tries to relax when he feels Scotty move closer. Yet, the careful penetration takes him by surprise anyway and his immediate reaction is to tighten up, making Scotty gasp.

“Relax, Kevin…” Scotty soothes and he waits for Kevin to surrender to the intrusion before moving on. He slowly pushes deeper, ready to stop at any sign of pain or discomfort, but here Kevin shows his own experience by the way he moves, breathes and relaxes around Scotty. Once he’s sure that Kevin is ready, Scotty starts to move as well.

The first few thrusts make Kevin gasp and Scotty is prepared to stop anytime, but once they move beyond that point not even Scotty is in control anymore. Somewhere he thinks that he should satisfy Kevin first, but he watches how Kevin takes hold of his cock and Scotty can only keep Kevin’s hips in place so he can thrust inside even deeper.

Kevin is not too gentle with himself and when his orgasm finally comes, Scotty can feel Kevin hold on to him. His own grip on Kevin tightens and then his own release hits him with so much strength and power that Scotty completely loses himself in the moment.


Kevin moans in his sleep. Even he can feel that something has changed between the dream-Kevin and dream-Scotty, as he watches them fall asleep, in each other’s arms, their legs entangled, Scotty’s lips against Kevin’s forehead, happy and satisfied in their own little bubble.

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