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A fine romance... 4/probably 8

A fine romance... 4/probably 8

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty mainly, and Justin!!!! (Hence the icon!) 
Rate: This part:  G
Disclaimer: I don't own Brothers & Sisters, they belong to ABC. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: In the wake of Kevin's operation, Kevin doesn't only have strange dreams of Elizabeth, but also one of Scotty..... (semi-AU?) 
Extra Note: And okay, just to prove that the writers of B&S aren't the only ones who can write incredibly unrealistic romantical nonsense with a 100% predictability-rate.Part 4



Kevin follows Scotty down the stairs and towards the kitchen. It’s not even nine in the morning, but they are both hungry and ready for breakfast and they are a few meters away from the kitchen-door when Kevin stops Scotty by taking him by his arm.
“Wait! Wait! Wait! The kitchen-door is open… The family is talking..”

“Those who listen at doors never hear anything good about themselves.” Scotty reminds Kevin, but Kevin shrugs.
“I never hear anything good about myself, whether I listen at the door or not.” Scotty shakes his head however.

“Let’s go inside. I want to hear what they have to say and I wonder if they’ll say it to my face.”
“I don’t want to see you get hurt.”
“Oh, but what’s a little pain between friends?” Scotty coos teasingly and then more defiantly. “Besides, I’m ready for them.”

Then he hears Sarah’s voice.
“No, seriously, I thought they would come through the wall.” She complains.
“Now that would have been something.” Joe’s laughs.
“That is not funny, Joe, it felt kinda weird to listen to.” Justin agrees with Sarah.

“Can you finally imagine how Kevin must have felt all these years of being caught between your two bedrooms?” Scotty replies calmly, making Sarah, Joe, Justin and Rebecca turn to him. None of them had heard Kevin and Scotty come in.
“What do you mean?” Justin asks.

“I always had to listen to you on one side, and Sarah on the other. Gives a whole different meaning to the word ‘stereo’.” Kevin answers dryly.
“Are you telling me the walls are that thin?” Justin asks.
“Yes, actually they are.” Tommy replies, having entered the kitchen as well.

“And you never told us?” Sarah asks of Tommy.
“I thought you knew. I agree with Kevin. It wasn’t always fun to listen to you and Joe grunting and groaning.”
“It’s the reason why Tommy and I never have sex in this house.” Julia laughs.

“Never?” Justin repeats.
“Never. Are you crazy? Our room is next to your mom and dad’s. Do you really believe I want to give them an audio-version of our love-making?” Julia asks.
“Whatever. It doesn’t change the fact, that it felt weird to listen to you and Scotty….”

“Why, Justin?” Scotty asks, slightly defensive.
“It makes me feel uncomfortable to have to listen to it. I would prefer it, if you wouldn’t do it again, while you’re here.”
“Excuse me?” Scotty’s face displays his disbelief.

“You heard me. Just don’t do it again.” Justin shrugs as if that’s the end of the conversation, but Scotty disagrees.
“Okay I will stop it, provided that I never have to listen to another of Rebecca’s recitation of how she wants you to do with her…” Upon which Scotty manages to give a perfect imitation of Rebecca’s cries of the night before, they hadn’t been restricted to ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ only, but had been quit detailed…

Kevin covers his mouth with both hands, not sure whether to laugh or get angry. Joe and Julia seem amused, but Sarah looks horrified and Tommy doesn’t seem to know what side to chose either. The bright red spots on Rebecca’s cheeks make Kevin feel sorry for her, but Justin had been out of line.

Scotty lets his impersonation of Rebecca follow by a high-pitched scream and the words: “I don’t know which spot your hit you hit with her, Justin, but it was obviously the right one.” Scotty crosses his arms and defiantly glares at Justin.

“You have no right to tell me not to be with the woman I love.” Justin replies in a low voice.
“Then don’t assume, that you have the right to tell me how, when, and how often I make love the man I love.” Scotty replies in an equally threatening tone of voice.

“Are you going to let Justin be spoken to like this... by a stranger?” Tommy asks.
“He’s not a stranger. He’s my lover and he’s absolutely right. I’ve never interfered with what happened in your bedrooms, now, stay out of mine.” Kevin replies.
“Kevin…” Sarah starts, but Scotty cuts her off.

“Get over it! If Kevin wants to fuck me right through that wall, then there’s no one who’s going to stop him… or me. Deal with it and don’t bother us with it…. Fried eggs anyone?” And he turns his back to the others, shruggin off the conversation as Justin had done earlier. He takes a frying pan and the eggs.
“Two. Need them after last night.” Kevin replies, kissing Scotty on his shoulder.

Standing this close to Scotty, Kevin whispers:
“I’ve never had anyone stand up to my family for me before.”
“They they were idiots, you deserve to be treated better…” Scotty answers quietly.
“I feel sorry for Rebecca though.” Kevin says softly and Scotty nods in understanding.

He turns back to the others and immediately focuses on Rebecca.
“I’m sorry, Rebecca. I had no right to do what I did, it was unfair to you…” then he looks at the others and continues: “I am however not taking anything else back. Kevin is gay. So am I. We’re lovers, who will continue love each oter  and make love with each other…

So deal with it, because we’re not going back in the closet for you guys…” and then his voice turns slightly more concessional. “We could try to be more quiet though?” He then asks Kevin, who frowns and shakes his head.

“I don’t know, you do bring out the animal in me and I’m not in a habit of making promises I can’t keep…”
“I said, we could try....”
“Okay, trying is good…” Kevin concedes, as he’s the only one who catches Scotty’s grin.

“Scotty, as long as you’re making the eggs, I want two as well.” Julia replies.
“So do I. Are there enough eggs?”
“Plenty.” Scotty answers Joe’s question, while Kevin watches as Sarah and Justin huddle together, shooting angry looks at Scotty.

However, Julia and Joe seem to have gained some respect for Scotty and Tommy seems more amused than offended. He’s watching Kevin and Scotty closely, but looks away when he sees Kevin looking at him.

Rebecca gives Kevin an uncertain smile. It would seem that Scotty’s easy apology has been accepted by her.
“The first ones are ready…” Scotty says. “Kevin, it’s ready… Breakfast…. Kevin!”


“Kevin! Wake up!!” Kevin groans at Scotty, but sits up a bit.
“You were making me fried eggs…” Kevin moans.
“Close enough, it’s chicken-soup.” Scotty replies with a smile. “You were far gone, honey, I could almost not wake you up.”

“Had the weirdest dream… Picked right up where I left off.”
“Oooh, lucky you.... How was I?” Scotty enquires and he sees the same broad smile on his husband’s face, as he did earlier.
“It was…. fun.” He grins, as he follows Scotty into the kitchen.

“Fun? That’s all? I’m a high-priced gigolo and the best I can offer is ‘fun’? I’m insulted with myself!” Scotty pouts and Kevin starts to laugh.
“It was absolutely fabulous and I was flying, until Justin forbade us the next morning to have sex again.” Kevin makes a face.

“What?! Justin? That would be about the last person …”
“You fought with him… Verbally only.” Kevin quickly assures him.
“I fought with Justin?” Scotty laughs.
“You did? When?” Justin asks, throwing his keys on the table. He just got in to hear Scotty’s last words.

“In Kevin’s dream.” Scotty replies.
“Who won?” Justin asks.
“Naturally.” Justin shrugs.

“Although it does feel weird, I’m not a person who fights and Justin is not a person I’d fight with.” Scotty says.
“Thanksforsayingthat.” Justin mumbles. “This soup is great.”
“Take some.” Scotty invites and he doesn’t have to say it twice. Justin joins them at the dinner-table.

“What were we fighting about?” Justin now asks.
“No offense, Scotty, but you’re not my type.”

“No, I was getting paid for it, but you didn’t know that.”
“You got paid to have sex with me?” Justin looks shocked and surprised.
“No, with Kevin, but we were a bit loud and then you were offended.” Scotty replies and Justin nearly chokes on his soup.

“Sounds pretty ridiculous to me.” Justin replies.
“Yes, me too.” Scotty agrees. “Kev, are you trying to tell me, that you think I’m not aggressive enough?” He gives Kevin a worried glance and for a few seconds Kevin thinks that Scotty is joking, but then he realizes that he’s not.

“Scotty, sweetie, I had a pain-killer induced erotic dream about you that ended with you being my knight-in-shining-armor, I don’t believe there was a subliminal meessage in there about your failing at something. If there is one, it would be more about the lack of sex between us at this point.”

“Whoa! Too much info.” Justin says. “I don’t want to be the one, who starts dreaming about your lack of sex.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that part.” Scotty assures him, with an absent-minded smile.
“Thank you.” And Justin means it.

“I’ll hold you to that, my dear husband, and now, if you don’t mind I’m going back to bed. I’m tired.”
“Those pills make me exhausted.”

“You know, bro, none my business, but if I were you, I’d ask the doctor for a different prescription, something less strong, that will make you feel less sleepy. Here, let me look at that wound….” Justin quickly and ably removes the bandage. “I’m no doctor, but it seems to heal just fine. Ask for less pain-killers.”

“Thanks. I will.” Kevin yawns and let Scotty help him up the stairs and back in bed.
“You’re sure, that you want more pills?”
“Yes, I'm sticking to the doctor's orders. And remember when I escaped this house? I forgot my pills and went through hell. I don’t want that to happen again.”

“Fine.” Scotty nods. “I’ll call the doctor in the morning.” Kevin nods, falling back on the cool pillows. “I’ll switch off the lights and let you sleep…. Maybe you’ll dream about your gigolo again…”
“I wish! I like dreaming about you, but I doubt that I’ll be lucky three times in a row.”

“Well, have pleasant dreams anyways. Preferable about me.” Scotty winks and after another kiss that lasts a bit longer than planned, Scotty leaves Kevin alone and joins Justin in the kitchen.
“Is he asleep?”

“He will be in a few seconds, I fear.” Scotty sighs.
“Scotty, I’ve been doing some thinking.”
“Oh, oh.”

“No seriously. I think I understand where Kevin’s want for our fight came from.”
“You do?” Scotty asks curious, putting the ice-cream dessert, that he made for Kevin, in front of Justin.
“Yes, I think… Gosh! This is delicious…”

“Nothing special, vanilla, chocolate, cherry and some other fruit. I should have added some rum, but I didn’t want to take chance, in combination with Kevin’s pills. So, no alcohol in it.”
“So, that’s the reason I’m getting it. Why not keep it for Kevin until tomorrow?”
“Fresh fruit, it will be ugly and tasteless tomorrow. Now, what was it you were thinking?”

“Thinking? Oh, right, before your ice distracted me. I think it’s all about dad. I was still a kid when Kevin came out and all I remember about that period was the huge fights and then the enormous silences… I cannot remember Kevin having many friends. We often went to Ojai for long weekends, or during holidays and I would always bring friends with me.

I remember our place in Ojai to be just as open and welcoming to our friends as it was here. Sarah, Kitty, Tommy.. even Julia and Joe, later on, invited people to come up there. But Kevin? Hardly….” He bites his lip and then softly says: “We would not have disrespectful or unwelcoming if Kevin had brought a boy-friend or even just a friend…

But it would have been weird, at first, because we never saw him with one. Even if he had a boyfriend, you wouldn’t be able to tell, because he would treat them like just a friend. I guess, it’s above all Kevin himself who felt, that he wasn’t allowed to be intimate with someone around us.

And maybe, what Kevin really wanted was a boyfriend who would tell him that his family could go to hell, but he wasn’t going to leave Kevin’s side. Someone who’d fight for him. I think, that you would be that guy.”
“I’m not someone who’ll pick a fight.” Scotty shakes his head.

“No.” Justin agrees. “But you won’t let anyone put you down either. I sometimes wish that you and dad would have gotten to know each other… I wonder how he would have reacted to you and how you would have stood up for your relationship with Kevin.”

Scotty puts his spoon down and looks up at Justin with a serious face.
“Do you think that your father would have accepted me?” he asks and Justin takes his time before answering.
“I don’t know…” he starts carefully, finishing his own spoonful of ice.

Scotty patiently waits for the rest of the answer.
“The first time I met you at that party, with Holly? I just knew you were different from the others. We all knew. Sarah, Kitty, Tommy. Mom. Especially mom…. I think that dad would have felt the same. You and Kevin? Inevitable.”

Justin can see the surprised look on Scotty’s face.
“It seems that the only two who didn’t realize it, were you and Kevin..” Justin then grins.
“We like to take things slow..” Scotty defends himself, not very convincingly.
“Yeah, like at snail-pace…”

They both laugh and quietly enjoy their ice-cream, until Justin suddenly says:
“I think that if dad had gotten to know you, he’d disapproved of you, but, I also believe that you would not have cared about that… and that dad’s disapproval would have made Kevin rebel against dad…

And that would have made dad like you. That you would inspire Kevin to come out of his shell and fight. Dad often motivated us by making us angry…. However, if you really want to know what dad would have done… you should ask mom. Maybe she would think differently about dad’s reaction.”

“Oh, yes, I can imagine just that, telling Nora that Kevin dreams I’m a gigolo, who ends up fighting with half the Walker-clan…”
“He dreamed what?” Nora asks, startling both Scotty and Justin. Neither of them had heard her come in…

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