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A fine romance ... 3/?

A fine romance... 3/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty mainly, but will also include others, even some of the dearly departed, because... well, just read it.
Rate: This part R, - just to be sure... (I think).
Disclaimer: I don't own Brothers & Sisters, they belong to ABC. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: In the wake of Kevin's operation, Kevin doesn't only have strange dreams of Elizabeth, but also one of Scotty..... (semi-AU?) 
Extra Note: And okay, just to prove that the writers of B&S aren't the only ones who can write incredibly unrealistic romantical nonsense with a 100% predictability-rate.


“I was a what?” Scotty laughs.
“Yeah, like I said, and cute as hell too.” Kevin really has to put in an effort to sound cheerful. The pills still make him feel sleepy.
“Oh…” Scotty pouts. “I’m not cute in real life?”

“Always… I meant, of course, that you were as gorgeous in my dream, as you are in real life…” Kevin quickly covers up.
“Oooh, your time with Robert paid off, what a politically correct answer.” Scotty teases and Kevin’s smiles tiredly. Scotty cannot hide his concern.

“Want to sleep some more?” he asks, more serious now that he sees that Kevin is really fighting his pain-killers to stay awake. “In the meantime, I can make you something light to eat and I’ll wake you up later?” Kevin nods, feeling slightly disappointed that he can’t keep his eyes open, but he had not expected Scotty to be home early.

“I’m sorry, if I had known that you’d be home…”
“I know it’s not personal.” Scotty smiles. “I should not have woken you up.”
“Especially not during such a hot dream… I guess, if I fall asleep now, I’ll dream of being chased by angry Republicans…”

“I’m sorry.” Scotty replies, not feeling too guilty. “I’ll make it up to you, as soon as we’re allowed to…” he then promises. Kevin makes a content little noise when Scotty bends over him to kiss him, but before Scotty’s lips leave his, he’s back to sleep, resulting in the fact that Kevin misses the loving look on his husband’s face, as he runs his fingers through Kevin’s hair.



“Well, that went easier than expected.” Kevin says, carefully closing the door behind Scotty and himself.
“You think they bought it all?” Scotty asks. He has the same feeling about this night as Kevin does, but to hear Kevin confirm it, makes him feel good.

“Yes, I think so. They were stunned by my showing up with you and then you bulldozed right over them, before drowning them in a sea of charm…”
“Did I overdo it?” Scotty now wonders. He doesn’t think he did, but he worries that Kevin may think differently.

“No. I’m just exaggerating. It was fun to see how shocked my family was, to see me show up with someone….”
“Yes, I had that same feeling. Shock. Horror. With a dash of curiosity…” Scotty smiles. He takes off his shirt and disappears into the bathroom.

Kevin momentarily can’t keep his eyes of Scotty, but then turns away. Yes, that was probably the first vindication for Kevin. He had tried a few times to introduce a boyfriend to his family, but it had always turned out disastrously bad. He had seen the men he loved bullied away by his father or by the silly jokes from his brothers.

The overbearing way Nora and Sarah had tried to compensate for the insensitivities from William, Tommy and Justin had only served to make things worse, to a point that, after two years of heartbreak upon heartbreak, Kevin had decided not to bother to do it again. He was done trying.

Not even his mother’s assurances, that ‘things will different next time’ had persuaded Kevin to change his mind. These last 15 years, he hadn’t brought a boyfriend to a family-weekend. If he had a boyfriend, and if he would inform his family on it, he would rather leave him home, than take him with him.

Kevin’s arm is still halfway his sleeve, when he suddenly realizes that tonight had been different, in more ways than one. His father, for instance,... He had tried to be polite to Scotty. Kevin sits down on the bed, too surprised with the sudden realization... He quickly re-thinks the events of this evening.

Scotty and he had come in and Kevin had introduced Scotty and all had been most welcoming. Not just to Scotty, but also to Kevin. In fact, come to think of it, no one had cracked a stupid ‘gay’ joke, his father hadn’t stared at Scotty like he was some smashed bug on his windshield and Nora hadn’t frantically ran around trying to the keep ‘the warring camps’ apart.

He wonders if it was Scotty that made the difference. Sure, Scotty had easily smiled at everyone, accepted the beer William offered, asked Sarah about Ojai, complimented Rebecca on her dress, agreed with Justin’s musical choice, helped Nora in the kitchen, politely counter-argued Kitty and Robert…

Doubt starts to nag at Kevin. Was it perhaps his boyfriends in the past that had been just the wrong choices..? Had he been overly sensitive? Was the problem with him and not his family? The good feeling he had when he entered the room is fading away and he’s so wrapped up in his thoughts, that he doesn’t notice that Scotty comes back into the room.

“What are you worrying about?” Scotty asks, while he puts his clothes on the chair.
“Me. My family… They were actually nice tonight. To you. To me… Maybe the problem was with me all along?. I mean, you definitely made a difference.” This time it’s Scotty who frowns.

He walks up to Kevin and kneels before him.
“No. I think, you know very well how you feel and how things were. You said it yourself, I’m not the type of man you would usually bring to meet your family… I’ve been doing some thinking while I was brushing my teeth…

There’s another huge difference… If you’ve been telling your boyfriends, what you told me about your family, they got scared half to death by you, before they even met your father. Or your mother. For me, it’s different. I don’t have to impress William Walker or to seek his approval for our relationship. I sincerely don’t give a damn what he thinks about me.

By the end of next week, around this time, we’ll all be on our way back home and William and I will never see each other again. I don’t have to suck up to him, impress him or be worried how he might negatively influence our relationship. Something that someone in a real commitment with you would be concerned about. William Walker can’t touch me and that puts me in a superior position.

However, your father is a clever man. He knows that there’s something off with me, but he can’t put his finger on what it is, but he’s working on it. He’s curious. We have to stay on our guards.” Scotty warns.
“I know…” Kevin replies. “Too bad. I was beginning to enjoy myself…”

“And I will continue to keep you smiling.” Scotty answers with a flirtatious smile, putting his hand in Kevin’s neck to pull him into a kiss, but Kevin backs off.
“We can’t do that.”

“Why not?”
“The walls are paper-thin.”
“And you know this how…?” For a moment Scotty gets an image of Kevin being caught here with another man and it makes him feel… jealous?

"Behind that wall there is Sarah’s room. She’s been audibly sharing it with Joe for many years…. On that side, is Justin’s room… What can I say? I admire his stamina.” Kevin sighs and Scotty nearly chokes on his laughter.
“And what about you?”

“Are you nuts? My dad would come after me with a shot-gun…”
“Really? So, he’s that worried about your virginity? Maybe you ought to tell him he already lost the battle.” Scotty wonders dryly and he’s glad to see a smile appear on Kevin’s face.

“Mr Wandell! How dare you imply that it would be a lost cause?” Kevin feigns being shocked.
“The five time we’ve been making out, in these last 48 hours, were a dead giveaway.” Scotty mocks in return.

“Oh… that…” Kevin acknowledges. “That was just rehearsal…”
“Can we rehearse some more?” Scotty pouts, before getting up and letting the bathrobe fall to the ground. Kevin holds his breath for a second. He’s been getting to know Scotty’s body very well these last two days.

He loves that Scotty isn’t shy about himself or the way he looks, but Scotty’s ease with showing his naked body clashes slightly with Kevin’s own reserved views of himself. He quickly looks at the floor, before daring to let his eyes return to Scotty, only to find Scotty smiling at him with a knowing smile.

“Still feel awkward, doesn’t it?” Scotty’s smile is seductive and Kevin knows where this is going. He nods quietly, but doesn’t take his eyes of Scotty.
“I like that moment when you look at someone and they don’t look away.... Don't you?”
“I guess I don’t have a problem with looking at you, it’s knowing that you’ll be looking at me…”

“Kevin, I’m not every gay man, but I am a gay man, and…. I have no problems with seeing you naked, I like to touch you, I like it to caress you, … taste you….” He whispers the last two words and watches with delight how flustered Kevin gets over them. “I think you’re beautiful and I’m glad, that I don’t have to fake, that I like to have sex with you. I just do.”

He can see so much disbelief in Kevin’s eyes, that he answers the unspoken question in them.
“I really do. I sincerely like to look at you and seduce you.” He replies and he is surprised by his own passion. Kevin smiles uncertainly, but nonetheless, his hand slides up along Scotty’s thigh to his back to bring Scotty closer to him.

Scotty can feel Kevin’s warm breath on his skin as Kevin starts to kiss his belly, letting his hands move a little lower. He can’t control the little moan that escapes him as he lets his fingers run through Kevin’s curls.
“You certainly have a way with words.” Kevin hums against Scotty’s skin.

“And you certainly know how use your mouth… Oooh.” For a little moment they are quiet, just silently enjoying their intimacy, but then Scotty, with regret pulls away from Kevin’s able lips. He pushes Kevin on his back and slowly lowers his body on Kevin’s, feeling Kevin move up against him, unmistakably aroused.

“Scotty! We can’t. Not here… The walls….” Kevin moans exposing his throat some more for Scotty.
“Paper-thin.. I remember..” Scotty replies between two kisses.
“They can hear us….” Kevin’s fingers run through Scotty’s hair, pushing Scotty’s warm lips closer to his skin.

“So?” Scotty lifts his head so that he can look at Kevin. “You’ve had to listen to them having sex, making out,… while, partially thanks to them, you slept here alone… They you owe this… I say: screw them.” If Kevin is at all surprised by Scotty’s words, then it doesn’t register.

“I’d rather you screw me instead…” Kevin replies, shoving his body up against Scotty, making it wordlessly clear what he wants. Scotty chuckles as he lets his hand slip between their bodies.
Now we’re talking….” Scotty teases and he kisses Kevin’s lips


Scotty looks down on his sleeping husband. He had planned to wake Kevin, but now that he sees the big smile on Kevin’s face, he doesn’t dare to wake him up. He shakes his head as he remembers Kevin’s weird dream…
“That smile had better be for me, your gigolo.” He warns his sleeping husband.

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