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A fine romance ... 1/?

A fine romance…

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty mainly, but will also include others, even some of the dearly departed, because... well, just read it.
Rate: This part G, but that is supposed to change per chapter.
Disclaimer: I don't own Brothers & Sisters, they belong to ABC. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: In the wake of Kevin's operation, Kevin doesn't only have strange dreams of Elizabeth, but also one of Scotty..... (semi-AU?)
Extra Note: And okay, just to prove that the writers of B&S aren't the only ones who can write incredibly unrealistic romantical nonsense with a 100% predictability-rate.


“No, seriously, Kevin, I can just as easily call off the meeting, you know.” Nora says, but Kevin shakes his head.
“I’ll be fine, mom, just sitting here by the pool. Scotty will be home in a few hours. I can survive a few hours without a baby-sitter.”

Nora adjusts the bandages around Kevin’s waist.
“I should stay home…” she mutters, but Kevin immediately protests.
“Mom, please, don’t. The wound from the operation is healing just fine. Just give my medicine and I will just sleep a bit here in the shade."

Nora gives Kevin the pain-killers. Kevin seems to be healing fine indeed. Especially since they had cleared the air between them, after he had run away. Nora sighs. Scotty was right, of course, as Kevin’s husband it was HIS priority to take care of his husband… but, Kevin is still her baby, these feelings are hard to let go off.

“Now, mom, please, go. You’ll be late…” Kevin points out and Nora leaves, after giving him a quick kiss on the head. Kevin lets out a sigh of relief when he hears her car drive away. He leans back in the chair. The weather is fresh, but thanks to Scotty’s sweater he doesn’t feel cold and the fact that it has Scotty’s scent on it does help him relax.

He picks up the book that Kitty brought, but it’s completely boring. The magazines don’t bring him much entertainment either and eventually he picks up the book that Rebecca had been reading earlier that day and he frowns. Somehow Kevin had expected her to be past the point of reading these sort of books…

Just the title “A fine romance…” makes him shiver and the cover… Talk about the stereo-typical hetero couple... Girl, size zero and still on a diet, no doubt…, with all the curves overly in the right places and visible through the low-cut blouse, that seriously needs some extra buttons sown on. How boring. The guy. Large chest, dark hair, strong arms, arrogant look.. Ch-ch-cheekbones!!!!

Kevin sighs. He’s past being interested in those ones, though he does remind Kevin of a boy-friend he had 20 years ago…. For a moment a superior smile curls around his lips. The guy isn’t half as attractive as Scotty anyway, not that someone would ever put a drawing of his good-looking husband on the cover of one of those silly books.

He turns over and reads the summary. Ah! How surprising. Girl meets boy,.. blah, blah,… Could her feelings for him be explained in a different way….? Ten bucks she’ll marry him in the end, Kevin wagers against himself. He goes to last chapter and indeed they end up smiling at each other, as they enter the church to get married… Wow! Didn’t see that one coming!

The medication starts to work and he feels more and more tired. He closes his eyes, wondering if he’d feel differently about those books, if occasionally they bring out a ‘gay’ version of these books.

You know… Boy meets boy…. Something happens… Happily ever after… Kisses….

The breeze rustles through the trees like the pages of a book being turned over and Kevin sinks deeper and deeper away… his body relaxes more to the sound of the soft rustling… pages… books… kisses… romance…..


Chapter 1 - Boy meets boy.

“Very well, Jordan, best get out of here fast, before they call us back into the courthouse…” Kevin says as he gets in the back of the limousine.
“Yes, Mr Walker.” Jordan, Kevin's driver, manages to get through the crowd without running anyone over. “Everyone is talking about you, sir.”

“Yes, I’ll bet. That oil-company in not getting away with their huge spill…”
“You’re going up against some mighty powerful people, sir.” Jordan says with admiration in his voice.
“Can’t let them win, no matter how powerful they are, Jordan.”

“No, sir.” Jordan agrees and, not for the first time, he wishes he was more like Kevin. Successful, rich, handsome… but the only thing they have in common, is that they’re both gay. However, where Jordan is happily married to Quinn, Kevin is single to a point of being very lonely, so Jordan isn't sure he would want to trade places with Kevin after all.

Kevin is very quiet tonight and it isn’t until they’ve reached the building where Kevin lives, that Kevin says:
“Jordan, I’ll be taking the rest of the week off and also the entire next week, so I will not need you to drive me.” It’s not that Jordan begrudges Kevin a week of holidays. God knows the man deserves it after these long weeks in court, but he’s worried about his own income.

When he sees the worried frown on Jordan’s face, Kevin smiles and leans forward, handing Jordan an envelope. Jordan gives him a quizzical look.
“Consider this a belated wedding-gift. I’m sorry that my busy schedule, and your work for me, made it impossible for you and Quinn to have a decent honeymoon…”

Jordan opens the envelope and finds two plane-tickets to Hawaii, reservations in a 5-star hotel, all-in.... He gives Kevin an astounded look.
“I’ve spoken with Quinn’s boss. You have nothing to worry about. I’ve taken care of everything.”

“This is too much….” Jordan stammers, but Kevin shakes his head.
“No. You, but also Quinn, have had to adjust all your plans to my schedules these last few months. I’m grateful that I could count on you, day or night.

I have one family-week coming, which is why I won’t be working next week. I think, that you deserve to finally have some time off with the man you love and if anyone deserves to get pampered, it’s you. So, take my gift, with my sincerest apology for ruining any honeymoonplans you may have made in vain.” Kevin smiles.

Jordan is clearly overwhelmed, but then Kevin’s words actually sink in.
“You have a family-week?” he then says, making a face. Kevin nods. “You have my sympathies… I can’t believe that you’re sending me away for a week and not yourself….”

“I’ve been avoiding my family for 5 years now and it suits me just fine, but… it’s my mom’s 60th birthday and she the only one who can get me to come over.”
“How bad will it be?” Jordan now asks.

“Let’s put it like this… Will you come and see me in prison if I kill one of them…?” Kevin jokes, not whole-heartedly.
“I’ll be the one who’ll bring you the cake with the file in it.” Jordan promises…


Kevin closes the door of his pent-house behind him and quickly looks around. Good, it all looks perfect. He puts away his brief-case, checks the bar to see if he has everything. One look at the clock tells him it’s nearly 8 o’clock. It’s nearly time. He quickly puts on another shirt and to distract himself, he thinks about Jordan and Quinn.

He’s glad that he could make them happy. He doesn’t have many friends, but they come close and Kevin is loyal and generous to those he cares for. To be honest, he’s glad he managed to wipe away the quilt he felt over upsetting Jordan’s life so much these last few weeks, so it does make him feel very good.

The phone rings and Kevin quickly approves, that his guest gets access to his floor and a few seconds later there’s a soft knock on the door. Kevin holds his breath for a second, then lets it go with a nervous sound, while he dries hands on his pants and by the time he opens the door, he seems very calm and composed.

The first thing that Kevin notices are the beautiful blue eyes. Then there’s the curious glance as they smile at each other for the first time. He’s taller than Kevin, which is something Kevin likes. Kevin becomes a bit insecure. The man is very handsome.
“Hello. I’m Scotty Wandell. The agency sent me.” The man then says with a pleasant voice.

“I’m sorry. I’m a bit nervous about this. I’ve never done something like this before.” Kevin speaks nervously and Scotty smiles again.
“You wrote that in the application-email. I read it.” He says calmly.
“Oh, … right.” Kevin feels foolish, but then Scotty quickly takes that feeling away.

“There’s nothing to be worried about, Mr Walker… Can I call you Kevin?” Scotty asks and Kevin nods. “It is usually scary the first time. For both of us. I always think I’ve seen it all and then I meet a new client and I feel all nervous again, as if it’s my first time… Every person I meet is different and requires another approach from me.

You’ve contacted our agency, because you were searching for someone who could be your boy-friend for one week… Your requirements were looked at and I believe they’ve sent you information on 5 suitable candidates…?” Kevin nods again. “Then you decided to pick me,… I don’t know why, which is why I like to speak to you, before I accept.

I would like to see who I’m dealing with, I reserve the right to refuse your request, without further explanation….”
“I understand that….” Kevin finally gets his voice back.
“… though I have to admit, I usually don’t turn down clients…” Scotty has a warm smile on his face.

“Oh, good, because it’s sort of short-notice…” Kevin can’t help but sound a bit apologetic.
“I agree. So, why don’t we get to work? Is there a place we can talk?”
“I love the kitchen-table… Can I offer some tea, coffee… something alcoholic..?”
“No alcohol. Coffee will do.”

By the time Kevin places the coffee in front of Scotty, he feels more relaxed. Scotty is friendly and compliments him on his latest victory in court and when Kevin says that the recent heat could have contributed to the quick ‘guilty’-verdict, Scotty waves it away, saying that he had followed the case closely and he had found Kevin’s explanations to the press to be very comprehensive.

For a moment Kevin relishes in the compliment, but then, once they are both seated at the table, Scotty opens the file, he brought with him and Kevin braces himself for the questions to come.
“I just want to look at the email you sent. Just to see what I’m getting myself into.” Scotty explains in a comforting voice.

“You replied to our questionnaire that you’re 33 years old, were looking for someone around the same age,… I’m four years younger than you, is that a problem?”
“No, I just didn’t want some barely 18 year old or end up with someone in his 50s. My family would see right through that.”

“You needed someone with a broad knowledge, political knowledge… Republican? Democrat? Something else?”
“I’m a democrat myself, but 80% of my family is Republican, I have a Republican Senator as a brother-in-law, politics is a topic of heavy debate in our family.”

“Good. I like a good debate…. I’m a Democrat myself.” Scotty replies with a wink and Kevin grins, amused by Scotty’s easy ways. “You said you preferred someone with knowledge of hunting, fishing, horse-riding…. Let me guess… your family are of the outdoorsy kind…”

Kevin nods, looking slightly embarrassed, because it sounds a bit as if Scotty looks down on them, but then Scotty continues: “… I know the feeling, sounds like my own family… not my scene, I never felt comfortable in it, but I grew up in it and I can adjust to that…. So, that should not be the most difficult part…

I hate to ask this, but why do you need someone to pose as your boyfriend? I’ve done some checking and you’re well-known, generally well-liked, money is not a problem and, if you don’t mind my saying this, you’re attractive..” Scotty’s kind words put a blush on Kevin’s cheeks, but doesn’t prevent him from answering.

“My former boy-friend turned out to be more attracted to younger men, just out of high-school. I am wealthy because I work 80 hours a week and hardly have a life, let alone a social life, where I can spend my money. I’m not looking for a relationship. My life, busy it is, is just perfect. Exactly the way I want it.

Yes, I am alone, but I also have no commitments to anybody. I don’t owe anybody anything. I can look everybody straight in the eyes and say that I made it on my own and that I am happy with my life as it is… The problem is, that people cannot understand that you can be alone and happy at the same time.

To those around me the word ‘alone’ is synonymous with ‘lonely’, but there’s a world of difference between those two words. I can feel lonelier in a crowd, or with my family, than I would feel, here, on my own. And it is the word ‘loneliness’ that makes that I just don’t want to go to our family-meeting alone. I just want someone by my side, who’s just …”

“Perfect?... I can do that. Piece of cake.” Scotty laughs. “I’m glad to hear you say, that you intend to keep this professional. It is embarrassing how often people lose grip on the line between reality and make-belief. I want it to be very clear: During our week together, we will be intimate, we will be lovers, but as soon as the week is over, we’ll both go our own way…”

“Fine with me.” Kevin replies.
“Good, there is something else I wanted to discuss with you. You’ve checked the box that said that sexual relationships between us are not necessary, but I have corrected that. If we are lovers, then it’s only natural that we would be intimate.”

Kevin looks a bit flustered and Scotty gives him a quick look. “It is always embarrassing to be intimate with someone you don’t know, but trust me, with the amount of money that you’re paying for my services, I cannot see a reason why you shouldn’t try to get most out of this deal.

You wish to impress your family with me? Then… let me do what I do best… and that is to keep you satisfied.” Scotty’s smile is seductive and Kevin nervously looks away, not used to being flirted with anymore. Scotty doesn’t take his eyes off Kevin. He recognizes the shyness in him.

Once again, he wonders how a talented lawyer, a wordsmith like Kevin, can be so clever and yet so completely insecure at the same time. He places his hand on Kevin’s wrist.
“So, mr Walker, do you still believe I’d be suitable for the job?”
“Yes. I do.”

“Then, I’ll take it.” Scotty replies easily. “Very well, we have our work cut out for us. We have little time. It is Wednesday-night. You’re expected at your parents’ place... ahm... Friday night? That gives us only two days to get our stories straight and memorize a lot of details about each other.

This is not just my job, you know, but also yours. Can’t have you telling everyone that I adore shrimp, if I’m allergic to them…”
“You are?” Kevin asks.
“No… It was just an example. Are you?”

“Yes, actually. The only one in my family who is allergic to them…” Kevin rolls his eyes.
“Really?! Oh. I don’t really like them… Might as well be allergic to them as well. Easier for you to remember, if someone asks and if gives us one of those ‘cute’ similarities, that couples often have without knowing it… So, first, we’ll start with your family. Who are we dealing with?”


Wall-paper version of the K/S cover can be found here. ;) A fine romance wp
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  • Been re-reading some of my old things..

    .... maybe also in attempt to recapture some my old writing fever... I'm now re-reading ' Turn a different corner . I just started at part 1…

  • Just little snippets of stories....

    I'm a bit bored, so I thought I'd bore myself even more with having a look at some of the stories I had started, but somehow never finished,…

  • Alright!

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