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Trust no one

“Trust no one.”

By Marea67
About: Tommy / Mulder & Scully (The X-files) - written as a reply to the walkers_fics  challenge
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters or the X-files. Written with love not for money.
Summary: Tommy meets a strange duo.
Prompt: 5 – Cross-over between B&S and another series - character: Tommy



These are the days that Tommy likes his work the best. The sun is hot, but in the shadows of the trees, here at the orchards in Ojai, it’s just the right temperature. He watches the fruit over his head and he knows, he just feels, that most of them are just ready to be picked.

Standing in the middle of this huge orchard, he closes his eyes. He’s all alone, with just the sun, the trees, the breeze that is rustling through the leaves and the birds that are singing. For a moment he just enjoys the feeling of deep inner peace it gives him to just be here, but an unfamiliar sound makes him open his eyes.

He sees two persons walk up to him. One of them is a tall, attractive man. Kevin would like him. The other one is a woman. Tommy frowns. How strange to see strangers here.
“Hey! Can I help you?” Though he acts like a friendly neighbor, he does he keep an eye on the two of them and stops a few meters away from them.

The man walks up to him and show him a badge.
“Special agent Fox Mulder.” He says. “This is Dana Scully. Do you work here?”
“My family owns it.” Tommy replies not without pride.
“We have some questions. Can we talk?” Mulder asks.

“Sure.” Tommy shrugs. “There’s a small tool-shed over there.” He points at a place, carefully hidden amongst the trees. “I have some cool lemonade there. You look like you could use some refreshments.”

Three minutes later, he pours the drinks and the two agents seem to be grateful for the offer.
“Now, tell me. How can I help you?”
“There have been reports about strange lights and sounds here in the neighbourhood.” Mulder keeps it vague on purpose to make Tommy talk, but Tommy only raises an eyebrow, wondering where Mulder is going with this.

He believes that perhaps some of the workers have been too loud. Perhaps a party that went on a little longer and someone complained about the noise.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. Everyone knows us. If someone has a problem, they can come and talk to me, if there are complaints about my workers.”

“I’m not referring to people who work for you, but to aliens.” Mulder replies impatiently. It’s too hot to play games. Tommy looks from Mulder to Scully. For a second he believes Mulder actually asked him about little green monsters from Mars, but he must have misunderstood.

“Can’t help you there. Everyone working for us has to have his or her paperwork in shape. We don’t hire people who are here illegally.” Tommy replies. Mulder shakes his head and explains:
“We’ve been sent here to investigate rumors about UFOs….”

“UFOs?” Tommy repeats dumbfounded.
“Yes. We know, most likely just some people with a vivid imagination and too much time on their hands, but … we have to investigate.” Scully gives Tommy an apologetic smile, as if she’s embarrassed to have to ask these questions.

“Have you seen any strange things going on? Branches broken, strange lights, sounds that cannot be identified, trees that just die for no apparent reasons?” Mulder asks and Tommy shakes his head.
“Not that I know of, but then I’m hardly ever here at night-time.”

“Do you know anyone who could give us more information?” Scully now asks.
“Probably those who work in the orchards for us. I can give you a few addresses.”
“Please, that would be nice.” Scully smiles. Tommy goes to find his address-book and, once he’s out of hearing-range, she turns to Mulder.

“What do you think?” she asks.
“I don’t know. It such a bright, warm day that it’s hard to imagine what it would be like here in the middle of the night….” Mulder replies hesitantly. “But the reports were rather thorough and the witnesses seemed sure of what they had seen.”

At that moment, Tommy returns and offers them some addresses of people they can talk to. They thank him and not much later Tommy watches them leave. He shakes his head, still feeling weird about the conversation he just had. Aliens. UFOs. Come on. Hasn’t he outgrown those stories?

And yet, as he gets into his car to return to Pasadena, he cannot help but remember those nights when he was a kid, twelve years old perhaps. William had put up a small tent where Tommy and Kevin could sleep and Tommy had often been amazed by the vivid colors in the night-sky.

Of course, it had been a source of science-fiction-fantasies, for both him and Kevin, and they had imagined huge flying saucers landing and trying to take over Earth. Terrible monsters that could only be stopped by the united secret powers of the two Walker-brothers… Tommy smiles.

It had all sounded so terribly sobering when Kitty had rolled her eyes and explained that those lights were just effects of the lights of Ojai and other towns around and the pollution in the air. Yeah, Kitty always knew how to spoil their fun.

Maybe he should call Kevin tonight and see what he still remembers of the lights in the sky of Ojai….

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