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Turn a different corner 66/102

Turn a different corner 66/102

By: Marea67
About: Nora, Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Julia, Kevin, Scotty, Justin. Oh! And Max Carter is back, my cop from “Happy now?” ! Blame it on Ioan Gruffudd, just watched the movie “Happy now?” with him as Max Bracchie and KNEW I had bring back Max Carter…
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything


“Mrs Walker, I’m terribly sorry about this… But these letters were needed.”
“And you found then where?”
“On the floor, around and underneath your husband. They were all written by your husband the night he died.

We read them in order to find out if there was any clue about a possible … act of vengeance? … We informed you, that we took some letters with us for investigation. ”
“Yes, I remember, but I thought they were business correspondence, not personal letters. Max, do you mean that someone seriously suspected that William was killed by one of us?”

“I have to take the possibility into account, Mrs Walker. Wealthy family, father in charge of the family-business, goes out of his way to interfere in his children’s life. Cheats on his wife… Huge fight erupts and suddenly he’s dead…. It’s almost classic. People have been killed for less.”

“I see what you mean. It’s ridiculous though.” Nora replies sharply, but she can understand Max’s concern. He’s just doing his job, she tells herself.
“Anyway. They are just personal letters expressing his concern, apologies and affection.”
“They are?” Nora asks surprised. Max nods and he hands them to Nora.

She quickly looks at them… Sarah, Kitty, Tommy and Justin… Nothing for her… Nothing for Kevin… She sighs and then bites her lip to hide her disappointment. She had hoped that maybe there would have been some final word from William, some apology… If not for her, then at least for Kevin.. and Scotty.

“Mrs. Walker? I noticed that there were no letters for either Kevin or you…. It’s quite possible that those were the most difficult to write and he never got around to do it….” Max offers this explanation in comfort and Nora smiles sadly.
“Yes, probably…” She says, not very convinced.


Kevin doesn’t even blink, when Nora explains the letters to her children and hands them to Sarah, Kitty, Tommy and Justin. His face doesn’t show any emotion at all.
“There were no letters for Kevin or me…. It is believed that he died before he could write them…” She swallows hard.

“Perfect…. Can I go now?” Kevin asks. “There’s no reason for me to stick around, is there?” He gets up. “Have a nice read, you guys. I’m glad dad made his amends with you all.” Kevin tries to smile, but the bitterness is on his face.
“Kevin! Kevin, please come back!” Nora calls out.

But the front-door slams closed and a few seconds later they can hear Kevin’s car drive away at full speed. Great! As if it wasn’t bad enough that he wouldn’t come to the funeral… On top of the issues they already have. Nora sighs. She doesn’t need this.


Kevin feels like he has held his breath from the moment he stormed out of his mother’s house until the door of the loft closes behind him. There, in his living-room, he bends over as if he’s in pain, feeling sick to his stomach. He wants to scream, but there’s just no sound left in him.

He runs over the bathroom and throws up, until he’s completely empty. Shaking and shivering all over his body, he sinks to the floor of the bathroom. That is when he suddenly sees a towel being handed to him and he looks up into the concerned blue eyes of his husband.

“Nora called me at the restaurant before she told you guys about the letters… I got home a few minutes before you did…” Scotty speaks calmly, cleaning Kevin’s mouth and face with the cold, wet towel. “She thought you might need me here.” Scotty cleans the towel and makes it wet again, then he kneels down before Kevin.

Without another word, he dabs Kevin’s face with it. Kevin closes his eyes, enjoying the cold against his hot face.
“It’s quite possible that he just didn’t get around to writing you a letter.” Scotty says.
“I don’t care anymore.” Kevin’s voice is rough.

“Yes, you do. You wouldn’t be so upset if you didn’t.”
“It was the final slap across the face. He managed to humiliate me, even in the last moments of his life…. Even then, he still managed to convey the message that the others are more important than me.”

“… Or your mother? She didn’t get one either.” Scotty asks. Kevin looks at him with so much hatred on his face that Scotty unintentionally backs away. The deep anger resounds in his voice when he replies, between clenched teeth.
“If he truly loved mom, ever loved her, he would not have fucked another woman behind her back.”

Scotty doesn’t know what to say to that logic.
“Maybe…” he tries.
“You know, Scotty, every time I think he can’t hurt me anymore …. , that he cannot degrade me any further …, that this time he won’t affect me….

And then he completely knocks me down… he always knows how to hurt me, how to make me feel small and insignificant. And every time I think that I’m ready for him, that this time he’s won’t get through to me anymore…. And then he … He…” Kevin’s voice breaks and all Scotty can do is wrap his arms around Kevin.

“Kevin…” Scotty searches for words of comfort, his eyes filled with tears, for he cannot stand to see Kevin in so much pain. Kevin doesn’t deserve this.
“Don’t, Scotty. Don’t search for excuses for him. Or for me. I know how I feel. So just let me feel that way… It hurts…… It hurts!”

“I want to be able to help you, someway, somehow.” Scotty replies.
“Just hold me… Love me… Please…. I need your love.” Kevin begs and he can feel Scotty’s grip tighten around him. Scotty kisses his hair, sooths Kevin’s pain with sweet little words, whispered in his ear, confirming his undying love again and again, until Kevin relaxes in his husband loving arms.


“Aren’t you going to read it?” Jordan asks and Justin shakes his head.
“I don’t know yet…. See, I’m not sure that there’s anything he could say, that would make me feel better or change my mind about him. … and, like Kevin, I cannot escape the thought that he only to wrote us, to punish Kevin.”

“There was no letter for Kevin?”
“No…. But I feel personally that if any of his children needs to receive an apology from my dad, it’s Kevin and not me.” Justin replies thoughtful.
“So, what will you do now?”

“Leave it unread.” Justin says and he throws the letter in a drawer.
“Are you sure?”
“You can read if you want, but I couldn’t care less what he has to say to me…” Justin shrugs and with those words he goes to his own room.


Dear Tommy, and Julia too,

It is hard to sit here and write this letter, because I can imagine neither of you believing a word of what I am about to write, but here it goes:

I’m sorry. Sorry for the fact that I was so cold with you two. I’ve never wanted anything else than your happiness, Tommy, and I should have realized that you ARE happy with Julia. From the day you met her, you have known that she was the only woman you ever wanted… And it wasn’t up to me to make a decision, one way or the other.

I’m sorry that you lost your child. It is clear to me now that you had planned to raise this child as your own and I should have accepted this little gift from God with both hands, instead of blaming either you or Julia. I had NO right to pass judgment over Julia, it was your mutual decision and I should have respected that.

I want you to know that if ever you will blessed with a second chance, I will accept your choice, consider this child a Walker and be the best grandfather a child could have. I know I’ve made some serious mistakes in the past, but I do hope that you.. BOTH of you, can find it in your heart to forgive me.”

Tommy stares as his father’s signature. So familiar, so strange. He apologized to him. Tommy cannot remember William every apologizing for anything. He tries to swallow away the lump in his throat, but he cannot and then he bows his head and cries bitter tears over the loss of his father…

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