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By Marea
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me, written with love, not for money
Summary: It’s not over…. *** Spoilers for the finale 4.24 “On the road again” ***


It’s busier on the road than he had expected, but it’s alright, he keeps a safe distance anyway. He looks to his right and smiles as he sees his beautiful husband sleeping there. No wonder Scotty is exhausted after this weekend and everything that happened. He looks back on the road.

A bit further he sees a truck lose control. It’s swerving. Oh my God! Where are Robert and Kitty? Where’s his mom? It all happens too fast, way too fast! Suddenly there’s too much red light in his car. Many tail-lights signal heavy breaking from cars in front of him. He can never stop in time!

He pulls the wheel to the right to avoid smashing in the car in front of him. The moment he moves, he knows it is too abrupt. His horizon shifts. The car flips over. Kevin closes his eyes… and when he opens them again, it’s quiet. So quiet. So eerily quiet that he can hear his own heart beat way too fast.

“Scotty?” he asks. He manages to undo his safety-belt. He reaches out to Scotty, but the chair beside his empty. Did he get out of the car? Somehow? Someway? “Scotty? Where are you? Talk to me.” It remains quiet. He manages to crawl out of the car. There’s glass in his hand.

A woman passes by, but doesn’t look at him. Kevin tries to stop her.
“Have you seen my husband? I can’t find him.” She looks at him with empty eyes and walks on, ignoring his question. Kevin tries to reason away his growing fear, with the thought that she’s in shock. They were all just in an accident.

However, he needs to find Scotty.
“Scotty?” Fear takes over. Where is he? “Scotty!!! Please!!! Where are you?” He listens but it’s so quiet. Around him is debris from other cars, but he can’t see Scotty.. He hears other voices, but not Scotty’s.

And then slowly the cars fade, one by one, they just desintergrate, until he’s all alone on that long road. Alone, next to his overturned car. He’s alone. So alone and he lost Scotty. He can’t find the man he loves.
“Scotty….?” His voice breaks, terror now seeping through. He whispers his husband’s name again and then he hears a sound.


“Kevin! Kevin, darling, wake up. You have a nightmare.” Kevin can hear Scotty’s voice, feel his arms around him and he presses his face against Scotty’s shoulder and sobs.

“I couldn’t find you… I didn’t know where you were…. Couldn’t find you.”
“I know, baby, it’s the third time this week that you had this nightmare. But I’m right here. I’m right here.”

Kevin’s arms close around Scotty’s body and Scotty knows he has to wait until Kevin is asleep again, to get some room to breathe again. He can feel Kevin relax, now that knows that Scotty is safe and it will not be long before he drifts back to sleep, but Scotty is awake.

It’s only been four days since it happened. Tomorrow will be Robert’s funeral. And hopefully, with that taken care of, Kevin can also put the accident to rest. Scotty sure hopes so. He’s too tired. He wants to have Kevin home and not out there, every night, searching for him.


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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