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By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Oh, so  NC-17!!!
Disclaimer: I'd love to own Kevin/Scotty, alas, they are the property of ABC. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Kevin is bored and turns Scotty on, ... by remote  ;)


His finger follows the drop that slides down the window outside. It’s been a while since it rained so hard and Scotty looks out, at the street, hoping to see Kevin’s car. But the passing cars don’t resemble Kevin’s at all. He turns away from the window and goes to the kitchen where he sinks down on one of the chairs.

It’s nine o’clock at night and Scotty knows that Kevin has to work late. But because Scotty has a night off, he had hoped that somehow Kevin would manage to be home by now.. It somehow feels so unfair to Scotty, but he assumes the meeting that Robert had to go to was important enough that Kevin had to come along.

He’s about to pour some more tea, when suddenly an irritating noise reaches his ears. Someone is texting him.
“I m bored.” Is all the message says and Scotty smiles. “Sitting in half dark room watching Pwrpnt pres.zzzz.” Is the next message and Scotty grins.

But his smile fades a bit when the next text comes in.
“Miss u. remember day after 1st date? ;) ” And Scotty sure remembers that morning, showing up at Kevin’s doorstep, nervous and all… Everything had been so fresh and new and scary and exiting…


They do nothing else but kiss and kiss again, just kissing, just this intimate pressing of lips against lips. Sometimes there are long thorough kisses, where their tongues dance around each other, sometimes it’s a million tiny little kisses making soft popping sounds, that makes them share a little smile and kiss some more.

Small kisses melting into a deep loving tender moment of being completely lost in each other’s arms, only so they disentangle themselves again and be two separate persons again. It is after one of those kisses that Scotty lifts his head to caress Kevin’s face.
“I like this too. I don’t think I could ever get enough of kissing you.”

Trapped between the back of the couch and Scotty’s body, Kevin doesn’t complain. Scotty looks down on Kevin’s face, his face seems softer now that he has let his guard down a bit. His lips are red and swollen from their many kisses and Scotty knows they are both aroused, but scared to go past the point they have come to now.

Those blue eyes look up at him. The question in them inevitable, but Scotty just knows that Kevin won’t ask for more, he won’t ask to take it a step further. And this is what Scotty finds so fascinating in Kevin. That someone who is verbally so strong in a courthouse, with this family and even with Scotty, can suddenly turns so shy.

Kevin is so ready to wipe away his own desires for someone else’s, that it makes it harder on Scotty, because he doesn’t know how to move beyond this point either. His thumb caresses Kevin’s face. He has to do something, if Kevin doesn’t make a move,… and when Kevin doesn’t, Scotty takes his hand away from Kevin’s face.

He lets it rest on Kevin’s shoulder for a few seconds and then his fingers slide down Kevin’s arm. They don’t break their eye-contact at all. If Scotty transmits the desire that he’s ready for more, Kevin sure replies to him to go for it. Scotty can see Kevin’s eyes widen a bit further, when Scotty lets his hand just casually rest on Kevin’s leg.

But instead of going where he thinks Kevin wants him to go, his hand moves up again to push up Kevin’s shirt, softly touching the skin underneath. Kevin moans and brings his body closer to Scotty’s hand, proving how eager he is to move on. With a little sound Scotty moves in for another kiss.

Only this time he pushes Kevin to move closer and Kevin obeys without hesitation. Scotty’s hand care caresses Kevin’s back, his side, his stomach and finally rests on the zipper, and more importantly, on the hardness underneath it. The touch causes a shock in Kevin, making him push up against Scotty’s hand.

Scotty laughs, feeling victorious over the fact that he can do this to Kevin and he’s ready for some more teasing, when Kevin grabs him by the wrist, keeping Scotty’s hand in place. Scotty can feel how Kevin moves his body against Scotty’s hand slowly letting go of Scotty’s wrist to cover Scotty’s hand.

Scotty’s hand is ‘trapped’ between Kevin’s hand and Kevin’s body and he can feel Kevin get even harder, a feeling echoing through his own body. Scotty applies just a bit more pressure and Kevin moans….


Startled Scotty looks up. Another text. “Do we have plans for V-day?” Valentine’s day? No, Scotty doesn’t believe they have anything planned, in fact Valentine’s day remains a bit of an awkward thing between them. They never really discussed in details how they had felt that night and the next morning.

Though Kevin had admitted, and with passion, that he should have tied Scotty to the bed after that night and never let him go, Scotty had only laughed and he had told Kevin that perhaps the best thing was to forget that it ever happened. Not that Scotty ever really forgot…


“Ah!!!” Scotty pushes up, watching his swollen cock disappear between Kevin’s lips. This is too good on too many levels. He lets himself fall backwards on the bed. Looking at Kevin is way too arousing and he’s not ready to give in, not this fast, though the next moment, as Kevin’s tongue moves around him, he nearly changes his mind.

Of course it had been a … okay, Scotty, be honest
,… not unwelcome surprise to see Kevin again. Scotty had hoped for it, from the moment that Michelle had begged him, to go on this blind date with this ‘hot teddy-bear of an attorney’ who’s name happened to be Kevin, the only name that could turn Scotty on like a light-switch.

And then seeing Kevin again... Scotty had known straight-away that he had not gotten over Kevin and when Kevin teased him about being able to take advantage of him, Scotty knew he should
 not do that, but it was inevitable. Inevitable from the moment those blue eyes looked up at him, because Scotty got hooked again.

He didn’t think twice when Kevin suggested they’d leave. They completely restrained themselves in the cab, but lost the battle for common decency in the elevator up to Kevin’s apartment. One look from Kevin had sufficed to make Scotty push him against the elevator wall and kiss him with so much passion that it frightened Scotty.

And now that able mouth was driving him completely insane. His hands run through Kevin’s hair, oh, how he misses the curls. He tries not to push Kevin’s head further down but he needs to… Kevin’s fingers move inside him. He’s ready so ready. And just when Scotty believes he can no longer control himself, Kevin takes him away from the edge.

Scotty feels the movement on the bed, he knows what will come. He keeps his eyes closed, not wanting to lose too much of the tension, until he can feel Kevin inside him, slowly filling him. But when it happens it’s too much. It just is. His lungs burn from his irregular breathing. His body aches with the desire to let go.

Kevin pulls away, comes back, Scotty’ fingers grab hold of the sheet underneath him, he starts to counter Kevin’s thrusts…


Gee! He should really get another ringtone for his messages! He never realized how irritating that bleeping little noise actually is.
“Jason s back. R wants to know if dinner at ranch is ok on Sun? Said Id ask u 1st” Scotty makes a face. He gets pulled out of his reverie over Jason?!


Kevin grins, imagining the face Scotty would make by now. Thank God! The meeting is over, he feels like he just wasted 4 hours of his life. Four hours, he could have spent with Scotty. He checks his phone. None of his messages have been replied to. Maybe Scotty went to bed early? Kevin sighs. That’s the problem.

He hardly sees Scotty these days and when they finally have time to spend together, they get invited to dinner with others… Kevin is glad that Jason is back from Australia, safe and sound, but is it really necessary to join Robert, Kitty and Jason for dinner on Sunday? He can’t wait to hear Scotty’s reaction.

Not that Jason is still an issue of argument between them. In fact, they all get along when they meet. Kevin sees no reason to seek Jason’s company, especially not on a night when he can do a whole lot of different things with his husband… As he gets into his car, he’s reminded of that first time Jason stayed for dinner with Scotty and him.

It had been a disaster and on top of everything Kevin had gotten into a fight with Scotty, that had led to Scotty angrily walking away and it wasn’t until the next morning that Kevin discovered, that Scotty had spent the night in his Ranchero. Kevin had been glad that he managed to make things better between them, but that night…


… He dreads opening the door, not sure if he had really convinced Scotty this morning that it was Scotty, and no one, else he wanted.

Of course. Kevin puts down his briefcase and enters his kitchen, to find Scotty there. The table is ready for a romantic dinner for two.
“Are you hungry?” Scotty asks. “No crustaceans.” He smiles apologetically at those last two words. Kevin laughs.

“I’m glad you’re here.” Kevin suddenly says. His voice is so strangled that it makes Scotty look up.
“Where else would I be?”
“Gone… I thought, you may have changed you mind and ….”

Kevin feels his eyes fill with tears as the tension of these last two days finally gets to him. He feels Scotty’s arms around him.
“I’m here, Kevin. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay for as long as you want me to.” Scotty smiles so sweetly and it unleashes a tidal-wave in Kevin.

“I never want you to leave me again…. It hurts like hell when you do. I couldn’t sleep last night, afraid that I had lost you again. You had it all wrong. I was glad that Jason was back, but not because I wanted him back. I just wanted to close that chapter. Permanently. The only one I wanted, all along, was you.

I didn’t know.. that you doubted me so much. Why can’t I make you understand how happy I am with you, how much I need you, how lost I feel when I’m without you?…. Why can’t you believe me? I love you so much.”

The words just flow out him, he doesn’t think twice, he doesn’t need to force himself to say them. “I love you.” He says again, amazed by how good and genuine the words sound to him. And they don’t miss their effect on Scotty either. Scotty’s face shows his surprise that leads to a hesitant but happy smile.

He opens his mouth to say something, but there’s no sound. Kevin takes Scotty’s face between his hands, forcing Scotty to look at him.
“I love you.” He says once again. He wraps his arms around Scotty and kisses him, feeling Scotty hold back for a second and then lean into the kiss.


Beyond that moment everything is blurry. Kevin knows they had dinner together, but he, for the life of him, can’t remember what they had to eat, he only had eyes for Scotty. The wine-bottle only got emptied halfway, Kevin had felt completely intoxicated without drinking.

He knows they skipped deserts on purpose because they could no longer wait. They left everything on the table, Scotty blew out the candles and then he reached out to Kevin, the invitation to go with him to the bedroom clearly in his eyes. And Kevin can remember taking Scotty’s hand…


“Scotty! Please, don’t stop! Don’t ….” Kevin cries and he can hear Scotty chuckle,
“I don’t plan to. Not yet anyway.” Scotty grins, slowing down his thrusting, much to Kevin’s disappointment.
“Scotty, please…” Kevin whispers, unable to think more coherently.

“Shhhh, baby,…” Scotty replies in the same soft voice. He nibbles at Kevin’s ear and Kevin moans. “I’m close as well…. So close…” He can feel Kevin tremble in his arms. His grip on Kevin tightens and Kevin knows that Scotty will be picking up the pace again and that this time he won’t stop until they both give in to ecstasy.

Scotty kisses Kevin’s lips one more time and then slowly picks up the speed again, Kevin’s lips part, the soft noises become louder and Scotty thrusting faster, makes those little noises more rhythmic. Then Scotty can feel Kevin coming…


Scotty turns off all the lights. He has no idea when Kevin will be back, but he’s tired and all this thinking of Kevin and himself has turned him on a bit… much… He undresses himself and decides to sleep naked. The sheets feel cool against his skin, somehow making him feel even hotter.

He carefully strokes his growing erection. He’s not sixteen anymore, dreaming over some football-player… but it feels good to acknowledge that excited feeling that he’s been feeling since Kevin’s messages started coming in. Kevin could still be gone for hours, so why should he not take care himself?

At the same time it feels strange to do this, partially because he wishes that Kevin was here to do it instead… He’s so wrapped up in his own thoughts, not to mention his own actions, that he doesn’t hear the door opening or Kevin coming in. Though to his defense, Kevin, thinking Scotty already asleep, is quiet as a mouse.

In the hallway Kevin stops for second, when he realizes what he sees in the bedroom. He knows Scotty’s expressions well enough to know that Scotty is feeling uncomfortable. He grins.
“Scotty?” he says, pretending not to have noticed what Scotty was doing.

“You’re home.” Scotty looks pleasantly surprised, quickly bringing his hands up to give Kevin the idea that he was just … doing something else, but then he catches the little smirk on Kevin’s face as Kevin undresses.
“Started without me, huh?” Kevin grins, giving a quick glance at the sheets that hardly conceal Scotty erection.

“Thinking about it…” Scotty confesses, licking his lips when Kevin sheds his last piece of clothing and stands naked before him. God, Kevin is so beautiful! Kevin catches the appreciative look and smiles, suddenly shy, never quite able to understand why Scotty can look at him with so much lust.

Scotty shoves aside the sheets and Kevin joins him on the bed. Their kisses are intimate and warm, a gentle play of tongues and lips, at first fast and shallow, but gradually intensifying.
“Mhmmm.” Kevin hums under Scotty touches, until Scotty changes their positions.

Kevin rolls on his back and within a second Scotty is on top of him, letting Kevin feel how hard he is and Kevin’s fingers slide between them, at first only softly teasing Scotty, but then building up the pressure, making Scotty moan with delight. Kevin can see Scotty close his eyes, lose himself in the touch.

Kevin watches until he knows that Scotty can no longer hold back, then he pushes Scotty on his back again, his mouth now joining his hand, Scotty cries out Kevin’s name, his fingers pushing Kevin’s head further down, as he pushes his cock deeper into Kevin’s throat.

Scotty knows he should let go, but he can’t. It feels too good to drift so close to the edge. He begs Kevin not to stop and Kevin doesn’t. Scotty knows it’s inevitable, he can’t control himself any longer. He whispers Kevin’s name one more time, but then Kevin’s mouth gives him the final push into the abyss.


It takes a while for Scotty to be able to form a sentence again, but eventually he succeeds.
“I guess it’s your turn now…” Scotty pants. Kevin reaches out to the drawer.
“It sure is.” He confirms with a grin that makes Scotty smile with love.
“Come here.” Scotty then says and pulls Kevin down on top of him to kiss him.


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  • Fanfic: A guest for Christmas 09/14

    A guest for Christmas 09/14 by Marea67 About: Kevin/Scotty Rate: for now G, if it changes I'll let you know ;) Disclaimer: Written with love…

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