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Forks in the road 12/12

Forks in the road…. 12/12

What if....? Certain things just DON'T change?

By Marea67
About: Kevin and Scotty.
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Kevin and Scotty or B&S don’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money
Summary: AU –  I'm complety, completely in love with you. I even love the things about you, that I hate

It’s an hour after going to bed and Kevin gives up. He’s tired and his eyes burn. His sheets cling to his body. And it was so incredibly suffocating in his house. Even sleeping naked didn’t help. Scotty must surely be asleep by now. Kevin swings his legs out of bed, but has to sit on the side a bit longer.

The heat and alcohol have a dizzying effect on him. Slowly he gets up, takes his towel and he feels his muscles become more cooperative. He goes down the stairs and through the backdoor to enter the garden. The storm is closer now, but the breeze is still just faint. He hopes that a little more swimming will cool him down and make him more tired.

Also, maybe, by the time he’s done, the storm is close enough and the rain will bring fresh air. He drops his towel and, naked, he gets into the water. He’s alone in the garden. Scotty is asleep, it’s early in the morning. It’s dark in his house and that of the neighbors. There’s little chance anyone will see him.


It’s the sound of the one of the floorboards. Scotty knows the sound and he knows it’s probably Kevin, but still it wakes him up from his shallow sleep. He had turned off the air-conditioner to not have it run all night, but now the room is warm and stuffy and Scotty feels as if he can’t breathe anymore.

He gets out of bed and goes down the stairs, expecting to find Kevin in the kitchen, but the kitchen is dark and empty. There’s a splashing sound and Scotty goes to the backdoor to look into the garden, when he realizes there’s someone in the pool. It’s Kevin.

He quietly opens the backdoor to enter the garden, about to call out Kevin’s name when he notices that Kevin is swimming a lot with his head under water and probably would not hear him anyway. He comes even closer, but then stops. Kevin is naked and something in Scotty tells him he shouldn’t watch, that he should make his presence known.

However, Scotty can’t take his eyes off the man in the water. He always admires a good swimmer and Kevin looks absolutely amazing. There is very little light, but what he can see in the light is just so beautiful that he can only quietly enjoy the view. He can feel sweat form on his back.

Kevin walks back to the little stairs and climbs out of the water, shaking his head to get the water out of his curls. Assuming that he’s alone he doesn’t bother to hide himself as he calmly walks over to his towel. It’s not a very big towel and hardly covers that much skin. Scotty bites his lip, knowing he should move, he should let Kevin know he’s there.

He clears his throat quietly, but in the heavy silence, where even the crickets don’t make a noise anymore, it sounds awfully loud. Kevin turns to him.
“Scotty!!” He tries to cover himself a bit, but it’s a useless fight. Why, oh why, didn’t he bring any clothes with him when he came down from his room?

“I heard a noise…” Scotty says, feeling he should come up with some excuse. “I wasn’t really sleeping… Thought you might have gone for a midnight-snack… or something… and I …” Scotty stammers softly, distracted when he notices that Kevin's cock is hard. Kevin really should have gotten a bigger towel.

For a second he closes his eyes tightly praying he’s not getting caught staring at Kevin’s arousal, but it’s hard…. ahm …. not easy ... to ignore. Not knowing whether to laugh or just stay quiet, he gives Kevin a panicked look, before continuing: “M-maybe I should get you a bigger towel.”

With the original shock subsiding, Kevin can see the humor of his current situation. Scotty looks so deliciously flustered that Kevin suddenly has the urge to completely take advantage of this.
“Why? This one is big enough. Besides with this heat, I’ll be dry in a few seconds anyway.”

He casually drops the towel, … and it takes a little longer than usual to fall to the ground, because it meets some resistance on the way down, but eventually it’s at Kevin’s feet. Scotty doesn’t know where to look, so he focuses on Kevin’s eyes. Kevin smiles, not showing a hint of shame.

Scotty starts to see that Kevin is challenging him and a smile curls around his lips. A smile Kevin responds to.
“We’re doing that 'not look away'-thing again you like so much.” He says and Scotty steps closer.

His eyes follow one drop of water that slides down from Kevin’s collarbone, through the hairs on Kevin’s chest, across his belly to disappear … Scotty looks up again, his smile even bigger. The next drop forms, except this time Scotty reaches out and lets his fingertip follow the drop, making Kevin hold his breath, until Scotty reaches just under his navel and stops.

A breeze comes up, the leaves rustle, the thunder comes closer, finally approaching their area, but neither man notices. Scotty comes even closer and he kisses Kevin softly, on the nose, on the closed eyes, his cheeks and Kevin’s lips part. It’s only then, that Scotty lets his mouth cover Kevin’s.

The kiss is careful and gentle and it’s not just the heat that leaves them breathless. Scotty’s hands are on Kevin’s back, sliding down in an effort to pull Kevin closer and Kevin just lets his body melt with Scotty’s. Their kiss lasts longer than either of them had imagined possible.

The sky lights up with lightning, immediately followed by the crash of the thunder. It’s so loud that they can feel the ground shake. The leaves make more noise as the breeze turns into a stronger wind. The first raindrops fall, large and filled with cold water, that cools off the two men, who just cannot seem to let go of each other.

“We need to get back in the house.” Kevin finally says and Scotty nods. They quickly run back to the house, but hardly inside, Scotty takes Kevin’s hand, pulls him back and pushes him against the closed backdoor. His kisses are more insistent this time and his fingers explore Kevin’s torso. Scotty is however still too shy to move lower.

Then Kevin hungrily kisses him back and pushes him backwards towards the stairs. They don’t talk, but go up the stairs, frequently stopping for more kisses, more touches. Kevin’s bedroom is the closest and it’s no surprise to him that he ends up there, on his bed, on his back with Scotty covering his naked body.

“I want you so much…” is all Kevin can say and he reaches out for the top-drawer. Scotty hesitates, wondering if this is a good idea, but the question fades to the back-ground when he realizes how beautiful Kevin is right now. The invitation in his eyes is impossible to ignore and Scotty sits up a bit to allow Kevin to spread his thighs and move into a better position.

By the time Scotty asks Kevin to turn over, Kevin just obeys blindly, out of pure desire. Scotty unrolls the condom and holds his breath because he can hardly wait. Inside him a voice screams that it’s too fast, that he should take his time, but when he finally penetrates Kevin’s body, the voice silences.

Scotty can’t remember the last time it had felt this good. Kevin pushes back against him, showing him how much he wants this too and Scotty starts to thrusts.
“I won’t last long.” He warns, already barely holding on as it is.
“Just do it.” Kevin nearly cries.

Scotty pushes Kevin further down on the bed. Their bodies become one, moving like they know exactly how to please each other, like there had never been anyone else. Scotty gasps as he gets closer. Kevin gives everything he has to give and then Scotty only whispers his name … It’s all Kevin remembers.

The rain washes against the windows and the temperature drops considerately. Scotty reaches out for the sheet and pulls it tightly around his and Kevin’s shoulders. There are only sweet spoken words and kisses, until the whispering silences because both men are asleep.




“Are you ready?” Scotty asks.
“Yes… Got it.” Kevin replies and Scotty watches him leave their bedroom . Their bedroom… It sounds so weird to think in those terms. Everything just happened so quickly, like everything just fell into place.

The morning after the storm they had woken up in each other’s arms. There had been nothing more needed, than a smile between them, to know, that they both felt surprisingly comfortable where they were. There was no awkwardness, only the knowledge that it felt right.

So many changes. Scotty never slept in his own room again. It had become just an extra room. Scotty had been completely taken aback when, a week after they started their relationship, Kevin told him that the kitchen would be remodeled to turn it exactly into what Scotty had drawn on paper months before. A project that Kevin had been working on for several weeks prior to the start of their relationship.

For a week Scotty lived in total fear of it being a disaster, or Kevin just hating it, but when the men left on Friday, the kitchen was just perfect and Scotty could not get over how much attention had been given to the details and it was a joy to cook there. Scotty’s only regret: He hardly has the time to cook at the house lately.

Scotty’s probation-time had been over and he had been offered the position of head-chef. Meanwhile, Kevin had been completely surprised by the announcement that he had been made a new partner in the law-firm. And though they both work long days, they also make time to be with each other whenever they can.

Between Frank’s money, given to Scotty by Constance and what Kevin had inherited from Tad and Rudy and had earned with the sale of his house, money was not an immediate worry, which put them in a comfortable and stable position, something especially appreciated by Scotty who had been so close to having nothing at all.

Scotty feels so blessed. A wonderful partner. Good career. Enough money. No worries. A family. For Scotty had been received with open arms into the Walker-family. The Walkers had never hid how much they liked him, but when Kevin had shyly told them that they were officially dating everyone had simply gone crazy.

“Scotty!” Kevin’s impatience sounds through his voice and Scotty knows he should stop day-dreaming and go downstairs to join Kevin in his car. He knows that today is important to Kevin, but he feels a bit nervous as well. His fingers slide over the flowers before him, but then he grabs them and he quickly searches for Kevin.

During the ride they are both very quiet, occasionally looking at each other with a little nervous smile. Is it too fast? Should they wait a bit longer? Scotty doesn’t know. Sometimes he questions his decisions and sometimes he wonders what possesses him to question himself.

When they finally arrive, Kevin and Scotty both get out of the car. Scotty is glad it’s a sunny day. There’s nothing sadder than a cemetery on a rainy day. At first he just follows Kevin, but then Kevin reaches out to him and his hand slips into Kevin’s. They are almost alone here anyway.

Finally they stop at a double grave. Rudy’s and Tad’s. Kevin kneels down and clears away some dirt on Tad’s stone and then Scotty can hear him say

“Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve been here, I know. Neither of you is forgotten. I haven’t stopped loving you, Tad… But I have moved on. Like you said I should…. Tad, when you told me 4 years ago that you needed me to believe that I could love again, I didn’t…. I was wrong. You were right… I do love again… I’m here today with Scotty Wandell, the man I love…” Scotty crouches down next to Kevin.

“Tad, Rudy, you were a big part of my life. And I still miss you sometimes, Tad. … I loved you… I still love you… I will continue to do so…. But you know what? I’ve discovered, I’m one of the lucky ones to have found love. Not once, but twice. Please, continue to watch over us…” Kevin puts the flowers on the graves and gets up. Scotty puts an arm around him.

“Are you ready?” Kevin then asks quietly and Scotty nods. Together they search for the right place and then it lies before them. The grave that carries Frank’s name… It takes Scotty’s breath away. Just the mere knowledge that he’s next to last resting-place of the man he once loved and lost…

Scotty just stares at the name, the stone. Grey. Gold letters. Sophisticated. He puts the little bouquet of flowers on the grave. There’s no note attached to them, it’s almost anonymous.
“Can we leave?” He then asks.

“You’re sure?” Kevin asks and Scotty nods. They walk quietly back to the car and as Kevin drives away, Scotty watches the ring on his finger. It’s the ring that Kevin put there two days ago. Quietly. Without a fuss. Most people will not even notice. It was merely a few documents they had to fill in and have notarized.

Scotty looks over his shoulder as the cemetery fades away in the distance. As the view fades, so does the pain of remembering Frank. He focuses back on the road ahead. He knows that life goes on, that there will be happy and sad times, but he’s ready for them. He’s ready for his future. With Kevin.


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