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2.16 ms 00003 Searching for perfection

2.16’s missing scenes: Cut 00003

We missed a lot scenes that should have been somewhere in one of the episodes.... but in 2.16 so many pieces were missing that I decided to write them after all.

Here's the third:
Searching for perfection
By Marea67
About: Nora +kids
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Setting an example is something any mother should do.
“Kitty, I want a meeting with you, and your brothers and your sister. Wednesday morning 8 o’clock, just before everyone goes to work. In my study.”
“Be there.”
“Sarah, I want a meeting with Kitty, your brothers and you. Wednesday morning 8 o’clock sharp. I know the kids are Joe’s so that is not the problem. Be there..”
“But mom…”
“It will only take 10 minutes out of your schedule. And it is important to me.” Nora hung up.
“I have it written down, Nora, no problem. I will tell Tommy.” Julia says.
“Thank you, honey.” Is Nora’s reply and with this issue out of the way, she can finally ask Julia how Lizzie is.
Tuesday-night, when he comes home from riding his bike, Justin finds a small note taped on his door.
“Reminder: 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, in the living! Mom” He sighs. Now what?!
Wednesday-morning, 8 o’clock.
Good, very good, they are here, is all Nora can think of, looking at Tommy, Sarah, Kitty and Justin
“I am glad you are all here. The reason I summoned you guys here, is regarding the coming wedding,… commitment ceremony…. Between Kevin and Scotty.”  She sees looks pass between her children. “I am very happy that Kevin and Scotty decided to have it here. With a small group of people. Just family, friends and immediate colleagues.” Her voice is sweet and nice, but changes significantly when she continues.
“And I don’t want anyone, for whatever reason to have a negative impact on their special day. Kevin was unhappy here for many years, when he came out. The dark stain that William put on Kevin in this house, took a long time to erase. Kevin has made some bad decisions with his relationships in the past and has not always found a welcome place here, when he needed one, because of a father who could not live with his son’s being gay.
Now that he’s getting married to the man he loves, nothing will stand in his way.  Girls, I don’t want video tapes with porn on it. No catfights over things. If you girls have anything to fight about, do it now! But not Saturday. I don’t want tents to break down, people to get drunk and reveal things that should not be revealed.. No artichokes! No dueling knights! No family-weapons! Your grand-mother is NOT invited and stays uninvited. No surprises! Oh and please, none of those horrible store-bought cakes either! Whatever problem arises, I don’t care. NOT on Saturday night!!!
Tommy, if you and Justin are dating the same girl again, settle your differences now! If any of you plans to cheat, tell us after the wedding. I know you boys will throw him a bachelor-party, which is fine. But he’d better be HERE Saturday evening at 8 o’clock. I will put both of you personally in charge of that. If Kevin is not here on time, I swear, I will have your heads on a silver platter. Is that understood?” She looks at her children. “I don’t want to hear that he’s stuck in Vegas at a roulette table, in a prison in Mexico or where-ever you guys will take him. Saturday,8 o’clock sharp, I want him here, sober.”
She sees Justin and Tommy exchange looks, then look at their sisters… Sarah straightens her back and sweetly asks:
“Does this also mean, mom, that you will not reveal another of Dad’s mistresses over dinner that day?”
“That you won’t chase Kevin down the aisle trying to give advice he does NOT want to hear?” Kitty reminds Nora, equally sugar-coated.
“You mean that, the food Scotty prepares, will actually be eaten? And not thrown at someone’s head, …by you?” Tommy asks, faking surprise.
“And that you will not invite Emily Craft, so you won’t get caught smoking something you shouldn’t have smoked?” Justin grins. Annoyed, Nora looks from Justin to Tommy to Kitty to Sarah.
“We will ALL be on our best behavior.” She then promises.
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