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Forks in the road 09/12

Warning: This is an AU (alternate universe) Things can be different or the same, events can have a different impact or not. But in the end, if things are meant to be, they are meant to be.

A short one today. It's been a busy day.

Forks in the road…. 09/12

What if....? Sometimes you get what you want, because someone else wants it?

By Marea67
About: Kevin and Scotty mostly.
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Kevin and Scotty or B&S don’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money
Summary: AU –  Chad reviews the Sunday dinner....


Chad holds back at the last moment and Kevin moans his complaint, making Chad laugh quietly.
“Don’t stop again…” Kevin begs.
“I won’t.” Chad whispers in his ear, slowly starting his thrusting again.

In the faint light he can see Kevin’s fingers take a firm grip on the pillow, trying to get some leverage to push back. The grip of Chad’s arms around Kevin becomes even tighter, limiting Kevin’s motions even more, controlling Kevin, pushing Kevin to surrender on Chad’s terms.

“Chad!!” Kevin gasps. “Don’t stop!”
“I know. I know.” Chad replies softly, keeping his thrusting in the same steady rhythm, while underneath him, in his arms, Kevin audibly holds his breath and shivers and shakes as his orgasm hits him.

Chad slowly keeps moving, not ready to give in to his own desire, but prolonging the moment for Kevin, by adding some soft touches and letting his teeth softly slide over Kevin’s skin, creating a stinging sensation that is added to the shivers that his caresses produce.

Once he’s knows that the strongest moment has passed for Kevin he finally seeks his own satisfaction, speeding up his thrusting and then Kevin suddenly clenches around him, making Chad gasp a “not fair!”, because it makes him surrender with a low moan and Kevin doesn’t even bother to wipe the smug smile of his face.

Afterwards, Chad spoons up against Kevin, feeling Kevin’s back against his chest. It’s a comfortable feeling. Chad can feel Kevin fall asleep, but he can’t really find his own sleep. So, he starts thinking about this evening. He had wondered about this Scotty, whose name comes so easily from Kevin’s lips… Chad smiles...


... Scotty and Jason are so nice and quite handsome too, so Chad can’t complain. Also Chad is impressed with the delicious dinner Scotty had made. Leaning back he watches how Kevin and Scotty quickly put the dishes from the table on the sink. He knows he should lend a helping hand, but he’s too intrigued by what he sees before him.

Chad likes to watch people, often wondering what they think, what makes them who they are, why they do what they do… and he watches with amusement how Kevin and Scotty move around each other. Like a well-trained pair of dancers one always seems to know exactly where the other one is… It is fascinating to watch.

The way Scotty’s hand casually rests on Kevin’s hip when Scotty tries to reach for something over Kevin’s head, the smile they give each other, when they accidentally bump into each other, at the same time their running into each other never seems by chance, but carefully organized. Fascinating!

But when he looks in the direction of Jason, he realizes that he’s not the only one who notices. Unfortunately Jason seems less impressed by the beauty. In fact his face clearly shows how discontent he is. Though at the same time, when Scotty smiles at him, Jason smiles back as if there’s nothing going on.

“So, Jason, when exactly are you leaving?” Chad suddenly asks.
“Tomorrow, late in the afternoon, my brother will drop me off at the airport.”
“I thought you bring him, Scotty …”
“I have … ” Scotty starts.

“Scotty has to work…” Jason answers, before Scotty can finish.
“These coming months will be so hard for you, Scotty. Without Jason.” Chad’s voice is filled with compassion. From where he sits he can see Jason, Scotty and Kevin. Scotty opens his mouth to reply when Jason curtly replies:

“I will call him as often as I can.. I’m fortunate that Scotty understands how important this is to me and that is he’s willing to wait for me to return….” Jason’s smile for Scotty is obvious, but Chad also sees the little glare in Kevin’s direction, that Scotty misses because he temporarily focuses on the glasses before him, his lips are a straight line.

Of course, Chad also sees the slightly annoyed frown from Kevin as he hangs up the dish-cloth, but then turns around with a big smile to ask if anyone is interested in deserts… What an intriguing display of emotion or rather a cover up of emotion.
and a master-class in acting…” Chad mumbles.

“Sorry, what did you say, Chad?” Kevin asks.
“Ice-cream! I said ice-cream.” Chad quickly replies with a smile. “But after that, Kevin, we really need to go my place… I still have some business to attend to.” He gives Kevin a wink. “..And I don’t think that Scotty and Jason would mind to be left alone?”

Jason gives Scotty a little smile, but Scotty remains stiff and shy and doesn’t respond. After desert Kevin graciously compliments Scotty on the delicious food and says that he will quickly collect a few of his belongings so he can leave with Chad and leave the house to Jason and Scotty.

A few seconds later the Jason’s telephone rings and he excuses himself as he leaves the room, leaving Chad and Scotty alone.
“Here. I’ll help you.” Chad picks up the glasses, that had served to put the ice in and Scotty gives him a grateful smile.

Chad pays close attention to Scotty’s face. He 
is attractive, but he doesn’t seem very happy… Chad frowns…
“Scotty, can I ask you something? …. Why are you with Jason?”
“I don’t think that’s a very appropriate question. I’m not asking why you…?”

“Kevin is handsome, smart, has a wicked sense of humor and is brutally honest. He knows his wines. He’s a good lawyer and can read between the lines. He makes me laugh, but takes me serious, when I need him to and he’s very creative between the sheets, though he prefers to be more traditional…. You’re turn.” Chad replies without missing a beat.

“Jason is…. Nice. Handsome… Sometimes a bit too jealous… But he makes me feel wanted…” Scotty tries.
“… which, right after the way you though you were betrayed, made you feel better..?”
“What are you suggesting?” Scotty asks.

“I don’t know. I … I am used to watching people, Scotty. I may not be a good actor, but I can usually read people very well. I have the feeling that Jason and you 
need each other, but don’t really love each other…”
“That … is ,,,ridiculous. I can’t say that I feel for Jason, what I felt for Frank, but I do

“Care? Yes. I never said you didn’t
care about him, but caring is not the same as loving.”
“Really? And what about you and Kevin? True love?”
“No. For neither of us. I know that Kevin will eventually want a stable relationship, but it won’t be with me.

And Kevin is a smart guy. He isn’t delusional enough to believe that he will be the one to change me…. Though if anyone can make me think twice, its him. But I’m not ready and I don’t think he expects me to be.”
“So, you and Kevin… just physical?”

“And temporary. Kevin was insecure. Not sure if he was ready to be with another man. And I think he has his answer now…” Chad smiles disarmingly. At that moment Jason comes back into the kitchen.
“Robert will pick me up at three.” He says.

Chad gives Scotty one last look, but then turns away from Scotty and Jason, when Kevin enters the kitchen…
“I hate to eat and run…” he says, looking at the mess they leave behind, but Scotty waves it away.

“It can wait until tomorrow morning…” Scotty says with a wink, clearly suggesting that Jason and he won’t be doing much dish-washing tonight.
“Have fun.” Kevin says and he walks over to Jason and hugs him. “Safe travel. Call Scotty as often as you can.” He orders Jason….


Kevin lets out a soft moan as he turns in bed, away from Chad. It frees Chad’s arm and gives him the opportunity to lie on his back and re-think his conversation with Scotty. Then he looks at Kevin sleeping beside him. Kevin is a friend and Chad may have a lot of flaws, he’s also very loyal to those he considers a friend.

He reviews over and over again, in his head, what he saw today and how he feels about it, but ultimately he can come to only one conclusion… He slips out of bed and checks his plans for the next few weeks. Yes, it can be done… It just takes a bit of organizing… He makes a few notes…. looks at the still sleeping Kevin…. and he smiles…

Tags: character - chad, character - jason, character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - au (alternative universe), series - forks in the road

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