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Forks in the road 08/12

Warning: This is an AU (alternate universe) Things can be different or the same, events can have a different impact or not. But in the end, if things are meant to be, they are meant to be.

Forks in the road…. 08/12

What if....? Scotty's life with Frank wasn't a 'complete train-wreck?

By Marea67
About: Kevin and Scotty mostly.
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Kevin and Scotty or B&S don’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money
Summary: AU –  Two shocks in one day for Scotty...


“Thank you for coming on such short notice.” Scotty says when Kevin enters the kitchen.
“No problem. What is going on? You made no sense when you called.”
“Constance, Frank’s wife, is looking for me. I don’t know how she got your mom’s address, but she called here… and she wants to talk to me.”

“I gave mom’s address and telephone-number to her dad, just in case there was still some argument over the apartment. That’s how she must have known where you were.”
“Oh, alright then. I’m just worried. I’m back on my feet again, things are looking up for me. I’m doing great. I don’t need another hysterical attack on her part..”

“I get that. Listen, you go talk to her in the kitchen. Offer her coffee. Stay calm. Frank is dead. It’s over and done. You’ve been conned just like her. You did nothing wrong. You don’t owe her anything either… I will be in the study, I’ll keep the door open, if you need me, call me, I’ll be there.”

“Thank you. I … I am scared.”
“You don’t have to be. I’ve spoken with her dad and he said that he wanted you to be left alone. The only thing that I can imagine is that she’s wasn’t done with her litany at your address.

If she starts blaming you, yelling at you, making threats, let me know. I will say it again: You… Did... Nothing… Wrong….” Kevin repeats slowly and Scotty nods. Deep in his heart he knows Kevin is right. A car pulls up the drive-way. Kevin listens.
“Not one of ours.” He says.

“It must be her.”
“Good. Let her in. I’ll be right there.” And then Kevin turns back to Scotty and gently strokes his face. “And smile!... You’re innocent. You believed in someone’s love and he lied to you. Don’t let her get to you.”

Scotty shakes his head. Even though Kevin walks away from him, he can still feel the touch of Kevin’s fingertips on his cheek. Scotty realizes how lucky he is to have a friend like Kevin. Grateful he watches Kevin disappear into the study and then the doorbell rings. Scotty straightens his t-shirt and opens the door.

Constance stands before him. She look calm and serene. She looks at him and then manages a smile.
“Hello, Scotty, it was nice of you to want to meet me again,… especially after what happened … my hysteric behavior … at our first meeting. I come in peace this time.”

“Oh, good. Nora hates blood-stains on her floor…” Scotty jokes nervously, before taking a step back and motioning Constance to come in. “Can I get you some coffee, tea or something else?”
“Please, why don’t you drop the hostess act!... I’m sorry… I’m very nervous.”

“Me too. That’s why I hoped coffee or tea would make it more ‘normal’…”
“Coffee. Please.”
“In the kitchen.” Scotty says with a smile, so Constance follows Scotty to the kitchen, where she watches him as he prepares the coffee.

She compliments that it’s a lovely kitchen, he explains that Nora is very proud of it. She says that she’s impressed with how cool it is. And he admits that it’s very pleasant inside, while it’s so hot outside. The coffee is ready. He pours it. She watches him once again. He can feel her eyes on his back, following his every move. He doesn’t care.

“So, why are you really here?” Scotty asks, he’s calm and tries to not sound too hostile.
“Because, … How do you think I found out about you and Frank?”
“I … don’t really know. You were suddenly there. I had no reason to doubt you. Your anger and pain were too real.” Scotty shrugs, not understanding where the question should lead him.

She clears her throat and opens her bag to take out some papers, that she places between them on the table. She lets her hands rest on them, obviously not ready to hand them over to Scotty.
This is how I found out.” She then says.

“What are those?” Scotty asks.
“Frank was with you that Friday, that he died, wasn’t he?” Constance asks in return.
“Yes, he was.” Scotty answers honestly.
“Did he tell you something?”

“Just that he had a lot of work to do and… that we wouldn’t see each other for a week or two. He would have the kids that weekend and he wasn’t ready to introduce me to them and that he would have a meeting with you, that he didn’t look forward to. That’s what he said….”

“No. I’ll bet he didn’t look forward to seeing me again… I was in Florida, with our sons, when the news came that he had been killed in a car accident…. I was devastated…. I had to identify him… take first actions regarding his funeral and then… Monday morning.. a messenger brought me a special delivery… This letter…”

She slides it over to Scotty, who unfolds the letter, looks at her, seeing if he has permission to read the letter, she nods, and he starts to read:

Dear Constance,

By the time you get this letter it will be Monday-morning and you will have noticed, upon your return from Florida, that I’ve taken everything out of the house that belongs to me and that I have left you. It is cowardly to do it this way, but I see no other option. You are great wife and a wonderful mother.

You married me although you knew that my interest was with my own sex and not the opposite one. You have condoned the few times that I was indiscrete with other men and accepted that flawed side of me, with love and respect. But I can no longer live a lie. I no longer want to live in the closet.

Three and half years ago I met a young man, Scotty Wandell, and what started as a meaningless fling…”
Scotty swallows his pain away. Those words hurt. “… turned into the most important relationship in my life. I love him. I undeniably love him. And I no longer want to live one day without him.

Included in this letter are some preliminary divorce-papers, as set up by my lawyer. I will take the full responsibility for the failure of our marriage upon me. I will not fight you over custody, though I want to continue to see our sons. I think that the proposal for the financial settlement is more than fair.

I don’t want to put either of our families, our children, or the man that I love through a dirty divorce. I respect and understand that you will be angry over the cowardly way I’ve dealt with this. I saw no other way. I love and respect you, though not as a man should love his wife, and the last thing I wanted was to hurt you, though this now seems inevitable…."

The letter goes on, but Scotty’s eyes are so filled with tears that he can’t read on. Constance straightens her back and slowly breathes out.
“I’m sorry that I said all these awful things to you that Monday. When I read that letter and all the pieces started to fall into place , I felt so betrayed…”

Scotty looks at her. Speechless. He knows the feeling of betrayal.
“You called me his whore.”
“That is what I wanted you to be. Cheap, unimportant, insignificant…. But you’re not. You were the one he wanted and he chose over me. You were the one he wanted to divorce me for.”

“Why? Why did you come back with this? I’ve spend the last months desperately trying to forget all the lies, I thought, he told me and now, you just waltz in here and tell me that he never lied to me, but that you did?! What’s the point? It wasn’t enough that you reduced me to some idiot for believing Frank, now you have to come back and tell me that I’m a idiot because I didn’t believe him…?”

“No! No, please, that’s not why I’m here… I was so angry and hurt and betrayed and I needed to unleash it and I did that on you, not realizing that you had no idea what was going on, anymore than I did. I believed you knew. About me, my sons. And that you just didn’t care.

But then my father finally managed to get through to me and I started to read Frank’s letter differently. I wasn’t about the two of you in cahoots behind my back trying to make me look like a fool. It was Frank trying to navigate the safest way between not hurting me, not disappointing his sons, but still being able to love you.

It must have all been so hard for him and I was just so focused on my own pain and never considered his.. or yours …. I didn’t want to know at first, but then I gradually had to accept it… and more and more ‘evidence’ came up… And then, last weekend, I found a box on one of the shelves in his wardrobe.

She takes a little box out her bag, opens it and puts it in front of Scotty. There are pictures of Frank and him, laughing, kissing. They had been taken with the camera in Frank’s phone, by keeping it at arm’s length.
“I loved him… so much.” Scotty nearly whispers, not caring about wiping away his tears.

“And he loved you…” Constance says, pushing aside the pictures, revealing an even smaller box carrying the brand-name of a jeweler. She opens the little box with trembling hands and watches the total shock on Scotty’s face when he sees the two small golden rings, both too big for female fingers.

“He was serious, very serious, about you.” She then says. “You had the right to know that. It’s what Frank would have wanted… There’s something else… I want you to know that I don’t owe you anything. The preliminary papers were not signed by either Frank or me. We were still married when he died. I’m his widow.”

“I never contested that.” Scotty answers blandly, unable to completely fathom what is happening.
“It’s just so you know that I don’t have to do what I’m about to do. You have no rights to anything.

However, … Frank loved you very, very much. He made a choice and had he lived, he would have followed up on that choice. He had reached a point from where he could not return. He wanted you safe and provided for. And I’m not going to ignore his last wishes.

I come from a wealthy family. I have nothing to worry about and with what Frank brought in, as his own capital, I can put my children to school and live a good life. I understand it is different for you?”
“I have what I need to survive.” Scotty shrugs.

Once more Constance reaches inside her bag and takes out an envelope.
“I remind you once again, that I don’t need to do this, but I feel I must. For Frank. This check will no doubt help you accomplish some of your own dreams...” She says, placing the envelope before Scotty.

Stiffly she gets up and straightens her back.
“I don’t think we have anything left to say to each other. I hope that I can count on your continued discretion regarding Frank’s sexual orientation. I do plan to tell his sons, but not just now… but eventually… And I’ll tell them about you…”

She turns, but when she reaches the entrance to the kitchen, Scotty suddenly calls her back:
“Constance… I don’t even know where he’s buried?” She bends over the table and takes a pen and paper to write down the name of the cemetery.

“Would it be alright if I put some flowers on his grave?” Scotty asks shyly. She nods..
“He loved…”
“… white carnations, I know.” Scotty finishes her sentence. She smiles almost tenderly, but then her face once again become expressionless.

“Goodbye, Scotty.” She says with as much dignity as she can muster.
“Goodbye, Constance.” Scotty nods stiffly, but he doesn’t dare to breathe until the door closes behind her and Kevin rushes towards him from the study.
“Are you okay?” Without a hesitation, he wraps his arms around Scotty. “What a story!”

“I need to sit down.”
“Yes, of course, here…” Scotty is all cried out, when Kevin helps him sit down and quickly gives him a glass of water. “Oh, Scotty, you were never the fool. You’ve right about Frank all along. He never lied to you, when he said he loved you.”

“I know. I heard. I don’t know what to do.” Scotty laughs, but his insecurity shows through it. “I’m so baffled, so shocked.” He sinks into Kevin’s arms and Kevin holds him close, soothingly rubbing his back and placing kisses in his hair, as if he would try to calm down a child.

Scotty can feel the tension slip away, now that he’s in Kevin’s arms. He’s such a safe haven. He can see Kevin reach out to the pictures on the table.
“Scotty? … You said to me that I could always talk to you about Tad… Why don’t you tell me about Frank?” And he holds up a picture that makes Scotty smile with the memory…

Jason enters through the kitchen, all excited with his latest bit of news, but stops in his tracks when he hears laughter from the living-room. Quietly he moves closer and he sees Kevin and Scotty together on the floor in front of the couch. He pays no real attention to Kevin in his usual suit.

It’s Scotty who attracts Jason’s attention. Casually dressed, bare-feet, he sits close to Kevin. One of his feet rests between Kevin’s legs. They are laughing over some picture and Scotty lets his head momentarily rest on Kevin’s shoulder. Kevin’s fingers caress Scotty’s face, rubbing away a tear, that Jason, from a distance, can't see and he gets rewarded with a grateful smile.

Jason takes two steps back into the hall and then calls out to Scotty.
“Scotty! Where are you?”
“Living!” Scotty answers. Jason enters and sees that their position hasn’t changed much, so obviously they don’t even feel remotely embarrassed about the closeness they have.

It bothers Jason. It shows once again that Scotty feels a certain ease with Kevin, that he doesn’t seem to be able to find with Jason.
“Jason! I have something to tell you…” Scotty starts, but Jason kisses him quickly, but firmly on the lips, almost claiming Scotty back, and grins excitedly.

“I have the best news ever!” And he does notice, with a smirk, the undefined look on Kevin’s face when Kevin stands up and apologizes:
“I’ll leave you two together.. I have to get back to the office…”. Scotty waves, making a sad face, that makes Kevin smile.

At the threshold Kevin hesitates and turns once again to give a look at Jason and Scotty. He wonders why Jason never listens to Scotty or lets Scotty speak up. Then he shrugs. It’s none of his business. It just bothers him because Scotty is so sweet and Jason seems so uncaring in comparison… Tough Kevin is sure he just misinterprets the situation.

Meanwhile Scotty focuses on Jason, who tells him that he had a meeting with the new bishop this morning.
“Are you in trouble?” Scotty asks concerned but Jason laughs.
“Why would I be in trouble?”

“Me. You. Us.”
“I’ve always been completely open. They never really made a problem before.”
“You were never openly dating someone.”
“Says the one complaining that I’m not open about him?” Jason laughs.

Scotty sees his point. They have been very discrete.
“No. It was even better. He’s sending me on a mission... To Malaysia.”
“Yes. Isn’t it great?!”

“Great…?! So, you didn’t tell him that you can’t, because you’re in a relationship?”
“Are you crazy? It doesn’t work like that, Scotty… Besides, it’s just for a few months. Or a year… ”
“A year?! Jason! You’re my boyfriend!”
"I made a commitment to the church. This is my faith… I will be helping to build a school. This is important to me.”

“Oh, well! I can’t compete with poor, needy children, can I?”
“There is no competition. This is bigger than me or what I want.”
“But you want this? A year away from me?”

“Yes!...No!... Not the being away from you part, but I do want the part where he gives me his blessing to do this. It means he has faith in me, in my abilities.”
“And I want him to have faith in you too. But not if it means, I won’t see for a whole year!”

“It will be over before you know it.” Jason says. He had not expected such a strong negative response from Scotty. He would have expected Scotty to be thrilled for him, but at the same time, he’s also flattered that Scotty doesn’t want to be separated from him. Maybe he should divert the attention a bit.

“So, what did you want to tell me?” He asks. Scotty seems confused for a few seconds, but then answers:
“I wanted to go to the McCallister-day with you this weekend.” Scotty replies, suddenly not in the mood to discuss what Constance had said about Frank.

“I can’t go…” Jason says. “I have to pack. I leave on Monday.”
“That fast?!”
“It’s not like I would really refuse my mission… the church knows that.”
“Yeah, of course…” Scotty replies, not sure why his words sound so strangled to himself.

“Well, if you’re not going, then I’ll start packing my own belongings. I plan to move in with Kevin as soon as possible…” Scotty replies with fake-cheerfulness. He turns away to not show his disappointment, that Jason has to leave so soon and therefore doesn’t see Jason’s smile fade, due to the reminder, that Scotty will move in with Kevin.


“Malaysia?!” Kevin repeats, holding his telephone more tightly.
“I know. It’s far.” Scotty replies with a sad sigh.
“No. That is not actually ‘far’. New York is far. Malaysia is halfway around the world….”
“I don’t want to know. Or think about it.”

“How can I make this better?”
“By telling me you’ll be home this weekend, so I can move my stuff…?”
“I might have a date…, but I can give you the key. You know how it works, where everything is…”

“You know what? Why don’t we have dinner Sunday-night? Just the four of us. IF my date is interested in showing up?”
“I’m interested. I’ll ask Jason and let you know.” Then Scotty has to get back to work and hangs up.

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