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Forks in the road 07/12

Warning: This is an AU (alternate universe) Things can be different or the same, events can have a different impact or not. But in the end, if things are meant to be, they are meant to be.

Forks in the road…. 07/12

What if....? Certain things can be fixed with ‘75 phone-calls and a chicken-dinner’?

By Marea67
About: Kevin and Scotty mostly.
Rate: R
Disclaimer: Kevin and Scotty or B&S don’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money
Summary: AU –  Telephones – where would they be without them?


“Oh, hi, Kevin, the number was familiar, but I didn’t recognize it straight away. You’re calling from your office, right?”

“Yes. Sorry. How are you?”
“How is your first day at as head-chef?”
“I’m sick, but in a good way.”

“You’re pregnant?” Kevin jokes and Scotty laughs. “I called you for a reason.”
“Which one?”
“I’ve been thinking about what you said about living under mom’s roof.”

“How would you feel about moving in with me for a while?”
“I’ve been thinking about it. I have a big house, but as you said, rather empty. I have 4 bedrooms upstairs, of which I use only one.

We get along. And maybe it will be easier for you and Jason, when you live in my house? Of course, I know that the financial side will worry you, but as the house is already mine, whether you’re in it or not, I really don’t need payment for anything.” Kevin’s voice is soft and Scotty frowns. He’s not entirely living on his last penny.

“Hey, don’t worry. I insist on it. Your mother wouldn’t listen to me. But now I can negotiate a price before changing my address, I want to pay something…. And I’ll take care of the groceries. We have a huge difference of opinion of what we consider ‘healthy food’.”

“Does this mean you’ll take my offer?”
“Yes. Of course. I love your house, it’s closer to my job than your mom’s house and it’s closer to Jason’s church, seems like a win-win situation to me…”
“Fine! Oh! I have to go. My 10 o’clock appointment is here… See you later.”


“Jason? Hi, this is Robert. Aunt Millicent wants to know if you’ll be at the family-meeting next Saturday. You haven’t answered her messages yet. Do me a favor, call her and…”
“Oh, hi, Jason. Thought you weren’t in when I got your answering machine…”

“I’m here. Just came from the shower. Is the party this weekend?”
“Yes. It would be nice if you could come. Bring Scotty…”
“Jase. I’m engaged to a Walker. Nothing is sacred in that family. I know you’re sleeping with Scotty.”

“Ahm, it’s just Scotty can’t come. He has to work.”
“Oh. Can’t he changed his shifts or something?”
“No. He’s on his best behavior now that he’s a head-chef on probation.”
“I see. Well, that’s too bad. He’s a nice guy. The family would love to meet your boy-friend.”

“Thank you, but I’m afraid I have to come alone.”
“Whatever you want, Jase. Just call Millicent.”
“Will do.” Jason promises with a smile.
“Good, because I don’t want to spend another half hour on the phone listening to her whining.”


“Hey, Kitty, I just asked Jason, but Scotty is not coming to the party.”
“Awww, why not?”
“He has to work.”
“Can’t he swap with someone else? That’s what he did for Jordan’s party.”

“Apparently not.” Robert replies.
“That’s ridiculous.”
“Maybe he’s just nervous about meeting Jason’s family.” Robert offers.
“Hang up, Robert. I’m going to ask Scotty myself. It might make a difference if he knows I’ll be there too.”


“Hi, it’s Chad. Chad Barry.”
“Oh, hi.”

“I just wanted to thank you. You were right. The lawyer you sent me to is amazing.”
“You’re welcome.”
“Ahmmm. I want to show my gratitude… and I was wondering if, perhaps, you wanted to join me for dinner tonight?”

“I’m not sure…” Kevin hesitates.
“Please, say yes. I promise I will behave myself and act like the grown up I’m supposed to be instead of like a bratty movie-star.” Chad teases and Kevin can almost see him before him.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” He warns and he hears Chad chuckle. What does he have to lose? “Deal.” Kevin says. “Friday night it is.”
“I’ll text you the address. And, please, dress casual. It won’t be something fancy, I swear.”
“Fine with me.” Kevin agrees.


“You’re moving in with Kevin?” Jason asks.
“Yes. Isn’t that a wonderful idea. We could….”
“That idea just sucks! Couldn’t you have talked about this with me first?”
“I’m sorry, Jase. It didn’t occur to me… I was so excited about Kevin’s offer.”

“I still think you could have told me first.”
“I just took the offer. I thought you’d be excited. I’d be closer to you. Closer to work…”
“… Closer to Kevin?”
“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Nothing. Just saying.”
“If you’re accusing me of something…” Scotty’s voice is surprisingly calm
“I’m not. Not really. Forget it..”
“I won’t. I don’t like it, when you act so jealous.”

“I know. I’m sorry… I sometimes feel like I’m second choice, when it comes to sharing something with someone.” Jason tries to explain.
“You’re not second choice. You’re just not always available to talk to.”
“That’s unfair!”Jason replies annoyed.

“But true!”
“I’m sorry, Scotty. I have to go.”
“Yeah, whatever.” And Scotty hangs up.


“Hi, Scotty, this is Jason…. Ahm… I’d like to apologize for what I said this morning. You’re absolutely right. It will be a good decision to move in with Kevin…. I was just … surprised.. with how you sprung it on me. I feel like things keep happening to you and around you and I’m always the last to know. But you’re right.

It isn’t only your fault. I guess I still have to work on this ‘having a relationship’ as well… Anyhow, I’m sorry…. Can we have dinner tonight? Please. And talk? Face-to-face. I….” For a moment Jason considers saying ‘I love you’, but then decides not to. “Call me?”


“Hi, Jase, just heard your message. Dinner tonight will be great. I know Nora will take Justin to a veteran’s meeting, they’ll be out all night, we’d have the house to ourselves. Will I see at around seven? Without a call-back I’ll assume you agree with the time I’ve set. Please, don’t be late.”


“Scotty? Hi, it’s Kitty… Kitty Walker.”
“Oh. Hi. That’s a surprise.”
“I heard from Robert that you won’t be coming this weekend.”

“Jason told Robert, that you had to work next Saturday, but I’m begging you, can you please swap with someone? The McCallister-family only gathers once a year. And I know it must sound scary, but I know most of them by now, and I’ll be there too….”

“Kitty, I have no idea…” Scotty tries, but fearing another rejection Kitty continues:
“I swear, that I will stay with you and protect you. I’ll be there when Jason isn’t. Don’t decide now. Just please think it over first. And call me in two days?… You’re always welcome. Bye, gotta go…” Scotty stares at his phone. He has no idea what Kitty is talking about.


Jason tries really hard to make Scotty laugh and keep the conversation going, but Scotty is distant and closed and eventually Jason has to admit defeat.
“What’s going on, Scotty? You hardly said a word and you didn’t eat much. Are you still upset about this morning? I said I was sorry.”

“Jason? Are you ashamed of me?” Scotty asks suddenly.
“I got a phone call from Kitty, talking about the McCallister-family-meeting… this coming weekend…

This weekend, when I don’t work, but Robert and Kitty seem to have the impression that I do, because you told them that lie. Though you told me, that we couldn’t be together, because you had some church-function that you had to attend?” Scotty asks and Jason gives him a caught look. ,

“I’m sorry… I should have told you.”
“Stop apologizing to me! You wouldn’t have to apologize if you told me the truth! Why didn’t you tell me that there was a family-meeting?”
“I didn’t think you’d want to go there.”

“Why wouldn’t I? It’s your family. It just made me realize that in the three months that we’ve been together, you’ve never shown me anywhere. I’ve met your brother several times in this house. He didn’t know at first that we are together. He heard it from Kitty. He’s still waiting for an official confirmation from you.

You don’t want me at your church, because you know I don’t believe and I agree that it would be hypocritical of me to sit there. At the same time, my not being there means you don’t have to explain anything either. And when I think that it’s good news that I’m moving closer to you, you throw a hissy-fit and act all jealous…. What is going on?”

Jason gets up and paces the floor for several seconds before answering:
“I’m scared.”
“For what?”
“Everything. All of it. It’s too much.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Scotty asks exasperated.
“I’m so madly in love with you, that it drives me crazy. I feel uncomfortable about the strength of my own feelings. And everything is so mixed up. I know what happened to you and I want to protect you from getting hurt again.

Yet, all I seem to do is hurt you. You never seem relaxed around me. And it makes me nervous, because I don’t know how to fix it. .. I sometimes think you don’t really want me around, and then you smile at me, and I think that do want me…. I should have told you about the family-meeting, I completely agree.

But I was afraid that, if I did, you’d feel pressured to go there. I sometimes believe that you’re not ready for a relationship with me. That you still have so many doubts….”
“Yes, I do. And if you’re lying to me, than that isn’t helping me…”
“I know. I’m sorry. I just can’t seem to do it right. I always fail around you…”

Jason looks so miserable that Scotty feels sorry for him, he sits down next to Jason and wraps his arm around Jason’s shoulders.
“Jase. I’m trying. I try to put behind me what happened with Frank and what an idiot I’ve been. I’d like to believe that you’re different.

But when things like this happen, I think that you don’t really want me, that you’re ashamed of me, that you just want to hide me back in the closet.”
Jason shakes his head.
“I don’t. I’m just scared that if I push too hard, you’ll walk away.”

Scotty feels torn. He knows that Jason likes him more than he’s worth and it hurts him to see how much of the blame Jason takes upon himself, when Scotty just knows that the biggest problems lie with him and not Jason.
“We really need to work on this relationship-thing… don’t we?” Scotty says with a smile.

“Yeah, I think we do.” Jason replies quietly.
“And I know where we should start…” Scotty lowers his voice to a sexy rumble, “… by not bickering anymore, now that we have the house to ourselves…” He puts his finger under Jason’s chin, pushing him to look up and then kisses Jason’s lips.


One thing Kevin has to admit, Chad is a perfect host. The dinner, not home-made, but delivered at the back-door, was just perfect. He had chosen an excellent wine. Kevin appreciates his choice of the music and this chocolate ice-cream is an excellent way to finish the dinner.

Kevin had expected Chad to be rather full of himself. You know, actors, they always talk about themselves, but the charming side of Chad is, that what he considers himself the biggest joke in the world. He’s completely aware of his good looks, but also of his lack of acting skills and Kevin can’t help but be completely entertained by this man.

Chad and he have moved from the dining room to the tv-room and the couch there is far more comfortable than the dining-room chairs. Plus, it allows Chad to sit closer to Kevin, something not entirely unwelcome to Kevin.
“This ice-cream is just delicious.” Kevin admits, taking another small bite.

“I picked that one just for you.” Chad says with a seductive smile.
“I bet you say that to all the boys… and girls.” Kevin grins in return.
“True. But I’m not lying about it. I picked this one just for us. There’s no one else here to share it with.” And he moves even closer to Kevin.

“As a lawyer I can’t see a flaw in your reasoning.” Kevin says, backing away a bit, but not too much. Chad laughs and reaches out to caress Kevin’s face. Kevin’s eyes follow Chad’s hand first, before focusing again on Chad’s face.
“You know what I’m want to do now?”

“With that kind of an intro, you’re going to either hack me into a million pieces or you’re going to kiss me…”
“Well, I’m not a serial killer….” Chad confesses and leans a bit closer for the kiss, but Kevin suddenly freezes and pushes Chad away.

“I’m sorry….” He says, almost immediately regretting his action. Chad raises an eyebrow as a question and Kevin, annoyed, explains: “I’m sorry. I haven’t … been with another man for the last 12-13 years. There was only Tad…. And it’s not that I don’t want this,… it’s just … it’s been so long… I’m not sure…”

Chad gets up and Kevin is afraid that he offended Chad, but instead Chad reaches out to him and Kevin puts his hand in Chad’s. Chad pulls him off the couch and, still holding Kevin’s hand, he escorts Kevin to the door. Now Kevin is sure that Chad is offended. He’s going to kick Kevin out for being an idiot…

“Kevin, open the door.” He says and, confused, Kevin follows Chad’s order. “See. It’s not locked. You’re car is right there. Your coat is here. Your keys in you right pocket, if I remember correctly. I’m not going to force you into anything. You can walk out that door whenever you want. You’re a free man.

You’re one heck of an attractive man, too. And, yes, I’m not going to lie, I want you in my bed and do all sorts of deliciously wicked things to you…” Chad can see that Kevin is not exactly saying no to that. “But only if that is what you want as well… If you’re not ready, then say it.

There will be no hard feelings. There … will… be something feeling hard… but I’ve dealt with that before… to satisfaction.” Chad finishes with a grin and Kevin can’t help but laugh as well. Kevin closes the door and leans against it.

“I’m not sure….” He then answers softly. “God, it all sounds good to me… but … it seems I’ve lost the art of being more confident at this.”
“You haven’t ‘lost’ it, just ‘temporarily misplaced’ it.” Chad takes a step in Kevin’s direction and asks: “What will it be?”

Kevin is aware that Chad’s body is close to his. He starts to feel aroused.
“So, I do get to choose?” the look in his eyes is an invitation that Chad is more than willing to accept.
“Yes, though I have to admit I’m pretty sure that I can refresh your memory….” His fingers push away Kevin’s t-shirt to touch the bare skin underneath.

Though he stands very close to Kevin, he makes no move to kiss him. His hands caress Kevin deliberately slow. Just to be touched again in such a slow erotic way, after all this time without tenderness proves to be just too much and Kevin starts to tremble… Chad smiles, he had expected Kevin’s reaction.

Chad is a patient and experienced lover. He loves to have sex and though he’s fascinated by this beautiful lawyer, right now, the game is to let him come to Chad. Kevin should take the first step, because he should be ready to take it, … but Chad is more than willing to give him a little push… or pull…

“Seems like this guy still knows what to do.” Chad grins, caressing the hardness under Kevin’s zipper. Kevin breathes out and makes up his mind. This offer is too good to pass up. He looks up and then wraps his arms around Chad’s neck to pull him closer and with a sigh Chad lets his body melt against Kevin’s.


Scotty assumes that it helps to know that Nora and Justin aren’t in the house. Their love-making is a bit noisier than usual, less hush-hush. It’s the first time in a long time, that he feels more relaxed between the sheets and he gives himself to Jason as much as he can, but it just doesn’t feel the same as it used to do with Frank.

He keeps telling himself that Jason isn’t Frank and that he will never have again what he had with Frank, because what he had with Frank was a lie and this, with Jason, is real.
“Don’t stop.” He whispers and Jason loves the encouragement, so Scotty tries even harder to be the perfect lover…


Chad’s arms are around him and Kevin feels good and satisfied in this little cocoon that he’s in. He has a little smile on his face. Chad sure had known how to refresh Kevin’s memory. With his hands, his mouth and his cock he had awoken all Kevin’s senses again and Kevin had just let it come over him.

Chad had been a very good lover, easily making Kevin beg for more, cry for release and whisper in ecstasy. And, yet, it somehow hadn’t felt the same as it used to with Tad. Kevin had to recognize that the satisfaction was physical, not emotional. Inside him was still that hole that can’t be filled. Not by Chad anyway.


Scotty had remained for 10 minutes in Jason’s arms, but then, annoyed that he cannot find sleep, he slips out of bed, without waking Jason, and quietly goes down the stairs. He heard Nora and Justin come back home, but it had been a while ago and it’s very quiet in the house, so he assumes they are asleep.

In the kitchen, he warms up some milk, hoping it will sooth this tension in him.
“Hey! Want to throw some extra milk in there for me?” Nora asks.
“You’re still awake?”
“Yes. I hear more on these veterans-meeting than I care to know…”

Scotty adds more milk.
“Is Jason sleeping here tonight?” She asks and Scotty nods. “Good. I hope you boys made the most of tonight? Having the house all to yourself?” Nora is just stating the obvious and not asking it to be nosy. Scotty blushes, but nods again.

“I’ll tell you a little secret: I know just how you feel… When William and I were just married and just living in this house, my mother came over to stay for a week…. During that week I wouldn’t even let William look at me, embarrassed that my mom would think I had S-E-X….

Ridiculous of course! I was married. An adult! I wanted a family… And my mother wasn’t stupid…. But … She was my mother….” Nora makes a face and Scotty laughs out loud, making Nora grin at him and put her hand on his wrist. “I’m not your mother, but you’re becoming like a son to me… I know what it feels like to not feel ‘free’…”

“You’ve been amazing, Nora…. I know that Jason has no issues with it, but me…?”
“You’re you. You’re just not like Jason… It’s fine.... And I’m sure you’ll feel more comfortable with Kevin anyway…” She looks up at him with sly smile.
“I planned to tell you….” Scotty says embarrassed, because he did plan to tell her.

“Don’t worry. Kevin took care of that.” She smiles, taken up her cup of warm milk. “Oh, before I forget! A woman called for you. Said her name was Constance. She wanted to talk to you. I told her to meet you here at eleven tomorrow-morning. Her name and number on the fridge, if it should be inconvenient.”

Alone again in the kitchen, Scotty wonders who Constance is, though the name sounds familiar. He picks up the paper from the fridge and stares at the name. He knows half of the name. And then he knows who Constance is. The half he recognizes is Frank’s last name. Constance is his wife.


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