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Forks in the road 04/?

I think there will be 12 parts, so it will run until the 2-parter of B&S starts on April 11th, but I'm keeping my options open for now... :)
The story is already pretty much in my head. First 3 chapters will be rated G after that we'll move up in the ratings...

I want to thank semisweetsoul for giving me the idea for the 'what if...'s, even if that was perhaps not what she had in mind... :)

Warning: This is an AU (alternate universe) Things can be different or the same, events can have a different impact or not. But in the end, if things are meant to be, they are meant to be.

Forks in the road…. 04/?

What if… Jason will bring some 'tradition' to someone else's life?

By Marea67
About: Kevin and Scotty mostly.
Rate: G, unless you're terribly shocked by a m/m kiss.
Disclaimer: Kevin and Scotty or B&S don’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money
Summary: AU –  Life goes on and Scotty needs to pick up the pieces of his life....


Four weeks later Scotty sits down at the kitchen table in Nora’s kitchen. Even now, he can’t believe how lucky he is to have met Kevin and to have fallen on such a wonderful family. After years of relative loneliness, Scotty had been taken in by the Walkers, as if he’s one of their own.
Nora, Kevin’s mother, is such a warm and caring person, that Scotty cannot imagine anyone disliking her. The only child still living at home is Justin. And Justin and Scotty had struck up an easy friendship. Scotty also likes Tommy, Kevin’s older brother, recently divorced and somewhat of a workaholic. He often drops in and, surprisingly, usually around dinner-time.

And he has met Kevin’s sisters Sarah, CEO at the family-company, married, two kids and Kitty, who has her own radio-show and is engaged to Robert McCallister, a senator. And Kevin and his friends Jordan, Quinn and Mario are no longer strangers anymore either. He gets along with Richard, though the tension still lingers.

He also runs into Jason McCallister occasionally, but most of the time they don’t have time to talk much, so their conversations are limited to some shy glances and quiet hello’s whenever they do meet and, for some reason, Scotty just doesn’t dare to walk up to Jason and start a conversation.

There’s always a lot of movement in the house, with people dropping in, staying for a snack or a drink. Nora introduces Scotty to all of them and Scotty quickly gets used to not feel embarrassed at the standard conversation of “He’s a friend of Kevin’s”, “Oh, are he and Kevin…?” “They are just friends!”

Several times he had offered Nora to pay rent for being allowed to use Kevin’s old room and a part of her garage, but she had waved it away each time, explaining that she loved helping a young ‘culinary artist’.

It of course helps that she loves to cook and is more than willing to pick up a few tricks from Scotty, while helping Scotty expand his already great knowledge of food in the process.

In fact, Nora and Scotty had become friends so quickly, that the family was absolutely flabbergasted when, after two weeks of living in Nora’s house, Scotty had been allowed to create a family dinner, all by himself, in Nora’s kitchen, without Nora’s interference, which, as Scotty came to understand, is a higher achievement than finding the Holy Grail.

So, when Nora had asked him to make a whole batch of cookies for the birthday-party of Paige, her granddaughter, who’s diabetic, Scotty had agreed immediately. And now all he can do is wait for the cookies to be ready and clean up the kitchen after him, but he needs to sit down a bit. He’s tired from last night’s long shift and the too few hours of sleep, because he got up early to start the preparations for Paige’s birthday.

“Okay,” Nora sits down opposite of him. “Table set, chairs ready, lemonade poured and on trays, so we can put them on the table. Balloons all over the garden. Several toys, games etc drifting about. Pool cleaned and ready. Joe, … that’s Paige’s father, you haven’t met him yet… , has brought his instruments so can play his music for the kids. Presents are on the table….” She sums up from her list.

“… Cookies will be done in … fifteen minutes…” Scotty adds.
“Have I forgotten something?”
“Nothing I can think of. But my head feels like it’s about to burst, so I’m worthless.”
“You’d better try and get some sleep. You’re working late again tonight, no?”

“Yes. Unfortunately.”
“Scotty, I can’t thank you enough for your help.”
“That’s alright. I loved to help.”
“Normally I would rely heavily on Justin… but …”

“…It was good that the hospital could squeeze him in on their schedules…” Scotty finishes her sentence. She gives him a grateful smile and Scotty is, once again, touched by how loving she is. For a moment, he misses his own mother, but then remembers that his own mother was never like Nora to begin with, so he ignores the feeling.

“Yes, I hate to see him in so much pain. I hope the extra X-rays will reveal something they’ve overlooked before or at least give an explanation why Justin’s wounds won’t heal as it should..” She sighs and Scotty sees the lines of worry on her face. He takes her hand and squeezes it.

“I’m sure they will find it…” he says. “Let’s concentrate on Paige’s party?”
“You’re right… I think you should try and get some rest of your own. Fifteen kids is a lot, but a few mothers will stay as well. Sarah and I are there. Joe will do his thing… Oh, and Jason will drop by as well…”

“Jason?” Scotty asks and Nora grins when she sees that Scotty is suddenly more awake.
“Yes, he’s so good with kids… and attractive too?” Nora teases, making Scotty quickly turn around and ‘check on the cookies’ to hide his blush. “I sure wouldn’t mind if he’d get himself a nice boyfriend…” she says with a wide grin.

The doorbell rings and with a little laughter Nora leaves to open the door and Scotty is alone again. The silence in the house is broken by screams and yells as kids start to come in and run to the garden. Soon enough Paige’s party is in full swing and cookies, cake, candy disappear in an alarming rate, while lemonade seems to evaporate.

Scotty stays away from the party, not really being in the mood for all these screaming kids. Instead he stays in the kitchen, rinses off glasses, fills the dishwasher and turns it on, so that Nora won’t find a battle-zone in her kitchen at the end of the day. It’s when he’s clearing away the flower and sugar in the pantry, that he hears a little noise.

Looking into the kitchen he sees Jason look around.
“What are you doing?” Scotty asks and Jason, startled, turns to him. When he sees it’s Scotty, he smiles and lifts his hand, showing his bleeding finger.
“Looking for a Band-Aid. Got a cut in my hand.” He explains.

Scotty takes Jason’s finger between his own and looks at the wound. It’s only superficial and it’s more blood than real damage.
“Did one of those kids out there stab you?” he asks, while taking the little package of band-aids from a drawer.

“Close. Those kids are dangerous. I’d be shocked if half of them made it to adulthood. And their moms aren’t much help. One of them brought her own stash of booze.” Jason rolls his eyes. Scotty has to agree. He walked around quickly to collect some glasses, but two or three of the mothers who had agreed to supervise spent more time paying attention to their drinks than their kids.

“Seen Mrs Kenneth? Where’s she at now? Her fourth margarita? I wonder why she doesn’t carry around a pitcher?” Scotty agrees and Jason starts to laugh, looking down on Scotty’s fingers as they carefully put the Band-Aid on Jason. When he looks up at Scotty, their eyes meet.

“I don’t understand how you can remain so pleasant?” Jason lowers his voice.
“Because I don’t really care..” Scotty confesses with a whisper.
“You don’t?” Jason laughs and then, more seriously, he says, equally softly. “I wasn’t really looking for a Band-Aid. I came in here looking for you.”

“Really? For me?” Scotty asks, his voice slightly higher pitched than he planned. Jason nods. Scotty looks away from Jason, not sure how to interpret his words. Jason nervously bites his lip, before taking Scotty’s hand into his own and swallowing away his fear of rejection.

“Kevin told me about what happened to you and how hurt you were. And I wasn’t sure… if you’d be interested… but I can’t get you out of my mind… and I don’t mind if we would be ‘just friends’.. with what happened to you, I can imagine that you’re reluctant to get involved again, but not all men are like your late lover…”

“I know…” Scotty whispers, not sure what to do. “It’s not that I’m not interested, but more that I’m scared to trust again, it takes time and patience and…”
“Why don’t we take it slow then? I’m in no hurry.” Jason says, looking at Scotty with expectation in his eyes. Scotty nods, unable to say a word.

“Can I at least kiss you?” Jason now asks quietly, making both them laugh nervously, until Scotty nods again. Jason comes a bit closer to Scotty and Scotty gets a fluttering feeling in his stomach. He closes his eyes to not reveal how scared he really is and then Jason’s lips brush against his.

Jason takes a step back and sees how Scotty keeps his eyes closed for a few seconds longer, only to blink as if he’s completely mesmerized by what just happened. It puts a shy smile on Jason’s face, because Scotty looks so beautiful, but also very vulnerable.
“Not bad?” Jason asks teasingly.

“Not bad at all.” Scotty grins, he wraps his arm around Jason’s waist and pulls him closer. Jason leans into the kiss and this time the kiss is not as feather-light, but more intense.
“Oh!” They let go of each other at the sound of the gasp.

“Nora!” Scotty takes an embarrassed step back.
“You guys, I don’t mind. Seriously. But I have a house full of kids, whose parents might think differently. If you want to continue this, take it upstairs and lock the door. However, if you need some cooling down, help me get this lemonade into the garden.”

“Yes, Nora.” Is the simultaneous reply from Scotty and Jason. She grins and hands Jason a tray with glasses of lemonade.
“Get lost, Reverend McCallister.” She grins, slapping him playfully with the dishcloth. She turns to Scotty and is about to hand him a tray as well, when the door opens. Kevin and Justin come in.

“How did it go at the hospital?” Is the first thing Nora asks.
“Good. The X-rays show that the bones are healing well, but I need to exercise more.”
“More?” Nora wonders.

“Differently.” Justin corrects himself.
“I see.”
“We’ll talk about it later though.” Justin says. “Need a hand with those?” He takes the tray and heads to the garden, followed by Nora.

This is when Scotty takes Kevin by the arm and yanks him into the pantry.
“Kevin? Why does Nora call Jason ‘Reverend McCallister’?”
“He’s a minister at the Catholic Church, you know, the one near the children’s playground.” Kevin answers casually.

Scotty’s jaw drops. Complete astounded he stammers:
“Of all the situations I’ve ever been put in…. He’s a minister?”
“Yes, he’s a minister, have you never met a minister before?” Kevin asks sarcastically.
“I’ve never sucked face with one before.” Scotty quietly bites back.

“You did not?! You sucked face with him? ... Scotty, that is great!”
“No, it’s not! How could you not tell me about this?”
“I didn’t know that you wanted to know that. I’ve known it for years. Everybody else knows… It just never occurred to me to tell you. It’s not that big a deal.…” Kevin shrugs.

Scotty gives him a look of disbelief and Kevin retaliates with: “But perhaps you could have asked him what his job was before you stuck your tongue down his throat!?”
“I didn’t have time! He started it!”
“He didn’t do anything against your wishes, did he?” Kevin now asks, sarcasm replaced by concern.

“No, no… He asked permission. No. It’s alright. It’s just… A minister?” Scotty shakes his head. Kevin laughs and puts his arm around Scotty’s shoulder.
“It will be great. He’s a nice guy and very careful. He wouldn’t have approached you if he wasn’t pretty sure of his feelings. He can’t afford to make such mistakes.”

“I think he’s nice and beautiful. It’s just … I don’t want to hurt him either, by making promises I can’t keep…. I can’t handle the thought of getting hurt again, when I haven’t fully recovered from the blow Frank gave me.”
“It will work out.” Kevin promises.

It isn’t until Scotty leaves for the garden to help Nora, Sarah and the others that Kevin tries to analyze the uneasy feeling he has. Eventually he decides that it’s just a bit of envy, because Scotty found someone else so quickly and he is still looking… Yes, that must be it…


In the garden, Kevin searches for Jason and once he finds him, he takes him to a quieter place.
“I heard from Scotty what happened between you two.”
“Are you mad? I mean, You weren’t interested in him for yourself, were you,?” Jason asks concerned. “I wouldn’t have approached Scotty if I had believed….

“No. No. It’s not that. He’s his own man. No claims, no intentions.” Kevin waves. “It’s just that he’s been hurt pretty badly and made some big mistakes and … I don’t want him.. or you.. hurt because you two are moving too fast into some relationship.”
“I heard what Frank did to him. That was terrible, but I really like Scotty…”

Kevin nods at Jason’s words, but Jason knows Kevin well enough to know that Kevin is not entirely convinced.
“Kev, I also know where Scotty is coming from. I’ll be careful with him and I will be patient and I will give him time to heal… I just want to be there for him…”

“He’ll be your lover, not a member of your congregation. That’s not the same.” Kevin says.
“I know…. Kev, I’m not fifteen anymore. I know what I’m doing and how to handle Scotty.”

Jason gives him a gentle smile, that also signals that the discussion is closed, leaving Kevin with an even bigger feeling of unease. He hopes he didn’t offend Jason, that was not his intention, but he will not stand by either and watch Scotty’s heart get broken again…

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