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By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty mainly, but also mention of the others
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, written with love, not for money.
Summary: The day after the events in 4.17 Kevin loses his patience….
Extra: written for the walkers_fics - challenge no 6 - prompts 1 (Vulnerability) and 5 (Kevin's POV)


The phone rings for the sixth time and Scotty gives Kevin an annoyed glance and reaches out for the phone.
“Touch it and I’ll divorce you today.” Kevin warns, without looking up for the papers before him. Scotty removes his hand.

“What’s going on?” he asks.
“That is either my mother whining, one of my two sisters needing my full attention or my baby-brother complaining, because I doubt that it will be my big brother, because he’s still pissed off with me for calling Julia about Elizabeth being at Justin and Rebecca’s wedding.”

“Kev, you’ve been grumpy since you came home… What happened at your mother’s house? You just went there to help Nora carry some boxes up the stairs and you came back in such a bad mood.” Kevin sees the concern on Scotty’s face and feels bad.
“Alright,..” He pulls Scotty into his arms. “Here’s what happened…”


… The moment he enters the kitchen he knows there’s trouble brewing. With Sarah on side of the table and Kitty on the other, Luc trying to calm down Sarah and Robert trying to push Kitty aside, while Nora frantically tries to get past the two girls and Justin and Rebecca begging everyone to just stop shouting, the cacophony just overwhelms Kevin.

Trouble. He has a 6th sense for it by now, if only it would warn him before entering his mother’s house, he’d be really happy. For a second, there’s the hope he can still quietly escape, but then Kitty turns to him.
“Kevin. I need you on my side for this. We need to make a statement as a family.”

Kevin raises his hands in defense, he doesn’t want to get involved.
“Hey, bro, how are you?” Justin asks, hoping to shift the attention away from the current argument.
“Did you bring Scotty?” Rebecca asks, hoping the same as Justin.

But it’s no use. The Walker-girls refuse to be distracted.
“I’ve had enough publicity on my family because of your campaign. I’m not going to put Luc on display for you again.” Sarah lashes back at Kitty. “Tell her, Kevin, tell it’s pointless.”

Kevin opens his mouth to answer Justin and Rebecca’s question, but gets silenced once again.
“Let’s face it,..” Robert now says. “.. the statement at the airport was cute and all, but we need a slightly more…. professional…”

Kevin hopes that the news of Scotty losing his job will perhaps defuse the situation between Kitty and Sarah.
“Listen, there’s something I need to tell…” Kevin tries to get through.
“Robert, I would not mind to do that just that.” Luc replies. “Mais, Sarah, …”

“Look, these problems won’t go away, but I ….” Kevin’s voice disappears under Kitty’s anger.
“Of course Sarah doesn’t want to do it, she’s feeling sorry for herself…”
“I’ve been through enough these last few days!.. Tell her, Kevin!”
“Kevin!” Kitty now turns to Kevin as well.

Kevin looks from one to the other. There’s anger and the expectation, that somehow he’ll solve an issue, that isn’t his to begin with. And suddenly he feels tired. He can’t do this anymore. An unusual anger builds up inside him. Why should other people’s troubles always have to be more important than his own…?

“Alright. Let’s get a few facts straight here…” He starts overly calm. “I agree with Robert that Kitty should address the trouble over Luc’s visa once again, and this time in a more professional way… but , Kitty, that doesn’t mean you should have to drag Sarah and Luc in front of the cameras again.

How it should be handled? I don’t know, because, guess what,  Kitty, I’m not your fucking campaign-manager!...” Kevin’s voice becomes louder. “You pay people to solve these issue for you. I, however don’t get paid. Not by you, Kitty, because I am not responsible for your campaign and not by you, Sarah, because I’m not your lawyer.

In fact, I don’t get paid by anyone, because I’m jobless! And rather than running around, trying to solve my family’s problems, I should be looking for something that will help me pay my bills and provide for my husband! A meaningless hobble amongst your troubles, I’m sure. Still it worries me. And now I have a worry to add to my list.

Not that any of you should actually have to care, but Scotty lost his job!” Everyone gasps in horror. “And I didn’t find out until a day later, because I was trying to solve everyone else’s issue, and was too busy to notice that my husband needed me, that now, we’re both out of job and our desire to have a child is threatened as well.

By all means, don't let it bug you for a single second during your Very Important Campaign, Kitty, or you, Sarah, while you’re trying to tumble out of bed. I know that in the grand scheme of things my problems are not as important as yours, but, damn it, they are important to me.

And for once, it would be nice to have my sisters support me, instead of going at each other’s throats because they are to stubborn to talk to each other like adults. Mom, you asked me here, to help you carry some boxes. You have six people in this kitchen who should perhaps put their energy in something meaningful. I suggest you put them  to work. I’m done…”


“… and you just walked out?” Scotty laughs with disbelief.
“Had to. I knew if one of them would go ‘aww Kevin’, I’d  end up carrying boxes anyway, to then sit down to write Kitty’s speech, while trying to get Luc’s visa checked again and making deals with journalists to stay away from Sarah….” Kevin sighs.

There’s a quiet moment, because none of the phones are buzzing. Scotty’s hand slips under Kevin’s shirt to caress his belly. A soothing gesture, soft and tender, that doesn’t arouse Kevin, because he knows it’s not supposed to.
“You must think I’m some loser…” Kevin then says softly.

“I don’t… And I don’t think anyone in their right mind would say that about you….” Scotty is quiet for a few seconds, trying to find the right words. “When I met you, I thought I knew your type. You were some arrogant lawyer, a know-it-all, your eyes on the successful case and with no other interest than the money.

You know, no human interest for the elderly getting conned, no …” Scotty searches for a good way to explain himself. “… no feeling for people, but only for things…. And then… when we met a your mom’s house, you were so …. different… Within those walls you dared to show yourself.

You didn’t want to hurt my feelings, didn’t want to give my any ideas, but at the same time you wanted… something from me… You tried your hardest to keep up that image of a ruthless lawyer, but on those stairs there was something about you. You revealed a bit of yourself and I became even more interested in you… as a person.

I saw your reaction during your mother’s confession about Holly and you were angry and proud with her at the same time. When we later met up again at the movie…” Scotty stops and smiles and caresses Kevin’s face… “I didn’t pay much attention to the movie.. I couldn’t stop watching you and your mom.

She was so into that movie and she was lip-sinc-ing to it. And I saw you watching her and you loved her so much….”
“… Yeah, that’s the problem. I love them. Not just mom, but also Sarah, Kitty, Tommy and Justin.

I worry about Robert and Luc. Even Julia. I don’t want anything to happen Paige, Coop, Elizabeth or Evan…. . I’m such an idiot.”
“I disagree. It is one of the qualities I admire so much about you. No matter what happens, you dare to be vulnerable around them.

You dare to care, to love, to defend, to argue with any of them, if you feel you should. And you want to know why, I think, you can do that? Why you ‘allow’ yourself to get hurt or dismissed every time?”
“No. I don’t want to know, but I think you’ll tell me anyway..”

“Because you know, without a shred of doubt,  that every single one of them, will be drop anything and everything if you really needed them to…” Kevin’s eyes fill with tears at Scotty’s words. “Because you can bet, that the moment you walked out that door, Kitty will have forgotten about her campaign and Sarah about the journalists. All they will be, is concerned about you.  And that is what I love about you Walkers. " 

"Maybe you're right.... They would.... Am I unfair"?"
 "No, I don't think so, I can see it from your point of view... We have different worries and priorities than perhaps Robert and Kitty or Sarah and Luc, but it doesn't make ours less important... Nor are ours more urgent than theirs.

It's not about being 'unfair', but more about whose point of view your following... and for the record.... I'm glad that you're so worried about us...And it's why I think you should pick up the phone and talk to them… You’ve guild-tripped them enough for this week.” Scotty finishes with a smile.

“You got fired yesterday. I should have been there for you….” Kevin says, not willing to let go of something so important to him.
“If I wanted you to know straightaway, I would have called you… But to be honest, it was good to come home, home, just sit down and look at that door and wonder ‘now what’, without having to freak out over the consequences.

We still have some money and a roof over our heads. We have each other. And … we have your family…. That is one heck of a safety-net, Kev. I knew, that they would be there and it gave me enough breathing-space to not worry too much. I’m not alone anymore. And owe that to you.”

“Thanks, baby, I needed to hear that.” Kevin says softly.
Scotty pulls the answering machine closer and presses the 'play' button.

“Hey, Kev, sorry about you and Scotty being out of a job… I’m sure both of you will find something else soon…..” Justin.
“If there’s anything you guys need, call us. We’re here.” Rebecca.

“Listen, Kev, don’t worry about Luc’s visa. Luc is sure we’ll find a solution. Concentrate on Scotty and yourself first. …” Sarah.
“Kev, if you really need a job, I can make you temporarily my campaign-manager. We’re family and you’re important to me….”

Kitty’s phone makes a crackling sound and Robert takes over.
“There are still some meetings scheduled, I could insist on having them hire Scotty to do the catering…. Let me know…” Kevin hangs his head, but Scotty pushes him to look up, but before he can say anything there’s a knock on the door.

“Something tells me that that is onve very worried mother. And hint: It won’t be mine.” Scotty walks up to the door and looks through the hole, makes a ‘k-ching’ noise and turns to Kevin. “Your mom. You open the door…” He watches as Kevin gets up and walks up to the door.

“Don’t apologize.” Scotty advises and Kevin gives him a bewildered look. “What? Let them sweat it a bit. They shouldn’t take you for granted…. Nobody does that to my husband…” He gives Kevin a wink and a quick kiss on the lips, then lets him pass. At the door, Kevin turns to Scotty again..
“I love you.” He whispers and then he smiles as he opens the door….


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  • Been re-reading some of my old things..

    .... maybe also in attempt to recapture some my old writing fever... I'm now re-reading ' Turn a different corner . I just started at part 1…

  • Just little snippets of stories....

    I'm a bit bored, so I thought I'd bore myself even more with having a look at some of the stories I had started, but somehow never finished,…

  • Alright!

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