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1900 - part 4/4

Alright. Because I like the 'whodunit' userpic too much, I could not resist....


I just had a silly idea and went with it. I will in the end just randomly chose the one responsible. There aren't any real clues, except two. It wasn't Kevin or Scotty and it wasn't the butler. Other than that ... all bets are off, it could be anybody.

1900 – part 4/4

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and everyone else.
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine, written with L.U.V. not for money.
Summary: Scotty should really stop reading….


There’s a frown on Kevin’s face, as he continues reading. Now there is a twist he didn’t see coming. Intrigued he picks up the book and turns to his stomach, so he can continue reading in that position, because he starts to feel cold around the shoulders. Scotty turns in his sleep. On his face there’s a serious frown as well…


They’re all there. Rebecca, Justin, Tommy, Kitty, Sarah, Robert. Scotty grins William and Nora. Once they all found their places to sit, Scotty starts to talk.

“Thank you all for coming here so quickly. First of all, I need to explain that Mrs Holly Harper was NOT killed by “the Red Lipstick”, but by someone else.

She had a wound to the head, meaning she was knocked unconscious, before being strangled, that is NOT the way the Red Lipstick works. Once I realized I was dealing with someone trying to pin a murder on someone else, I knew I had to take a closer look at the people in this house. Each of you had a reason to want to kill her. I first took a look at the servants. The cook, Nora Walker, .”

Nora gasps in shock when Scotty points his finger at her.
“She had worked for Holly for very many years and knew many of her secrets, including the fact that Mrs Harper had a way of playing with men as she saw fit
Plus, Nora had an extra incentive in the idea that maybe Holly went after her husband, the butler, William Walker,

Everyone now looks at William, who is suddenly studying the noses of his shoes.
. He felt she was a temptress, and who knows, what she could have accomplished in a moment of weaknessBut William couldn’t be the one He” Scotty sees the hunted look in William’s eyes and suddenly can’t bring himself to blurt out the truth he supposes he’s not enough a Walker to do that.

“He just loves his wife too much to do something like that.”

“Awwww.” The voices of Sarah, Kitty, Tommy and Justin seem to go almost simultaneously.

“So” Scotty continues. “Could it be either Sarah or Kitty?” The both vehemently shake their heads. “No, I could not believe that either. They had nothing to gain and everything to lose from this murder.

Then there was Robert, who cleaned the chimneys on that day
but, honestly, have you seen his hands? He couldn’t have strangled her without leaving a trace.”

Robert looks at his black hands covered with soot, for once glad that he has a dirty job. He doesn’t even notice the huge grin that quickly appears on Scotty’s face only to fade equally fast.

“Which leads me to the people upstairs
. Mr Tommy Walker” Tommy is about to protest, but Scotty silences him with one movement of his hand.

“Tommy didn’t want his brother Justin to marry into this family. He didn’t think highly of Holly or her daughter, but he was aware he couldn’t make Justin change his mind.

However, it wouldn’t make sense to kill the mother, when it’s the daughter he doesn’t want added to his family
Which leads me to Justin

“I didn’t do it Honestly.” Justin’s eyes are big with shock and fear.

“You loved Holly so much, you even admitted it to her then she turned you down.. That must have hurt..”

“I loved her, I would never hurt her.” Justin blurts out.

“I believe you, for the simple reason that you’re not the killer She is!” And he points his finger at Rebecca. For a moment everyone remains quiet, then everyone starts to talk at the same time. The only one remaining quiet in her chair is Rebecca.

“Becky! Tell him that you didn’t do it!” Justin cries out, but Rebecca merely looks at him.

“And lie?” she then asks and the silence is back “Mr Wandell is right.”

“B-b-but why?!” Justin asks.

“I didn’t want to wait anymore for her to die of natural causes. I wanted the money while I was still young. But above all, I wanted my fiance to notice ME and not my mother. She thought it was such a good joke that you were infatuated with her,.. couldn’t wait to tell me what you had said

“And you never said a word?”

“I planned to make her pay Pay!! And I did.” Rebecca says with hate.

“But she was not interested. It all came from me” Justin whines.

“I know. She could have kept it to herself, but she didn’t. She made a fool of you and of me And I wasn’t going to take it. I had defend us, fight for us You can understand that, can’t you..?”

Rebecca walks up to Justin who backs away, horrified by his fiancée’s words.

“We love each other.” She says desperately, but Justin shakes his head and moves away from her even further Slowly she realizes that she just lost Justin and that is the final straw.

She screams in frustration and lashes out at him, her hand turned into a claw, but before she can do anything, two police-officers catch her and handcuff her. Tommy immediately comforts his shocked brother and the group of servants dissipates. Scotty sighs. This murder is solved.


When Kevin enters the study, he looks pale.

“I heard that there was another murder committed, across the channel, in France?”

“That’s right.” Scotty confirms. “I’m leaving for Calais tonight.”

“You ” Kevin bites his lip. “You can’t stay one more night?”

“No.” Scotty shakes his head. “I need to be there as soon as possible.”

“Oh.” Is about all Kevin can say, before Justin and Tommy Walker enter the study, looking for Scotty. Kevin straightens his back and his face becomes blank.

“I hope you have more luck in France. I was honored to work with you.” He says stiffly.

He leaves the room without giving Scotty a second look, but Scotty isn’t fooled, he knows that Kevin is deeply hurt. The problem is that Scotty doesn’t know how he can fix that. Under what pretense could he possibly take Kevin with him? He can’t very well say the man is his lover?


The fog hangs low over the docks and Scotty searches for the ship that will take him to Calais in France. His steps are slow and the noise is rather eerie in the dark. It all sounds so lonely and that is exactly how he feels. Lonely. He knows that these last two years, he’s been driven from town to town, trying to catch “The Red Lipstick”.

Sometimes he can’t even remember where he is. He can’t remember the town he grew up in. That is what he envies in Kevin. Roots. Belonging. Home. That picture you have before you, when you close your eyes Scotty doesn’t have that. There’s just nothing there.

And Kevin... God, he had been so hurt this afternoon. It had nearly broken Scotty’s heart to see his pain And this when it had felt so good to be in his arms Don’t think about it He really shouldn’t think about that warm body pressed close to his own, those lips sliding over his.. Scotty quickly shakes his head There’s no hope.

He finally sees the name of his ship, but as he approaches he can see a silhouette form in the mist. When he comes even closer, he can see who it is and slowly a warm smile spreads over his face.

“You came.” He says with relief. Kevin now smiles as well.

“When my superior told me that you had requested my assistance in France How could I refuse?”

“You won’t see your beloved Wales for a while.” Scotty warns.

“But think of the stories I can tell once I do get back home.” Kevin replies.

“And I ahm It was rather short-notice, when they said I could take you with me We’ll have to share a cabin on this ship I hope that won’t be a problem?” He asks ‘innocently’.

“No I think I can handle that Will we share a bed as well?”


“Oh. That might be a bit of a problem. But I’ll manage” Kevin jokes and Scotty quickly steels a kiss.

“Yeah, I’m sure you will.” He then says and he’s about to follow Kevin up the plank when a loud cracking noise.


…. wakes Scotty up, he’s annoyed over the loud way Kevin closes his book.
“Why did you wake me? We were about to get on board… To France…”
“We were?” Kevin fakes his surprise. “Well, sorry, hon, but the only place I intend to go to is Dreamland.”

“I liked the Welsh accent on you.” Scotty mumbles. Kevin grins.
“Where you dreaming about the Lipstick Killer…?”
“It was London, 1900… Your father was a butler… Holly the murder-victim… Rebecca the murderer and Kitty didn’t believe that women should vote…”

“Where did we go wrong?” Kevin wonders amused.
“And Robert swept chimneys….” Scotty giggles, his words causing the same effect on Kevin.
“Sounds like you had a fun dream…” Kevin laughs, slipping under the blanket. It is quiet for a few seconds and then Scotty remembers the most important part.

“…. And you were a virgin…” he says. He’s pretty sure he can hear Kevin blink.
“Iwassawah?” it sounds from underneath the covers.
“A virgin.” Scotty repeats. “I had to teach you everything.”
“Really?! How was I as a student…?”

“You aced…  in all positions…”
“What can I say? I’m a natural….” Kevin replies with fake-modesty, before snuggling close to Scotty. “How about we fall asleep together, right now, and continue my education?” He suggests.

“Who says you have to be asleep for that?” Scotty asks, kissing Kevin on the lips. Kevin moves against him, until he can pull Scotty on top of him.
“You do have a point there…” Kevin softly moans and those are the last coherent words he manages to say, because from that point on Scotty continues his ‘lessons’.


(I think)

(For now anyway)

(Unless I change my mind)

(Which could very well happen.)

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