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1900 - part 3/4

Alright. Because I like the 'whodunit' userpic too much, I could not resist....


I just had a silly idea and went with it. I will in the end just randomly chose the one responsible. There aren't any real clues, except two. It wasn't Kevin or Scotty and it wasn't the butler. Other than that ... all bets are off, it could be anybody.

1900 – part 3/4

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and everyone else.
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine, written with L.U.V. not for money.
Summary: Scotty should really stop reading….


Scotty moans in his sleep and Kevin looks at him. The broad smile on Scotty’s face betrays that he’s having a nice dream and Kevin feels slightly envious. He’s still reading, because he can’t sleep, yet, he doesn’t want to wake Scotty either… So, he’ll have to do with watching that smug smile on Scotty’s face.

Kevin sighs, turning the page. It’s quite a good book actually and he’s curious how the plot will unravel. There’s a loud moan from Scotty.
“Kevin Walker…” he mumbles in his sleep and his smile is one of extase.
“Well, at least one of us is having fun.” Kevin grins, letting his hand slide over Scotty’s belly….


Kevin’s hand slides over Scotty’s belly. There’s no denying it, the boy learns fast and Scotty bucks up as Kevin’s tongue and lips carefully explore Scotty’s body. Kevin’s already satisfied, completely overwhelmed by the sensations Scotty had brought him, he had surrendered within the blink of an eye. And he now obviously makes it his mission to bring Scotty the same satisfaction.

There’s something so arousing about feeling Kevin touch and caress him as if it was the first time, not just with him, but with any man. That first hesitant exploration of how far you can go, what can make your partner shiver with delight or moan with desire. And Kevin makes him want to move up to those searching fingertips and shove himself even deeper between those exploring lips.

“Wait.” He whispers and Kevin looks up, obeying instantly.

“Did I do it wrong?” he asks concerned.

“Oh, God, no! You do everything right. Very right..” Scotty insists, placing his hand behind Kevin’s head and softly forcing him to come back to eye-level, so that his body covers Scotty’s again.

“It’s just
. I want more than this” He gives Kevin an intense look. On Kevin’s face there’s first the confusion and then the understanding of what Scotty asks.

“I-isn’t that going to hurt?” He wonders softly. Scotty shakes his head.
“I’ll be very careful.”

“You’ve done it before?” Kevin asks and Scotty is slightly amused by the jealous undertone of the question

“Yes, but I didn’t want that man half as much as I want you.” Scotty confesses. “Have you ever done it before?” Kevin shakes his head. “Want me to show you?” Kevin nods. “Do you trust me?” Kevin nods again. “Then lie down and let me lead.”

Kevin bites his lower-lip, revealing his insecurity, but follows Scotty orders.
Scotty is very happy with the fact that this is just a dream and that means that you skip a lot intro and preparation without hurting your partner. So when Kevin looks up him again, Scotty just knows that Kevin is ready The wanting look in his eyes, the way he moves around Scotty’s fingers and the fact that he’s growing hard again

Kevin is so ready and Scotty won’t waste any more precious time. He takes away his fingers, smiling when Kevin makes his disappointment heard, and then slowly penetrates Kevin’s body. The first little push makes Kevin freeze at the intrusion, but Scotty shushes him, tells him to relax, slowly pushing further.

Kevin tries to move away from him, but Scotty’s strong hands hold him in place.

Another gasp and Scotty feels himself slip even deeper into Kevin, Kevin is surrendering. It’s only when he can’t go further that he gives Kevin real time to adjust to the penetration, but not long.

Kevin relaxes however and Scotty slowly pulls back a bit only to push back in.

A shocked little gasp is all he gets. Slowly he builds up his thrusting from slow to fast, from shallow to deep and underneath him Kevin just moves frantically, demanding more and more from Scotty. He pulls Kevin even closer to him, searches for his lips


“Hey! Stop moaning like that.” Kevin pokes Scotty in the side, like he does sometimes when Scotty snores, and with an annoyed moan, Scotty rolls over to the other side. “Can’t see why you should be having all the fun…” Kevin replies grumpily. He’s not even halfway through the book and he just figured out who the murderer is…


They are in the kitchen and Scotty needs a few seconds to adjust to the fact that he’s no longer in bed with Kevin. Deng! Now only Kevin had all the fun.. For a moment he feels grumpy, but then his voice sounds very friendly when he asks the two maids what they know about the murder.

“Didn’t hear a thing.” Kitty says in a soft Scottish accent.

“Me neither.” Sarah follows in an Australian accent.

“Did either of you have words with Mrs Harper?”

“Noh” Kitty shakes her head, but Scotty doesn’t miss the quick glances between the two women.

“Please, tell me the truth” He says.

“I didn’t like her much ‘s all.” Kitty eventually replies.

“Why is that? I understand she pays all of you well.”

“Well, it’s all that political stuff she was interested in. Women’s right to vote and such

“And you don’t approve of that?” Scotty asks disbelieving.

“No. Women don’t belong in politics Who will look after the children? Clean the houses? This country will fall in ruin.”

“Don’t be so ridiculous, Kitty. Of course women should have the same rights as men.”

“No. That would be wrong, Sarah. Men have always been in charge of our country.”

“And see how far we have come..” Sarah immediately replies.

“Perhaps you shouldn’t have all these strange ideas put in your head at these political get-togethers of yours.”

“And perhaps you should join me and open your eyes.”

“Never!” Replies Kitty, shocked that Sarah would suggest something like that to her.

“Ladies, please..” Scotty tries to calm them down. “I’m pretty sure that women will eventually have the right to vote and be actively involved in politics.”

Kitty shakes her head with a disagreeing face, while Sarah's face carries a broad smile.

“You’re such a dreamer.” Sarah smiles.

“Luckily I’m not the only one.” Scotty replies with a grin of his own. It breaks the ice.

“What sort of information are you looking for?” Sarah now asks more openly.

“What kind of person was she? Kind? Arrogant? Caring? Gentle? Catty? Spoilt?”

“Oh, mrs Harper knew her position in this house, didn’t like to get disobeyed. Her word was rule.” Sarah replies diplomatically. “She was patient.” Kitty nods.

“And if only her daughter were more like her” Kitty sighs.

“True. Speak about a spoilt hell-cat with a serious temper problem

“Shh, Sarah, what if she hears you.” Kitty warns.

“She’s a witch!” Sarah maintains.

“And her fiancé, Justin?” Scotty quickly asks before a new argument erupts.

“Doormat.” Is Sarah’s reply.

“Soooo sweet.” Kitty sighs.

“What about Justin’s brother, Tommy? Are you sure he wasn’t here in the house? This is a big place.
“Yes, I’m sure. He’s courting Julia What’s-her-name. You know, the young actress working opposite Chad Barry right now, in that play. Can’t remember the name.”

“It’s not relevant, I will check myself Thank you for your help.” Scotty watches the two women leave and lets out a sigh of relief.

“Quite a pair, huh?” Kevin asks, quickly sitting down next to Scotty, just to let his fingers brush over Scotty’s.

“Yes.” Scotty replies, pretending to have look at Kevin’s notes over Kevin’s shoulder, just to have a reason to sit close to him and let his lips brush Kevin’s ear. He can feel Kevin tense up and hear him breathe a little too loud. He grins.

“Can we bring in the next?” Scotty asks and Kevin nods quickly. “I’ll do it, considering you’re a bit ....ahm” Kevin blushes even harder and Scotty quickly gets up to get to the door before he’ll take Kevin right there on that couch.

By the time Scotty has introduced himself to Tommy Walker, exchanged some polite words and requested Tommy to sit down, Kevin is in control of himself again, though Tommy would most likely not pay attention to Kevin anyway.

“Mr Walker, thank you for your time

“Though I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do here. Didn’t she get killed by that Red Lipstick Killer?” Tommy’s voice is really in posh English and Scotty has trouble keeping a straight face.

“It would seem that way, but I don’t wish to jump to conclusions.” Scotty explains.

“Very well. How can I help you?” Tommy’s entire attitude is one of condescending benevolence. Scotty, as a detective, is ‘beneath’ him in class, but he sees ‘the necessity’ and is therefore ‘condoning’ it. Complete cooperation with the police always gives off the best image.

“What can you tell me about Mrs Harper?” Immediately Scotty notices the almost amused attitude in Tommy.

“Mrs Harper.? I met her two days ago in person. I of course know of her, heard stories left and right, not all of them from reliable sources, but most of them rather juicy

“Such as.?”

“She grew up in the theater and had no issues earning extra money in other ways, if you catch my drift, until she met Mr Harper. He was so in love with her that he married her after a very brief courtship and that gave her fame and fortune.”

“Was she unfaithful? To your knowledge? According to gossip?”

“Never during their marriage. No. But not long after he died, she was frequently seen in male company, every time another man, and much faster than the etiquette allows.”

“Were they her lovers?”

“I don’t know. It’s all gossip and I’m not interested. I am more concerned about my brother Justin. I’d rather not see my brother involved in something so negative as murder.”

“You’re very protective of him How was his relationship with his mother-in-law-to-be.”

“He worshipped the ground she walked on. That is what has me concerned. That he will transfer those feelings to Rebecca. Her mother was kind enough, but Rebecca is a ..” He stops, aware of his sentiment showing and stiffly he continues: “I’m not sure my brother will be happy with her

“Have you told him that?”

“Yes, but it only led to a fight with him.” Scotty nods in understanding.

“And you never dealt with Mrs Harper before? Not until two days ago?”


“Things are different.” Scotty mumbles.

“Excuse me?” Tommy asks, but Scotty shakes his head and after a few more questions about Tommy’s whereabouts during the murder, an alibi that has already been checked by the police, Tommy is free to go.

Scotty follows Kevin down the stairs to the kitchen, where he finds Nora and William. Scotty immediately sees that Nora is making a cake while William reads a paper.

“I don’t wish to inconvenience you, but Mhmmm, red velvet cupcakes.”

“It’s alright, honey” Thank God, Nora sounds like Nora and Scotty feels better already.

It also helps that the cake smells heavenly and that Nora quietly makes coffee. Now that they have coffee and cake, both Kevin and Scotty sit down at the kitchen-table.

“How can I help you kids?” Nora asks.

“How long have you worked for Mrs Harper?”’

“Nearly twenty-five years.”

“Good employer?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I hear contradicting views on her. One says that she did not mourn her husband properly, the other one that she was lovely and gracious. Can you give me a better idea?”

“Her past is no secret to anyone. When she married Mr Harper, it was difficult for her. Everybody chuckling behind her back, but she really tried to be a good and loving wife to Mr Harper and then he had a stroke. Spend the last 5 years of his life needing full medical attention. And she was right by his side, every day, every night.

His death was a relief for her and, granted, she perhaps did not obey protocol, but she had a lonely life for a long time, I don’t blame her. She was a good wife, a good boss and a good mother” Nora wipes a tear away and it feels weird to Scotty to see Nora talk like this about Holly.

“What about the rumor of all those men? What is true about that?”

“She loved going to the theatre, watch plays, go to dinners and have fun She never brought them home. Never.”

“How would you have known?”

“She knew men. Give them what they want and they drop you, keep them hanging on and they keep trying That’s what she used to joke to me about.” Her lip trembles and suddenly she mumbles something about 'needing something' from the storage-room and quickly exits the kitchen.

Scotty turn to William Walker.

“And you, sir, what was your opinion of her?” he asks and William gives him a dark look.

“She was a demon. The way she used those men. There’s something wrong when a woman acts like she does. Worked for the devil, that one.”

“Really?” Scotty wonders. “Did she try to tempt you?”

“No.” William denies, but there’s something Scotty can’t put his finger on. Sadness?

“If she would have offered, would you have accepted?” He now asks.

“No.” William’s face sinks even further.

“You must love your wife very much Scotty says quietly, figuring that things just ARE different in dreams.

“That’s not it” Nora answers, coming back into the kitchen. “He can’t..”

“Can’t?” Scotty gives her a non-understanding look.

“He can’t” Nora emphasizes and then slowly Scotty understands. His lips form one word and she nods.

And upon that Scotty nods and leaves the kitchen, trying not to laugh out loud in front of poor William, but the concept of William being impotent in his dream, knowing the havoc he created outside the dream is completely hilarious to Scotty.

“Detective Wandell?” Kevin’s voice is soft and concerned. “Are you alright?”

“Yes” Scotty tries not to laugh. “I would like you to gather everyone in the sitting room, including the police, I know who killed Mrs Harper and I will make it known shortly.” He says and Kevin runs off to get everyone.

End of part 3

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