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2.16 ms 00002 Heart and mind

2.16’s missing scenes: Cut 00002
We missed a lot scenes that should have been somewhere in one of the episodes.... but in 2.16 so many pieces were missing that I decided to write them after all.
Here's the second:
Heart and mind
By Marea67
About: Nora/Kevin
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Realization of Kevin’s announcement sinks in with Nora.
Everyone was gone. Justin left to ride on his bike. He did that regularly now to stay in shape, and she was happy with that. Sarah, Tommy and Kevin were off to work and Kitty left to go to Robert. The house was hers once again. At last, time to let everything of this morning sink in. As usual things had not gone according to plan and why was she not surprised by that? 
Now, everyone knew the truth. Rebecca was not their sister. William was not Rebecca’s father….. She sighed. William. She had cried again last night. Quietly, as if it didn’t matter and in a way it didn’t. Because although Rebecca was not his child, it didn’t make his deceit any less painful.  He still cheated on her.
And of course it was clear to her that William had considered Rebecca his. Why else would he have added Rebecca’s letter to those of her children to create a password? She shook her head. No! No more thinking of William. There was something more important. And she smiled. Kevin! Oh, Kevin had the best news, she’d had in weeks. He was going to marry Scotty! At last!.....
And he seemed so happy. She was thrilled. She had always been worried about Kevin not finding that special someone... He had taken William’s rejection of him so incredibly hard. She could count the times that he brought someone to the house on the fingers of one hand. No, in all honesty. Other than Hank, none of Kevin’s boyfriends had ever stayed long in this house. It was usually a quick introduction and then he was gone with his boyfriend.
But after William died… There was Scotty coming to the house and later Jason…. And she would not have mind meeting Chad either. And then Jason left for Malaysia and she saw Kevin fade away again. She had been worried and just when she seriously doubted that she would ever see Kevin smile again, he stood in her kitchen, with a dumb and surprised smile on his face.
“I saw him again.” Was all he said.
“Who, honey?” she had asked cleaning her counter. To her knowledge Jason was still in Malaysia…
At that moment his phone rang and he took the call.
“Kevin Walker… oh… hi!” Kevin’s voice became softer and gentler, his eyes lit up and his smile brightened his face. “You’re actually calling me…. Yes… Are you having a break? … Oh… it is good to hear your voice…. Where I am? In mom’s kitchen…. Yes, she’s here…. Scotty says hi….” Nora was surprised. Scotty? THE Scotty of last year? She waved. “Mom is waving at you, she’s on the other side of the table….”
Kevin laughed out loud. The cheerful and careless laughter she hadn’t heard in a while. “I’ll tell her…. Yes, I’d love to see you again… tomorrow?…. Lunch? Usual place?... Don’t work too hard….Bye.”
“What was that about? Which Scotty was that?” She tried to remember if there had been other Scotty’s amongst Kevin’s friends.
“Scotty… Scotty Wandell.” And there had been something in the way he pronounced Scotty’s name that she found odd. He stood there, nervously playing with his keys, a certain glow on his face. And she wondered for one moment if he knew, how handsome he looked now, and how much he seemed to be in love with Scotty. She immediately changed her mind. Of course not. Kevin was in love with Jason and yet…. It was Scotty who obviously put this glow on her son’s face.
She hesitated before she asked her question, not wanting to hurt Kevin’s feelings:
“Kevin, you were making an appointment with Scotty… Are you seeing him? Behind Jason’s back?”
“What? No, no, that was just lunch. Scotty and I are just friends, nothing more. He has no impact on my relationship with Jason…. Scotty just needed a lawyer to help him with something small, so he contacted me and he could not pay me, but we had dinner… At San Estephe…”

“San Estephe? That’s expensive…”
“Yes, he works there. In the kitchen. Apprentice sous-chef. And he made me dinner. It was delicious….”
“Is his cooking better than mine?” Nora asked mischievously. She saw how quickly Kevin’s mind worked, to give her the most strategic answer and she laughed: “Never mind that… Just, please, I don’t want you to get hurt.” She was serious again. 
“Don’t worry, mom, Scotty will not hurt me. He respects my relationship with Jason, we are just eating together. What I have with Jason is strong. Scotty and I are just friends. That’s all.” And though Nora had smiled too, she was not so convinced.
And now, several months later, she remembered his words and everything has changed. Jason was out of Kevin’s life and Scotty will become Kevin’s husband…. 

“Scotty Wandell,…  my son-in-law.” She said softly and as she tried the words out loud for the first time,  she liked the sound of it. “Scotty Wandell, my son’s husband.” A smile spread across her face. This had an even better ring to it. And she knew, that by Saturday, she would be ready to not only accept Kevin’s husband into her family, but accept Scotty as another son in her heart.
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