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1900 - part 1/4

Alright. Because I like the 'whodunit' userpic too much, I could not resist....


I just had a silly idea and went with it. I will in the end just randomly chose the one responsible. There aren't any real clues, except two. It wasn't Kevin or Scotty and it wasn't the butler. Other than that ... all bets are off, it could be anybody.

1900 – part 1/4

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and everyone else.
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine, written with L.U.V. not for money.
Summary: Scotty should really stop reading….


“Aren’t you finished reading yet?” Kevin asks over his shoulder.
“Yes, that was my last page.” Scotty replies, putting aside the book he was reading and sliding down under the covers, to be next to Kevin. He turns off the lights and spoons up against Kevin. Kevin moans softly but presses back against Scotty, to be even closer.

“Was it a good book?” Kevin mumbles.
“Mhmm-hmm, about some detective from Wales, early 1900. I like English detectives.”

“British. If he’s from Wales, he’s British not English.” Kevin repeats.
“Does that really matter?”
“Ever dated a Welsh boy-friend?”
“Can’t say I have.” Scotty replies.

“I did. Ten years ago. Some wanna-become-an-actor.”
“Any good?”
“He had his qualities… Unfortunately acting wasn’t one of them… He had to go back to … somewhere in Wales, with a unpronounceable name. He was nice though. Good memories…So, who did it?” Kevin asks.

“I’m not going to tell. Read the book.”
“Scotty…” Kevin begs.
“Seriously… Now get some sleep!.. I’m tired.” Scotty orders, but then he holds Kevin even more tightly and closes his eyes to let sleep take him away …


A shrieking sound makes him open his eyes The locomotive whistles again and disoriented he looks around him.

“Scotty Wandell?” He hears and he looks up at a pair of familiar blue eyes.

“Kevin?” Scotty asks, slightly surprised by the way Kevin is dressed.

He’s dressed like a man from early 1900, including gloves and cane.

“I’m Kevin Walker.” Kevin introduces himself.

“I know” Scotty replies slightly insecure.

“They telegraphed a description of me?” Kevin asks astounded.

“No. I know who you are.”

“But we just met?” Scotty gets up trying to say something, when he notices something falling. It’s his own hat, which Kevin catches with ease. “Here you are, your hat I was supposed to take us to Scotland Yard, but there’s been a new murder. Is that your luggage?”

Scotty sees a huge cabin-trunk standing beside him.

“Uh, I guess.”

“I hope you had a good journey?” Kevin asks and Scotty suddenly notices the strange accent on him.

“You’re accent.” He says and suddenly he sounds pretty weird to himself as well.

“I’m from Wales” Kevin replies shyly, quickly looking at Scotty.

“I’m from.” Scotty starts.

“Canada, I know. We’ve been expecting you” Kevin smiles.

“Really?” Kevin nods and opens the door of the carriage. Scotty’s trunk disappears as well, though Scotty can’t see where to.

“It will be all so exciting. There’s just been a new murder They found her this morning. We’re immediately going to the scene of the crime.”

“Right.” Scotty replies, feeling a bit odd. A murder? Who do they think he is..?

“Ahm,.. you wouldn’t happen to have a file on me, here with you?”

Kevin nods, holding up some papers in a leather binder and Scotty asks:

“Can I read those? I find that the details can sometimes be so twisted and wrong.”

Kevin nods again and quickly gives it to Scotty, who reads the clippings about the famous detective Scotty Wandell.

He finds out that he comes from Canada, born in 1868, near Quebec, and that he’s chasing a serial killer nicknamed Red Lipstick, who created panic in Canada first, then seemingly moved to Europe.
The nickname he got is because he strangles his victims and leaves them, red lipstick painted on and around their lips, so that they look grotesque.

And it would seem that Scotty is a detective, who’s an expert on the case and he just come to England to help the London police in trying to find the murderer.

He’s trying to process the information, but there’s one thing that sticks in his head. He’s 32?!?! He then sees attached to the binder a little note that says: Belongs to: Kevin Walker, 8 November 1876.

Kevin is 24? He is older than Kevin? This dream just sucks! Big time!

“Is the file in order?” Kevin asks innocently and Scotty nods.

“Nothing that can’t be fixed.” Scotty answers with a smile.

The carriage rattles and moves and Scotty is starting to feel slightly sea-sick. He closes his eyes to avoid any further bouncing around of the scenery around him and falls asleep before he knows it.


“Detective Wandell wake up.” Kevin tugs at his sleeve and wakes him up.. “We’re nearly there.” Scotty sits up, straightening his clothes, which feel strange on his skin. Warm and comfortable, but many layers and a bit stiff

“I’m sorry, I fell asleep, I think.” Scotty apologizes.

Kevin smiles shyly at the apology and somewhere from deep within Scotty knows that Kevin has been watching him all along, wondering what it would feel like to kiss him. The thought feels strangely inappropriate. Of course, in this London, neither Kevin, nor he are allowed to be gay, which is somehow arousing because it feels so naughty.

So, he can’t help giving Kevin a suggestive glance and smirks when Kevin immediately turns beet-red and quickly looks away, as if he guessed Scotty’s thoughts. Some things obviously don’t change. Scotty gets up and Kevin does the same, but there isn’t much space in the carriage.

For a few seconds they are face to face. So close, that Scotty can feel Kevin’s breath on his skin Than Kevin turns away, overtaken with a certain shyness that is really sweet to watch. Scotty somehow manages to climb, not very gracefully, out of the carriage and sees a man walks up to him.

He quickly understands that the man is superior in rank to Kevin and Kevin sort of ‘hangs around’, but tries to be ignored by Scotty from here on and Scotty only listens half to what the man says, because he can't help wanting to keep track of where Kevin is. But the man yaps on about the murder committed at the house.

In the typical English drizzle, the three men walk through the gate and Scotty sees police-officers all over the garden, checking the bushes. In the back he sees a big English mansion and they walk up to it. The entire attitude of the man beside him shows that some ‘Very Important Family’ must live in that house.

“.. I will of course supply you with one of my officers to assist you.”

“What about Kevin Walker?” Scotty points at Kevin and the superior, who’s name mysteriously doesn’t cling to Scotty’s memory, gives him a surprised look.

“He’s from Wales” the man dismisses Scotty’s suggestion.


“Being Canadian you obviously miss some of the common knowledge we have here, but it’s just someone who comes from Wales.” The man makes a throw-away gesture and Scotty nods.

“Can he read?” Scotty asks sharply.

“Yes, of course.”

“Can he write?”


“Then he’s all I need” Scotty answers decidedly. “I judge a man by what he does, not by where he comes from.” The superior reacts all confused and insulted for a moment and Scotty stiffens his back.

“Sincerely, I don’t care where he comes from. We both speak English reasonably well. We’ll manage.” Scotty says calmly.

Though the superior in question shows his dismay by letting his lips form a thin line, he still calls out to Kevin.

“Walker!!!” Kevin immediately returns to the two men. “You’re to stay close to Detective Wandell. You are noe representing Great-Britain. Don’t disgrace us.”

But when Kevin turns away to join Scotty, Scotty hears the man finish his sentence. “ And, God, help us” He catches the embarrassed look on Kevin’s face and the way he bites his lip.

“They don’t like you, do they?” he asks. Kevin shrugs.

“I knew what prejudice I’d be facing when I came here. I know how they think about the Welsh. There isn’t a sheep-joke I haven’t heard.” Kevin shakes his head and Scotty smiles.

“Don’t let them get to you. Be proud of who and what you are.”

Kevin gives him surprised look, then a grin follows

“I am proud to be Welsh, they can’t take that away from me. But If you don’t mind my saying soIt was rather inappropriate to say what you said” Kevin says, though his grin proves he’s not too shocked by Scotty’s words.

“I like being inappropriate.” Scotty rumbles in a sexy voice and now the smile around Kevin’s lips turn a little more sarcastic and daring. His shyness drifting away as he looks up at Scotty and softly says:

“I’ll remember that.”

“Shall we go in and look at this murder?” Scotty asks and Kevin nods. Kevin rings at the door and after a little moment the door opens and Scotty takes a step back when he sees who stands before him It feels peculiar that he should pop up in Scotty’s dream, as Scotty never met him, but suddenly he sees himself face to face with William Walker...

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