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Whodunit? 7/9

Whodunit? 7/9

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, the Walkers – in one way or another…
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: This is an AU, based on B&S, anything can be different, nothing is as it may seem, and yet, …. (evil chuckle)


“Is that smart? Leaving your gun on the table like that?” Kevin asks, but Scotty only shrugs and pulls Kevin into his arms to kiss him. Kevin immediately moves up against him. He feels how Scotty hungrily shoves his clothes aside. His shirt lands on the ground with Scotty’s t-shirt on top of it.

Kevin kisses Scotty’s chest, enjoying the scent of him as he lets his hands caress Scotty’s sides and back, but Scotty is impatient. He nearly throws Kevin on the bed and immediately starts pulling down Kevin’s pants, his long fingers tracing the hardness that Kevin is showing.

Kevin moans. It all happens too fast, he knows, but it’s been too long for him as well. He’s no more in the mood to play games than Scotty is. He watches how Scotty takes off his own clothes, again impressed with how tall and beautiful he is. Scotty catches his stare.
“And what are you looking at?” he asks softly.

“The one person I can never see enough off.” Kevin replies, biting his lip. Scotty gives him as sexy smile when he crawls back on top of Kevin and takes the sheet up with him.
“Will you still say that when I’m 88? Old, bald and incontinent?”
“Probably, because I’d still be madly in love with you and loves makes blind.”

Scotty likes Kevin’s reply and thanks him with a long, thorough, deep kiss that leaves Kevin breathless. His arms are tightly around Kevin, so Kevin feels secure in this little cocoon Scotty creates for him. He’s so used to play the part of the protector that it’s overwhelming him each time he hands himself over to Scotty to become the protected.

“Show me how much you love me.” Scotty begs and Kevin spreads his legs a bit further to give Scotty even better access to his body. Scotty immediately takes advantage by touching and caressing Kevin, playing with him until he bucks up underneath him, wanting more than the feeling of Scotty’s fingers.

“Make love to me.” He whispers and he doesn’t need to ask Scotty twice.
“Turn over.” Scotty orders, his voice filled with desire and Kevin gets on his hands and knees. The only way he knows how much this pleases Scotty is by the soft noise Scotty makes behind him.

Scotty doesn’t waste too much time and the preparation is not as slow, gentle and complete as Kevin is used to, but right now Kevin doesn’t care. He has no other desire than to be taken by Scotty and the slight pain is but a little price to pay for the pleasure Scotty will give him.

Scotty’s first few thrust are accompanied by Scotty’s whispered apologies, just in case he’s hurting Kevin, until Kevin shakes his head.
“I’m fine. I’m so fine, just… move! Do it! I want you to … and don’t stop!” He moans, pushing himself against Scotty, trying to show him how desperately he needs this. “Don’t ever stop.” He whispers.

Behind him Scotty’s breathing changes, it becomes more shallow, a little louder and is soon drowned by Kevin’s encouragements. They become one, moving with the experience of years and yet it still feels new to them each time they reach this point together.

Kevin jerks back against Scotty’s body when Scotty’s hand caresses his belly and moves down. Kevin whimpers something that sounds like a ‘not yet’, but it’s too late. They both want it too much, too badly and it all happens too fast. Kevin is the first to come and Scotty follows him almost immediately.


Nora sits on Kevin’s couch, rocking back and forth, unable to organize the thoughts in her head. They run from wondering what had triggered William’s murder to if she had turned on the sprinkler system in the garden so that her favorite roses would get the right dosage of water.

Finally, there’s a knock on the door and she jumps up and, expecting it to be Tommy, she opens the door to a confused Sarah and Justin.
“Mom! What are you doing here?”
“I could ask you the same question.” Nora immediate replies Sarah’s question.

“I need to talk to Kevin.”
“Well, so do I, Sarah.”
“Where is he?”
“I don’t know, Justin. He isn’t answering his phone.”

“How did you get in?” Sarah now wants to know, while she looks around the loft and notices how clinical it looks. “This place is like a picture from a magazine.”
“Yes. I noticed the same. It’s like he doesn’t live here.” Nora replies.
“Either that or he’s even a bigger control-freak than I thought.” Justin frowns.


Kevin’s head is on Scotty’s shoulder and he can feel Scotty’s fingers caress his hair. He hums in satisfaction and Scotty laughs.
“You can be such a cat sometimes, purring like that.”
“Can I help it that I’m ‘tired, but satisfied’… and by such a good lover too.”

“Keep talking like that and I’ll even make you more… tired and satisfied.” Scotty warns, gently tugging Kevin’s hair.
“Promises, promises.” Kevin mumbles, kissing Scotty’s chest. “But you know very well, we have to shower, get dressed and leave again…”

“Yeah. What a waste of money to book this hotel-room for two hours and be done in less than 20 minutes.”
“Oh, my ever-practical lover, we can’t book this room for a shorter period than 2 hours. But… we can stay in bed for just 5 more minutes...” Kevin suggests.

“Yes, we can.” Scotty replies, shifting a bit, so that he can turn to Kevin and caress his face. His fingertips slide over Kevin’s mouth, swollen by the not all too gentle kisses Scotty gave him.
“Sorry, if I was so rough with you. I just wanted you so much.” Scotty whispers.

Kevin doesn’t reply. He only parts his lips and takes Scotty’s finger into his mouth and gently sucks on it. Scotty has to close his eyes, to not be too overwhelmed by the love in Kevin’s eyes, but it’s no use. The gentle sucking goes straight to his groin and he pushes himself against Kevin’s naked body.

He takes his finger away to replace it with his tongue and he enjoys how good it feels to have Kevin underneath him again. With one hand in Kevin’s hair and the other one holding Kevin’s jaw, there isn’t much room to move for Kevin and Scotty takes full advantage of that, kissing Kevin deeply and thoroughly, until Kevin has to push him away to get some breath.


Sarah and Justin are not completely recovered from Nora’s presence in Kevin’s loft and her explanation of why she’s here and, yet, someone else is knocking at the door. Justin is the one to open it this time and to let in the astonished Tommy, who looks from his mother to his sister to his brother.

“What’s going on?” he asks. “Where’s Kev?”
“I’m sure he’ll be home soon.” Nora replies. “Meanwhile we need to talk….”
“This place has changed.” Tommy notices. “I was here 6 years ago and it was a real bachelor’s place. Now it looks like picture from a magazine.”

“That is what we noticed as well.” Sarah says. “Mom even went as far as to say that Kevin doesn’t really life here.”
“Either that or he’s been replaced by some alien, because there’s isn’t a single cd here. Can you guys imagine Kevin without music?”

Tommy’s remark makes everyone look around and sure enough they can all quickly mention some objects that should be in Kevin’s house, but aren’t.
“This place looks an office where you receive people, not a house to live in…” Justin says.
“Speaking of offices… I found something amongst his papers…” Nora tries again.


The warms water runs down their bodies and Kevin can feel Scotty slip from his body. He lets his warm body rest against the tiles of the bathroom, still feeling the glow of their love-making. Scotty turns him around and kisses him, while Kevin holds on tightly on Scotty.

“Speaking of things less enjoyable …. How’s the investigation coming along?”
“You’re off the hook …”
“Good, very good.”
“… and so is most of your family. And your dad’s mistress.”

“Ugh. Holly Harper, don’t remind me of her.”
“You could have told me that you had met her. I felt a bit surprised when she suddenly mentioned it.”
“Sorry. One of those traumas I’d rather forget about, I guess. It was all very ugly that day.”

“I have a little idea of how you feel. I met Robert McCallister….”
“Jason’s brother…? I’ve been avoiding him. Kitty wants me to meet him…. What’s he like?”

“Nice. Like Jason… Handsome…”
“Like Jason?” Kevin teases softly.
“Nah, Jason was more handsome.” Scotty replies immediately.
“Should I get jealous?”

“There’s no one else but you, you know that, don’t you?”
“Yes, sweetie, I know.” Kevin replies.
“I just miss Jason sometimes…” Scotty bows his head and Kevin mouth searches Scotty’s offering consolation and tenderness.

“Let’s remember him for his laughter and his kindness, and not for how he stepped off this world.” Kevin says softly, his voice thick with emotions. Scotty nods quickly that he agrees with Kevin and returns Kevin’s kiss.
“Let’s get dressed. We have dinner tonight.” Scotty then says, stepping away from Kevin.

Kevin switches off the warm water and dries himself off and enters the bedroom just in time to see Scotty pull up his pants. He watches quietly, momentarily in awe of the graceful way Scotty moves, until Scotty looks over shoulder with a smoldering look.

“We have to leave, honey. But if you keep standing there, naked, I swear you’ll need another shower and we’ll have to pay for another 4 hours, because that is how much time I will take to make you beg, before I allow you to come.” Scotty threatens and Kevin drops his towel invitingly. Scotty starts to laugh.

“I can’t scare you, can I?”
“Oh, was that what it was supposed to do?” Kevin grins. “I thought you were finally going fulfill one of my erotic fantasies about you” He picks up his towel, giving Scotty one last look at his naked body.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Scotty replies, watching casually how Kevin gets dressed. As if Scotty suddenly remembers something he looks around him. “Kev, where’s your phone?”
“In my car. I don’t need it when I’m having sex with you.”
“Well, that is a welcome change… I think I’m going to like the new and improved Kevin.”

“That is the freedom dad’s death has brought me… And I owe it all to you.” He kisses Scotty on the tip of his nose, but, unsatisfied, Scotty pulls Kevin closer.
“Do you love me? Really love me?” He asks.
“How can you ask that of me? Of course I do.” Kevin replies.

“Then, please, come out of the closet completely. For me. I don’t want to be your dirty little secret anymore.” Scotty’s request shocks Kevin. Sure, they have had to keep their secret for nearly 5 long years, but so far Kevin had not realized how much Scotty wanted the openness as well, how much Scotty needed the security too. He gives Scotty another little kiss.

“I had planned to give you this tonight, but…” Kevin pulls a small box out of his pocket. Though Scotty has a very good hunch what is in it, he opens the box with a little disbelief, only to find what he expected… and hoped for. His eyes fill tears as Kevin takes out the ring.

“Will you be mine, Scotty? For the whole world to know and to see? No more secrets…?”
“I do…” Scotty replies in tears. “No more secrets.” And he kisses Kevin passionately.
“I love you so much.” Kevin whispers between two kisses and the bright shining smile Scotty gives him are worth a thousand ‘I love you’s.


By the time that Kitty and Robert arrive at the loft and join Nora, Sarah, Tommy and Justin, there’s been a lot of talking back and forth. Everyone talks and nobody really listens until Robert raises his hands.
“Guys! This isn’t working…” He yells and silence falls.

“Listen,…” Robert starts. “First of all, we shouldn’t even be here. Kevin didn’t invite us here. We need to wait outside for him and then we can talk and…” Before Robert can say anything else there’s a noise at the door. A key in the keyhole, a clanging noise and the door opens.

Kevin and Scotty tumble into the room, still kissing and giggling with joy, when Kevin freezes. The change in him is remarkable. The blushing, laughing young man with bright shining eyes disappears in front of their eyes to change into the ever-practical, be it slightly boring lawyer whose entire attitude is that of a very guarded person.

“What are all of you doing here?” He asks coldly, his good spirits gone.
“When did that happen?” Sarah points at Kevin’s hand still holding Scotty’s. Kevin almost lets go, but then remembers what he had promised Scotty. “Three weeks ago you hardly dared to look at each other…”

“.. and now Scotty will be my partner and we plan to hold a little commitment ceremony anytime soon…” Kevin finishes her sentence.
“That is … quick.” Tommy says.
“Hardly. He had to wait 5 years to hear me propose to him, …”

“Wait! Five years?!” Kitty yells surprised.
“… And now that father is dead, I no longer have to wait. I plan to make him mine before he changes his mind about me.”
“Well! Isn’t that convenient?” Nora says sarcastically.

Before anyone can ask Nora what she means, there’s a loud knocking on the door. Kevin rolls his eyes, while Scotty opens the door. Julia enters in a state of fury, followed by an amused-looking Joe. Joe immediately walks up to Sarah to give her a quick kiss, but Julia sees Tommy and infuriated she yells:

That was the last time you hung up on me, Thomas Walker! I don’t care what issues your mother has with anybody. We were talking to each other when she called! Would it have killed you to tell her to wait? I had sincerely hoped that with William dead, things would change, but, hell, no. You’re still everybody’s puppet-on-a-string!”

“Honey…” Tommy tries, but Julia isn’t done.
“Don’t ‘honey’ me, you would have my car fixed, but off course it broke down again and I had to call Joe to help me out because, as usual, you couldn’t pick up your phone!”
“Well, it looks like the whole happy gang is all here.” Kevin replies dryly.


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