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Whodunit? 4/9

Whodunit? 4/9

By Marea67

About: Kevin, Scotty, the Walkers – in one way or another…
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: This is an AU, based on B&S, anything can be different, nothing is as it may seem, and yet, …. (evil chuckle)


“So, any idea if one of them did it?” Scotty asks and Parks shrugs.
“Hard to say. Thomas seemed afraid. There’s a simmering anger and hurt amongst all the children and the mother. Always dangerous. Kevin is the most interesting. He’s definitely hiding something and clearly wearing a mask to hide his feelings.”

Scotty opens his mouth to say something, but then changes his mind.
“Come on, Scotty, what’s on your mind?” Parks asks, having noticed Scotty’s reaction.
“It’s just…. Maybe the fact that he’s gay, like me, that I am not entirely impartial, but I know from personal experience that sometimes being very guarded is just second nature.”

“You believe his defensiveness comes from some natural distrust?”
“Not sure. Just saying that it doesn’t mean he killed his father.”
“You’re right. At this moment, I have nothing… Scotty, in the meantime put out an APB for Justin Walker.

Make sure they approach calmly, because he might be intoxicated. Make it clear that he’s not necessarily dangerous and that I want him alive, not dead. For now, he’s my best suspect.”
“Will do..” Scotty promises as he exits the office, leaving Parks to lean backward in the chair and rub his eyes, wondering what his next step will be.




“I spoke to Senator McCallister, on the phone, briefly… He’s not in California at the moment, but on the East-coast where his ex-wife and their children live. He said he would be back Wednesday. He confirms that Kitty Walker was with him last night. They discussed an upcoming interview.

They weren’t alone all the time. From 10 o'clock on, they had the company of Travis March, the Senator’s Communications Director, and Tracey Mann, an assistant of Miss Walker. They left at around 11.15, leaving Senator McCallister and Miss Walker alone. They can be asked about this. It should have left an impression. Neither were very happy that they were summoned to McCallister's house, to discuss Kitty's interview with McCallister.

The Senator confirms his relationship to Kitty Walker is … a romantic one… but asks us to be discrete with this information. It’s early and new and he hasn’t told his children and ex-wife yet and he doesn’t want to move too fast and … blah, blah…” Scotty finishes not very professionally. Parks laughs, slightly amazed by how easily people confide in Scotty.

“Good work. Jenkins called the men on the list Kevin Walker gave me. They all confirmed he arrived at the party. That they talked to him. And he was still there when the last one left at around two in the morning. And they were able to provide us with even more witnesses.”

“So, he too has an alibi.” Scotty nods with satisfaction.
“You seem pleased?” Parks asks amused.
“Have you never watched police-series? ‘The gay guy’ is usually the second best suspect, right after the butler.

If we’re not suicidal, then we're defenseless victims preferably dressed in something pink and the third possibility is that we’re the psychopathic, sexually confused serial-killer with a mommy-complex.” Scotty answers dryly.
“That is not funny.” Parks replies, though he can’t help laughing over Scotty’s sarcasm.
“No, it isn’t.” Scotty admits, but even he can smile. “Any news on the youngest brother?”

“No. Nothing. Let’s go talk to Joe Whedon, Sarah’s husband. I have a few questions for him. And then there’s Julia, Thomas’s wife.” Parks sighs.
“Let’s go then.” Scotty takes his keys.
“I’ll drive.” Parks corrects Scotty.


Name: Joe Whedon

Age: 42

Status: Married to Sarah Whedon

Children: Gabe, Paige, Cooper


“Oh, yes, it was number two. I had just watched about 10 minutes when Sarah came in.”
“You didn’t want to be at the restaurant with your wife?”
“And do what? Have my father-in-law remind me of what a terrible provider I am? How un-manly it is to stay at home and raise my kids?”

Scotty shuffles uncomfortably on the couch.
“Didn’t you feel the need to do the .. uh… ‘manly’ thing and fight him over it?” he asks.
“He wasn’t a better man than me. He was a bully. An insensitive jerk who enjoyed hurting his children and making them feel worthless.

If that is his idea of being more of a man than me, then I can live with being the lesser one. I love my kids and I would do anything to make them strong, reliable, independent people. And I don’t believe that you can accomplish that by stabbing your children in the back and then kicking them when they’re down.”

“Isn’t ‘stabbing them in the back’ a bit strong?” Parks asks, curious about Joe’s hate.
“No. Not really. A few months ago, Justin was clean for 5 months, no booze, no drugs. Five months! Then there was this party and William? Did he compliment Justin on his willpower? On the strength it must have taken him to do this?

No, William told everyone that Justin may be clean now, but it was just a matter of time and he’d fall off the wagon again, because that’s the kind of loser Justin is.” Joe sees Parks shake his head. “William did the same with my wife. Told her how wonderful it would be if she would go to Ojai Foods. Make it a real family-business.

Sarah hesitated a long time, but eventually caved in. He’s been treating her like some dumb bimbo ever since. Everything she says and does is criticized by him and preferably by putting me down in the process. Can’t tell you many times Sarah came home crying because he was a jerk….

And if Kevin ever finds out that William was responsible for him losing is last boyfriend six months ago…” Joe shakes his head and Scotty gasps.
“What do you mean by that?” he asks.
“William told me. I was shocked.”

“What did he tell you?” Parks insists on knowing.
“During a party a few weeks ago. He got drunk. He would usually not really confide in me, but that night he was in a weird mood and he told me that he had accidentally found out that Kevin had a boy-friend and … You do know that Kevin is gay, right?”

“We had come to that conclusion, yes.” Parks answers dryly.
“… Alright, so he tells me that he personally made it his business to find out who it was and then broke them up…. The young man is gone from Kevin’s life… permanently….”
“And you’re sure about that?”

William was sure…” Joe replies to Parks’ question.
“Did you tell this to your brother-in-law?”
“No! No! Kev would have killed him if he had known… That’s to say… I didn’t mean to imply … Kevin would never…”

“He has an alibi.” Scotty confirms to Joe and Joe lets out a sigh of relief. “But … do you and your wife have any witnesses to your being in this house?”
“No.. None that I can think of. I never knew I needed an alibi, if I had known, I would have invited the neighbors to stay and have a barbeque.” Joe replies cynically.


Parks searches for his car-keys when a soft voice asks:
“Are you two really detectives?” He turns around and is face to face with a young girl.
“Yes, we are.” Scotty smiles and she smiles in return.
“I’m Paige Whedon. I’m nine… And a half.” She adds to be accurate.


Name: Paige Whedon

Age: 9 (and a half)
Status: Unmarried

Children: None


“Can we help you?” Scotty asks.
“Yes. No. I can help you…. I heard you ask about mom and dad… And… You can’t tell them I told you this…. Please? I’ll be grounded for life if mom finds out….” She looks pleadingly at both men and Scotty nods.

“We always try to keep our sources secret.” He says with a serious face. Paige exhales.
“I’m a diabetic and mom keeps cookies on a shelf in her pantry. For dad, herself and Coop, my brother. I’m not allowed to eat them, but … sometimes… I sneak to the pantry and I steal one …”

“And that’s when you saw….?”
“Mom and dad had fallen asleep on the couch. It was around midnight…. You asked dad if anyone had seen them, well, I did….” She confesses with a smile and then, as if a thought suddenly popped into her head, she looks concerned.

“I won’t have to tell that in court do I? I don’t like talking in front of so many people…. Granddad always says that it’s ‘cause I’m a girl and not smart enough, but dad says it’s just ‘cause I’m shy and I’ll grow out of it… I don’t have to go into some witness protection thing, do I? I have horse-riding next Tuesday….”

Scotty manages to keep a straight face while watching her panic grow, he places a hand on her shoulder and shakes his head.
“No, honey, I’m glad you stepped forward, but for the moment you have nothing to worry about….”
She rushes off and both men only start to chuckle once she’s really out of hearing-distance.

“What do you think? Is she telling the truth?” Parks asks once he’s calmed down.
“Yes…. I think she was too scared to lie. Besides it seems her parents are smart enough to know that her testimony won’t be worth much in court.”


Name: Julia Walker

Age: Nearly 28

Status: Married to Tommy Walker

Children: None


“I’m afraid I can’t tell you much that will be helpful.” Julia apologizes. “We drove to the restaurant and got into a fight in the car. We didn’t talk to each other during diner and we continued our fight on the way back home and took it into the house, through the kitchen, the living-room and into the bedroom, where we each got to our own side of the bed and went to sleep angry.”

“That bad?” Parks feels sorry for her.
“To tell you the truth. I’m happy William is dead. Perhaps not the smartest thing to say to two detectives, but I mean it. He was terrible to poor Tommy. Regardless of how hard Tommy worked, he was never ‘good enough’.

And Tommy loves… loved William so much. He wanted so desperately to have his father’s approval. William’s love. His care…. And William kept treating him like dirt and Tommy kept taking it. I couldn’t take it anymore. After William’s last set of demands I told Tommy clearly and honestly that he had to chose between his dad and me.

I couldn’t go on like this. I’ve always been able to look after myself. I don’t need Tommy to survive. Contrary to what his family thinks of me, I married Tommy because I love him and not for his money. I wasn’t going to be a puppet-on-a-string with William pulling the strings and Tommy had to know that. He just had to make a choice. Or I’d make it for him.”

“It must be awful to not know what Tommy would have chosen…?” Scotty says more to himself, than to Julia. But Julia shakes her head.
“But I do know. He woke me up later that night and said I was right. And that he would write his letter of resignation…. William would have had a fit!” She laughs victoriously.

But upon realizing that it might be an inconsiderate reaction, she covers her mouth with her hand.
“I’m sorry, that’s not nice, it’s just.... I’ve hated him for so long... It’s hard to be sympathetic about him now.”

“I can understand that. It seems to be going around in this family.” Scotty says sweetly and Julia gives him a grateful smile. “Well, at least now your husband won’t have to write his letter.”

“It’s already finished. It’s still on my computer. I wasn’t going to let Tommy be bullied into staying. William would have him change his mind in no-time. So, no,  when he had made his choice, we acted on it immediately. We wrote a long email and sent it to William last night... Confirming that the official letter would be in Monday’s mail...”

“Mrs Walker, your husband looked anxious this morning, when we talked to him.”
“I spoke to him briefly. Tommy told me that he’s worried what will happen to Ojai. He’s very worried about William’s will. He’s not sure he wants Ojai for himself and at the same time, he’d love to own the company.... I think he’s terrified for what the future will bring.”

“Of course! His will! How could I forget?” Parks says and turns to Scotty. “Scotty, find out if he made a will, what is in it, who benefits and who is excluded and ... have Jenkins check if William Walker has been in trouble with the law before...” Parks adds on a whim and obviously he guessed right, because he can see a smirk on Julia’s pretty face.


Name: Justin Walker

Age: Nearly 25

Status: Single

Children: None


“Justin Walker.” Parks says sitting down opposite of Justin, while Scotty finds himself a second chair. Finding Justin turned out to be easier than expected. He had been arrested for drunken misbehavior and resisting an arrest the night his father got killed. Brilliant, because this means this young man has an excellent alibi.

He looks carefully at the young man before him, who looks tired and beat, his eye encircled by a black spot with yellow-blue borders and a scratch on his forehead.
“Hey, man, I know I was wrong. I don’t know what got into me…. I… I need to call my brother… but they won’t let me…”

Justin’s voice is soft and pleading and once again Parks is shocked by how defeated this young man seems to be. This kid is 25 years old and already giving up on life.
“Your brother Kevin is on his way here. We already called him.” Parks sooths. Justin’s lips form an ‘oh’, but he looks serious at the two men before him.

“Good. But then… who are you two?”
“Detective Parks. This is my partner Scotty Wandell…”
“Hey, weren’t you…?” Justin starts, but then quickly shuts up. “… Never mind.”
“It was me at the restaurant, yes.” Scotty smiles and Justin’s face lights up for a milli-second.

“Mr Walker, we have some bad news for you…. Your father died that night…” Parks says.
“So, he finally had the heart-attack mom warned him for… Can’t say I’m devastated. With his unhealthy way of living, drinking… smoking…”
“No, Mr Walker, he was murdered. Shot. In the chest.”

“Oh, … oh, my God! Is that true?” Justin asks Scotty, almost begging him to deny it but then Scotty nods and Justin rubs his face in disbelief, like he’s trying to wake up from a dream.
“We need to know where you were last night between 10pm and 2am.” Parks continues.

“Hey, it wasn’t me.” Justin immediately says. “I may have wanted him dead, on more than one occasion, but, man, I didn’t kill him. I swear. When I left the restaurant, I went straight to a bar, where I had a few drinks and then this guy picked a fight with me…. And I was just defending myself and …. The cops arrested me.” Justin stammers.

Scotty has in the meantime gone through the paperwork of the arrest. Indeed, it would seem that Justin had been at the bar for a while. The bartender admitted to it. This would mean, that Justin has a very good alibi. They can strike another one off the list. A list that is growing smaller and smaller.

At that moment there’s a clanging noise as the door to the interrogation-room gets opened and Kevin enters. Justin nearly jumps into his brother’s arms. Kevin holds him tight, caresses his hair and cupping his face whispers something to Justin, they can see Justin nod and calm down.

And Parks realizes that he’s amazed by the calm way Kevin deals with his brother and remembers the way his family described him. A problem-solver… Mhmm, he regrets that Kevin has an alibi, because he is the most interesting candidate, and somehow Parks cannot imagine that the only two other remaining suspects, Nora and Tommy, killed William.


Travis knocks and enters without waiting for Robert McCallister’s approval to enter.
“The private investigator you hired is here.”
“Let him in. Close the door. I do not wish to be disturbed.” Robert replies sternly. Travis nods, closes the door and the private-investigator sits down.

“So? Did you find out what I asked you to find out?”
“Yes…. With regards to your brother’s suicide… The rumors and complains about his homosexuality and supposed child-abuse were started by someone outside his congregation.”

“Here’s the entire file… .”
“Did you find out why they targeted Jason? Was...” Robert doesn’t dare to ask the question. “Was it my fault? Because of my campaigning?”

“No one knows…. But, sir, the reporter who posted the article on Jason was approached by someone else as well… Several months ago… Someone else is investigating this case as well.”
“Who?” Robert asks and as the private investigator tells him, Robert starts to feel really confused.

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