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random word generator: Surface.

The random word generator: Surface

By Marea67
About: Scotty and Michelle
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.
Summary: ... because I disliked his ‘cool’ attitude during 4.12, making Kevin look neurotic again.


It isn’t until he’s in Sarah’s bathroom, alone, that he takes a deep breath and counts to ten. He could kill Michelle for being so casual. Like it was all just a joke. It will be his child. His and Kevin’s. And he wishes that Kevin wouldn’t put so much stress on Michelle, but at the same time he agrees with his husband.

And he feels a bit guilty, because Kevin had asked him to back him up and he hadn’t. He knows Michelle, the harder you push, the harder she pushes back, but this is not a game. One of the two embryos is his... but if he looks at himself in the mirror, he sees that it makes no difference whether it’s Kevin’s or his. He just wants this to work.

He washes his face with cold water, trying to rinse of the tiredness he feels. Just a few more hours and then he will cuddle up to Kevin and be able to sleep, knowing that he and Kevin did what they could have done. But would it be enough? What if Kevin was right? What if all Michelle’s hopping around and flapping her arms about had prevented it from taking?

On the surface he looks calm and in control, but occasionally the sudden fear grabs him by the throat. He wants this baby, he wants this to work. What if it didn’t, just because he was foolishly catering to Michelle’s wants and not listening to Kevin’s advice....? He splashes some more cold water in his face, dries off and leaves the bathroom to return to Michelle.

She’s reading a magazine, but smiles when she sees him enter.
“Hey! Freshened up a bit? Sarah just brought me some lemonade.” She points at the liquid in her glass. “Tastes really good too.... She’s nice. .. Nicer than Kevin.”
“Michelle,...” Scotty starts, not sure how to put into what is on his mind.

“What’s wrong?” she asks, seeing that Scotty is clearly upset.
“I did some thinking in there and ... you know, maybe .. Kevin is not that wrong if he says that you should stay calm... I... I really want this work. Just as much as he does... I know I said that the women get pregnant all the time... but...”

“... why take a risk?” She asks gently. “I was thinking the same thing... I really want this to work too, for both of you.... It’s just that Kevin knows exactly how to get on my nerves and I start to feel defensive.... You know me.” She shrugs with a smile. “But I would never hurt you.. or Kevin for that matter... Just don’t tell him that.” She grins.

And Scotty starts to smile as well. “Come here.” She orders, softly tapping beside her on the bed. “There’s a quiz here about meeting the man of your dreams....”
“I already met the man of my dreams.” Scotty reminds her.

“Kevin is the man of your dreams? And then you tell me you don’t like horror-movies? Talk about a nightmare.” She shakes her head in disbelief, but the wink she gives Scotty makes him understand she’s not serious at all and so, instead of arguing with her, he helps her fill in the quiz. As long it will keep her calm.

The end.

Tags: character - michelle, character - scotty

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