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By Marea67
About: Kevin and Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine, I know, stop rubbing it in.
Summary: Oh! Just read it!


“You’re home.” A voice in the dark says, startling Scotty, who doesn’t expect anyone in the room at two in the morning.
“Kevin!.... Drinking alone in the dark?”
“Yeah, no, not really. The meeting was boring, endless and uneventful.”

“And so….?”
“There wasn’t much to eat, but lots to drink and I managed to stay away from the booze, but then I got too hungry and the peanuts weren’t helping and so I took a drink…. Which is something I seriously shouldn’t do on an empty stomach….”

“How big a fool did you make of yourself? Did Robert die of embarrassment?”
“Too bad.” Scotty responds, not very charitably, not after a week of seeing Kevin spend too much time at the office. As he takes off his coat, he hears Kevin chuckle.

“No. I decided to keep my mouth shut… Very shut…”
“Always a smart plan if you’re getting drunk.” Scotty compliments and Kevin gives him his brightest smile. Scotty kicks off his shoes and takes of his socks at the door, then he takes his bag and moves barefoot to the kitchen to put some of the food he brought in the fridge.

Kevin follows him, but stops at the door between the kitchen and the living-room. His eyes follow Scotty’s every move as he moves, with a certain grace, through the kitchen. Knowing that Kevin is standing there, Scotty tells him about his night, but when a little joke gets no response, he turns to his husband.

Kevin looks as if his mind is somewhere else.
“Are you even listening to me?”
“Huh? What? No… not really.” Kevin replies honestly, making Scotty sigh. “I was distracted by how fabulous you look.”

“Yeah, I was watching you and my fantasy sort of took off… and,... it was very fascinating.”
“Oooooh. And what was I doing in that fantasy? Something X-rated, I hope?”

Kevin leans a bit better against the doorpost and a little sexy smile curls around his lips.
“No,… hadn’t come to that part yet. You had just unbuttoned your t-shirt and you had dropped the shirt, right there on the table and you were going for your pants…”
“Then what?” Scotty starts to grin, leaning slightly over the table, holding Kevin’s gaze.

“You asked me if I was listening .. and you took me right out of my fantasy….” Kevin now pouts. Scotty starts to laugh, but then his laughter is replaced by a mischievous smile.
“Well, let’s see if I can refresh your memory then?” he grins, starting to slowly unbutton his shirt, revealing more and more skin with each button.

His long fingers slide down further and further and Kevin can’t stop watching his hands.
“Shirt’s undone…. Off the shoulders? Right?” Scotty asks, Kevin nods, as he sees the shirt slide off Scotty’s shoulder and he can almost feel the heat that gets released. He can imagine the warm skin under his fingertips and he closes his eyes and swallows away his desire…. Not yet, Kevin…. Not yet.

The shirt slips down the other arm, exposing Scotty’s chest and it takes all of Kevin’s self-control to remain at the doorstep  and watch, instead of walking over and touch…
“In your fantasy I may have put this shirt on the table, but…. I don’t like leaving clothes on places where I have to eat…. So …. If you don’t mind? …”

He slowly walks up to Kevin, giving Kevin a good view of his chest, before passing him in the doorway and entering the living-room. The soft cotton of Scotty’s shirt brushes along Kevin’s arm, making him shiver, but then he turns around with the plan to follow Scotty, but remains in his place when Scotty stops near the couch….

“Then it was the turn of the pants… right?” scotty asks 'innocently'.
“Yeah…” It’s a raw sigh, exposing more of Kevin’s desire than Scotty had expected to hear and it makes Scotty feel sexy and wanted. The belt slips around his waist and falls on the couch.

He sees Kevin bite his lip, when Scotty’s fingertips rest on his zipper. He flirts with Kevin by letting the zipper slide down slowly. The pants sink to the ground and Scotty easily picks it up, turns around and disappears through the door leading towards the bedroom.
“Fuck!” Kevin whispers, moving closer too.

But when he opens the door of the bedroom he hears a teasing:
“Careful! Last piece of clothing.” And something swishes by, but Kevin pays no attention, because before him, on the bed, Scotty is on his back. Naked. Ready. Kevin hesitates.

“What are you waiting for?” Scotty now asks. He suddenly feels a bit nervous because Kevin doesn’t react to him.
“I… uh… think reality just surpassed everything I could have fantasized about…” Kevin says, unable to take his eyes off Scotty’s naked body.
“I don’t know about you, sweetheart, but I’m getting cold.” Scotty grins.

“Well, that’s too bad, because I’m just warming up.” Kevin replies, undoing his tie.
“Are you going to tie me up?”
“You’d wish!... No… Provided you’ll be a good boy.”
“Am I not always?” Scotty innocently asks, letting his finger slide over his lips.

Kevin watches how the tip of Scotty’s finger slips between those parted lips and has to swallow down the desire to replace that finger with something else. Instead he takes off his shirt and lets it fall, watching Scotty’s eyes open more widely at the anticipation of what might follow.

Kevin’s pants barely conceal his aroused state. As the zipper slides down, Scotty sits up, letting his hand slide up from Kevin’s knee until his thumb rests against the zipper. His thumb traces the hardness underneath the fabric and with a little knowing smile he quickly looks up at Kevin, before he pulls down Kevin’s clothes to expose what he wants to see.

He can hear Kevin’s breathing hitch, before it picks up again, more audibly this time. Kevin’s fingers slip to the back of Scotty’s head, slowly bringing it closer to his body. Scotty’s lips part, Kevin’s eyes close, for a moment there’s nothing and then there’s the warm wetness of Scotty’s mouth closing around him.

Stepping away from his clothes, Kevin makes sure not stray too far away from the pleasure Scotty offers him. For a few moments they are one in their movements. Scotty easily provides Kevin with the much-needed tenderness and Kevin lets it wash over him, taking Scotty’s mouth with the knowledge of how far he can go, without making Scotty uncomfortable.

But soon enough Kevin realizes that he can’t keep this up. It’s too arousing and he doesn’t want satisfaction this way, so he withdraws, amused by the annoyed frown and whimper from Scotty, who wasn’t willing to let go of Kevin just yet. With a little smile Kevin pushes Scotty down until he’s on his back again.

“Make love to me, please.” He begs, just before kissing Scotty tenderly. Scotty pulls Kevin on top of him, holding him tightly, surrendering to the kiss with passion, before breaking their touch again.
“I’d love to.” There’s so much want in Scotty that it makes Kevin shiver.

They roll over and Kevin is underneath Scotty. He kisses Scotty’s chest when Scotty reaches out to the nightstand and the tickling sensation makes Scotty laugh. He gets back on equal level with Kevin and caresses Kevin’s face.
“I love you so very, very much.” Scotty says softly.

Kevin’s immediate reaction is to offer a shy smile and look away and it breaks Scotty’s heart to see that Kevin can still sometimes feel as if he’s not worthy of the love Scotty wants to give him, but when Kevin looks back at him there’s no confusion or hesitation when he replies with the same words of love.

The fact that Kevin dares to be so vulnerable before him, is something Scotty feels they’ve gained. He kisses Kevin with tenderness, lets his tongue play with Kevin’s while his fingers easily prepare Kevin. Underneath him Kevin responds with want and need and it only enhances Scotty’s own need to get satisfaction.

When Kevin finally turns around, it takes all of Scotty's self-control to not push in too fast. He wants to give Kevin pleasure, he plans to take it slow, make Kevin beg and scream, but after the first few thrusts he knows it’s useless. He wants this too much to take it slow, so he can’t help it that he starts to move faster.

Apparently Kevin wasn’t considering prolonging their game either, because he immediately replies to Scotty by pushing back up against him and soon enough both of them beg for release. When the orgasm finally comes, Scotty can only hold Kevin tightly and press his lips to Kevin’s skin to convey his love.

In his arms Kevin shakes in the aftershocks that rush through his body. Scotty’s warm breath is on his skin and it makes him shiver with more lust than he imagined possible. His fingers entwine with Scotty’s on his chest and closely pressed up against each other they wait until their breathing becomes normal again.

For a long time they don’t talk, but just when Scotty wonders if Kevin fell asleep and if he should turn out the light, he hears Kevin’s voice.
“Wow! That was amazing… surpassed my wildest fantasies.”
“Liar!” Scotty teases.

“Alright, ‘my wildest fantasies’ that don’t require leather and bondage.” Kevin grins.
“Kevin!” Scotty tries to sound horrified, but fails miserably and they both laugh, until Kevin turns in Scotty’s arms, slips his arms around Scotty’s neck and kisses him lightly. Just a few little kisses before he breaks free and sighs:

“I’m hungry.”
“More love-making?” Scotty hums. He smiles seductively and tries to pull Kevin closer, but, rather than give in, Kevin pushes Scotty away, rolls out of his arms and then he gets out of bed.

“No! For a sandwich…” Upon seeing Scotty’s disappointed face, he apologetically continues: “I wouldn’t mind more love-making later on. But I only had a handful of peanuts and a drink all night. I’m hungry!... And I’m going to make a sandwich. With lots and lots of unhealthy stuff on it.” And with those words he heads for the kitchen.

Stunned Scotty remains on the bed, listening to the clanging sounds of a plate being pulled out of the cupboard. Then he shakes his head with a laughter and pushes away the sheets.
“Hey! Walker! I want a sandwich too!” He yells and he climbs out of bed.

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  • Been re-reading some of my old things..

    .... maybe also in attempt to recapture some my old writing fever... I'm now re-reading ' Turn a different corner . I just started at part 1…

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