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Unfinished 15/16


By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, Jason, Chad  
Rate:  SO NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers and Sisters, but Alex Grodin is a figment of MY own sick mind.
Summary: The boys realize that they need to talk. Resistance is futile.
Writer's note: It helps if you know my series:  Happy now? and Last Christmas


Scotty is pretty sure, that he will sleep like a baby tonight. He’s exhausted from all the emotions of this morning and though the afternoon had been spent comfortably with Jason, Chad and Kevin, visiting the nearby town with its lovely little church and theater, Scotty had been more than relieved that Jason suggested to order pizza.

They had their pizza casually in front of the tv, when Kevin found an older movie that had Chad in it. One Jason and he hadn’t seen yet. And though Chad had nearly offered them a bribe to not watch it, he was out-vetoed by the other three men, who, halfway through the movie, had to agree, the movie was pretty bad.

But the wine was good, so was the pizza and they were laughing and joking, until inevitably the conversation had turned to Alex and this time they all agreed that talking about him and what had happened to them, was easier. It would be impossible to forget any time soon, but it seemed all four of them had given their stories a place in their lives.

However, it does feel as if these last few days are claiming their toll, he feels a strong need to simply go to bed, be close to Kevin and just sleep. He startles when he feels hands on his hips, he hadn’t heard Kevin come in.
“How about leaving it all for tomorrow? I’m tired and I want to go to bed… with you..”

“You read my mind…” Scotty hums, leaning a little against Kevin.
“I was hoping you’d read mine too.” Kevin replies with a naughty grin. Scotty gives him a concentrated look, then, in mock-indignation he slaps Kevin’s hand lightly.
“Kevin Walker! I would never do such a thing….. Unless you ask me…”

They kiss lightly and join Jason and Chad again, just to say goodnight. And once they leave the room Chad stretches out on the couch a bit more.
“So will you be sleeping with me again tonight?” he doesn’t realize how longing his voice sounds and Jason smiles.

“No, I thought I ‘d stay in my own bed tonight….” He replies and upon seeing Chad’s disappointed face, he continues: “But you’re most welcome to join me there.” He watches Chad’s face light up again. “What would you say if I were to ask you to turn off the tv and go to bed with me?”

“That I have to take my painkillers first, give me 30 seconds?” Chad replies without missing a beat. Jason laughs and waits for Chad to return before going upstairs. Chad quickly goes into his own room to brush his teeth and undress, but then he can’t wait any longer to join Jason.

As he enters the bedroom, Jason just exits the small bathroom. He smiles when he sees Chad, all anticipation. This time, he’s sure, it will work, he just feels it… He eagerly kisses Chad’s lips and Chad, wisely, doesn’t push him to do more. Chad lips explore hesitantly and slowly.

His grip on Jason waist becomes a bit tighter, but he’s sure to be careful not to make Jason feel ‘captured’. Jason tries to relax, concentrating on Chad’s lips, Chad’s hands, Chad’s tender touches. He closes his eyes and tries to feel aroused by it. He’s getting hard, just to think about Chad’s body against his, inside of him would be even better or maybe Chad would even allow….

Alex laughs….
“Jason hates himself for what he is. Ask yourself why Jason hasn’t had another lover, since he broke up with Kevin … I know that Jason resents to be with another man…”
“I am not repulsed by intimacy, but I was repulsed by the idea of
him touching me. And…. That’s because he DID touch me.

I didn’t want to be touched by him. And I told him that and he just laughed, saying I didn’t have much of a choice….… he has his mouth on me… It was so revolting. I was so scared…. I got turned on… I got aroused and he thought that was so funny… I was terrified and he just laughed…” It was so revolting….

Chad immediately notices the change in Jason. He freezes, he shivers, his breathing becomes too fast.
“I can’t do this.” Jason cries, stepping backwards. “I just can’t… I keep hearing his voice…. Every time….”

And Chad can’t do anything else than what he did before. He holds Jason and tells him it’s fine and that everything will be alright. Once Jason has calmed down a bit, Chad lies down on the bed and Jason comes close to him, letting his head rest against Chad’s shoulder and in the silence, he whispers another apology.


“I know I said, that I wanted to have sex, but… I’m so tired.” Scotty sighs.
“That’s okay, baby. Just lying in your arms will be fine with me too… You’re not still punishing me for what I told you this morning, are you?”
“No…” Scotty laughs softly. “No punishment, though I’m still a bit angry with you.”

“I know. I acted rather foolishly, but… I was so sick and tired of Alex and his insanity… Once you left I felt so alone, I just … completely lost it. All I wanted was for you to be safe and I never considered how you would feel if anything happened to me. It never even occurred to me.”

Kevin places his hand on Scotty’s shoulder and Scotty kisses his fingers.
“I know, baby, it was all so weird… I know I shouldn’t be mad at you… I’ve never been more scared in my life, can we leave it at that?”
“Sure.” Kevin replies softly.

They undress in silence. Not an uncomfortable silence, just the silence of two people who both know their partner is worn out. It isn’t until Kevin is spooned up against Scotty that Kevin regrets that they won’t have sex tonight. He feels Scotty pressed up against him, but it’s not enough, he wants to feel Scotty inside him.

He sighs a bit disappointed, not knowing that behind him, Scotty smiles, because Scotty recognizes Kevin’s ‘sad’ sigh from his ‘tired’ sighs. His hand gently, almost absent-mindedly caresses Kevin’s belly and he can hear Kevin hold his breath for a second. Scotty smiles again.

This time his hand moves more boldly, revealing his plan in no uncertain terms and as an immediate reply he feels Kevin get hard between his fingers. Kevin makes a little noise and shifts his legs a bit to make Scotty reach better.
“Thought you said you didn’t want sex.” Kevin sighs.

“You want me stop?” Scotty asks, faking surprise.
“NO! … Oh!” This last noise comes when Scotty abruptly removes his hand and pushes Kevin on his back. Without waiting, Scotty’s lips cover his and immediately Kevin replies to the kisses by holding on Scotty.

“I am tired, Kevin, but …” Scotty bites his lip and Kevin reaches out to the shelve above his head.
“Then let’s skip the intro…” Kevin decides handing Scotty the tube.
“I don’t like to do it like this. So fast, so.. impersonal.”

“I love you… I just want you. I want to feel you one way or the other.” Kevin replies softly. And Scotty nods, that he understands. He just wants the release of all the tension inside him and if that is what Kevin wants as well, then there’s no harm in skipping the usual tenderness and other intimate moments.

Kevin obviously feels the same, because he impatiently presses up against Scotty’s fingers, wanting more than what Scotty is offering now. Scotty can’t believe how good it feels to enter Kevin’s body, to re-claim what belongs to him. To just be where Alex wanted to be, but would never be allowed access to.

It just feels good! He thrusts deeper and faster. Underneath Kevin replies by moaning  his encouragement. They both know it’s going too fast but it doesn’t matter. When the release finales explodes through them, it all feels so liberating to just be together. And by the time sleep claims them, Scotty holds Kevin tightly, finally tired, but satisfied.


Chad is close to dozing off when Jason moves beside him, waking him up. He blinks in the dark, hoping that Jason won’t shifting and turning half the night. Then he feels kisses on his upper-arm, his shoulder, slowly moving up to his lips.
“Jason…” He feels that he can’t do this all the time, getting aroused and seeing it end nowhere.

“Shh, please, let me…” Jason begs. “I know I’m asking the nearly impossible, but … I don’t want that bastard to win. I don’t want him to continue to control my life… my body…”
There’s so much hurt and frustration in Jason’s words that Chad just has to comply, feeling how Jason’s hands start to explore his body more intimately.

He closes his eyes, Jason’s able fingers quickly bringing him back to full hardness and Chad nearly comes, when he realizes that the movement he feels on the bed is that of Jason slipping under the blanket. He holds his breath, for a moment, he thinks he must be dreaming, but then Jason’s fingers get the company of a warm mouth.

Jason can feel Chad buck up and considers the muffled moans as a victory. He can do this, he must be able to satisfy Chad, because if he doesn’t, he won’t be able to sleep through another night He’s sick and tired of not only disappointing Chad, but also himself.

Chad’s breathing becomes heavier, he pushes up and Jason just sucks him in, as deep as he can handle without gagging. It feels good to reclaim some control. He takes his hand away from Chad, but not his lips. Concentrating on Chad, he lets his hand slip between his own legs. However even the slightest touch calls back the memory.

He can hear Alex laugh and he freezes. Above him he can hear Chad gasp.
“No! Please, Jason, please, don’t stop. Please, don't freeze up on me now… I’m begging you, don’t let him win… Please, baby,…” Chad’s fingers move pleadingly through Jason’s hair and Jason closes his eyes.

He lifts his head and comes back from underneath the blankets. Chad is out of breath and, beyond a doubt, very frustrated.
“Please, Jason…” He nearly cries, fearing another turndown, but then Jason kisses him.
“Shhh, baby. It will be alright.” Jason promises softly.

Just when Chad wants to express his doubt about that, he feels Jason hard cock rest against his own. It sends a shock through his body and then Jason’s hand moves between their bodies and Chad bucks up when Jason talks hold of both of them and starts to play.

Chad squirms, begs and pleads. He holds on to Jason, demands him to go faster. It all becomes frantic and Chad is losing control. Jason can’t believe it! He concentrates on Chad’s voice, moaning sweet words of encouragement, asking him to please not stop. Until there’s a loud gasp in the dark and Jason can feel the warm liquid on his hand.

The relief of being able to satisfy Chad melts with his own aroused state and the release of all that tension makes Jason cry out...They continue to kiss and move against each other, while Chad brushes Jason’s tears away and tells him over and over again that he did great, until it becomes quiet, because they both have drifted off to sleep.


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