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fanfic: Home coming

Home coming.
By Marea67
About: Read the whole story and find out. ;-D
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Surprise, surprise, it is about coming home
The sky is so blue and without a single cloud. The sun turns the ocean into one glistening sea of diamonds. Kevin guesses that they are lucky the veranda of their hotel-room is in the shadows and that a soft breeze creates some cooling down. It is nearly three o’clock in the afternoon on this last day of their honeymoon. Their real official honeymoon.
It had taken him two months, but eventually Scotty had agreed to 10 days away to this tropical island. Ten whole days of sleeping, eating, making love, enjoying each other’s company, laughing, kissing, flirting. It is too hot to be outside on the beach. Kevin smiles as he drinks the cool lemonade. He tries not to go for the alcohol, knowing that Scotty hates the taste of it on him.
He turns back to their room. There he is greeted by a sleeping Scotty. He smiles. Right after lunch they had ended up in bed and it had not taken them long to end up ‘tired and satisfied’. So tired that Scotty had fallen asleep in his arms and Kevin had enjoyed the feeling of Scotty pressed up against him, until everything became too sticky for his taste.
Scotty makes a small noise and moves a bit, turns to his side, half on his stomach. The sheets follow him as they cling to his body. Kevin takes the tip of the sheets and carefully pulls them away from Scotty’s body and he sees his patience honored when finally Scotty is naked before him. He sighs. This is heaven. He could stand here forever, just leaning against the bedpost and look at Scotty…. Of course, there is one thing he’d like to do even more.....
He crawls on the bed and start to kiss Scotty’s back. Starting down in the hollow of the back and slowly moving up. As his lips caress Scotty’s skin he’s aware of the fact that his husband is waking up. His muscles tense a bit. His breathing becomes more superficial. His fingers curling around the tip of the pillow. Kevin smiles as he lets his fingertips slide down Scotty’s body. His touch is as sensual as he can make them. Sometimes he doesn’t even really touch Scotty’s hot skin, but just brushes along the tips of the hairs and Scotty shivers.
Finally, Kevin has reached Scotty’s shoulder and Scotty turns around under Kevin’s kisses. Their kiss is long and tender, but eventually Scotty breaks the kiss and he says softly:
“Kevin, I love this, but I’m not really in the mood to….”
“Shhh, I know. I just want to touch you, be with you.”
“…It’s just so incredibly hot and …”
Kevin silences Scotty’s protest with another kiss, but he doesn’t push it any further.
Scotty knows this, but although he’s not in the mood for sex, Kevin’s kisses spark something in him and he cannot help it, that he slowly starts to move his body closer to Kevin’s, but Kevin pushes him away, not wanting any further contact then just the kisses and the fingers that are caressing Scotty’s chest, moving all the way down to his belly only to return teasingly, rather than moving further down where Scotty’s wants them. Scotty moans somewhat irritated, but he can feel the smile in Kevin’s kiss.
Finally, no longer wanting to be ignored he catches Kevin’s hand halfway his belly and moves it down to his swollen cock and as he feels Kevin’s fingers curl around it, he hisses under the pressure it causes and he pushes himself even closer to Kevin.
“Take me.”
“But I thought you said…”
“Stop being so smug! Take me!” Kevin complies with only one of the two orders. He cannot help but be smug ….
Nora looks at the calendar. She cannot imagine that Kevin and Scotty’s honeymoon is almost over, these last days flew by so fast, with Paige and Lizzie sick and Sarah and Julia working, she had her hands full, but now there is time to breathe again.  And time to get organized… 
She has worried for the longest time that Kevin had given up on love and affection, and these last
2 years have been a rollercoaster-ride, with Scotty, Chad, Scotty again, Chad again, Jason and back to Scotty. But now Kevin is very happy and she really likes Scotty. She wants to give Kevin and Scotty a nice home-coming. They so deserve it.
The door closes behind them. They are back in their own apartment. Less heat, less sun and sand, but definitely no less love. Scotty brings their bag to the bedroom so he can unpack it later, while Kevin quickly browses through the mail. He looks up from his stack of letters to see Scotty in the doorway of their bedroom.
“Our honeymoon doesn’t end until tomorrow afternoon.” The look on Scotty’s face is suggestive and Kevin puts down the letters on the desk to join husband in the bedroom.
The door slides shut, keeping the rest of the world outside while Kevin, without any further delay, pushes Scotty on the bed. Scotty moans as Kevin’s lips cover his, Kevin’s hands sliding under his t-shirt to pull it over Scotty’s head.
“I want you so badly.” He says, smothering Scotty’s reaction with more kisses, so that Scotty cannot show his own eagerness in any other way then by pushing himself up against Kevin.
Kevin cannot wait any more. He sits up and starts to take down Scotty shorts and within seconds he’s can see for himself how aroused Scotty is.
“I can’t get enough of you.” He says in awe, as he sinks back into Scotty’s arms. Kevin is still dressed and feeling the rough cloth against his sensitive skin turns Scotty on. Kevin is grinding against him. His hands and mouth are setting Scotty on fire even more.
Scotty tries to find some hold on the bed, so he can put more strength in his love-making, but Scotty’s hand inadvertently hits the small table next to the bed. A lamp, standing dangerously close to the edge of the table loses its balance and falls on the ground with a loud bang.
Kevin lifts his head to look at the lamp.
“Nothing broken.” He says as he looks back at the man he loves. “Oh my god, you are so hot.” Kevin whispers, but Scotty is convinced that compared to the look in Kevin’s eyes he’s an ice-cube. Their kissing becomes more frantic. Scotty loves it when Kevin is so passionate with him that he can forget everything and anything. He completely surrenders himself to Kevin kisses, to his touches, to the way he moves against Scotty. He can’t help but …..
BANG!!!! The sliding door moves, as if it is being shoved away with force!! Terrified Kevin and Scotty look up as somebody jumps into their bedroom with a loud scream! The first thing they see is one of Scotty’s huge (and extremely sharp!) kitchen-knives, but a few milli-seconds later they follow that knife up the arm to a familiar face with huge brown eyes, looking as terrified as they are.
“Kevin!” Nora looks in shock.
“Scotty!” Kitty seems equally surprised, showing up from behind Nora, holding a broom-stick.
“You’re back.” is Sarah’s fairly accurate assessment.
“What are you doing here?” Kevin asks, stunned at the turn of event. He wants to get up, but then realizes that Scotty would be exposed to his mother and sisters, as he looks down to see the same panic in Scotty’s eyes.
Kevin tries to grab the sheet, but it is out of his reach. Absent-mindedly Sarah pushes it in his direction, as she watches with a growing fascination how Kevin and Scotty fiddle with the sheet. She’s not entirely grasping what is going on.
“We … wanted to put up… some decorations… to celebrate your home-coming..” She answers, a bit defeated and now Kevin notices the banner she’s holding in her hands. ‘Welcome back, uncle Kevin and uncle Scotty’ it says, written in Paige’s and Cooper’s brightly colored letters.
“We came here to make sure the place was clean….” Nora’s voice sounds little.
“… and I brought flowers from our garden.” Kitty adds, equally stunned.
“We heard a noise in the bedroom and thought….” Nora waves with her hands.
“.. we thought you guys were burglars.” Kitty slowly starts to understand, when Kevin rolls away from Scotty and sits up and Scotty is capable to hide his private parts, but his naked thigh shows, that he’s not wearing anything under the sheet.
“Well, what are you guys doing here?” Nora now asks, a bit irritated that her little plan fell through.
“We just wanted another evening to ourselves before being exposed to you guys again.” Kevin replies equally annoyed. “And with good reason. Scaring the hell out of us, like that!”
“Do you have any idea how scary it is, for us, to hear sounds in a room, when there shouldn’t be any?”
“It is OUR bedroom, mom, where else would we be….?”
“Mom, maybe we should let Kevin and Scotty …. ahm… finish what they were doing or… at least get decent...” Kitty suggest with a huge grin and Sarah is barely able to hold her laughter either. Nora, at first, is a bit annoyed with Kitty’s words, she raised 3 sons, she HAS seen Kevin in shorts before and then … the embarrassed look on Scotty’s face registers, as well as the fact that she can see far more of Scotty body… Scotty’s naked body… then she cares to know about.
“Oh... yes.... of course. We will be in the living room…” She stammers as she pushes Kitty and Sarah out of the bedroom and closes the door.
Falling back on the bed, Kevin looks absolutely miserable.
“I couldn’t blame if you wanted to divorce me after all this.” He says, shaking his head,but when he turns to Scotty he sees that Scotty is laughing uncontrollably.
“… only your family…” Scotty manages to utter, before bursting into laughter again and slowly Kevin starts to smile too.
Finally Scotty captures his breath again. “Kevin, I have to admit that I admire your mother’s guts, jumping in here like some bad-tempered ninja. If we had been burglars…” He turns to Kevin and caressing Kevin’s cheek he says: “I won’t divorce you. I love your insane family… and I love you.” Kevin smiles back:
“Welcome home…”
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