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Unfinished 03/?


By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers and Sisters, but Alex Grodin is a figment of MY own sick mind.
Summary: The boys realize that they need to talk. Resistance is futile.
Writer's note: It helps if you know my series:  Happy now? and Last Christmas


There’s a soft knock and while Kevin still wonders why Scotty would knock on the door of their bedroom, he gets his answer when Jason walks in.
“Oh, hi…” Kevin reacts, not bothering to disguise his disappointment that it’s not Scotty.
“Ha! We’re being mister Bright and Sunny again.”

“Yeah, well in case you missed it, things got a bit ugly downstairs..”
“I didn’t miss it. Could have done without it, but l didn’t miss anything… I’ve asked Scotty to talk to Chad, ….”
“So that you can tell me what an insensitive idiot I am? …”

“No. You’re not insensitive. I think that Chad really hurt you and you hurt him right back. Maybe even more than you know.”
“He’ll survive.” Kevin shrugs, but, quietly, it bothers him that he hurt Chad.
“That’s unfair.”

“I know…” Kevin sighs. “I’ll apologize to him.”
“It wasn’t about impressing me, I think… I think that he wanted to go down with a fight as much as he could. He seemed determined not to let Alex win… I believe that you’re right that Chad antagonized Alex and gladly did so.

But at the same time, I don’t think he had a choice. He couldn’t have lived with himself if he hadn’t. It wasn’t about me. It was about him…”
“Yes, I guess…” Kevin replies. “Where is he now?”
“Outside, getting some fresh air to cool off.”


“Oh, hi, Scotty. I’m surprised that it isn’t Jason… Come to tell me what an idiot I am? That Kevin is not to blame?... Then spare me, because I know all of that… But it became a bit too hard for me to stomach what Kevin had to say about Alex.

Kevin described him so gently, so caring…. And all I can think of is this madman who just kept hitting me over and over again and simply enjoyed hurting me.”
“My memories of him aren’t so friendly either…” Scotty smiles. “.. and the last time I saw him he tried to convince my husband that I was unimportant.

So no, I don’t think Alex is a friend of mine either. But Kevin was merely trying to explain what made Alex so appealing to him. And Kevin did emphasize that Alex was a rat to others, but never to him… I don’t think that Kevin really implied Alex was a good person…. Alex betrayed Kevin terribly…”

“He did?”
“Yes,… but why don’t we go inside at let Kevin finish his story and tell it to you and Jason at the same time? It’s hard enough for him to talk about it all and … I don’t think he’d want to tell it twice in one morning.”


Jason and Kevin enter the kitchen just when Scotty opens the kitchen-door to let himself and Chad in. Chad and Kevin look at each other, still a bit of anger lingering, but when Kevin opens his mouth, Chad beats him to an apology by saying:
“I’m sorry. I should have realized that it wasn’t easy for you either.”

“It’s alright, Chad. I didn’t mean it either. No one deserves to get beaten up, least of all you.” Quite unexpectedly Chad takes Kevin in his arms and holds him He speaks softly as if the words are meant for Kevin only.

“I’m so sorry. I should have known better.” He lets his forehead rest against Kevin’s. “It’s just been so hard these last two weeks with the pain and the nightmares and … I couldn’t deal with you portraying him like some nice guy, when all I could see was this maniac who enjoyed giving me pain.

But I was out of line with my comment about you being lonely…As Scotty pointed out to me, outside, you only said that he was nice to you, not to others. I had no right to put words in your mouth you didn’t say.” Scotty and Jason try to ignore the whispered intimacy between Kevin and Chad, feeling this is important to the two men, but not their business.

Kevin nods and lets go of Chad.
“Why don’t we sit on the couch, have some more coffee and I’ll tell you more…?” Kevin suggests with an embarrassed smile at Scotty, because he feels a bit awkward about the way Chad held him. Scotty only smiles in return. He trusts Kevin completely.

“So, what more do we need to know about Alex?” Jason asks, once they’re all seated comfortably. Kevin looks from one to the other, not sure what else he needs to tell.
“What about Alex’s father?” Scotty wonders, giving Kevin a new start.
“His dad… Yes, different story altogether.”

Scotty squeezes Kevin’s shoulder in an attempt to offer comfort, a movement that gets noticed by both Chad and Jason. Kevin takes a deep breath.
“I already told you that his father was rather violent? Well, one night Alex calls me, crying that he needs me.

He’d been so badly beaten that I had to bring him to the hospital and I had to call my dad for help…. And he made sure that Alex could stay with us to recuperate, while his grandmother would think about taking him into her house…. Then came the news that his dad had died in a fire…

And it was assumed that he had fallen asleep, drunk, and caused the fire to start somehow. It was only when I turned eighteen that I found out that Alex had killed his father, before setting the house on fire… Or so he thought… Because, a year ago, I found out, from Max, that his father was still alive when the fire started….”

“So, he killed his own father? And you knew? What did you do?” Jason now asks.
“Nothing… Absolutely nothing.” Kevin sighs… “The night he told me, we made love the first time…. It was the only time we ever had sex…. Afterwards he gave something to drink.

A drink that had a strong sedative in it… I fell asleep and when I woke up, he was gone. With my money. He only left me a goodbye note… That’s all…. I didn’t hear from him in 17 years… and then all of a sudden he’s in front of my door, giving me back my money and apologizing.”

“Kevin didn’t want to renew their relationship… but I made him reconsider.” Scotty suddenly interrupts… “All this is my fault. I should have left it a closed chapter.” He sighs.
“No, don’t be ridiculous, honey. It’s not your fault. I was kind of curious myself… I’m just so sorry that it all spun out of control like this…”

Chad and Jason remain quiet, while Kevin reassures Scotty, but then Chad asks:
“Kevin, where and when did he go from ‘vandalism’ to ‘murder’.”
“I honestly don’t know. I think his dad was just… a mistake… He told me that he found his father asleep, drunk.

I can only guess whether the years of abuse simply overtook him, but he told me that he got so mad that he hit him over and over again… and that, when he believed his father was dead, he set the house on fire.” Kevin replies. Chad shivers visibly, glad that Alex didn’t torch the barn, with Jason and him still in it. They wouldn’t have had a chance to free themselves or escape.

“But you don’t really know what could have triggered him into becoming even more violent?” Jason asks now and Kevin shakes his head…
“Maybe he had it all in him, but just never showed it to me… I’m not so sure about anything anymore. He’s not the person I thought he was. Maybe I’ve never really knew him at all, because all I got to see was what he wanted me to see.” Kevin shrugs, insecurely biting his lip.

Chad plays with his cup. Around him the conversation goes on, but he doesn’t really listen anymore. A thought plays in his head. One that he dismisses at first, but it refuses to go away and so he decides to take action on it. He gets up suddenly.
“I need to clear my head. I need to think a few things over… I’ll be back as soon as I feel I can…” He explains tiredly.

The three others watch him leave, but don’t stop him, which is alright with Chad. As the snow makes a crunching noise under his boots, he thinks everything over again. He needs more answers. Somehow, Kevin’s story is unsatisfactorily. And he can only think of one person who can give him more information.

He walks into the sheriff’s office and gets casually greeted by the deputy. The deputy is family and so, but only by marriage, is Sherriff Styles. “Chad, my boy! Alice said you were in town.”
“I am… And I’m here with a request…. I need your help…” Chad then says.

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