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Happy New Year!!! & short-story: hope

I wish you all a wonderful, fantastic, superb 2010.

May your dreams come true.
May you achieve your goals.
May you find happiness with those you love.
May you be loved and respected in return.

I want to thank all of you who followed my stories this last year for the fact that you allowed me to take you  to some strange places and meet some bizar people.

My New-Year's resolutions are but few:
- Get a life again.
- Get a job.
- Keep writing
- Spend two weeks of my summer-holidays in Wales with Iris, my daughter.
- Celebrate Life!!!
- Look up some old friends I've been neglecting too long.

I planned to write a story for you for the year's ending, but alas, Real Life decided to suck again and came between me and my plans.

Yet, I give you this:


By Marea67
About: the Walkers and then some
Rate: G
Disclaimer:  I don't own Brothers & Sisters
Summary: The countdown starts and glasses are raised and there’s hope on everyone’s faces.


Nora hopes for some peace in her house and safety for her children


Saul hopes to spend more time with Henry and enjoy his new openness in life


Holly hopes that David will find the courage to ask her to become his wife.


David hopes that Holly will not break his heart again and dares not ask for more.


Sarah hopes to find the love of her life and finally be whole again


Paige hopes that her grades will be sufficient and maybe get the attention of Tom, the cutest boy in class..


Cooper hopes he’ll get a new bike and maybe an puppy-dog… kitten is fine too.


Robert hopes that he can still become Governor, but knows what is most important in his life.


Kitty hopes it’s her… the most important.


Evan hopes for his bottle, he’s hungry.


Tommy hopes for more time for Elizabeth. He misses her so tonight.


Kevin hopes that by the end of the year he’ll hold their child in his arms.


Scotty hopes that by the end of the year Kevin and he will have their child. He can't wait to see Kevin be a father.


Justin hopes to go on with his studies and that his grades will be good enough.

Rebecca hopes to become Justin’s wife and the mother of his child.

As the “Happy New Year” sounds, kisses and hugs are exchanged and for one moment everything looks peaceful. Before anyone can destroy the thought, Kevin takes Scotty aside to steal another kiss.
“I hope that by the end of the next year, we’ll be fathers.”
“Me too and there’s no one I’d rather share it with.”
“Me neither.” Kevin mumbles as his lips caress Scotty’s. “I love you.”
“I love you too… Happy New Year, Kevin.”
“Happy New Year, Scotty.”


With all my love

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