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Last Christmas 16/16

So, here's the last chapter of this story. I want to thanks to all of you that travelled with me these last 16 days. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas day.

Merry Christmas!!!

Last Christmas 16/16

By Marea67
About: Walkers and their satellites. Original Characters Alex Grodin and Max Carter are back!
Rate: from G to NC-17
Disclaimer: The Brothers & Sisters and satellites may not belong to me, but Alex Grodin and Max Carter definitely are figments of MY own sick fantasy.
Summary: Just before Christmas, a prisoner escapes with unfinished business on his mind.
Extra: To completely understand the full impact of this story you should (have)(re)-read "Happy Now?" chapter 1 to 12
Extra EXTRA!!! I've situated this story in season 4, until 4.09, so it will contain ***spoilers*** for those who have not seen season 4.
Writer’s note: I hope that there isn’t really a village called Clean Water Springs, I invented the name, just to give it a name.


Kevin is aware of people knocking down the door and coming in. There’s screaming, orders being yelled, blood on the floor, on his clothes. He hears calls for an ambulance. He hears and sees it all, but feels like he’s not there. This isn’t happening, this is just a movie, one he’s not sure, he wants to see the end of.

His eyes meet Alex’s. This should not have happened and yet it had. How did it happen? He blinks as he tries to bring it back. He notices that Max is talking to him, but it all passes by. He cannot respond. He blinks again as fragments comes back to him. The fragments become bigger and slowly, like a jigsaw-puzzle, they start to fall into place. He blinks once more. He remembers…

… Scotty just walked out the door and Kevin cannot do anything else but see him leave and know that at least he will be safe. He turns back to Alex, who gets up and walks up to Kevin.
“Scotty means a lot to you, doesn’t he?” Alex asks, caressing Kevin's face.

“Yes.” Everything, but Kevin can’t say that. “So? Now what? Live a life of fugitives? Always on the run? Always hiding from the police and cowering away from people and making sure that no one sees us?” Kevin asks more defiantly than he planned. Alex shakes his head, still smiling.

“No, it will be great, you’ll see. We’ll have to wait until Scotty takes his things from the loft, but then we’ll make it the home we always wanted.”
“Scotty owns half the place. That will take a while.” Kevin interjects and Alex’s glorious smile fades a bit.
"We’ll have time. I have another place where we can live if necessary.”

“And what will we live from? How will we pay the bills?” Kevin ask, giving Alex an worried look as if he can’t, for the life of him, come up with an answer himself.
“I have money. You work.”

“I work for
Robert McCallister.” Kevin emphasizes, but Alex doesn’t get it.
“I know that.” He replies.
“I somehow don’t think that Robert will let me continue to work for him, if I sleep with his brother’s murderer.” Kevin gently explains.

“I didn’t murder the priest.” Alex denies.
priest had a name. The name Jason McCallister. He was Robert’s brother. Robert’s baby-brother. Like Justin is mine. Do you remember Justin? Yes, I thought so. I don’t think I could justify it for myself, if I had to work with a man who sleeping with Justin’s murderer.”

“But I ….”
“Jason was a priest, but he was also my ex-boyfriend. A man I slept with, snuggled up to during one long hot summer. He was a man who loved it, when I cooked pasta for him. He was a man who used to love to sing in the shower and be pretty good at it too.

He was a man who’d get up in the middle of the night, to sit by the side of a dying woman or man, because that was he felt he was on Earth for. To give kindness and compassion. Why exactly do you think, that you had the
right to take that life away from him?”

“I didn’t…”
“You left him behind to die a slow death. To slowly waste away. Did he know that no one would come to his rescue or did you like to torment him a bit more by giving him a sparkle of hope, that you,
and only you, knew would never be met?”

“Why are you so mean to me?” Alex asks. “I… I…”
“Because I want you know what you’re talking about. You’re with your head in the clouds. You dream of something that
cannot be… You’re a criminal. A murderer. You killed Ben. You killed your dad. You killed a guard. You killed a police-officer.

You killed Chad and … you also killed Jason… How am I supposed to build a life with you on that foundation? Do you truly think we’d even have a chance? Do you seriously want to take me away from my family? From my friends? From my work? You have it all worked out
in your dreams.

But what about me? What about my dreams? My desires? My career? My life? I’ve worked hard for nearly 20 years to build something for myself. What makes you think that I want to chuck it all away to accommodate your fantasies? I can’t do that.” Kevin states logically and calm.

There’s a frown on Alex’s face. This is not how it’s supposed to go. Kevin is supposed to declare his love for Alex. Kevin is supposed to happy to be finally be with Alex… They are supposed to be happily ever after. What went wrong? Why is Kevin…
not… doing those things?
“What do you mean?”

“You have to turn yourself in. You have to go to the police and … I would really want to see you take responsibility for your actions. You’ve done something terrible… And that terrible thing can not the basis for our relationship. You
think  that I wanted you to get rid of Jason and Chad, but I didn’t.

They were dear friends you killed to satisfy
your own needs, not mine. I never wanted them out of my life… Please, take your responsibility and turn yourself in.” Kevin begs softly.
“I can’t. I can’t go back. Never again. I hate it there.” Alex replies.

“You can’t force me to go with you either.”
“But you said to Scotty that….” And suddenly Alex is wide awake. A cynical smile shows up on his face.… “You didn’t mean it. You only said that to get Scotty out of here…. How could I have been so blind? I let my best bargaining tool walk out the door.”

Kevin cringes at Alex’s description of Scotty and he’s worries how Alex will react. Alex takes his gun again and points it at Kevin.
“You used me!”
“No, I didn’t. It’s all in your head.”

“You love me.”
“I care for you, but I am not in love with you.” Kevin tries.
“We could have a good life together!”
“No. Not if it is based on lies and murder.”

“I would have done anything for you.” Alex cries.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t feel the same way about you.” Kevin replies honestly. “You were once a very important person in my life, but you stole my money, you used me, you broke my heart and you left to live your own life. A life
without me.

What we had was gone and I mourned it, until I was done crying and … I moved on as well. I made new friends, new lovers… I married a wonderful man…. I’m sorry, Alex, but I made my choices on
your decision to leave. If you had stayed,… our lives would have perhaps been completely different. But you left…”

A thousand and one thoughts tumble through Alex’s head. What Kevin says makes sense. And of course, it does. He’s a lawyer and he knows how to talk. In a moment of clarity, he suddenly sees Kevin and Scotty again in the Jacuzzi, in each other’s arms. Happy. In love.

He can’t handle the flood of disappointment and hurt that goes through him. Kevin is his whole life. If Kevin is not a part of it, then what’s the point? Why should he live? What is there left? He runs his fingers through his hair in desperation. When he looks up he sees Kevin looking at him. Quietly pleading with him. To surrender. To go to the police…

His eyes fill with tears. How could Kevin betray him like that? How could Kevin forget him? Why had he not believed in Alex?
“And this is all because of Scotty?” Alex asks.
“No. This is all from long before I met Scotty.”

“If I can’t have you…” Alex starts, pointing his gun at Kevin. Kevin raises his hands, trying to calm Alex down.
“Kill me if you must, but, please, don’t hurt Scotty.” He begs. “I already have the death of two of my friends on my conscience, don’t let Scotty’s death burden my soul as well.”

Alex point the gun at Kevin, but his aim is all over the place. He can’t keep his hand steady. He’s tired and disillusioned and tears clouds his ability to aim properly.
“I’m going to kill you.” He cries. Kevin steps closer and takes off his shirt.
“Here. I’m closer now. You can’t miss me…. Just, please, your word that you will leave Scotty alone.”

“You would let me shoot you to protect Scotty?” Alex asks with disbelief.
“Yes! Now, please, promise me. Promise me!!!”
“I p…p…promise.” Alex stammers, completely confused about Kevin’s actions.
“Good, I trust you on your word. Now, get it over with!”

“Kill me! Come on, shoot me! Just pull the trigger! From this point and angle you can’t fail. You can kill me straight-away.”
“I.. I…”

“What? Is it too hard to kill someone who isn’t drugged, tied up or chained? I get that! I’ll make it easy for you. Here, I’m turning around. You can shoot me in the back.” Kevin trembles as he turns around. Though he doesn’t believe in his heart that Alex will actually pull the trigger, he’s not 100% sure.

He can only hear Alex sob behind him and he turns back to Alex again..
“Alright. I’ll do it myself. Give me the gun.” But Alex shakes his head. “Give me that fucking gun! Now!” Kevin shouts and he yanks the gun out of Alex’s hand and puts it to his own head.

“Now all I have to do is the pull the trigger.”
“No!!” Alex panics. “Give me that gun.”
“It will be over in a second.”
“Give it back!” Alex grabs the gun and pulls it away from Kevin’s head.

They struggle over the gun. It moves between them, until it goes off, with a loud crashing noise. Once and then again. Shocked they stop fighting and Kevin can see the horror on Alex’s face. The gun falls to the ground as Kevin raises his hands. They are covered in blood. Alex’s blood.

“You.. shot me?” Alex asks astounded, sinking to the ground, taking Kevin with him. “You actually pulled the trigger…. I would have never… Not you.”
“Alex! Alex!.. Oh, my god. I didn’t mean to. I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you….” Kevin is aware of people knocking down the door and coming in.

There’s screaming, orders being yelled, blood on the floor, on his clothes. He hears calls for an ambulance. He hears and sees it all, but feels like he’s not there. This isn’t happening, this is a movie, one he’s not sure if he wants to see the end of. His eyes meet Alex’s. This should not have happened and yet it had.

“Kevin! Kevin! Are your alright?” Max asks and Kevin nods.
“I shot him. Max. I killed him.” Kevin states.
“I don’t thinks so. The ambulance is here and you’d better get out of this place. Come along.”

Max pulls Kevin off the floor and drags him away from the body on the ground.
“They will take care of him… You, on the other hand, need somebody else’s care…” Max says and he keeps the dazed Kevin close, as they go outside. The cold night-air takes Kevin out of his shock.

In the distance he sees Scotty and his eyes fill with tears.
“He’s okay. Scotty is okay.” It is all Kevin can register.
“Yes, he is.. Thanks to you...”

Robert recognizes the person next to Max and lets go of Scotty, who only sees Kevin and nothing else. Two seconds later Scotty holds his husband in his arms again. He kisses Kevin wherever he can. His cheeks, his eyes, his hair and Kevin can only hold on to Scotty, until Scotty finally kisses his lips with passion, desperation and love.

Robert approaches Kevin and Scotty after a short moment of giving them their privacy.
The hug between Kevin and Robert comes from the heart and with an enormous amount of concern. Kevin looks at Robert, suddenly feeling so much pain.
“I’m sorry about Jason… Alex said…”

“Sshh.” Robert silences him. “I spoke to Jason earlier. He’s doing great, under the circumstances… and so is Chad…” The disbelief on Kevin’s face is so big, that Robert repeats his words so Kevin can slowly come to terms with them.
“They are alright.” Kevin cries against Scotty’s shoulder.

Scotty can only hold Kevin close. There so much turmoil around them. Ambulance, police, people from the village, press.
“Robert, I don’t think that Kevin and I can handle the press.” Scotty says, seeing more and more news-vans show up.
“Max and I will take care of that.” Robert says.

At that moment Scotty notices Alice walking up to them.
“Alright. That’s enough. These two boys need to get out of here. They’ve been through enough… Styles called me.” She informs Kevin and Scotty. “And you two are coming with me. I’ll get you something warm to drink and a place to sleep. You can’t stay here.”

She pushes the two stunned men into her car and drives off with them.
“It’s alright, Mr Carter, we won’t get a sensible note out of either of them tonight, I fear.” Sherriff Styles says to surprised Max. “We found plenty of evidence corroborating with Mr Wandell’s story.

The Jacuzzi was still on. Only one plate with crumbs, one coffee-cup. A window broken in the kitchen, which would not be so quickly heard from the bedroom or bathroom. I find the concept of self-defense under the current situation more than reasonable. Mr Grodin has lost blood, but with the ambulance already on the way, just in case, the paramedics were quickly on the scene and able to stop the bleeding.

It looks like he will survive and can go back to prison… Kevin didn’t kill him, so I will take his statement tomorrow. This is not a case that will need thorough investigation. It is all pretty clear to me.” Styles explains and Max can’t really find any fault in his reasoning.
“I agree.” He therefore says. “Shall I speak with the press? Or do you want to?”

But Styles only grins and replies:
“Seems that Mr McCallister and you are perhaps more capable at this than I am.”
“You gotta learn too.” Max grins and they both join Robert to speak to the gathering press.

Unaware of all this, Scotty listens to Alice explain how this is her daughter’s bedroom and the only one with a two-persons bed. Her two sons sleep in a bunk-bed, but she figures that that is not what Kevin and Scotty need right now. She puts two pyjamas on the bed that used to belong to her husband.

The two men are overwhelmed with her kindness and although they drown in the large pyjamas, they are slowly getting warm again. She gives them some warm milk to drink and orders them to bed. Kevin sees Scotty’s grin and manages a little smile, but is grateful to slip between the sheets and into his husband’s arms.

They both believe that they will never sleep again, but once snuggled up to each other they are both so exhausted, that they fall asleep straight away. Then don’t even hear Alice guide Max and Robert to her sons’ room two hours later or notice that Alice comes in to check on them.


The next day they are all over the news and the name dropping starts. Kevin Walker, communications director to Senator McCallister and brother of former pundit Kitty Walker-McCallister, attacked by serial killer during a short holiday with his husband Scotty Wandell, chef-cook at famous ‘San Esteph’ restaurant. They remained in the house of soap-actor turned screen-hero, Chad Barry.

The press relishes in the details of Alex’s previous murders, the tragic deaths of John and Forrester, the kidnapping of actor Chad Barry and of Jason McCallister, Senator Robert McCallister’s brother, both ex-lovers of Kevin’s, as well as the way Scotty escaped the house and how Kevin shot Alex.

They interview the wives of John of Forrester. The first on is hysterical and all drama and is concerned mainly about herself. The second one calm and in control, hurt, but mostly worried about the effect on her children. Fans of Chad, people from Jason’s congregation, an ex of Alex who ‘survived’ are shown on tv and eventually Kitty says a few words on behalf of the Walker/McCallister family as well.

Behind the scenes, Styles interrogates Kevin, but can’t find flaws in his story. Scotty’s statement gets written down along with the reports from Max and Joanna about Alex’s past. It is all very clear and Kevin and Scotty are free to go to home, though they will probably have to come back in case it goes to trial.

Meanwhile Alice makes sure that Chad’s house gets repaired and cleaned up and Scotty gathers their own belongings from the house. They have decided, together with Robert and Max, to stay at Alice’s for one more night, because Kevin isn’t ready to return to Chad’s house. They will leave early Friday morning.

Friday, the 25th December: Christmas

“Nora, honey… if you stare at that clock one more time, it will fall off the wall.” Emily warns and Nora turns to her with a smile.
“I know. I know. It’s just … I will not believe that Kevin is safe until I actually hold him in my arms.”

“That’s what I thought as well.” Emily replies, turning around when the back-door opens and closes.
“Saul! Henry!” Nora jumps into her brother’s arms. “You didn’t have come back…”
“I know…” Saul starts.

“It’s just my dad and I could see that his mind was here, so I figured I’d get the rest of him here as well..” Henry laughs and while Nora hugs him, her ‘sorry’ gets lost. Emily watches it all with a smile on her face, but then she just jumps up when she hears the doorbell.

Hoping it’s Kevin, Nora runs to the front-door and yanks it open.
“Tommy! Elizabeth!” Nora says surprised, kissing and hugging them both.
“The moment Julia heard that Kevin was alright and Alex caught, I could take Elizabeth with me.” Tommy beams.

The front-door opens again and this time Cooper barges in, hugging his grandmother, while Paige immediately takes Elizabeth out of Tommy’s arms.
“We couldn’t stay home any longer. Kitty heard from Robert that Kevin would come by here first.” Sarah apologizes.

“I can’t wait to see Robert and Kevin again.” Kitty sighs, handing over Evan to Nora.
“And Scotty.. Poor boy.” Nora reminds them. “Any news from Jason and Chad?”
“Don’t know about Chad, but they kept Jason at the hospital for observation and to keep him away from the press for now. He’s can come home today.” Kitty answers.


“I just spoke to Robert. They are close to Pasadena. Kevin and Scotty are both still dazed and overwhelmed, but they are alright.” Jason informs Chad.
“Are you going to welcome them home?” Chad asks.
“They are going to Nora, Kevin’s mother, first. I don’t know. I have no car here…”

Chad sees the problem. He can’t drive either. He’s allowed to go home though and the studio promised to send a car with driver to drive him around…
“How’s the leg?” Jason asks.

“Black and blue from top to bottom, but nothing broken. Thankfully, because that would have upset the studio.” Chad rolls his eyes to show how unconcerned he is about that and Jason laughs.

“Mr Barry? Your car with driver is here.” A young nurse says and Chad looks at Jason.
“You know where Kevin’s mother lives, don’t you?” he asks. “I’ve never met any of the other Walkers, except Sarah.”
“Yes.” Jason replies and a mischievous grin appears on Chad’s face.


They are all still in the hallway when the door opens again. This time it’s Justin followed by Rebecca, Holly and David.
“We saw that Justin wanted to be here.” David says as he watches his daughter being hugged by Sarah and Kitty. “We didn’t want to let him drive however. He’s been distracted by this whole story.”

“Thank you.” Nora answers, grateful that David and Holly are concerned about Justin too. Then their smiles freeze as they hear another car pull up. This time they don’t wait. Nora is the first one out the door, running up to the car, just in time to see Kevin get out.
“Kevin!” She hugs him so tightly that Kevin can barely breathe.

“Robert!” Kitty flings her arms around her husband’s neck and holds him tight. Kevin helps Scotty get out of the car, which is not that easy with several people trying to hug and hold and talk to them at the same time. Scotty gets hugged by Sarah and Rebecca, while Justin tries to asks him some questions.

Kevin, and Scotty in particular, feel completely overwhelmed by this all. Kevin had believed to just ease Nora’s concerns, but only now does he realize how much this all impacted not only his entire family, but also rippled through into the lives of the McCallisters, Holly and David, and Chad and his family.

He still tries to deal with that thought, when a limousine stops in front of the house, grabbing their attention, as two men get out.
“Chad! Jason!” Kevin is with them within seconds and throws his arms around both of them. “I thought I lost you two…. Alex told us he had killed you two.”

“He came close.” Chad admits, but then he and Jason get greeted by the others as well and taken away from Kevin’s arms. Nora suggests they all go in the house and have something to drink and Robert laughs that he had not expected any other offer from a Walker and in general laughter they all enter the house.

Kevin takes Scotty’s hand and holds him back a bit. He’s clearly upset.
“I feel lost, Scotty. I know I should be happy, but I’m not. I ..” He can’t express how he feels, there are just no words for it, none that he can think of anyway.
“One thing at a time, Kev. This is not over yet, but we made it.”

He holds Kevin close and kisses him softly.
“Look around you, Kev. We have so many warm, caring people around us. Let’s enjoy that for now…. Merry Christmas, Kevin.” Scotty smiles, holding a mistletoe over their heads.
“Merry Christmas, Scotty.” Kevin replies and then he kisses Scotty so passionately that he makes Scotty drop the mistletoe.


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