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Last Christmas 14/16

Sorry, this chapter was supposed to be longer, but Real Life got to me. Don't worry, this only means that tomorrow's chapter will be even longer. ;)

Last Christmas 14/16

By Marea67
About: Walkers and their satellites. Original Characters Alex Grodin and Max Carter are back!
Rate: from G to NC-17
Disclaimer: The Brothers & Sisters and satellites may not belong to me, but Alex Grodin and Max Carter definitely are figments of MY own sick fantasy.
Summary: Just before Christmas, a prisoner escapes with unfinished business on his mind.
Extra: To completely understand the full impact of this story you should (have)(re)-read "Happy Now?" chapter 1 to 12
Extra EXTRA!!! I've situated this story in season 4, until 4.09, so it will contain ***spoilers*** for those who have not seen season 4.
Writer’s note: I hope that there isn’t really a village called Clean Water Springs, I invented the name, just to give it a name


“Get out of the water.” Alex orders and grabbing the towels Kevin and Scotty carefully get up. He forces them to the bedroom and orders them to get dressed. Alex has gathered all their clothes, that they had left everywhere on their way up and thrown them on their bed.

Scotty feels strangely violated over the fact that his underwear is on the bed as well. Alex had his hands all over them, it makes him sick, because it reminds him how Alex had touched him a year ago when Alex had tried to kill him.

His feelings of shock shift from uncomfortable to scared, because he’s suddenly very aware that Alex can still kill him. With Alex ‘out there’ it had seemed unrealistic to even believe it could happen, but now… he’s just a few meters away, holding a gun, that could put an end to Scotty’s life at any moment. Now it’s real.

Kevin quickly gets dressed, while keeping an eye on Alex and Scotty. He tries to figure out what is on Alex’s mind. Last year, he had played with and confused Alex, but how would Alex respond to him now? His biggest concern is for Scotty. If Alex would do anything to Scotty, Kevin would never forgive himself.

For one moment he wonders once again how he could have been so stupid. Why had he not seen the signs of Alex’s insanity before? How could he have let this man back into his life? But then he pushes those feelings away. They will not help. All he has to do is be focused on the here and now.

“You two.. down the stairs. We’re going to the kitchen.” Alex orders and he smiles when Kevin and Scotty docilely follow his orders. He hadn’t been able to keep eyes of Kevin, while Kevin got dressed. Kevin is so handsome and he can’t wait to put his hands on that body again.


Chad wipes away his tears. Everything hurts. His arm, his leg, his chest, his head. Truth is that Alex had hit him several times, wherever he could touch him, although not really on the head. Alex had obviously tried to prolong the agony, rather than kill him with a good blow to the head.

His hand feels around him. The phone should be here somewhere, but where...?
“Chad…?” Jason’s voice is hesitant in the dark.
“I’m here.” Chad replies, aware that Jason can’t see him.
“How are you?” Jason asks.

Chad grins cynically. He knows that Jason only asks him, because it’s eerily quiet in the barn and Jason can’t judge if Chad’s alive or dead.
“Just lying on the floor, feeling sorry for myself.” He replies. “And you?”
“Oh… you know… hanging around.” Jason jokes and they both laugh nervously.

“I like a guy with a sense of humor.” Chad moans, crawling a bit further.
“Is that why you dated Kevin?” Jason grins.
“Nope. I dated him because, the moment I saw him, I knew he was good in bed… and I was right about that. And, alright, I liked being with him too… And you?”

“Me what?”
“Dating Kevin?” No telephone. Chad crawls on.
“I don’t know. He was different. He was not impressed with me, with the McCallister-name or the McCallister family. Nor my religion. He was just Kevin.”

“Yeah, that sums it up for me too.” Chad laughs, immediately wishing he hadn’t because it hurts. “You know what? We should go out and compare notes on Kevin.”
“I’m not sure I want to spend an evening with you, talking about Kevin.”
“Well, it could be a start… I’m sure we’ll find other topics to talk about….”

“Are you asking me out on a date?” Jason asks, half-serious.
“Yes…” At that moment Chad’s fingertips feel something hard in the straw on the floor. “I think I found it.” Chad’s nearly cries.
“Really?” Chad can hear the hope in Jason’s voice.

“Yes.” Chad reaches out even further, but his painful arm and leg, don’t cooperate. A stab of pain runs through him so suddenly, that all he can do is scream in pain, before everything turns to black.

“Chad? Chad! Chad, what’s going on? Talk to me!” Jason yells, but there’s only silence. “Please, Chad….please.” Jason whispers, but it remains quiet.


“You! Make me something to eat.” Alex orders Scotty.
“His name is Scotty and have you never heard of the word ‘please’?” Kevin replies, while Scotty opens the fridge.
“Do you want something warm? Or just a sandwich?” Scotty is surprised by how normal his voice sounds.

“A sandwich will do, for now.” Alex answers, keeping an eye on both men. Scotty quickly prepares the food. It relaxes him to do something so ‘normal’ as making a sandwich. He places it in front of Alex, who takes a huge bite, without taking his eyes off Kevin and Scotty or lowering his gun.

“This is good.” Alex says.
“Thanks.” Scotty replies uncomfortable.
“So, you were hungry.” Kevin asks carefully.
“Yes, but I’ll bet I’m not as hungry as Jason McCallister.”

“Jason?” Kevin asks. “What have you done with Jason? Where is he?”
“Oh, tied up into something.” Alex grins and Kevin and Scotty give each other a worried look.
“Have you hurt him?” Scotty tries.

“No. Never put a hand on him. I got to tell you Kevin, you have an excellent taste in men. Scotty. Jason…. Chad.”
“Yes, Scotty, I was talking about Chad. Who knew he could such a fighter?”

“Fighter?” Kevin’s voice is soft. He doesn’t dare to ask.
“Poor boy. Didn’t want to tell me where you were…”
“What did you do to him?”
“Let’s say that “Tempest Bay” is going to have to look for another actor.”

“Because…?” Scotty cannot hide his fear and Alex relishes in it.
“Mr Barry regrets he’s unable to ever work again. He’s kinda … dead-ish.” Kevin gasps for breath. This is not possible! Not Chad! Chad, who had only done this to help him….
“Oh, my god. It’s my fault I killed Chad….” The shock is too great and Kevin can’t stop the tears from coming…


Justin looks at the phone before him. Rebecca sits down next to him. These last few hours there’s been some frantic calling back and forth. Robert told Kitty, who called Sarah, who immediately got in touch with Justin. And soon enough Rebecca and Holly knew and then Holly contacted Saul.

And now there’s only one left. Nora. From across the kitchen-table at Sarah’s, where they had all gathered, everyone looks at Justin. He drew the shortest straw.
“Mom needs to know.” Sarah says.
“If you can’t handle it, I’ll call her.” Kitty offers, though that was not the purpose of drawing straws.

Justin shakes his head.
“No, I’ll do it.” He says bravely and he dials his mother’s number and puts it on speaker-phone so everyone can listen in.
“Justin? Is everything alright?” Nora’s voice is alarmed.

“Mom, I have something to tell you….” But the strain of the last few hours takes its toll on Justin and his voice breaks. He can’t tell her. Everyone sits, frozen to their chairs, unable to answer Nora’s worried questions, until Holly picks up the phone.
“Nora, this is Holly.” She replies calmly. “Robert has informed us of the following….”

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