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Last Christmas 13/16

Last Christmas 13/16

By Marea67
About: Walkers and their satellites. Original Characters Alex Grodin and Max Carter are back! Rate: from G to NC-17
Disclaimer: The Brothers & Sisters and satellites may not belong to me, but Alex Grodin and Max Carter definitely are figments of MY own sick fantasy.
Summary: Just before Christmas, a prisoner escapes with unfinished business on his mind.
Extra: To completely understand the full impact of this story you should (have)(re)-read "Happy Now?" chapter 1 to 12
Extra EXTRA!!! I've situated this story in season 4, until 4.09, so it will contain ***spoilers*** for those who have not seen season 4.
Writer’s note: I hope that there isn’t really a village called Clean Water Springs, I invented the name, just to give it a name


Kevin wakes up and stretches out to find Scotty next to him. Scotty makes a little sound, when Kevin snuggles up to him, but doesn’t wake up until Kevin kisses the back of his neck. He smiles and pushes himself back against Kevin.
“Mhmm, I like this.” He hums.

“I know… That’s why I do it.” Kevin says as if he gives away a huge secret. Scotty turns in his arms.
“Can’t we stay in bed all day? It’s two more days until Christmas and then we have to go back.”

“Tomorrow.” Kevin promises. “Chad will be here tomorrow night and will take us home Friday-morning. This means that we can stay in bed all day, until he calls us. He said, he would call us when he’s near, so we can ‘get decent’. But today will be our last day in the snow and.. I want to have some fun.” Kevin begs like a child.

“Promise me. Tomorrow. You and me. Bed. All day.” Scotty says in return.
“I promise.” Kevin laughs and Scotty wants to pull him closer for a kiss, but Kevin quickly turns away.
“Ah-ah, first: breakfast, then a walk in the snow to lose the calories and then …. Lunch!”


Rebecca sighs in relief. Well, there went her breakfast. She should have known better than to try this. Just a simple slice of toast with a sugar.. and she can’t keep it in.
“Feeling better, honey?” Holly asks. Rebecca nods.

“Just wish I could eat something in the morning and keep it in. I feel awful every day.”
“Just a little longer, honey. It will pass, I promise.”
“Were you also this sick when you were expecting me?” Rebecca asks and Holly smiles gently.
“No. Not really… I discovered however that I should stay away from sausages and beans, but other than that… no.”

“Does that mean I might have a boy?”
“Who knows, sweetie. Maybe we should have a check?”
“You really want to know, don’t you?” Rebecca asks.
“I’m going to be a grand-mother…. What do you think?” Holly laughs.


Jason’s teeth are chattering. The temperature dropped considerably during the night and his clothes no longer give him enough protection against the chill. He feels dirty, tired, hungry and thirsty.

And alone. All alone with a dead guy, a few feet away. Someone he can’t even see, because it’s too dark. He lifts up his head. Though it’s useless, he again yanks the chains. The sound is ominous in the semi-dark barn and the knowledge that no one can hear or see him, makes him feel even more desperate. He closes his eyes. He’s tired, so tired….

He is about to drift off to sleep, when a noise makes him look up. He tries to figure out where it comes from. Is it Alex? Someone else?

“Hello? Who’s there?” his voice shakes a bit and he tries to see something in the dark. Then he realizes it’s probably a rat or something, but just when he wants to sleep again, he hears the noise again. It sounds like a moan. A soft moan of someone in pain….

“Ch…. Chad?” Jason’s heart skips a few beats. Can’t be! “Chad?!” Jason call out again, this time a bit more hopeful.
“I… I’m here, Jason, I’m here.” Chad answers.


Scotty is still in the middle of his story when he suddenly feels something hit his back. He turns around rather fast and a ball of snow hits him plain in the face.
“Whah.. what?” He wipes the wet snow of his face and now he can see his handsome husband laughing at him.

Tears run down Kevin’s face as he looks at Scotty stunned expression.
“You know, this was one of the few things where I managed to beat Dad, Tommy and Justin… and I haven’t lost my touch!” he cheers.

“Oh, just you wait, Kevin Walker!” Scotty threatens and starts to run towards Kevin. Kevin quickly turns and a there’s a little chase, where Kevin easily stays out of Scotty’s hands, but Scotty’s long legs give him the advantage in the snow and Kevin can see that he will eventually get caught.

Kevin runs around a tree with Scotty still in pursuit. Too late Scotty realizes that Kevin takes the branch with him and just when Scotty is near, Kevin releases the branch covering Scotty in a nice layer of snow. The cold liquid seeps into Scotty’s clothes and Scotty feels the shiver run down his spine. Now all gloves come off and with a little extra energy Scotty manages to catch Kevin.

They roll on the ground and Scotty gets on top of Kevin and shoves a handful of snow in Kevin’s hair, face and coat. But neither of them care too much. They’re giggling like a couple of 5-year olds, until Scotty looks down on his husband’s face. Kevin has never seemed more alive, more handsome or more playful.

“Time out.” Scotty says, out of breath. Kevin agrees with a nod and then Scotty lowers his head and kisses Kevin tenderly. Kevin replies with equal desire, until….
“Scotty, I love this, but my butt is freezing.” Scotty hears Kevin mumble between kisses.
“Well, get of this cold ground then, let’s see if Alice has some hot chocolate for us.”


Max stares in shock at Joanna.
“Say that again?”
“The body they found near Cinnamon Jack belongs to officer Forrester. They assume that the attacker first took him into the bushes, forced him to undress himself and then cut his throat.”

“How did they come to that conclusion?”
“No signs that the body was dragged. No blood anywhere else except on the spot where they found the victim. Assuming it is Alex… and I don’t doubt it… he wouldn’t want blood on the uniform to give away that he’s not a real officer.”

Max shakes his head. Two men dead, one man missing and two on the run…. Wait! Chad!
“See if you can reach Chad Barry for me?” he says, still in deep thoughts.
“Because…?” Joanna asks, wondering what is going on in the head of her superior. It is sometimes hard to keep track of where his mind is going.

“I was looking for someone to take Chad home and I left him alone. When I came back Chad was gone…. If Alex approached him as Forrester.. Chad had no reason to doubt him…” Joanna blinks. The horror of the situation registers and she jumps up to call Chad’s number.

“No one answers.” She says after her third try.
“I’ll call Kevin and Scotty.” Max decides, but after several attempts he has to put down his phone. “No answer… What is the point of having a phone in case of an emergency, if you can’t reach them when there is one?” Max wonders.

He gets up and takes his coat.
“Come on. We’re going to Chad’s place. I have the address and his code… If there’s any sign of trouble, we’re driving straight to Kevin and Scotty and put them under personal surveillance.”

“Why?” is the question he hears and when he turns he sees Robert in the doorway. Pale and tired. “Why are you going to Chad and then Kevin and Scotty? Is there any news on Jason?” There’s expectation and fear in his eyes. Max shakes his head.
“Nothing on Jason. We can’t reach Chad and now we’ve lost touch with Kevin and Scotty as well.”


Aunt Alice looks at Kevin and Scotty from behind her counter. She owns the building that is grocery-store/lunch-room/restaurant at the same time. She can see how the two of them are completely lost in each other and she smiles sadly. How she wishes that Chad would make up his mind about what he wants.

At first she had been shocked that her sister’s only son was bi-sexual. She loved Chad and would never turn her back on him, but she had often wondered how she’d feel if Chad would indeed show up with a boy-friend. Clean Water Springs is a small town, where everybody knows each other. And nobody here is gay. If you are, you leave.

She had noticed that when Kevin and Scotty first came in, that they were more distant, but once two other couples left and they were alone, they became more intimate in so far that they’d hold hands on the table, gazed at each other and their smiles were filled with love.

And she’s happy to discover that it doesn’t shock or offend her, that it feels ‘right’ for her. This means that she can honestly say to Chad that she wouldn’t mind, if he’d bring his boyfriend ‘home’ to meet her. Watching Kevin and Scotty together makes her wish, that one day she will see Chad sit there, with that smile on his face. The smile of someone who’s deeply in love with someone else.


Chad drifts in and out of consciousness. He’s aware of Jason calling his name, but his head, arm and leg hurt and each time he tries to move, the pain shoots through him, sometimes so strong that it all turns black in front of him. He’s cold and scared, but also worried about Jason, who sounds weaker and weaker by the moment.

He crawls closer to where he hears Jason’s voice.
“I’m here… I can’t get these chains of the wall… It’s too well screwed in… I’m so tired.”
“My hands are untied now, but it won’t help much. I think he broke my arm and a few ribs. I can’t move my leg either.”

“How’s your head?”
“Still there.” Chad replies and after a few seconds he hears Jason chuckle. “I have blood on my face, but I don’t know where it comes from. Everything hurts, I can’t pinpoint it. A lot of it seems dried up, so I hope the wound is closed.”

He rolls on his back. Speaking this much costs a lot of energy. Bright lights appear in front of him as the pain courses through him again. All he can do is wait for the fireworks to subside. And that is when he hears it… A faint noise…. A phone ringing…

Chad lifts his head. In the distance he sees the blue-ish light of a telephone display.
“Did you hear that?” he asks, wondering if he just started to hallucinate.
“No. What?” Jason answers, terrified Alex will come back..

“There’s a phone. Over there… to you’re left.” Jason concentrates, but hears nothing, however he does follow Chad’s direction and sees a flickering light deeper inside the stable.
“I see something, but I can’t hear it.”

“Probably because it’s closer to me… I’m going to get it.”
“How will you find it in the dark?” Jason asks.
“Don’t know. But if it’s there I have to find it. It’s our only means of escape. And I’m the only one who can get it….”

The knowledge that rescue is in his grasp, gives Chad strength. He has to block out the pain and concentrate on where the phone is. It’s the only thing that can save them. He is not only responsible for his own life, but also that of Jason.


“Alice completely fancies you.” Kevin laughs and Scotty shakes his head smiling. The door closes behind them and Scotty pushes Kevin against it, immediately claiming Kevin’s mouth and with equal desire Kevin pushes up against Scotty.
“I want you. I want to be inside you. I want to just fuck you straight through the bed.” Scotty pants.

They’ve been flirting all night over dinner, innuendo going back and forth. Whether it were eyes making promises they intend to keep, or lips being bitten with a subtle sexiness or fingers playing along the stem of the glass, suggesting the caressing of a totally different object, they had teased each other merciless.

And now Scotty is collecting and the only objection he gets from Kevin is an appreciating moan. They circle around each other. Neither wants to let go of the other. They kiss, touch, laugh and explore and leave a trail of clothes as they go up the stairs to the bedroom, where they land on the bed.

For once, neither of them is too concerned with their usual foreplay. Without much ceremony, Scotty prepares Kevin and pushes his legs apart, eager to just be inside of him. Kevin can see Scotty’s face as he carefully enters Kevin’s body and he can’t hide the victorious little smile when he notices how much Scotty enjoys this.

Then he closes his eyes and lets Scotty’s thrusts overtake him. Scotty’s hands on his back make him shiver. His lips part, he whispers encouragement, begs Scotty not to stop, he wants more, so much more and Scotty gives it all to him. This is what they do best, this is where they become one. Kevin’s hand moves between his legs, searching his own satisfaction.

“Kevin…” Scotty moans suddenly. After a last few hard thrusts, he pushes himself inside Kevin as far as he can, finding the release he wants, but leaving Kevin unsatisfied. Not for long though. Once he has his breathing under control again, he tells Kevin to lie on his back and Kevin closes his eyes, feeling Scotty’s lips on him.

He nearly bucks off the bed at the sensations that rush through him. His hands are in Scotty’s hair, forcing Scotty’s mouth down and pushing himself between those experienced lips. Scotty knows exactly what is expected of him. Kevin closes his eyes again and after that there’s only the freefall of the orgasm.

They are both so wrapped up in their love-making that neither of them hears the soft noise as a small piece of glass is broken in the kitchen and a gloved hand opens the door.


“Sherriff Styles? There have been several calls for you from a Mr Max Carter. LA police.” Styles impatiently looks at the girl in reception. How he wished his own receptionist would come back from her maternity-leave.
Yes, Gracie, what did he want?”
“Don’t know. Talk to you.” She replies disinterested.

“Yes. I guess he did.” Styles nods, putting his hands in his pockets to prevent himself from putting them around her neck. “Why didn’t you put him through? I was in my office.”
“You said you were in a meeting and didn’t want to be disturbed.” She chews her gum and plays with her hair, still completely unaware of the havoc she’s creating in Styles.

“Yes, I have no time to go look for Mrs Torrence’s cat, discuss burglaries with Mr Rhodes or something like that. But this is the LAPD! Damn! Those guys don’t call to discuss the weather! Two friends of Chad’s are the target of a serial killer! Just call them back immediately and… never mind, I’ll do it myself!” And Styles storms back into his office to call Max.


The water in the Jacuzzi is hot, so hot and both Kevin and Scotty enjoy the heat that comes from the water and from being in each other’s arms..
“I want one just like this.” Scotty replies, leaning back and keeping his eyes closed.

“I really should ask Chad for the name of the person who built this. It’s a great bathroom. If we get a larger house of our own, I agree that we should have one.”
“Dream on, Kevin Walker…. Hello, boys.” Someone replies. They open their eyes and shocked Kevin and Scotty discover Alex, standing in the bathroom, pointing a gun at them.

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