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Last Christmas 12/16

Last Christmas 12/16

By Marea67
About: Walkers and their satellites. Original Characters Alex Grodin and Max Carter are back!
Rate: from G to NC-17
Disclaimer: The Brothers & Sisters and satellites may not belong to me, but Alex Grodin and Max Carter definitely are figments of MY own sick fantasy.
Summary: Just before Christmas, a prisoner escapes with unfinished business on his mind.
Extra: To completely understand the full impact of this story you should (have)(re)-read "Happy Now?" chapter 1 to 12
Extra EXTRA!!! I've situated this story in season 4, until 4.09, so it will contain ***spoilers*** for those who have not seen season 4.
Writer’s note: I hope that there isn’t really a village called Clean Water Springs, I invented the name, just to give it a name



Kitty takes Robert’s hand and Sarah’s face is pale. Robert looks like he’s going to be sick.
“So, it’s even more certain now? Alex has Jason?”
“Yes. Your brother left the church without a word. It is not known, if any of the people in his congregation were in such desperate need, that he left on the spot.

He doesn’t answer his phone and he missed several appointments without explanation or sending a replacement. And I’ve been told that this is unlike him too?” Max replies. Robert nods. Jason is too considerate to skip an appointment without an apology or a good explanation.

“What’s he going to do to Jason?” Robert asks and he feels Sarah’s hand on his shoulder.
“We have no idea. We cannot predict his actions anymore. We dug a bit into his past and discovered that he used to kill only those he no longer needed and he considered ‘not worthy to live’.

One of his lovers, for instance, had a son he abused and it was a quiet a relief to the boy that his father got killed. But several of Alex’s lovers survived with a loss of money only. And those were usually not the large amounts. Ten-, twenty-thousand dollars. Those he killed he nearly robbed of everything they had….

It is hard to track his past though, because he used different names and looks over the years and he kept getting better and better at his game… Now to return to Jason... Jason is not a threat to him. To my knowledge Jason hasn’t done anything that could be considered ‘bad’, so Alex could not ‘justify’ Jason’s death to himself, if he killed him.

Right now, that is the only hope we have to hang on to. That if Jason gave away the fact that Chad had the address, then Jason may no longer be needed, but it’s not necessary to kill him either.” Max says. He looks at Robert’s distraught face. Robert suddenly seems years older and Max feels sorry for him.

Sarah escorts him to the door where she stops him.
“Max, I didn’t want to ask you this in front of Robert, but… Jason and Kevin broke up, not just over Kevin’s feelings for Scotty, but also because Jason went to Malaysia and never contacted Kevin. Kevin was very hurt about that…

Could the fact that Alex perceives Jason as someone who hurt Kevin, have any effect on how he treats Jason?”
“If I’d have to assume that Alex knows about this, then maybe. We have no idea why he wants Kevin and Scotty. Is he still obsessed with Kevin? Does he want to hurt Scotty again?

Or does he by now hate Kevin to a point that he wants to hurt Kevin? If he’s still obsessed with Kevin and thinks that Jason abandoned Kevin, this might have serious consequences for Jason. However if he hates Kevin or feels that Kevin betrayed him, he might sympathize with Jason…”

“This is a nightmare.” Sarah says, shaking her head, unable to really grasp everything happening around her.
“It is. Let’s hope we can all wake up safe and sound from this.. Soon.” Max squeezes her shoulder. “Keep an eye on the kids and on Robert and Kitty, won’t you?” he asks.


Joanna looks up when she hears Max enter the office. “How did it go?” she asks, knowing that Max hates to bring these messages. He shrugs.
“As bad as can be expected. Any news?”

“Nothing. Neither Jason, nor Alex has contacted Chad. Or Chad would have called us. Should we call Kevin?”
“No. Just not right now. The last thing I need is Kevin coming here and complicating the issues. For now the only person missing is Jason. Put a patrol-car near Chad’s house. As long as Chad is safe, so will Kevin and Scotty be.”


The lights burn brightly in the tree and Scotty can’t stop looking at them. This day has been so wonderful. He looks down and caresses Kevin’s head, lying on his leg. Kevin is asleep after a day of walking, laughing, talking and playing in the show like a couple of kids. To any stranger it would seem that they don’t have a care in the world…

But he knows Kevin is worried and scared and so is he. He’s happy that they have such a wonderful time together, but at the same time, he wishes he was in LA and close to where it’s all happening. He feels rather deprived of information here and he cannot escape the feeling of pending disaster.

Kevin had been afraid that Scotty would think he was crazy for suddenly being afraid of the dark, but Scotty had secretly felt the same these last two nights, listening to every crack in the floor and squeak of the house. He caresses Kevin’s hair again and there’s a little moan as Kevin wakes up.

“.. fall asleep?” Kevin mumbles.
“Yes, and you were so adorable.” Scotty smiles. “Get some more sleep if you want.”
“No. Or I won’t sleep tonight. Tomorrow we have a long day ahead and I want to be very rested.”

“Oh, so,… no sex tonight then?” Scotty asks innocently. Kevin grins up at him.
“Oh, yes, there will be and lots of it and after that you’ll sleep like a baby in my arms.”
“Do you promise? Because it sure sounds good to me.”
“I swear.” Kevin laughs, sits up and pulls Scotty into his arms to kiss him.


Chad wakes up to noise, lots of noise. Someone’s yelling. His head feels like it’s about to burst. His side hurts, as if he’s been kicked. Had he been mugged? …

Then the memory comes back to him. Forrester! That must have been Alex… He tries to move his hands, but they are tied behind him. He lifts up his head and sees a man chained to the wall. In front of him is another man yelling at him.

He doesn’t have to be a genius to conclude the chained up man is Jason and for a moment he’s relieved that Jason is still alive, although badly beaten up. Chad can see the dried up blood at the corner of his mouth and his eyes are half-closed, his cheeks wet with tears. Jason looks terrible.

Then he realizes that the man pacing in front of Jason must be Alex. Alex mumbles and sometimes yells, making Jason turn away his head as if he expects to get hit. Suddenly Alex nearly jumps on Jason and speaks to Jason in a low voice and though he’s too far away for Chad to hear what is said, Jason’s entire body-language displays fear and horror.

Chad feels afraid, but at the same time, he can no longer watch silently either. So he tries to get up, but a stab of pain makes him fall back with a moan. Alex turns around and steps up to Chad.
“So, you’re finally awake. Good? Did you really think it would be that easy?”

“That what would be easy?” Chad’s head hurts like hell.
“You’re little trick. I figured you would call the cops, once I understood what he was doing.” He points at Jason.
“Jason is merely trying to keep Kevin safe. And so am I.” Chad replies.

He gets rewarded with a slap in the face.
“Kevin will be safe. With me. Where he belongs.” Alex growls. “Now where is he?” Chad shakes his head. He will not tell Alex anything. Alex kicks him in the stomach and for a moment Chad can’t breathe from the pain.

Alex immediately goes to his knees and straddles Chad’s body. He grabs Chad by the throat and nearly chokes him, forcing Chad to look at him. “I’m going to give you a few names and you will tell me the truth!” He starts to mention names of people and places from Chad’s address-book he stole from Chad’s house.

Chad doesn’t say anything, tries to struggle to get some oxygen, but it’s no use. Not that it matters to Alex. From where he holds his fingers on Chad’s throat and the way he controls Chad's body, he can feel Chad’s heartbeat  and notice any changes in Chad's body.

And the only time something changes in Chad is when Alex mentions Clean Water Springs. That makes sense. When he took notes on Chad, he had read that Chad was born there. Lived there for a while until his family moved away, but also that Chad still had relatives there. Of course, that’s it.

He smiles as he gets up. He knows where he needs to go and for that he needs his map. With the chokehold gone, Chad gasps for air.
“Chad? Are you alright?” Jason asks, slightly panicked. Chad’s face is red. He nods, as he fights the urge to throw up.

Chad looks around.
“Where is he?”
“I don’t know. He seemed satisfied with something and walked away…. That guy is completely mental….”
“What do you mean?” Chad asks, knowing that Alex is dangerous, but he’s interested to find out why Jason came to his conclusion.

“He is constantly talking to himself, or rather talking to someone else who is not here. They argue, with him being ‘the voice of reason’. It’s scary…. I asked him for a bit of water to drink and he slapped me, calling me worthless and insignificant and telling me, he’d rather let me die, than spend precious water on me.

Five minutes later he comes back, gives me something to drink and caresses my face, says I shouldn’t listen to him, because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and that Kevin loves me and he’d never hurt me… And then, he kissed me.”

Jason’s face express so much revulsion that it’s almost comical. Chad manages to control his laughter however, afraid to hurt Jason’s feelings. After all, he wouldn’t want to get kissed by Alex either.
“Jason? Did I say something to him? He seemed satisfied with something I’d done.”

“No. I didn’t hear you say a word. You could barely breathe.” Jason shakes his head.
“I wonder…”
“Maybe it’s an idea that came to mind or something he heard in his head..?”
“Let’s hope that it will take him to Canada.” Chad says.

“It won’t.” Chad and Jason tense up at hearing Alex’s voice. “I just realized that Chad was born in Clean Water Springs. He has family still living there. When I mentioned the names, the only time he inadvertently tensed up, was when I mentioned those addresses….

You guys are such losers. You give up so easily on what is important. You both gave up on Kevin.” Alex lectures Chad and Jason. Jason groans.

“No.” Chad replies calmly. “Kevin belonged with Scotty from the day he met him and that was long before he met either Jason or me. In the end we were not that important to him. And neither will you be.” Chad warns. Alex frowns, there’s a hint of disbelief and confusion, then he laughs.

“You’re an idiot. Scotty may mean more to him than you two do, but … I’m the one he wants to be with.”
“Is that why he never saw you when you were in prison?” Chad asks.
“It was too painful for him.” Alex shakes his head.

“Not really. He put you there.” Chad goes on. “.. he was furious with you because you tried to kill the man he loves… Scotty... And you knew that you made a mistake. You called Kevin to save Scotty.” Chad’s voice is low and calm. He’s completely focused on Alex, who seems less sure of himself.

“Scotty…. Scotty was not a problem. He shouldn’t have to die. He should live. Scotty was nice to me … and didn’t hurt anyone.” Much to Chad’s surprise Alex suddenly looks like a reprimanded child, shyly kicking away the straw with his foot.
“Yes, he’s nice.” Chad admits. “Hurting him or us is not going to please Kevin too much.”

Jason holds his breath as Alex turns away. Had Chad gotten through to him? He trembles as his feelings move between fear and hope. He can hear Alex mutter to himself. Jason bites his lip, afraid of the outcome and he has every reason to be afraid. When Alex turns back to them, he can immediately see that the softer side of Alex lost.

Alex kicks Chad down to floor again and screams:
“Don’t try to confuse me! What do you think I am?! Stupid!! You just want to save your own ass. You don’t care about Kevin… Or Scotty. Or even Jason.”

“Yes, I do. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.” Chad returns. Alex hits him so hard that even Jason cringes.
“Liar!” He grabs a iron rod bar, lying on the floor, and walks up to Jason. “You don’t care about Jason at all!” And he swings the rod against the wall, inches away from Jason’s head, making both Jason and Chad scream in horror.

Jason shakes all over from the fear. He can’t get away. He can’t defend himself. Alex has free reign to beat him to death. “Don’t do that. Please, don’t do that.” Chad begs. “Don’t hurt him.” Alex breathes heavily. Chad acts more submissive now and Alex focuses his attention on Chad again.

Jason watches him move away, he’s not even trying to stop his tears, because with every step that Alex moves closer to Chad, Jason becomes more afraid for Chad.
“Please, don’t hurt him.” Alex mimics Chad’s voice. “God, you should listen to yourself. You’re such a girl.” Chad holds his head down.

“Look at me!” And Alex pokes Chad in his back with the rod when Chad doesn’t immediately reply. “Look at me!” Slowly Chad lifts his head. He tries to be more scared, but it’s not within Chad’s nature to be submissive. His arrogance is his best line of defense and though he’s afraid, terrified even, he cannot control his desire to appear stronger and tougher and Alex sees the defiance is his eyes.

“Don’t you dare talk to me about what Kevin wants.”
“You know that I’m right though.” Chad replies, softer, but still honest.
“You’re wro-o-o-o-ng.” Alex screams in Chad’s ear, but Chad shakes his head.
“No. I’m not.” He says stubbornly and he starts to tremble as fear closes further in on him.

Alex shakes his head and lifts up the iron rod again.
“I’m going to kill you.” Alex sings and it sends a shiver down Jason’s spine as he sees how Alex circles around Chad.
“No, please, God, no.” he whispers and then he sees Alex hit Chad with it. Again and again.

And Jason cries, unable at first to utter a word, because of his inability to fully comprehend what he’s watching, but then he screams in horror.
“No!!!!!! Stop! You’ll kill him! Stop, please. Alex!!!” He powerlessly hangs in his chains, tears on fear and helplessness in his eyes.

Alex stops and slowly turns to Jason. Jason cannot see Chad, he’s lying with his back to Jason. Alex walks up to Jason and Jason backs away, not that he can go that far. He’s sure that Alex will now kill him as well, but Alex stops and looks at Jason as if it’s the first time he sees him.

His fingers touch Jason’s lips and cheek. He then places his head against Jason’s shoulder.
“Forgive me, father, for I have sinned…..” he says quietly and Jason start to feel sick. “I think I’ve killed someone… Do you think God will forgive me…?”

Jason can’t answer. He’s too shocked to even cry. Alex laughs cynically.
“I guess not then. Don’t worry, Jason. I’m not going to hurt you…” He looks into Jason’s eyes. “No, they won’t find you beaten to dead, like they will find him. You will pretty and intact… I’m just going to leave you here…

Scream all you want. This stable won’t be used again until spring… And then they will find your body… Here, … “ He puts Jason’s papers in Jason’s pocket. “… so that they will know who you are…. After all, we wouldn’t want to leave Robert and Kitty worrying about you forever, now would we?”

Jason is too much in a state of shock to even protest or answer. He just watches Alex leave. Slowly the hopelessness of his situation sinks in. He’s all alone, chained to the wall, in the middle of nowhere, a dead body on the floor and with the knowledge that someone he loves is in great danger and he’s unable to offer some help… He bows his head and starts to pray….

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