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Last Christmas 10/16

Last Christmas 10/16

By Marea67
About: Walkers and their satellites. Original Characters Alex Grodin and Max Carter are back!
Rate: from G to NC-17
Disclaimer: The Brothers & Sisters and satellites may not belong to me, but Alex Grodin and Max Carter definitely are figments of MY own sick fantasy.
Summary: Just before Christmas, a prisoner escapes with unfinished business on his mind.
Extra: To completely understand the full impact of this story you should (have)(re)-read "Happy Now?" chapter 1 to 12
Extra EXTRA!!! I've situated this story in season 4, until 4.09, so it will contain ***spoilers*** for those who have not seen season 4.
Writer’s note: I hope that there isn’t really a village called Clean Water Springs, I invented the name, just to give it a name


Jason double-checks his list one more time. Yes, every address has been provided for. It isn’t much lately, but the food-packages are welcomed by those in real need and it reminds Jason of the reason why he became a minister to begin with: so that he could be there for others, when he’s needed.

He sighs and straightens his back. In the other room he can hear the children play. A few volunteers have taken it upon themselves to provide a place for the children to come together and draw or color in angels, stars and Christmas ornaments to hang in the church, just to make it look more cheerful.

The door opens and because Jason expects it to be one of the volunteers or maybe even one of the children, he doesn’t really look up, but just continues to file his papers in the drawer of the desk. It isn’t until he doesn’t hear an apology and a reason for entering, that he lifts his head to stare at a gun, held by someone he doesn’t know.

It is not member of his congregation and so he carefully raises his hands and says:
“We are just a charity. We have no money or valuables here. Only food and non-alcoholic drinks. No drugs.” And he wishes his voice wouldn’t tremble so much.
“I know. I’m here for you.”

“For me?”
“Yes, Reverend McCallister.” Alex grins. “Only you.”
“How can I help you….?”
“What I want is simple enough. I want an address.”

“A what?”
“An address.”
“Whose address?” Jason asks, completely unable to follow the conversation.
“Kevin and Scotty’s.”

“Kev…? Kevin Walker?”
“Yes. He and Scotty went into hiding and I want them.”
“Oh, my God. You’re Alex?”
“Yes. Now give me the address!”

“I.. I don’t have it.” Jason replies.
“Liar!” The back of Alex’s hand hits Jason’s face rather unexpectedly and Jason feels a rush of fear go through him. “Where are they?!”

“I don’t know. I really don’t know. Only Robert knows. He didn’t tell me.” Alex sees the fear in Jason and he gets even angrier. He grabs the back of Jason’s neck and yanks him forward so that his chest is on the desk and puts the gun to Jason’s head.

“Do you know how many people I’ve killed? I don’t mind one more or less. Tell me now or I’ll walk in there and see which of those kids I can use as target!”
“No, please, no, don’t hurt those kids. I really don’t know. I really don’t know.” Jason cries, terrified of the slaughter Alex can cause in the other room.

At the same time he knows that Alex will have no problem killing him, as soon as he finds out that Chad Barry is the one who knows where Kevin and Scotty are. How can he protect Chad, Robert and Kevin? Can he somehow get out of this alive and in one piece? Alex can feel Jason tremble under his hand. He doesn’t doubt that the reverend is telling the truth, he obviously doesn’t know where Kevin and Scotty are, but he’s not willing to give up that easily.

“Kitty said that Robert told her that one of Kevin’s exes helped him with the address.” He says and Jason gets even more worried. Did Alex threaten Kitty? Is Robert alright? Are Kitty and Evan safe?
“What have you done with them?” His voice is only a whisper.

“Nothing… yet. But I want to know who knows where they are? And Robert is going to tell me that…. If he values your life… Come on. You’re coming with me. And no heroics. I have no problems with shooting you like a dog and have those pretty kids run in here and see you lying in a pool of your own blood and, you know, you’d be responsible for their trauma.”

He pushes Jason on. Out the door and through the small corridor. Jason prays that no one will see them and make Alex panic and create a blood-bath. For once his prayers get answered and Alex escorts Jason to an alley, where he forces Jason to tie up his feet and then Alex ties Jason’s hands behind his back and pushes him into the trunk and closes it.


Scotty stretches out like a cat. He can see, from the light coming into the bedroom, that it’s later than 9 o’clock and indeed, it’s nearly noon … and he’s hungry. So he slips out of bed, wondering where Kevin is. Though he doesn’t experience the same fear as Kevin the other day,

Scotty does feel weird about not knowing if his husband is safe. Usually you don’t think in the terms of someone being ‘safe’, when he just happens to not be in the room. It seems to Scotty that everything has changed now. Event the meaning the of certain words or the most ordinary, simple day-to-day situations.

Just when he’s at bottom of the stairs, the door opens and Kevin staggers in carrying boxes and bags. “Hold on.” He says with a huge grin as he sees Scotty quizzical face. He leaves and returns with a small Christmas-tree. “It just occurred to me this morning.

With all that’s been going on with Alex, we completely forgot that it’s nearly Christmas and I … I miss those little things that come with Christmas. The tree, the lights, the music.. I’m not going to let him ruin one of my favorite holidays.”
“You know what? I think you’re absolutely right. I’ll make us some brunch. Will you put up the tree in the meantime?”

Kevin nods at Scotty’s question and watches Scotty disappear into the kitchen. He relaxes now that he knows Scotty is enjoying himself and he turns on the radio to put some Christmas-spirit into his own mind.


“I’ve been feeling weird all morning. It’s a few little things. The answering-machine was turned down low and already the thing doesn’t play that loud and the little light wasn’t flickering like it always does when I have a message, but there were a few messages there, I swear, I hadn’t heard before. And now a picture of Kevin and Scotty is missing as well.”

“Oh, no, Nora Holden.” Emily Craft replies, waving her finger in front of Nora’s face. “You’re so not going to bail out on me here. It was your idea to go to that spa in Ojai and have ourselves pampered. I made the booking, we are going and you’re not going to change your mind.”

“But, maybe, under the current situation….” Nora starts.
“No! The current situation is, that we don’t know what is going on. This Alex may already be on a Mexican beach somewhere, drinking tequila, and you’re going to be locked up in your house worried that he may be out there? No way! Now, pack your bags. We’re leaving in two hours!”

“Alright. Alright. No need to be so bossy.”
“Yes, around the Walkers, that is exactly what I have to be.” Emily smiles. “Hon, I know you’re worried, but what’s the point of worrying here, if you can also worry in a gorgeous posh place with a nice glass of white wine in front of you and strong hands of a good-looking male masseur on your back.”

Nora wants to protest, that Emily is talking about her children, but one look at Emily tells Nora that Emily knows all that and perhaps knows better than she does, how deeply afraid she is. She had promised Emily a few nice days in Ojai and there’s nothing she can do here. Only wait.

Of course she can also wait in Ojai and have some quality-time with her best friend. Frankly she can’t stand the idea of being alone in the house, with these walls coming at her. She needs to get out. “Will you help me pack?” She asks Emily.


Saul picks up his bag and puts it next to Henry’s on the back-seat of his car.
“Are you ready?” he asks Henry.
“Yes, but are you? .. I mean, I can imagine that you’d rather stay here and…”

“And what? Wait? … This could be over tomorrow or perhaps only in 3 years.”
“Your family may need you.”
“Kevin and Scotty are safe, according to Max and Robert. Emily is kidnapping Nora to Ojai.

Justin and Rebecca will temporarily stay with Holly and David. Tommy is safe in Seattle. And Sarah and the kids have decided on a short stay at Robert’s ranch, so that Kitty and Evan won’t be alone all day and I understand that two nephews of Robert are staying there as well. So, I’m sure those will be safe as well?”

“And what about your little protégé?”
“Ryan? … Going back to Bakersfield for Christmas. So everyone is taking care of the other one, staying in touch and keeping an eye on each other. Alex doesn’t stand a chance…”

“If you say so.” Henry replies, sitting down in the passenger seat of Saul’s car. But when Saul starts the car, Henry can see the worry in Saul’s eyes. He places his hand on Saul’s and Saul looks at him.
“It will be alright.” Henry’s voice is calming and Saul smiles courageously.
“I know. I just want it to be over. One way or the other.” He replies. Henry moves towards him and kisses him gently.

“I’m going to try very hard to take your mind off the current situation. I’m going to be the perfect boyfriend.” He promises with a grin and Saul starts to laugh.
“Aren’t you always?” He asks ‘innocently’.


The tree is not that big, so it’s nearly inevitable that their hands regularly meet, while hanging up the decorations and every time they do Kevin and Scotty smile at each other. They flirt over the Christmas lights and after they put up the last star, they are in each other’s arms, kissing and caressing.

The music plays on as Scotty lies down on the couch and pulls Kevin on top of him. Kevin doesn’t hesitate. His touches are confident and his warm kisses make Scotty tremble with desire for more. Kevin gives all his tenderness to Scotty. Alex is far-away threat and to his knowledge his family is safe.


Jason has no idea how long he’s been stuck in the trunk, except that his legs start to feel numb and that he’s in need of fresh air. Finally the car stops and after hearing a lot of clanging noises around him, the trunks opens and he sees Alex’s face again. Alex pulls Jason up and pushes him out of the trunk.

Jason falls to the floor rather ungracefully and hurts his knee. Alex is not impressed and drags Jason to the wall, where he drops him. The place smells terrible, the smell of urine recognizable over others and Jason can hardly hold his food down. He’s afraid and starts to feel cold as there’s a strong draft over the floor.

“And now, you’re going to tell me what you know. And if I don’t like your story… Well, let’s say that I can make you scream as loud as I want. There’s no one here to hear you anyway. You’re all alone, no one knows where you are. I don’t want to kill you. You’re not really my problem and I don’t care about you.

This means that I don’t care if you die. I won’t lose a night’s sleep if you do. On the other hand. All it takes is one anonymous call to your brother or a simple text with your phone, that you’re tied up here and you’ll be free to continue your life in prayer to God.  So the choice is yours. ... Now .. Tell me what you know.”


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