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Last Christmas 09/16

Last Christmas 09/16

By Marea67
About: Walkers and their satellites. Original Characters Alex Grodin and Max Carter are back!
Rate: from G to NC-17
Disclaimer: The Brothers & Sisters and satellites may not belong to me, but Alex Grodin and Max Carter definitely are figments of MY own sick fantasy.
Summary: Just before Christmas, a prisoner escapes with unfinished business on his mind.
Extra: To completely understand the full impact of this story you should (have)(re)-read "Happy Now?" chapter 1 to 12
Extra EXTRA!!! I've situated this story in season 4, until 4.09, so it will contain ***spoilers*** for those who have not seen season 4.
Writer’s note: I hope that there isn’t really a village called Clean Water Springs, I invented the name, just to give it a name.


Alex moves slowly, carefully looking around where he’s going. He has to dig from his memory what this place looks like, but he’s been here so many times, even sometimes when William and Nora were not aware of, that he can still recall every bit about getting into this house, in the middle of the night, with a drunken, but very quiet Kevin…

The memory of Kevin momentarily puts a smile on his face. A quick look up the stairs shows that there aren’t as many toys spread around as there used to. Justin would never clean up after himself. Navigating those stairs in the dark, with too much to drink had proven to be a hazard on its own.

He sees the picture of William and he shivers. Even now, three years after William’s death, he still fears William. He had admired William for his strength and his love for his family. At the same time he had hated William with a vengeance for not extending that love to Kevin, after Kevin had come out.

He has to tear himself away from the picture. If he was a telephone-number or an address in this house, where would he be? Most likely, the study, assuming Nora has taken it over from William. He tries the door and it opens without a squeak, which somehow doesn’t surprise him. William would have hated it, if would have made a noise.

He closes the door. He’s in the study… THE place in the house Kevin had dreaded most. It’s unrecognizable. Nora put her own stamp on it. Good for her. Alex can appreciate the neat desk with everything in its place. It doesn’t take long to find her address-book, but he doesn’t find another address for Kevin and Scotty. One dead end.

There’s a telephone with answering machine. Interesting. He turns off the sound and presses play, carefully turning up the volume, so that he can hear it, but not the rest of the house. Sarah about someone called Luc. Emily that she received the confirmation… Would that be Emily Craft? Is she still around? It sure sounds like her voice.

And there’s Kitty call. An interesting one. “I’m sorry, mom, I tried talking to Robert, but Robert can only give me Kevin’s telephone number. He said an ex of Kevin had provided him with a safe place to stay. And that’s all he was able to say.

That and the fact that Kevin is alright and that he and Scotty are enjoying themselves and that Scotty has talked Kevin out of coming back to LA…” Well, of course, Scotty would talk him out of it. He doesn’t want Kevin anywhere near Alex. Scotty hates Alex. No, they are afraid and that was not supposed to happen.

“Scotty hates you, Alex, and you know it.” That whispering voice in his head is becoming louder with every passing day. Alex shakes his head. He has to ignore it. It always gets him into trouble. "Scotty makes Kevin run away from you, Alex! And you just let him!” Alex shakes his head. No. Not true. He covers his ears.

“You can’t go on denying the truth. As long as Scotty lives, Kevin will never be yours.”
“Kevin will never be mine, whether Scotty lives or not.” Alex whispers.
“You’re wrong. You’re wrong.” The voice echoes in his head and Alex sits down, a wave of nausea comes over him. He has to wait until it passes… He closes his eyes…


Kevin opens his eyes. It’s dark. Much darker than at home, where the lights outside usually puts a glow in their bedroom. He sits up, inadvertently taking the warm covers with him, exposing Scotty to the colder temperature in the room. With a little shiver Scotty opens his eyes and yanks the blankets back.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, still close to falling asleep again.
“Nothing. Go back to sleep, honey.” Kevin replies softly with a quick caress to put Scotty back to sleep. Scotty relaxes under the touch. Kevin counts to 25, but with no further reaction from Scotty, he slips out of bed and puts one of the chairs under the doorknob. When he turns around he sees Scotty looking at him.

“What’s wrong?”  Scotty asks again, this time obviously more awake. Kevin shyly looks at him.
“You’re going to think I’m crazy.” Kevin says, but Scotty shakes his head.
“I don’t think anything can be as crazy as the idea of having a murderer chasing us.”

“I woke up with this feeling of pending doom, it’s really crushing me, I felt like I couldn’t breathe.”
“Were you having a nightmare?”
“No. Not that I remember anyway. I was just suddenly … afraid of the dark?” Scotty watches his husband who, all at once, seems so vulnerable.

“C’me here, back in bed.” He lifts up the covers and Kevin settles himself in Scotty arms. Kevin sighs when he feels the warmth of his husband’s body. Scotty kisses Kevin’s hair at first, but then his mouth slips down until his lips reach Kevin’s.

There they linger until the kiss turns from a soothing gesture to an intimate one. Sensual, warm and passionately Scotty crushes his husband’s fears and worries. Kevin forgets all about Alex as his fingers run through Scotty’s hair.

With his eyes closed, he enjoys playing with Scotty’s tongue, deepening the kisses even further. Nothing else exist except Scotty’s lips on his, Scotty’s hand at the back of his head, gently pushing Kevin’s mouth even closer to his own. For a moment there’s a bit of tugging between them, but eventually Kevin ‘wins’ and Scotty is on top of him.

There’s a little moan from Kevin because Scotty is using his weight to pin Kevin to the bed and the shock of feeling Scotty’s hardness against his own makes him shiver.
“Scotty…!” It’s just a little whisper, but Scotty can hear Kevin’s desire and shushes him softly. He knows what Kevin needs.


Alex quietly leaves the study and freezes. He can hear a sound upstairs! His heart races as he hears footsteps, a door opening, closing, the sound of water running, a door opening and closing again…. He knows he should get out, but now that he’s here, he wants to go upstairs too…

He slowly climbs up the stairs, waiting at nearly every step, expecting Nora to show up at any moment, but it remains quiet. So he takes another step and another, until the first floor lies before him. He remembers exactly where Kevin’s room is.

He hesitates. He will not find what he’s looking for here. He needs to leave. Nora might not yet be asleep and hear him and perhaps see him. He should really not linger, but Kevin’s room is only a few steps away…. And he cannot resist the temptation of sneaking in and seeing what it looks like now.

With the door closed behind him, he dares to turn on a small light and look around. Not much has changed. The room is like Kevin. Solid. Dependable. Organized. Just don’t open any drawers. He keeps his mess cleverly hidden, so no one can see them, unless they actually start to look for the secrets he hides so well.

He smiles as his finger slides over the foot of the bed. It’s exactly as he remembers… But what is not as he remembers is the picture of Kevin and Scotty. It is next to the bed and shows the two of them laughing at the camera. Scotty’s arms are around Kevin and to Alex is feels as if Scotty is claiming Kevin, making sure that everybody can see that Kevin is his… and that he will never belong to Alex.


Kevin’s lips part to let go of another moan. He can’t imagine Scotty being any deeper inside him, yet, it seems that Scotty has even more to offer at each thrust. Scotty takes his time to make love to him. No pressure, no need go faster. He keeps his own pace. The pace he knows will drive Kevin completely crazy and make him beg for satisfaction.

But Kevin is nowhere close to begging. Scotty can see the sweat on Kevin’s back and he lets his fingers trace Kevin’s spine, making Kevin jerk underneath him.
“Come on, baby, is that all you’ve got?” Scotty teases and Kevin replies by pushing back and eagerly showing Scotty that he’s ready and so Scotty starts to move faster.

Kevin is however expecting it and reacts immediately. Scotty replies by pushing Kevin down from being on his knees, to being on his stomach, trapped between the mattress and Scotty’s body. However, Kevin is not giving up just yet. When Scotty’s hand caresses Kevin’s shoulder gently, Kevin’s mouth latches on to Scotty’s fingers.

First there are only little kisses on Scotty’s hand, but then he licks Scotty’s fingers and soon after that Scotty can see his fingers slip between Kevin’s lips, as he sucks them gently. Scotty closes his eyes, but it’s too late. The image is too arousing.

His other arm circles around Kevin’s waist and pulls Kevin even closer, if that is humanly possible. Kevin braces himself and he can feel the last few hard thrusts sending shockwaves through his body. He’s close, so close, but Scotty is the first to come. Scotty shakes and shivers against him and Kevin let’s his hand slip between his body and the mattress, helping himself to get some of the much needed satisfaction..

Exhausted, they don’t even bother to disentangle much. Scotty merely rolls over, but holds Kevin close. Kevin grabs his pillow and stuffs it under his head. “Want me to leave the lights on?” Scotty asks quietly, but he can feel Kevin shake his head. “I’m alright. I’m safe here with you.” He mumbles and he closes his eyes.


Alex leaves Kevin’s room with the picture of Kevin and Scotty under his arm. He stops when he hears a little noise. He remains frozen to the floor until he’s sure that there’s not more sounds and that Nora is obviously still asleep. So he walks on towards her room. He’s so curious what she looks like now.

The door to her room is open and in the pale light he can see her. He comes closer. He can see her face. The lines that show her age. The frown on her face betrays her uneasy sleep. He reaches out to her, wanting to caress he face, but pulls back at the last possible second.

He could easily kill her right now, but he knows he never will. She was, together with his grandmother, the closest thing he had to a mother… Or what a mother should be like to him. A woman with unconditional love for her children. A woman ready to fight the Devil himself if he would hurt her children.

Alex closes his eyes, feeling the pain of not having had a mother like that in his own life. He fights his tears, quickly leaving Nora’s room, afraid he might wake her and hurt her. He leaves the same way he came in. Unnoticed by anyone. He puts the old key back in place and disappears into the shadows of the garden.

It isn’t until he’s in his grandmother’s car that he evaluates his night. He places the picture of Kevin and Scotty on the chair and looks at it. Kitty had said that Robert had told her, that Kevin arranged something through an ex-boyfriend and that can only be one person, in this case, …. Jason McCallister.


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