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Last Christmas 08/16

Last Christmas 08/16

By Marea67
About: Walkers and their satellites. Original Characters Alex Grodin and Max Carter are back!
Rate: from G to NC-17
Disclaimer: The Brothers & Sisters and satellites may not belong to me, but Alex Grodin and Max Carter definitely are figments of MY own sick fantasy.
Summary: Just before Christmas, a prisoner escapes with unfinished business on his mind.
Extra: To completely understand the full impact of this story you should (have)(re)-read "Happy Now?" chapter 1 to 12
Extra EXTRA!!! I've situated this story in season 4, until 4.09, so it will contain ***spoilers*** for those who have not seen season 4.
Writer’s note: I hope that there isn’t really a village called Clean Water Springs, I invented the name, just to give it a name.


Kevin wakes up from a deep sleep. Somewhere between the aspirins, against his head-ache, he had taken last night and the hot passionate sex he and Scotty had had during the night, he had been so exhausted, that he thought he would never wake up again, but he has… And Scotty is not here.

A wave of panic comes over him and he quickly gets out of bed and starts searching for Scotty. Not in the bathroom, toilet or any of the other bedrooms upstairs… No reason to panic just yet. Kitchen. He’s probably in the kitchen, Kevin smiles. “Scotty! If you’re planning some surprise for me, you’d better give a subtle hint….”

His call remains unanswered. It’s quiet in the house… So Kevin enters the kitchen. Scotty has been here. There’s fresh coffee, smelling heavenly, and a plate with bread and jam is ready to be taken upstairs,.. but no Scotty. Then he sees a letter on the table with his name on it…. Oh God… Had Alex kidnapped Scotty?

He quickly opens the letter. It’s written in Scotty’s handwriting and it says…. “Gone to see Alice, missing some ingredients to tonight’s dinner… I’ll be back asap.” Kevin lets out the breath he’s not even aware he's holding. Though his fears are unfounded, his heart still beats too fast and he wonders how long he can go on with this.

He rubs his face, takes some coffee and, knowing he’s alone, he wants to finally call Max and see if there’s more info. But when he takes out his phone, he sees that there are several calls he missed. From Max and from Robert… Even more worried he dials Max’s number and waits to find out what Max has to tell him.


Kitty’s first reaction is to look at Robert. The serious look on his face indicates it to her.
“You knew.”
“Yes.” Robert answers honestly. “It was suspected… That is why Kevin and Scotty left so abruptly for a safe place.”

“Where are they now?”
“I don’t know.” Robert replies and when Kitty opens her mouth, he repeats: “I don’t know. I honestly don’t want to know. Kevin arranged a safe place through someone else. I only have his phone-number,… In case of an emergency…” he stipulates.

“I want to call him.”
“No. He and Scotty are safe. The less communication there is with them, the better. Kevin must stay away for now. If he and Scotty have the feeling that people are worried about them, they might come back and be exposed to danger. ”

“There’s a good chance that Alex will come after them again. At this moment, we assume that Alex doesn’t know where they are… which is not so difficult. I don’t think that even Kevin and Scotty know where they are.” Robert tries to joke.

But Kitty merely frowns and wonders:
“Who’s the ‘we’ you keep talking about?”
“Kevin, Max Carter and me… And Joanna Pellew, she’s Carter’s partner.”
“I see…. Scotty doesn’t know either?”

“No, Kevin was too worried of the emotional damage it would do to him…” Robert puts his hand on Kitty’s. “I wanted to tell you, but Kevin asked me not to… He didn’t want his family to worry if it wasn’t necessary. Max only found out yesterday that Alex had really killed one of the guards….”

“I see…” Kitty remains quiet for a few moments and then asks: “What about us? About Evan? Can he be a threat to us?”
“They don’t think so. They believe he will concentrate of Kevin and Scotty, but not Kevin’s family and I can only hope they are right…”


When Kevin enters the kitchen it’s with a serious look on his face. He’s holding his phone very tightly. Scotty is back and Kevin sits down at the kitchen-table, opposite his husband.
“Scotty, we need to talk....” It’s only when he looks straight into Scotty’s eyes, that he notices the frown on Scotty’s face. An angry frown.

Scotty slowly places a newspaper on the table, right in front of Kevin. The headlines send an electric shock through Kevin. “Convicted murderer, Alex Grodin, escapes prison” it reads and in smaller letters “One man dead, how many more will follow?”

“When were you going to tell me?” Scotty asks, hardly controlling his anger.
“Scotty, I get that you’re angry. I should have told you. I completely agree with you on this, but… Please… before you get all mad… will you, please, hear me out?” Kevin begs. Scotty is annoyed with this.

He isn’t sure if he’s ready for an explanation, but Kevin seems genuinely upset so Scotty nods.
“There was a fire at the prison where Alex was. Max came to see me and told me that they suspected the man who died in the fire to be Alex, but that the other guards were convinced it wasn’t Alex, but one of the guards and … it took a while and we now have confirmation that it is indeed the guard who died and not Alex. Alex has escaped.”

“Why not tell me sooner?”
“I only got the confirmation half an hour ago and you were gone to Alice and I didn’t realize that it was already in the newspapers.”
“Will he be coming after us?”

“Don’t know. They found a file that contained all sorts of prints. About you. Me. My family. Chad. Jason. But also Quinn and a picture of Mario and Jordan.”
“Will he hurt one of them?”
“No one knows. No one has seen or heard from him in more than 48 hours. He could be anywhere.”

“If our friends and family could be in danger, we should go back and …. I don’t know… We can’t stay here forever.”
“No. I agree, but at the moment Max is glad that we’re here, where we’re safe. Some house, in a little village, that used to belong to Chad’s grandmother will not be the first place Alex would think of.”

“Or so you hope…. And I was just about to think that you really took me here for a romantic getaway….”
“I sincerely hoped it would be just that. Just us. That Max would call and tell me that it was Alex who died. And that all you would take with you, from this place, were good memories.”

“It’s a little late for that.” Scotty replies quietly and he looks so lost that Kevin takes his hands into his own.
“I’m sorry… But as weird as all this sounds, can you please try to relax. Nothing indicates that he knows where we are.”
“Meanwhile he could be a danger to our families, our friends and even the people we work with? He’s unpredictable.”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I really am. I know this all my fault, but right now I feel as scared and as lost as you do. I don’t have any answers for you or any quick fixes.” Scotty looks at his husband and he suddenly realizes that he has found the explanation for Kevin’s strange attitude these last few days. He knew all along… and he must have been worried and scared and he had taken on that burden all by himself…

“You didn’t tell me… because you were afraid of what I might do?”
“After what he did to you, we went through such a low point in our marriage and I feared we would go there again…”
“Kev, I’m not blaming you for anything. He was your friend and he betrayed you. You didn’t want him back, I asked you to give him another chance….”

“He nearly killed you because of me.”
“You’re also the reason he didn’t kill me… I know, it’s weird, but I was so shocked and upset when it happened, that I blamed you as much as I blamed him. But now, months later, I have a bit more perspective on his attack and I can see that this was not your fault.”

“So?.. Are we still alright?” Kevin asks in a small voice and Scotty can only nod with a loving smile. “I’ve been so afraid…” Kevin now admits and Scotty chokes up at the sight of Kevin’s desperation. He takes a deep breath, his fingers entwine with Kevin’s.

“We’ll get through this. They’ll catch him… I promise.” Scotty answers trying to feel confident in this.
“If you say so…” Kevin replies, far less sure of it.
“Sure. I think you’re right in the first place. He probably doesn’t know where we are. We don’t even know where we are..” Scotty jokes and there’s a hint of a smile on Kevin’s face.

“And we’ll stick to your original plan. And we’ll have a nice romantic time together. And by the time we get back to LA, Alex will be caught and out of our lives again.”
“That would be great.” Kevin agrees, his hold on Scotty’s hand tightening and Scotty can feel Kevin’s strong hands tremble, silently conveying the fear he feels.

They look at each other and they don’t look away. Neither of them is fooling the other one. They are both scared and worried, but they will there for each other.


It had taken Alex only one drive through the street, to see that a police car was watching the house. He smiles. Fine job they’re doing. Rather pointless though. He parks his car two streets further and walks back. Once he’s closer to the house, he starts to move through the bushes, and then quickly into the garden.

His gloved hand searches the joints next to the door, until he finds the hidden key in one of them. You really have to know where to look for it and Kevin had shown him years ago where the family kept it and it’s still there. Rusty, but useable. And, a few careful minutes later, for the first time in many years, he’s back in Nora’s kitchen.

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