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Last Christmas 05/16

Last Christmas 05/16

By Marea67
About: Walkers and their satellites. Original Characters Alex Grodin and Max Carter are back!
Rate: from G to NC-17
Disclaimer: The Brothers & Sisters and satellites may not belong to me, but Alex Grodin and Max Carter definitely are figments of MY own sick fantasy.
Summary: Just before Christmas, a prisoner escapes with unfinished business on his mind.
Extra: To completely understand the full impact of this story you should (have)(re)-read "Happy Now?" chapter 1 to 12
Extra EXTRA!!! I've situated this story in season 4, until 4.09, so it will contain ***spoilers*** for those who have not seen season 4.


Scotty cannot not be more surprised when he sees Chad Barry enter his kitchen.
“I hope you don’t mind.” Chad says, smiling as charming as ever. “but Kevin told me how to get in here.”
“You’re welcome, Chad.” Scotty replies gently in return. “What can I do for you?”

“Oh, I’m here for you. Come to whisk you away. Kevin’s orders.”
“You are? ...On his orders?”
“And with my permission…” A voice adds and Scotty is even more surprised to see his boss walk up to him.

“Scotty, you’ll be working on Christmas Evening, and we’re already completely booked. I need to give you time to relax, so you can come to work all fresh and new on that important night. Cannot have my favorite chef be all exhausted and stressed, now can I?” His smile is even bigger than Chad’s, making Scotty wonder what is going on.

“Kevin called me.” Chad explains, “And he asked for a favor and I was happy to help him.”
“And so was I.” Scotty’s boss says.
“So, the question is not what you can do for me, but will you let me your driver?”

Scotty feels caught. He likes surprises, but this makes him feel uneasy. However his boss seems sincere, so he takes off his apron and puts it on the counter.
“If it is alright with you?” Scotty looks at his boss again and the man nods. He watches Scotty leave with Chad.

Max Carter had paid him a visit and explained the situation to him. He had been horrified to think that ‘his’ Scotty could be the target of a serial-killer and he had been more than happy to cooperate. With Scotty in a safe place that would be one less worry for the police and give them resources to find Alex.

But now that he sees this young man, who doesn’t even know what was going on, leave, he’s even more worried. All he can do now, is pray that everything will work out fine. He has no doubt that Kevin will go to any lengths to protect Scotty, but all he wants is to see Scotty safely back in his kitchen.


Alex opens the door to a small garage that he uses for storage. For the last 15 years, he kept all his grandmother’s belongings here… And then some things. He opens an old trunk that is filled with make-up, wigs, false eyebrows, mustaches and beards. He smiles as happy memories come to his mind.

For as long as he can remember he loved it to act, to play characters. His imagination had always been his way out. He’d create imaginary worlds based on characters he saw in movies or on tv and later one loved to become those characters he had invented. Few people know that he also took some courses to become a make-up artist.

That was of course until his step-father found out and beat him half to death saying that ‘real men’ don’t do these sort of jobs and asked him if that faggot friend of his had put him up to that? Alex closes his eyes. No, Kevin had never told him what to do, not that it would have mattered. His step-father would beat him up, no matter what his answer was.

Of course, over the years, he’d had sometimes been back here. Only quickly, just passing through. And he had added colored contact-lenses, more and better make up and the money he had ‘earned’ to his storage-space. He had always known that there would come a day where his money would no longer be safe in a bank.

He opens up a small suit-case. It’s filled with banknotes, nicely stacked. Thousands and thousands of dollars. His 'savings' after years of deceiving, playing games and occasional ‘accidents’. He picks up his aunt’s old mirror, turns on the lights in the garage and sits down with his make-up.

A different set of contact-lenses, a wig and some make up will turn him into another person. He looks through his fake IDs and searches for a name he likes and once his choice is made he knows there’s no turning back. He smiles as he picks the right colors for himself. Alex will disappear and become someone else. Yet again.


“Am I supposed to go on that?” Scotty asks pointing at a small air-plane.
“It’s better than you think. I have an excellent pilot.” Chad replies, but Scotty still looks worried. Then he sees Robert’s car drive up and stop near the plane. Kevin and Robert get out and get the luggage and Chad asks Scotty to help him get everything on board.

Kevin turns to Robert.
“I’m sorry to leave so quickly.”
“Hey, no worry, the safety of both you and Scotty is far more important to me. Here’s the phone I bought you. Remember, only a few will have this number. Max and I for sure. And you wanted Chad to have it?”

“Yes, seems fair enough, as it is his grandmother’s place where we will be staying...”
“What about your family? Your mom? Sarah perhaps?”
“Better not, not for the moment anyway. And, please, not Kitty either.”

“What do I tell her?”
“That all you know is that Scotty and I are away on a romantic getaway, which is what I will tell Scotty too, for now anyway. Let that be the news that spreads in the family. The less they know, the better it is.”

“I hope they are wrong and that it is this Alex who died in the fire.” Robert says.
“Yes, me too, but if not, I’m not going to wait for him to suddenly stand before me, ready to kill me, or worse, hurt Scotty.”
“Stay in touch, Kevin.” Robert asks with a strange sincerity and Kevin nods in promise.

He turns and walks up to Scotty, giving him a hug and a smile.
“Are you ready?” he asks.
“Where are we going?” Scotty asks in return.
“A house that belongs to Chad’s grandmother. We will finally have some time to ourselves.”

“Robert looked serious?”
“Oh, you know, he’s entangled in this debate with Senator Wilkens…”
“Shouldn’t you be there to make sure everything will work out right?”
“Robert says he’s a big boy who can take care of himself.” Kevin jokes.

Chad closes the door to the small plane after one last long look at Robert, who nods just as seriously. As he sees the little plane take off, Robert calls Max.
“They’re gone. Scotty doesn’t seem to suspect a thing.”
“Good. Let’s hope we’re wrong, so this can be enjoyable to both of them.” Max replies and Robert can only quietly agree.


Alex looks at the time. He sneaked into the parking-garage opposite Kevin and Scotty’s apartment. There’s no way he can’t see who goes in and out the building. It’s nearly eleven at night, but still no sign of Kevin or Scotty. He picks his phone from his pocket and dials Kevin’s number, wondering if someone will pick up.

“Hi, you’ve reached the house of Kevin Walker and Scotty Wandell, we’re not in, we’re on a short break. Sort of second honeymoon. Leave a message after the beep, maybe we’ll call you back…. But more probably we won’t… Bye..” Kevin’s voice sounds cheerful on the machine and Alex feels his desire, to see Kevin again, grow.

In his body and mind there are warring feelings of annoyance and concern and anger. Does Kevin know? Or is this just coincidence? And would Kevin be afraid? Of him? Did Kevin run away from him? Does he still not know that Alex would never do anything to hurt him? Or…. Did Scotty put him up to it? Is it Scottys fault that Kevin left?

He returns to his grandmother’s car and gets in. As he drives away, he’s seen by officer Lewis, but Lewis doesn’t recognize Alex from the picture that was given to him. In fact, probably not even Kevin, Scotty or Max would have recognized Alex, that is how transformed he looks.

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