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Last Christmas 04/16

Last Christmas 04/16

By Marea67
About: Walkers and their satellites. Original Characters Alex Grodin and Max Carter are back!
Rate: from G to NC-17. This one: G.
: The Brothers & Sisters and satellites may not belong to me, but Alex Grodin and Max Carter definitely are figments of MY own sick fantasy.
Summary: Just before Christmas, a prisoner escapes with unfinished business on his mind.
Extra: To completely understand the full impact of this story you should (have)(re)-read "Happy Now?" chapter 1 to 12
Extra EXTRA!!! I've situated this story in season 4, until 4.09, so it will contain ***spoilers*** for those who have not seen season 4.


“Senator McCallister, Mister Walker, you have a visitor. It’s rather urgent. It’s the police.” Kevin exchanges a look with Robert, who's sitting on the other side of the table.
“The police? What have you done?” Kevin asks.
“I can ask you the very same question.” Robert points out. “Only one way to find out….”

Kevin is pleasantly surprised when he sees who enters the room.
“Max! Max Carter! It’s been a while!... Hope you haven’t come here to arrest the Senator?” he jokes.
“No.” Max grins, but then his face becomes all serious. “No, I’m here for another reason. Ahm… can we talk more privately?”

“Robert is my brother-in-law… Nothing remains private in my family.” Kevin semi-jokes, feeling a bit worried about Max’s serious tone, but he’s unable to think of something they could possibly have to discuss.

“Kevin, it’s about Alex Grodin.” Max’s voice is measured and Kevin’s eyes open wide.
“Isn’t that the guy who nearly killed Scotty almost a year ago?” Robert asks concerned.
“Yes.” Kevin whispers. “What about him?”

“We think he might have escaped.”
“You think?”
“There was a fire, sound familiar? After the fire they found a body. A man who wears prison-clothes and was, at first, believed to be Alex.

But, on second look, the guards are very sure that the person in question is not Alex, but one of the guards, who’s been missing since the fire. They are waiting for confirmation.”
“Oh, my God. How long … ? Since when is he missing?”
“Less than 24 hours. I just thought I’d warn you. And Scotty.”

“Don’t! Don’t tell Scotty. He’ll go crazy. What Alex did to him left some scars and almost broke us up.”
“Kevin, I can understand your concern, but Scotty has the right to know, that there’s a man out there, who might want to hurt him.”
“Kevin, I agree with the Senator….”

“Call me Robert, …”
“… Scotty and you are his potential targets.”
“Don’t you think that he would rather try to escape America?” Kevin suggests.

“Not based on this.” Max says, putting the file, he holds in his hands, in front of Kevin.
“What is this?” Kevin asks, but as he browses he gets his answers. In the file are printed pages with articles about him and Scotty. He sees articles about cases he has worked on as a lawyer, but also a copy of an interview Scotty gave right after he became head-chef.

But what sends even bigger chills down his spine are the prints with articles about Kitty with Evan on her lap, Nora’s centre, the accusations made at Tommy’s address and an interview with Sarah and Holly about Walker Landing Wine and Robert’s campaign naturally. Alex researched his family while he was in prison!

“I recognize your family-members and I know you are working for the senator… Robert… now. But then there are also these articles, however I cannot place them. I fear they may be friends of you or Scotty.” Kevin takes the papers and stares at more memories of his past.

“That is Dave. He’s now a DA. He and I had a ‘relationship’ for a few months. This is Hank, also an ex. Gallery-owner…”’
“Is that you with the actor Chad Barry?” Max asks.
“Yes.. and one heck of an ugly lamp.” Kevin admits.

“And these?”
“Quinn is a friend of Scotty’s, he organizes and promotes parties, conventions, … karaokes, if it puts a lot people in one room, he makes sure that the event will go smoothly. These are Jordan and Mario, but I have no idea where he found this picture. They are also friends of Scotty.

And this is Jason, Jason McCallister, he’s Robert’s brother and also an ex of mine. Max, he researched us thoroughly. Are our friends and families in any danger?”
Max can see the fear in Kevin, but also Robert, now that Robert realizes that Alex has pictures of Kitty, Evan and Jason. Max shakes his head.

“Can’t tell. So far his MO was get involved with someone, squeeze as much money out of him, or the occasional her, as you can. Knock them out with drugs or alcohol, get rid of them. Burning them was his favorite method. He, however, never targeted family. Quite the contrary.

After he had been caught, we discovered that, when a child of one of his victims needed expensive surgery, he paid for that anonymously. Like he wanted this victims to suffer, but not their families… On the other hand, what he did to Scotty, didn’t fit his normal profile either.

He was obsessed with you, but… at the same time he seemed to realize that you two didn’t belong together. He turned out very concerned about whether Scotty would make it or not. That makes him unpredictable. I spoke to the psychiatrist who took care of his file..."

“He says that he thought that, the pills, he gave Alex, calmed him down…”
“Pills? He actually thinks they help?” Kevin says without conviction.
“According to his shrink they made him calmer in the head and easier to manage.”

“Alex wasn’t crazy. He knew exactly what he was doing.” Kevin shakes his head.
“I agree. But you know Alex. He simply wooed the shrink with his friendliness and charms. I understand that he was allowed a bit more because he was so calm and nice and obedient. They believed him to be on the way to be healed.”

Kevin shakes his head again.
“I need to let this sink in. Can you give me five minutes?”
“Yeah, sure.” Max nods and Kevin quickly leaves for his own office, where he leans against the closed door and tries to get his breathing back in control.

After the initial shock of hearing that Alex is free, the panic now strikes full force and his main concern is with Scotty. With a trembling hand he picks up his phone to call Scotty.
“Hey, baby… Did I wake you?”
“Sort of.” Scotty replies. “I was awake, but not willing to admit it.”

“Sweetie, do me a favor and check twice before you just open the door, will you?”
“I...” But Kevin cannot tell him that Alex has escaped… “One of the neighbors told me this morning that an apartment close to ours has been burgled. I’m just worried.”

“Oh, alright. Don’t worry, I always check. Don’t want Sarah to see me half-naked again.” Scotty jokes and Kevin smiles, feeling more cheerful, now that he has heard Scotty’s voice.
“Sarah told me that she still kicking herself for not paying better attention.”

“Seems to me like she was the lucky one that night. WE certainly weren’t. Chad owes us one for that.” Scotty laughs.
“Yes, he does…” Kevin replies thoughtfully. “Anyway, I hear Robert yell, have to go, before I get fired. Bye. I love you.”

He can just hear Scotty’s ‘love you too’ but then the connection is dead. He scrolls through the alphabet on his telephone until he finds what he’s looking for. His thumb hesitates before he presses the ‘call’ button.
“Hi…. I need you…”


Alex opens his eyes, blinks against the rays of the sunlight entering the room, the silence is overwhelming him. He had forgotten the feel of a real mattress, soft pillows, feather-light blankets and above all silence. He stretches and turns over and sees the time on the clock. Unable to get what he reads, he first closes his eyes, only to have a second look.

It’s nearly noon. He slept for nearly 14 hours! This wakes him up with a jolt, making him roll out of bed and quickly turn on his radio, just in time to hear the news. As he quickly makes a sandwich, he listens to every bit of news, but no one is talking about his escape. He can only hope at this point that the police have not yet discovered that he’s still alive.

He takes his time to eat his sandwich and drink his coffee. Then he takes a shower and gets dressed in some of his old clothes and he feels happy they still fit him and that simple jeans and a white t-shirt never go out of style. One more look in the mirror and he’s ready. Ready to get out of this apartment.

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